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  1. S02.E06: Trust a Try

    Don’t t sleep on Unexpected. There are plenty of snark worthy shenanigans there too. We’d be happy to have you in that forum.
  2. S08.E08: Thrift Store Date Night

    I wonder if Lauren has a mean streak or if she just comes from a snarky family. My mom’s family is like that. To outsiders, we probaby seem mean and harsh to each other, but to us, we just like to pick and have fun. Teasing is our “love language” because we like to laugh and have a good time. It’s not a mean-spirited thing, more like ribbing. Perhaps its from there being a dozen kids and dozens of grands and great and great-great grands, but there are some decade-long running jokes that will never die. Most kf my dad’s family is not like that, at leastnot the older generations. Chances are she’s just a sadity, entitled jerk though.
  3. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I had squirrels that hung upside down from my bird feeder too. It was pretty funny. Then the little rascals broke it. I also had an albino possum that we affectionately named Percy, a family of the biggest raccoons I’d ever seen, blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, an owl or two, and stray cats. That’s not including the bugs and geckos. It’s like wild kingdom and I live in the city limits.
  4. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @Mindthinkr if it is at all possible, get further inland. Current Baton Rouge resident here, so I know first hand storm surge and flooding is nothing to play with. Water can literally come up several feet in a matter of minutes (see the Flood of 2016). If you must stay, have all your meds and important docs in a handy water proof container. Do you have pet taxis for the kitties? You may want to put them in there once the weather gets really bad, or you may never catch them. I’m sure you know all this but it’s based on what happened here in 2016. I’d have some clothes packed and ready to go. Any neighbors you can stay with or have check up on you and you them? I sure hope everything turns out ok.
  5. S08.E08: Thrift Store Date Night

    I gotta be honest...this comment is really making me want to watch this episode
  6. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I know several teen moms who worked, went to school and took care of their kids with a lot less resources than these brats have. How much more help does Lexus need? Say what you want about Kelsey, but she provides a clean home, we’ve seen her cook, she had decent transportation, she works, and everyone appears to wear clean, presentable clothing. And she helps with the baby. If that isn’t help, I don’t know what is. But I guess because she actually expects Lexus to change some diapers and feed the baby from time to time, she isn’t doing enough 🙄 The entitlement is real
  7. S02.E06: Trust a Try

    Ximena? I like her so far. She was quick to respond to Ricky’s interrogation, and had enough dignity to be offended, without coming across as shady like Witch Hazel. Personally, I’m offended for Ximena when Ricky Dicky insinuated she didn’t have money and needed his. Did she say she was broke and attempting to harvest the American dollar, or is that how Ricky Dicky heard it since he was already in that mindset and sending money to Melissa? What makes him think she didn’t have the money for the surgery if she had insurance, or that she’s poor just because she lives in a small town? Bless her heart if she had a deviated septum. If you’re so worried about where the money is going, don’t give it away jackass.
  8. The Girls: Are they really that clueless?

    These kids are the result of dumb parents, enabling parents, or dumb enabling parents. Juat like they refuse to tell the kids no now (no, I will not support you, your boyfriend and your kid; no he cannot come over again), they didn’t say no when they were young either. Those kids have been the center of their parents’ universe and home, and not in a good way, so they tiptoe around them so they don’t upset them. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but I don’t remember having that kind of control. My parents weren’t abusive, but I can assure you they didn’t give a shit if they upset me when they were making sound parenting decisons for the family’s safety, health and future. The girls should be in for a rude awakening, but probably not because the parents will just fix it for them like always. I kind of enjoy segments where Kelsey gets on Lexus, Kim makes Diego uncomfortable, McKayla has to consider someone else’s feelings or Chloe can’t get her way. It’s not that I’m sadistic, but this is real life teen parenting. It’s not supposed to be easy, fun or comfortable. How else will they learn not to do it again, and hopefully break the cycle without some growing pains?
  9. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I thought Chloe’s parents wanted to meet Max’s dad at the dude baby shower, but thought it was strange they hadn’t met him before. And Max was reluctant because his dad is either a jerk or doesn’t follow through. I could be wrong though since I watched that episode while dozing off.
  10. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Thanks @Temperance. I knew I was missing some critical details.
  11. The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    I got it! Jana Duggar: All I’m Asking is for a Little Respect
  12. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    God gave Sampson super human strength, as long as he didn’t cut his hair. He was to tell no one about it, lest he lose his power. Because Sampson was in love (aka lust) with Delilah, a wayward hussie he had no business messing with, he let her convince him to reveal the source of his strenght so her people could defeat his people. Neddless to say, she ratted himout to her people, and they snuck and cut his hair while he was asleep with her (hint hint). They captured him, and maybe his people(I don’t remember). He died captured, but had asked for God's forgiveness. I think he may have taken her out too when he brought down the temple or whatever he was in as God had restored his gift to him. That’s the abbreviated version that probably excluded some major details as I haven’t been to church in forever. It’s usually used as a lesson on trusting and obeying God, but it can be a bit heavy for a preschooler.
  13. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. That’s the beauty of these forums, and I get what you’re saying too. Chloe probably cries for everything, pregnant or not because she’s spoiled. I think she should have final say about many aspects regarding her child’s life, but it annyoys me that she doesn’t listen to a thing anyone tries to tell her about Max. I know it’s typical teenage stuff but this girl is obtuse. Just because Mom does she like Max doesn’t mean she isn’t making valid points from time to time. I still think Max would have been more welcomed at the shower had he not tried to force himself into every aspect of Chloe’s life and speak for her. He won’t let the girl breathe, and those relationships fizzle out fast. He wore out his welcome a long time ago. He should have been happy to have the dad’s bonding experience with her stepdad. They could have got him some dad gear like a diaper backpack and silly “daddy’s girl” onesies. They didn’t have to offer that to him but they did. But Max wants to force a family on his terms. I also wonder if some of this Jessica’s reaction is based on Max’s criminal activity that the show didn’t capture. TLC likes to play tricks so it’s hard to tell. I actually don’t think Lexus is an adult, nor do I expect her to behave like one. Her issue is that she focuses on the wrong things. She should focus on her relationship with Shayden less, and taking care of Scarlett (God I hate that name) and herself more, in that order. I guess he really gets my goat because I have a relative like this. They can always manage to get the things they want accomplished, but not the things they need to do. She also seems to ignore her mom’s advice, which is probably why the baby has no insurance (did Indiana do Medicais expansion? Scarlett should have CHIP).
  14. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Yesssss! Like x 1000. I just don’t get it. Who the hell do these kids think they are? Just because you had sex and made a baby doesn not make you an adult. And if you want to make decisions for your child and raise them as you see fit, then get a job and get the hell out of your parents’ house. Because, as far as the state I live in goes, the law requires a parent to provide food, clothing and shelter to their minor children. Not grandchildren. So Jessica, Kelsey and Bridget are already going above and beyond. Most parents wouldn’t turn their backs on their grandkids, but they have no legal obligation to provide, and provide well. These punks wanting to run the show in other adults houses would not stand in my family. Nor would the girls making demands like they’ve gotten free rides to Harvard and have earned the right to have their way. Heiffers please. You’re stupid, irresponsible and selfish, so have a seat. I got where Jessica was coming from. Chloe is disrespectful just by arguing with her mom about something her mom is paying for after totally screwing up hsr life and their plans. Yeah it’s Chloe’s shower, but it’s Jessica’s money, and no one is entitled to a baby shower anyway. Especially when you get knocked up by a loser at 15. Chloe is still a minor, and she should have thought about that before getting pregnant. As for the three baby showers over 2 kids thing, I think Jessica was implying that she was comfortable having a co-ed shower the last time because she’d already gotten that special first shower. And perhaps if Max had taken his ass home a long time ago, ahe wouldn’t feel the need to cut him out of the shower. He’s a suffocating, stage 5 clinger who needs to realize he is not a part of that family. Everyone else is family but him. His situation may be somewhat unfortunate (who knows since he’s not all that clear about it), but they don’t owe him a family, or have to let him be a part of their family just because he wants one. It might sound mean, but that’s his problem not theirs. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Lexus is a perpetual fuck up. She spends all her time, attention and brain power on bullshit like Shayden, chasing girls and drama, but can’t figure out her baby needs health insurance, or how to get her license. If I was Kelsey, I’d be mad too. Dealing with people like that is annoying and tiring. You take all your resources to tend to their needs, and they take all their resources for their wants. I wish we could swap out the moms. Diego needs a Kelsey around to tune him up. If he thinks he can’t tolerate Kim, then he wouldn’t be abow to handle Kelsey’s criticism. Max needs someone like Shannon so he can see how needy and annoying his constant presence is to Chloe’s family, and how it feels to be with someone who wants all the attention all the time. Chloe could benefit from Kim’s calm demeanor, and Lexus needs Jessica’s organizational skills.
  15. S02.E05: Seeds of Doubt

    Something is seriously wrong when your response to any man’s wardrobe faux pas is he needed a black cami. Just a random thought about Jon the garbage gnome (thanks whoever came up with that). He’s pretty pocket sized; I mean dude is short as hell. He probably got picked on a lot when he was young, especially in a tough neighborhood with any level of crime or poverty because we all know hurting people hurt people. He probably got into most of those fights when he was younger, and became a bit of hothead as a result. It would also explain why he bulked up his physique. I don’t think 50-60 fights is anything to sneeze at, but it doesn’t necessarily make him a violent fool that flies off the cuff for any reason.