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  1. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    Thank you!!!!! I’Colt and Eric oare some of the most deceptive, pathetic liars I’ve ever seen. Who are they to lie and manipulate a person to get what they want knowing full well they can’t fulfill those promises? Not everyone desires to come to the US because, and this will be a startling illumination for some, America kind of sucks, especially for people of color! It’s not the worst place to live, and it has its advantages, but it’s got plenty of shitty things about it to.
  2. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    Amy’s whole family was great. Kirlyam’s husband Allan is a dork, but a lovable dork. His parents seemed kind as well.
  3. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @Jynnan tonnix yep, that’s what I meant. And I don’t vacuum as much as I should either, despite having two vacuums.
  4. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Towels absolutely must be folded into thirds. Half fold length wise, then then half fold again, then into thirds. And the decorative seam or band must be on the outside or I’ll refold it. Same for washcloths, hand towels and dish towels... seam on the outisde. I also fold underwear since I have like 45 pairs. No Christmas shopping this year. We’re taking the fam to the Caribbean for Spring Break so they’re willing to forego gifts. That’s been working since we took the first trip to Disney. They already have everything anyway.
  5. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Everyone in the office thinks I’m deranged I’m laughing so hard
  6. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    Ha! Me too. I also keep picturing that gopher from Winnie the Pooh. The one who whistles when he talks.
  7. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    You’re welcome. I could so see JB trying to weasel homis way onto the network.
  8. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Just what the world needs 🙄 https://starcasm.net/what-is-chip-and-joannas-tv-network-going-to-be/
  9. I just posted a disturbing story about the Gaines clan in Small Talk.
  10. 🤣🤣🤣Possum head 🤣🤣🤣
  11. JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    So am I the only one who thinks the lack of SiRen sightings means another blessing is on the way? Not that i care...
  12. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Those irresponsible, short-sighted kids should think about that before they make adult decisions like having chdren.
  13. JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    Now that you mention it, they do look like the saggy titty committee.
  14. JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    Still no SiRen sighting?