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  1. I think Lem will be human long enough to get Olivia pregnant then end up drinking his vampire essence where he becomes vamp again.
  2. I hate the double standard of the `game changer` DIY commercials. Why does the man end up with the electric paint sprayer and the woman with the extension for the paint roller? WTF? I have rolled paint before, give me the electric version any day.
  3. These guys work together well. Hardly any drama and the designs are different. Glad to see Luke get this for his family. I could not imagine having 6 kids living in a 1300 sf house. It looked like 3 of his kids are special needs. What a lovely house for them to grow up in.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    I just watched the knife of death. Was NOT impressed. I'll give it two more chances and then I'm done. I don't know if it was the 'judges' or what.... it was very boring and stupid.
  5. I thought it ironic that Mr. Firefighter stated he wanted an historic home but then went on to state he wanted an open concept kitchen living area. Those two things are an oxymoron. I liked the yellow in the kitchen better, just thought it could have been brought down in color a little.
  6. Favorite Commercials

    @mojoween and @Popples IN 2016 my D and I went to NYC and waited in the cancellation line for Hamilton tickets. While we were there, Daveed Diggs was walking past. He was super nice and he let me take a picture of him with my D (it was her birthday). We were lucky enough to get tickets to the show and were sitting in the front row. One of the songs he sang as Jefferson required him to blow a kiss- which he did- right at us- he even winked. My D was over the moon. After the show, we did the stage door and D got her Hamiltome book signed by Daveed, Lyn, Chris Jackson, and others. We have tickets to go see Hamilton again in DC this July. Can't wait.
  7. Flip or Flop Nashville

    I hope it gets better. Otherwise. buh bye.
  8. I don't know. My dad proposed to my mom on their first date- 1 Aug. It took him another 30 days to get her to the altar. They were married on 31 Aug and were married for 32 years before he died from rectal cancer. Mom never remarried. So I can see it happening. Dad used to tell us stories about how it took him and my mom's mom to talk her into the wedding. Apparently g-ma loved my dad. They used to sit at the table drink, play cards and pinochle. So you can never tell what happens. When it's right, it's right. Time doesn't matter.
  9. I watched the first two episodes and the last one. I think I got it all..... Glad I did not waste any more time on it than that.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    I wish they would revisit some of these houses to show us what the homeowners changed after they've lived in it for a while. That black and white tile would have been the first thing to go. ugly.
  11. S01.E03: Show and Tell

    I have the feeling that overly protective (OP) rape mom was once a victim of rape herself which is why she had a chokehold on her daughter. I mean, why tell your kid the reason why you're being OP is that you've been there, done that which leads to D being raped....? I guess that is a way to have a story line?
  12. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    I thought the shower tile made it look like a jail cell. Too much color for such a small space. And DARK. yuck.
  13. Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    OK. I love purple but I would NEVER buy that house. That is one fugly looking setup.
  14. Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Annnnddddd.... count me out on this series. I can't stand her or her designs. They seem to be stuck in the 1980s.
  15. I love Ben's truck. My dad had one exactly like that when I was a teenager (except his was green). I also loved the butcher block counter he created from scraps! It was beautiful. I'd hate to have to do the maintenance on it, but even so, it definitely showed his craftsman skills. I like the lack of self-inflicted drama.