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  1. That sweater Caro has on is really cute. I'm toying with getting it in the color the model has on in the vid. It looks very figure flattering and heck, if it helped Caro that way it must be good. I'm not usually into D&C clothing but I really do like that sweater. Love the pattern at the back. https://www.qvc.com/.product.A345256.html?cm_mmc=YT-_-AU-_-20181115_id:SVhmpsnP1QE-_-APP_SKNNBR_A345256_cp:ONAIR%26cvosrc=social%2Bnetwork.youtube-au.APP_sknnbr_A345256_onair
  2. She was giving that preening, self satisfied grin and pose here but just the addition of this sweater helped a ton: Took about 20 lbs off her at least from the front view.
  3. is it possible that some bodies just can't be dressed well? I have seen Carolyn look neat but 99% of the time she looks slovenly. I think its 60% her shape and 40% the fact that she refuses to wear her size. But with her no shoulders issue her tops will fit fine up there but fall dreadfully over the rest of her. She really has very few options. I think the LOGO type stuff with the very long assym hems might suit her and make her look neat and current. And a lot of dark colored bottoms... She actually has nice calves so she could show those off with skirts too. I've been wondering about Jill too. I think her shape is very, very difficult to dress. She's sort of a busty apple with big thighs and legs or something...
  4. Oh my... this looks like maternity wear. This looks horrific. Even a-line silhouettes apparently can't help her. So what does that leave?
  5. I laughed so hard!!!!!! Heaven help me! @Auntmimi777 come and see this, look at what you've started lol !!!
  6. Looking at the trailer, it looks up my alley. I adore 1970's stuff and this looks very absurd/funny. I may watch it later.
  7. QVC

    I want one of these too. Too much USB suff has to go to my computer usb hubs. Just too stingy to shell out for a hub.
  8. QVC

    These are very pretty. I confess that I dislike Lock n Lock and wouldn't buy simply because they look sooo plain and cheap to me. I actually thought these were plastic at first but seeing they're glass makes them even nicer. They can double as casserole/cooking pans which Lock n Lock can't. I see the price has gone back up though. Still not such a bad deal for glass these days.
  9. what is going on here? Aida is on again tonight with slightly different hair but what I believe to be the very same jumpsuit as late last night LOL. is the budget that tight? Did they think no one was watching her last night?
  10. Wait a sec, I only just noticed Mary there LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *passes out*
  11. Oh em gee LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have to admit I thought it HAD to be a wig so I had to investigate it seems it's really not :(. Her hair is toast. Unless her hair grows very rapidly which I have a suspicion it does lol, she's going to be stick with very damaged, fried hair for a while. It just looks all rat chewed. That HAS to be McTool's work. Where are those McTool rats LMAO? They should be resting upon her shoulders.
  13. Oct 4 her hair looked like this and Oct 8 , 4 days later... like this!! She must have been McTooled, the hair looks hacked, split, and damaged. True to Mctool form.
  14. He sure was doing a lot of stroking @Auntmimi777 lol. He fingered those slats too LOL. He needed two hands to stroke that big brown wood LMAOOOOOO Video Had to capture Mary's face LOL