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  1. Caro loudly and disingenuously asks "where does her hair end and the hairpiece begin!!"? and remarks on how good the color match is. Now I know for sure she's a liar Or maybe just blind? I think its painfully obvious... color nor texture matches well and its not sitting naturally either lol.
  2. LOL well her are more wig pics to make you happy. That hair is not Caro's.. it's the wig!! Wig days are are the best on the Q aren't they lol. LOLOL at Sally and Caro in the top pic.
  3. Susan makes Kohndabi look normal weight lol. Next to most people she looks TEENY TINY but not next to Susan LOL.
  4. Enjoy you travels @Booney!
  5. yeah these wigs may not be her best look lol. makes her head look very boxy and ungraceful
  6. This part I disagree with. She's generally warm to the vendors and the models. She does that rude bantering thing with vendors she's friendly with such as Isaac, Wiggle Jiggle, and the blonde Emjoi girl and it can sometimes come off as quite rude but I notice the oap's always play along so it's a mutual thing.. But she's usually very welcoming to oap's she's not very familiar with imo. I also haven't forgotten how she seemed to comfort shy model Sam one night. In contrast to Kerstink who one day treated her quite rudely. i do agree that she does A LOT of things that other hosts probably wouln't dare and that include the rude banter... It's pretty obvious someone is in bed with the boss literally or figuratively lolol.
  7. LMAOOOOOO!!! so that's where he learned to eat like a confection lol!
  8. QVC

    Not a thing LOL
  9. QVC

  10. are you serious? she really seems to get sooo many passes that other hosts would not. benefits of being besties with the boss i suppose.
  11. Which Court was this? Cason or Khondabi? Just curious as to whether Khondabi has broken daytime.
  12. They had Deanna do another speaking piece. I'm really starting to think they are prepping her for a host job. Anyway the piece was just barely acceptable to me lol. She makes a really great model but I just don't know about her speaking.
  13. I've continued to watch and I've decided there is something rude about Mary Nelson. She hasn't yet learned had to do her presentation while still being charming/welcoming/polite to the OAP. She's a bit of a steamroller like Carolyn. This one I can see having an ego issue in the near future. I guess I'll have to give credit to Toothy Zell because as annoying as her grin is, she's consistently lovely and gracious to the people she's working with... even grins at them for no reason LOLOL. Cathy is also polite and listens to the OAP's. And of course Courtney does well in that area.