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  1. yeah, u can see her misery, poor thing. how many times has Scott said "dry and ratty"? And what the heck does he mean by ratty? I mean I know what he means but I don't think that's what ratty means LOLOL
  2. This was how she began the show, no less. Very assholey.
  3. QVC

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO love this!!! spot on! That My Pillow guy REALLY skeeves me out and so does that skin doc guy. and of course Renee and praying hands belong on the offender lists. Scott doesn't skeeve me out at all. Dare I say I find him kind of adorable LOL. He does seem like the sort you might have to sort of shoo out of your home if he was a delivery guy though.
  4. OMG yes! I knew something with the cheeks was off as well. Her face disturbs my spirit. She looks/seems like a nice enough woman but the way her face is set up bothers me. I'd love to see a pic of her from her teens to see how she's supposed to look. LMAO!!!! i can't stand MN. shes a click for me. too snake oily.
  5. QVC

    Interesting ingredients It doesn't sound very Chinese to me. I'm getting more of an Indian/Middle East vibe from it. Hmmm... Then again I really don't know what sort of seasonings are in Chinese food so maybe this is more authentic. The cinnamon is definitely throwing me though. That does seem much more Indian than Chinese.
  6. Elise's facial features don't mesh. She must have had a nose job. There is something very unnaturally disproportionate going on. This is a look I've noted often with celebrities. More often than not, I can tell when they've had a nose job. Looking at Elise in those pics, her nose while not tiny, is much too small for her face and there is WAY too much space between the end of her nose and the start of her top lip. Too much philtrum. She probably had a long nose before and I bet it suited her face better than what she has now. I've never quite been able to tolerate her face.
  7. QVC

    The Christmas stuff is really inappropriate and weird in September. Is it just me? It's also very annoying. I mean we just had that Christmas in July crap. So we had one month off .Ugh Screw you Q! I woke up from a nap in a sad mood and made some soup then turned on Q hoping to be soothed and #Fail I straighten my hair so a humidifier is the very last thing I need. I run from the humidity. I wonder how the hosts manage to stand there and not get poof or flat hair. They must be hairsprayed to the heavens.
  8. QVC

    I've never heard of this stuff. Which seasonings are in it? I'm guessing ginger lol but what else?
  9. QVC

    lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo. They're being offensive without realizing it. India is part of Asia too so for all we know these could be curry flavored lol. By Asian, I am assuming they mean Chinese. Still it's kind of ignorant and slightly offensive. Same, can't stand him.
  10. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO now i have to watch her. where can i see this??? is she even Scottish? or is she just trying to sound whimsical? lmao
  11. I'm sorry but LMAO at the crackers. she does look as if she feeds like a little birdie. is that to keep the bf? Men don't want women with no flesh. I wish some women would learn this. I mean sure some men do. But men are built to like a little flesh. Some even like a lot of it lol.
  12. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the double "mishaps" here. That really is too much.
  13. what in the vile insanity? Re the last line I have to agree here as someone with roots going back to at least the 1800's in Brooklyn. Drugs or alcohol or drugs and alcohol lol?
  14. Looking at pic 2 I's say cheek fillers, possibly a bit of lip as well. She does appear plumped lol.