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  1. Tamra hounds Steve to propose to Vicki; Gina makes a confession about her marriage; Tamra throws Eddie a birthday party; at the party, Kelly's plan to confront Steve goes awry and she ends up arguing with Emily's husband, Shane.
  2. I think this is a conference room. Prior to the star, they met in Kelli’s actual office, so it’s still called “the office,” but she has a real office on the other side of that room.
  3. Thank you for the lesson, and the support!
  4. Actually, with how low those are, the CPR would move the woman from “no breathing” to “deep breathing,” mission accomplished! Happy ending!
  5. I’ve seen hat boxes and love a great hat, but I don’t know what a hat pin is. I’d love to learn :)
  6. Omg! That was hilarious 😂
  7. The only objection I have about this post: An evening gown with sneakers to sit on a stoop?
  8. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    OUCH! Yuck!! OMG!! I still contend that they are both wrong, but how cold and disgusting to do this at all much less with this timing. Just gross. On a happier note, thank you all for helping! I was out of time a few hours ago and was going to try to continue to dig.
  9. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    I’ve seen carvel cakes sold in several grocery stores- Safeway, giant, foodlion. In case anyone has a craving like I do now. Thanks ivy girl and KFB
  10. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    On the Carole thread- go back to page 82... that’s Aug 12; Dennis died on the 10th. I’ve spent over 40 mins searching for the tweet that this quote refers to, and can’t keep searching right now, but this will get anyone who wants to see the conversation a good starting point. The topic was talking about tweets that “Carole used her dead husband and the deaths of Carolyn and Jr to taunt Bethenny on the day that Dennis died.” I haven’t seen the conversation. I don’t know about the tweets. I was trying to help someone who asked for specifics and was also curious. If anyone finds the exact conversation, can you please let me know the page number? Thanks!
  11. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    I just spent 40 mins trying to find it, but need to stop. If you go to Carole thread, go back to page 82. Do you know how to use the page number function at the top of each page? But, page 82 is Aug 12, he died on Aug 10. I feel like it’s probably on page 81 or 80, but I had to stop searching for now.
  12. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards... just 3 that def don’t need the money. 🎶 Fame! I’m gonna live forever... 🎶
  13. The day of?? If you paid for a ticket, and they can’t go- it’s basic human decency to give you as much time as possible to use that ticket or sell it. If you couldn’t do it, they should pay for the ticket. And imo, this should be a phone conversation not a text. Sorry this happened to you!
  14. Wasn’t her name Lindsey? She was 6’ tall!
  15. Her name also spells Jalyn’s tough. lol! I didn’t know her last name. I’m embarrassed, but it’s pretty funny!