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  1. There are also sometimes cuts right before stadium night- they try to get rid of anyone that the KNOW won’t make it, so they don’t get blocked on the field.
  2. It’s usually the night that a lot get called in and warned, but as I remember, it’s the NEXT night that the ones who can’t get it get cut. They usually give them the next day to practice and see if they can get it. The stadium cuts have been like the last practice or the practice before she calls the team. Kendall, Amy... stadium cuts. And, yes... I hate that they can’t say goodbye.
  3. Thanks. @maineborzoi Lindsay, Jasmine and Dayton have been cut so far.
  4. Three girls have been cut. Because I don’t remember now exactly who, except for Dayton, I will ask others to jump in. @maineborzoi
  5. Here is a pic from latest spoiler we’ve seen @maineborzoi
  6. Thank you! I just learned that if I click their name at bottom of post, I can see pics. She looks AMAZING!
  7. You’re right. It was Teri and she was very whiny!
  8. She was in sports marketing for ex-pro players if I remember correctly. She was shown with an ex- NBA or NFL star and giving him options for magazines that might fit for products that he was promoting. ETA: she said that she parted ways with them because of scheduling conflicts with DCC, and she added, “which was a surprise to me.”
  9. The every other weekend thing, no matter how close/far the grandparents are is (IMO) extreme and an unfair ask. I wouldn’t do it to my husband and wouldn’t do it for him. Jason’s need to spend that kind of time with his parents (regularly, mandated) is odd to me. Yes, love your parents. Yes, see them, but part of marriage is creating your own family. That comes first. Have grandparents as part of your whole life. Cherish them. But, incorporating them into the marriage (with mandated weekend visits twice a month) is not part of the marriage deal in my opinion.
  10. Creeping towards Heidi and Spencer.
  11. Someone needs to do adult here. No matter what, Brianna and Vicki do/did have a relationship. It may be disfunctional, but at the last reunion, it looked like some honesty between them existed. Yes, Vicki didn’t want stuff that made her look bad on TV, as usual, but Brianna was lovingly honest. Vicki did spend time going back and forth to OK to see grandkids. And didn’t she help them buy a house in CA? I’m not defending Vicki’s behavior in anyway here. Ryan needs to step back. This isn’t his battle to fight. I truly am grateful for his service to this country, and all the sacrifices that come with that. He needs, now, to stop fighting this one, though for the sake of his wife and kids. Vicki needs to STOP the dramatics about them seeing Don- but I don’t think she will as she sees this as them PUBLICLY making her look bad. One of the three needs to adult. Put the ego aside and stop the madness before Brianna and the kids no longer have a relationship with the mother and grandmother. Unfortunately, I think this is going to fall on Brianna and Ryan as Vicki is unequipped.
  12. Can anyone post a current pic of Hannah? My google skills must be off today and I don’t have insta. (Call it a moment of putting my foot down on too many sites to follow, but now I’m at a disadvantage. Huh.)
  13. I think they asked her who was the most interesting person she met in the previous year, or was that someone else? I remember her answer was something like, “I don’t know...” in a very unsure voice. Then they asked about her enthusiasm for the team. I could be wrong. It doesn’t matter all that much...
  14. Yes. The first time in training camp she danced in the bathroom at work. She worked that whole summer. The second time she was in camp, she told K&J in an office visit that she was fired. She said, “my job separated from me because of lost time from things here.” I’m missing some exact words, but that’s pretty close. I’m glad for her. She did recently lose her Miami Dolphins job due to the lawsuit. Looks like they cleaned house.