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  1. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Season 19 is such a dumpster fire of humanity.
  2. S03.E04: The Midnight Club

    I LOVED this episode. My favorite references were the "Dream Warriors" performance and the IT shout-out with Loser/Lover written on FP's arm cast. Seriously, I think this was the best episode of the series.
  3. S04.E03: Dancing Queen

    He looks like he's in the camp counselor uniform in next week's episode, which is a start! And also really strange to see haha
  4. S04.E03: Dancing Queen

    I have faith they will. They're already giving him layers by way of the scene with his mom and his talks with Zari. It was similar in his own series. He got attached to Zed in spite of himself and sat by his friend's bedside while he was dying, clearly wounded by what happened. He also dropped everything to help Chas when his daughter was in trouble. John plays tough, but he's really just pushing people away for what he thinks is their own sake. He's a snarky misfit, so he'll fit in with the Legends better than he'd ever want to admit to himself. I think of all the shows, this is the best one for him to be on.
  5. S04.E03: Dancing Queen

    I think the show is doing a great job of keeping its bug nuts, fun charm while keeping Constantine true to who he is. There's no real difference between Constantine (the show) John and Legends John. A huge part of that is Matt Ryan, but I think the writers should also get props for keeping the voice and characterization pretty much the same. The thing to remember about John is that part of why he's so gruff and prickly is that he doesn't want to get attached to people he feels are ultimately going to die because of him. There was a bit of dialogue in his own show that always stuck with me: That's John (at least TV John, I admittedly haven't read the comics) in a nutshell. He does care but he won't let himself linger on any of it. He can't. It's a balance, but I think the show is pulling it off. And I personally love having the character consistently on a show again. All that said, my favorite part of the episode was Audrey II leaping off the desk and running away with her little root legs haha.
  6. S05.E04: News Flash

    You're probably right in that we're not supposed to. I think I'm scarred from Arrow last season where I'm pretty sure we were supposed to side with people I vehemently didn't haha.
  7. S05.E04: News Flash

    If I was supposed to side with Nora over Iris... I didn't. Iris has more than earned the benefit of the doubt, at least from me, that she put the dampening chip in Nora for a good/understandable reason. My first thought was that she did it after Barry disappeared and she couldn't bear the thought of losing someone else she loved because they were a speedster. Nora is entirely too old to be acting how she has been.
  8. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    SECURITY LEVEL... SIX. *snort*
  9. S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    The quick cut of "Where's Mick?" to Piglet!Mick snorfing down all the food bits was one of the best edits in the entirety of the series.
  10. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    It started with McCrae as Gallagher and then it was all downhill from there.
  11. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Legit, I was thinking to myself, "Self, I miss all the chatter from the BB section. You should mosey on over and see if there's a shred of a convo to cling to." I did and lo and behold, THIS THREAD. So... yeah. If anyone is at all "aroo?" at getting a notification of likes for posts from two months ago *cough* @Nashville *cough* it would be because I was too dopey to realize before now that a thread like this would exist. BUT I'M SO GLAD IT DOES. Also, I totally got Tyler on that Buzzfeed quiz :P
  12. S03.E03: Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below

    This show is out of its damn mind and I love it for that. It never fails to give me much needed laughs each week.
  13. S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    For some reason this really annoys me. It's not like this being the best show of the four is a new thing and people still being so resistant just drives me crazy. AND NOT THE WONDERFUL CRAZY THIS SHOW IS. >:(
  14. S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    I love this little gem of a show so, so much.
  15. S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    Okay, so I'm really gonna need Christian to be hired as comptroller of Slamtown.