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  1. S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    I know that. I meant in terms of if the character (who I don't buy as Greg--which is part of my issue) wasn't on the show at all then the writers wouldn't have felt the need to write Rebecca and Darryl NOT in those scenes with the rest of the group because Rebecca wouldn't have had to have been with Faux!Greg because the real Greg is still in Georgia. Instead, Rebecca and Darryl would have been at Paula's game night not-graduation-party. Of course, unless, I'm wrong, I do think they're using F!G's return to lead to a healthier, happier Rebecca with Nathaniel. Which makes his presence a little more palatable for me. (I miss Santino. This guy is no Santino.) :shrugs: We'll see. And because of this episode and that ending, I think the exact opposite. With so many episodes left, I don't think that Rebecca and Greg would have gotten back together if they were endgame and I especially don't think we would have seen (a) Nathaniel bonding so well with all of Rebecca's friends, and (b) overhearing Rebecca and Paula discussing her and Greg, and the episode ending on his heartbroken reaction. If Rebecca is going to have an endgame romance, this episode pointed towards Nathaniel more than anyone else. He was the only one who thought of texting Rebecca knowing that she would want to be there for Paula's night and he didn't make it about himself.
  2. S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    That guy isn't Greg to me so I'm not even remotely torn. If Rebecca is going to end up in a romantic relationship, I want her with Nathaniel and the fact that the episode ended on him hearing about her and Greg to me reads that basically her and this Faux!Greg are not endgame and that works for me. If F!G was her endgame, she wouldn't be getting with him this early and Nathaniel -- who is GOOD! now -- wouldn't be overhearing it and be all heartbroken about it. As for F!G, I kept finding myself thinking 'Ugh, if he wasn't here, Rebecca and Darryl could be at Paula's game night too and part of this fun/awkward night, but instead Darryl's off somewhere else and Rebecca's stuck with lame F!G. Ugh!!' However, I guess Nathaniel and Josh wouldn't have wound up bonding as well as they did and that was awesome. Speaking of... I LOVED the Josh/Nathaniel number -- both SMF and VRIII sounded fabulous singing that style of music -- and I liked Rebecca singing that reprise to Hebbe too. Overall, this was one of the better episodes of the season. I do hope that when I binge the whole series, everything flows and works. The Josh selfie and everyone joining in was great, possibly the best part of the episode.
  3. When Jon said "I'm not a Stark," he was referring to his bastardy. Bran was referring to his mystical powers as the Three-Eyed Raven. My goodness. Those are two very different things.
  4. Bran wasn't in the teaser because the teaser was about the Starks and said himself that he is no longer Brandon Stark; he's the Three-Eyed Raven. It's really that simple. He's beyond being a Stark now. He's so much more.
  5. S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    That's why I put 'nice guy.' In quotes. That is a trope. The 'nice guy' isn't actually a nice guy. He's really a passive-aggressive dickhead. Thus, yeah, Darryl is a quintessential 'nice guy.' Sure, he's not trying to use his 'nice guy' status to whine about women preferring bad boys to him, but he shares all the other characteristics of the 'nice guy' trope.
  6. S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    I don't really like Darryl honestly. He's whiny, he's passive-aggressive and he pushes himself on everyone. And I LOATHED him in the car episode with Rebecca. He was pretty much completely in the wrong all around. He, to me, is the quintessential "nice guy." Just because he's bi doesn't make him any less of the "nice guy" stereotype to a tee, he's just a way more annoying version of one.
  7. Fam

    I was leery based on the concept and ads, but was hopeful (being a huge Dobrev fan), but honestly, I enjoyed it. It started out a bit rough, but by the half-way mark, I was enjoying it more and more. I bought the relationships and I laughed it, and even had an 'aww!' moment at the end. It worked for me.
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The first time they slept together was after he murdered Kiki.
  9. S16.E04: Surprise...It's Restaurant Wars

    Honestly, I don't understand the continued Brandon-hate I'm reading week after week. Sure he came off a bit arrogant in the first episode, but that was because he HIMSELF said that he could come off as arrogant and then the editors edited the first challenge such a way as to make it appear that way, but nothing else he has really done so since. And what Kelsey said about him today ties into that. She said: "Brandon's really smart. They should listen to him." Thinking back to earlier episodes, what seemed like him being arrogant because of that early introduction really seems more like friendly constructive criticism. To Adrienne who he was next to in an early challenge, he told her that he didn't think she could pull off making the fresh pasta in the amount of time she had not because of her but just because it would be so hard to do, then added... but hats off to her if she could manage it. And, he was right. She couldn't do it and was in the bottom three. To Kevin, he told him that his dish was too salty, but hey, that was just his opinion, he could check with someone else. And, again, Brandon was right, Kevin was in the bottom three and went home. The other cheftestants don't seem to mind hanging out with him, joking with him, etc. When Michelle said that she wanted to be executive chef, he was fine with it, just asked if she could talk louder because they need to be able to hear her in the chaos of the kitchen and Michelle is quiet normally. And as we saw so far, Brandon has had no problem with Michelle being the exec chef; he hasn't tried to take over or take the lead. He also is asking others if he can help them. And he does that regularly, asking and helping out his fellow cheftestants in the kitchen. Now, sure, something may come out later that he truly is a douche, but nothing we've actually seen on the show other than the first challenge which was edited to reflect his own words that he *can* come across as arrogant sometimes show him as a douche. This just seems like an overall nice group of cheftestants and the show was trying desperately to create a "villain" edit early on.
  10. S37:E14 David vs Goliath Reunion

    Thank you for letting me know that I'm not going crazy!
  11. S37:E14 David vs Goliath Reunion

    I'm confused... seriously. Am I the only one who saw the part of Angelina's interview where she said that watching back the season she saw what everyone else saw? She understood why people were saying what they were about her, she understood why social media was going after her the way they were? She knew that she was way too extra, that the game plan she'd had in mind "leaning in" too much, being aggressive, she hadn't played the right way and she completely understood why people saw her as they did? I ask because I keep reading comment after comment that only acknowledges the first part of her interview which I do think has some validity. Women are judged differently, and while she did bring a lot of criticism she received on herself (again, which she acknowledged), I do think it's quite possible that she may have gotten less leeway as she was a female. Which Jeff said as much. I mean, that did happen though, right? I'm not the only one who saw that second part of her interview? I was dead-tired last night, so who knows, maybe I hallucinated it because seriously, between this thread and the Finale thread absolutely no one else has mentioned it. Just the repetition of her being unself-aware which she totally seemed to be before that part of the interview. That did happen. Right? Right?!
  12. S37:E13 Finale

  13. The Voice in the Media

    Anyone remember that Kelly Clarkson and John Legend were judges/coaches on the ABC singing competition, Duets in 2012. (Robin Thicke and Jennifer Nettles were the other two judges/coaches). I wondered if anyone else watched that. I remember the two had did have some good banter going then, and it will be interesting to see how they interact on The Voice. Of course, they've worked together a bit since then (dueting on her album, Piece By Piece with "Run, Run, Run"). And, yeah, it will be yet another singing competition on yet another network that Kelly and another coach can't mention by name, LOL!
  14. Season 15 Discussion

    I don't know, I think that Kelly legit thought that Kirk or Chris was going to win because she looked hella shocked when Chevel won. Even more shocked than Chevel. I too was really happy to see Kelly win. And speaking of Kelly, that Santa/Elf skit with Blake was hilarious. Kelly is just too adorable for words. I love her. I've loved her since AI; she's just too precious.
  15. Season 15 Discussion

    I expected Kirk to win. I know that Kennedy gave a showstopper of a performance of the show last night, but I think it was too little too late. She had to be saved to make it into the final, her songs were way below the others in the ITunes sales and Apple streaming, so I wasn't really surprised when she went fourth. I did think that maybe there might be an upset, but when she went fourth, I fully expected Kirk to take it. However, when he went next, I damn well wanted Chevel to win because despite her technique issues she's got more star quality in one curl than Chris does in his entire body of work. Plus, given a bit of time and experience she'll grow more into her voice and technique. Chris is done all cooked. With those two left standing on the stage, I would not have been happy had he won. I was prepared to accept anyone winning but Chris and so even if Chevel wasn't my favorite of the four finalists (fortunately for me, she was), I was so going to root for her of those two remaining. When Carson called her name, I was as happy as Kelly! And I genuinely do like her single, and with Kelly behind her and with a good team, I think she may actually have a legitimate shot at a successful Country career.