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  1. Deena's contrived speech pattern is also a schtick so that she has something "interesting" about her. Nope. Does not work. She's trying to be the "dumb meatball"....Snooki has that title all wrapped up. Deena just tries too hard and it is so cringeworthy -- I wish they'd kept Angelina and booted Deena. They could have also booted Ron along with her.
  2. Angelina needed a schtick to stay on.....maybe she thought if she did something Outrageous that they would ask her to stay on? It was uncomfortable all around. Clearly, she did not poop her pants, she said it to get A Reaction -- then kept talking and talking about it. She was not that drunk. She managed to bring down Snooki to "have a talk" about the situation and beg her to assure her that The Boys won't think she's a pig. Really? She certainly knew WHO to get down there to talk with her - the biggest female moneymaker. Snooki's lips were so distracting and weird who knows what they said in the end? Angelina was clearly contracted for only a couple of episodes -- and was super grateful for it. The money must be pretty good -- so good that she made a complete fool of herself and they still asked her to GO. The Contrivance of Vinny's Mom and Uncle Nino were a bit too much. Her cleaning up the joint just put back All Womanhood about 50 years....Thanks MommaVinny! Not to diss cleaning, but seriously? They didn't bring in a Cleaning Team to do the job? That they all took it for granted was also so annoying. I clean one thing I expect a parade. (JK, but seriously....some gratefulness was in order.). Back in the day, Vinny had some serious mental health issues...they should talk about how he got help....that would be a public service. The show is boring. Going to Bimini for ONE DAY was so Shark Jumpy my head was spinning. Bimini needed some advertisement and must have comped the trip....not even for a weekend though --they were limiting their exposure to the Mess That is JS.....Can't blame them. Agree with everyone else who is completely bored with Pauly's screeching and trying to Make Whatever He's Saying A Thing. They are not A Thing. He needs to quit.
  3. Recently, Zac tends to solemnly state "We were more scared then we've ever been, so I made the decision to go back to the control room and have Aaron investigate alone." I LOVE THAT! That is ALWAYS good for a great laugh. Thanks Zac!! That little stick figure which pops up on one of their machines periodically is interesting. Just wish they would HELP the situations they investigate instead of riling up the ghosts. That is no good.
  4. Mike was super hilarious and made me laugh out loud! His "I didn't know if you were alive!" was classic as was his eating his feelings all over the place. Loved that he apologized for fat-shaming Angelina back in the day. She's back for the drama -- and I loved all the flashbacks because I had completely forgotten about her.
  5. If Matt decided to not show up again, that would be fine with me. Amy should ask him to buy her out because living so close to Matt has to be completely annoying. From what Amy said, it appears that Matt and Caryn were an Item while he was still married to her...that would be galling. I give her big credit for being mature and letting her reservations be known. Auj and Jer want to move into the house and push her to the side....thanks to them I am rooting for Amy to move in Chris to annoy them all.
  6. Deena bugs. She's so uninteresting and they keep playing her solo interviews....UGH. She repeats the same thing over and over and they just tell us what we are seeing/hearing in the video footage. MTV needs to stahp letting her talk in solo interviews. She doesn't bring anything to the table. Plus, I can never "un-see" what she did to Nicole when they were "drunk." Jenny was in the next bed and saw it all. The next morning Nicole acted like she'd blacked out and didn't remember anything.....uh. huh.
  7. Interesting point! I dimly recall having that same impression YEARS ago.....Thanks for bringing it up. Nicole's yelling is forcing all of the attention on her. She is determined to be the Stand Out Personality and is doing her level best to keep up the drama. Too bad she's not more interesting. I'd be interested in hearing more of their personal development over the years, but the need for Drama! is too strong and we get what we get. Whoever said we'd seen enough of Mike's abs to last us a lifetime is soooo right! Feel like he's trying to 'connect' with the others, so good for him. I'm still watching with the popcorn to see if anything fun happens.
  8. Wow Pauly must really need some more FAME since he has the money sewed up. I thought Vinny looked a little too comfortable with the Sammi Doll. Yeech. It was not a cute look. Ron was not only vocally, but also physically threatening when he loomed over Deena - chastising her for "sticking up" for the absent Sammi. Deena backed off but he was mean and his Real Side showed up. Good luck with THAT New GF! Sammi dodged a bullet (in the figurative sense). Deena continues to try too hard....uncomfy to watch. Snooky and Jwow are very, very, very conscious of their Reality Reputations and are being very careful to try to be interesting enough but not much. I would bet money that Roger had a talky-talk with Jenny to remind her of their family reputation and to not be crazy. Just saying....
  9. Amy Allan: She Sees Dead People

    Is anyone other than me still watching? I love this show!! This weekend 2/24 had a family that was under siege by minions but there was HOPE!! The women in the house needed to sage and put some salt water along the property and one gal needed to get some therapy because she had some issues that were causing PK's. Ok. Seems hopeful, right? At the end, it said that they'd saged, but decided not to follow any more of Amy's advice. How does that happen? These people are so upset that they contact the show. Steve comes over and does interviews and some deep research to get them answers. Amy comes over, opens herself up to whatever is harming them, sometimes getting hurt in the process. And their "Thanks" is a "Nevermind! We can live with this!" Who does that? I wonder if the entities in the houses have the people so dominated that they are emotionally unwilling to do anything for themselves to help their situations? Very odd. In any event, I LOVE this show and hope that they continue to bring new episodes because I am RIVETED every time it comes on!!! GO AMY AND STEVE!!!
  10. S01.E07: Tell All

    Torn between saying MotherLily is doing the wrong thing by enabling Lily and James "to play house" and the thought that Lily and James should have a chance to take responsibility of the baby together -- especially overnight, which is a killer with a new child. Let's say Lily stays on her own with Mom, and she has all the responsibility by herself, she will soon grove into a bitter, sad person. James will feel pushed away and will very likely find another girl and the baby is the loser overall. Mother Lily was a teen mom and she knows what the deal is with needing help to raise a child. On the other hand, I am normally Super Judgy and dislike the idea of allowing them to slide by in life and have so much support for their bad decisions. I guess when an innocent baby is involved, and I am more practical. There are plenty of people who marry their HS sweetheart and stay married forever. I am hoping this is one of those couples. They have a baby which will connect them for the rest of their lives, hopefully, some positive modeling by Mother Lily and her fiancé will give Lily and James the info they need to make something work into the future....for the baby's sake.
  11. S01.E07: Tell All

    MY heart broke when I saw the stupid effect Shayden's "speech" had on BOTH Lexus and her 32 year old Mother. (She's 32, right? Not sure they mentioned her age enough or how it ALL affects HER....) In any event, he was completely unimpressive and it is too sad that the rubbish he spewed looks like he gets a Get Out Of Jail Free card from the both of them. (Yes, I went there.) He is a grown man, and all I could think was "Why didn't they charge him with statutory rape?" every time he came on the screen. How DARE he blame Mom Lexus for allowing Lexus to get pregnant? MomLexus may have been to "blame" in some way, shape or form, but it is NOT up to HIM to bring it up. He impregnated a minor and he is ridiculous to blame anyone but himself. The girl was a minor and should not have been in a relationship with him -- which is what MomLexus thought was happening. He is an ingrate given all of Mom Lexus' support for his daughter. If he was so great then why didn't he have an apartment for them all? What. Ever. Shay den. Shannon needs to take one giant step back. She thinks that MomMcKayla'sBabydaddy (sorry I can't recall his name) has some class and she is desperate for her approval. Get over it. The lady will never like her, and Shannon needs to think about her own four kids and stop seeking approval from a stranger. McKayla is very pretty. Have to edit what I previously wrote about her because I just saw her YouTube Channel Link on the "Who Leaves First" thread -- she explains what happened with Shelly to make her fell the way she does, she has very valid reasons for acting how she did at the Tell All. Okay then. Shelly also needs to take a Giant Step Back. Ugh. Lilly - why oh why couldn't they play that scene where she was dancing like a fool? Now that she had a baby out of wedlock, she is so lucky to have that Mom enable/support/guide her. MommaLilly was absolutely correct in bringing up that Lilly not give her child James' name until he stepped up. James hadn't stepped up for the birthing class, the family outing, or any future plans. But he sure did step up when his "rights" were concerned. It looks like he is stepping up some now, so hopefully, he will continue to do so. MomJames got a bit of a wake up call when she saw him take some responsibility after the baby was born -- she needs to back off and let him give her a Promise Freaking Ring and not be so jealous of him. The Interviewer made so many ridiculous statements.....she kept trying to broker a deal between Shannon and Shelly. That was not the time and place. It should have been about the Teen Moms and their relationships, not about those two who kept trying to make it about themselves.
  12. S01.E06: What's In a Name

    I Know! Right? All it is is WATER, he needed to calm down and not talk about it....ever. Then again, there is no evidence of charm in that family, so we should not be surprised.....
  13. Duly noted Mr. Smith -- 4 out of 5 UNEMPLOYED people are in the 15-34 yr old age range. That makes it heartbreaking that he engaged in shenanigans with Nicole so that he lost his job. AND most likely the major reason he wants to get to the US and get a job and help out his family. She's really just a bull in a china shop....she's thoughtlessly negatively affected his entire family with her demands and is still only thinking of herself.
  14. ITA. There is more going on with him re: him not having a J.O.B. So what that he lost one job because of her.....why doesn't he look for, and GET, another job? He's got an angle and he's working it.
  15. S01.E06: What's In a Name

    So I watch this with my teen (who is worlds more mature than any of these unfortunate girls...) and we were looking at each other with grossed out looks on our faces when we saw her "half-twerking" to that crazy"song." "now..now..nownownownow...now...now...now...now....nasty!....nasty!" were the words we put to that "music"...next scene, she is screaming and losing it in the car -- we burst out laughing! She is so clueless. Mother Lily is butting up against a fathead with Magical Thinking. Sigh. James already has very little interest in the baby, and will soon feel the pinch of not having Lily's undivided attention, which is probably the only draw she has for him. Mother James, instead of judging him for getting His Baby Momma a small ring, should be encouraging him to Step Up and Be A Man since he procreated. I have no doubt that if her daughter (who appeared to have had a child out of wedlock also) had gotten a ring from Her Baby Daddy that Momma James would have been planning a wedding asap! Lily is lucky that she will have a soft landing where her responsibilities as a New Mom are concerned....but it is frustrating that she's already thinking of having another one....maybe because it is so easy so far?