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  1. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    Thank you! Yeah it's a downer at best. You mean the interview with the writer? It's "Drunk Lesbians Watch The Bold Type" on Youtube lol (it's about 5% insight and 95% gay fangirling)
  2. Chi-Chi's Up! Floribama All Episodes Talk

    Wow, Candace definitely demoted herself as my favorite cast member. I just watched two hours of a grown woman fighting, swearing, and sobbing because no one wanted to call her grown man of a boyfriend by his 18 character AOL username. What a petty, childish asshole. I felt bad for Kortni for once. And it's rude as hell to whine at Kortni that she's your only friend and therefore has to side with you when you have not one but two women specifically waiting to validate your opinion and comfort your self-righteous ass as you babble bullshit about a non-fight for 45 mins. Maybe she does deserve a sniveling douche like Codi. Although Gus and Jer were also acting like 14-year-old girls complaining at the rest of the house for...talking to roommates they're pissed at that night? I didn't know this was Middle School Beach Party. Gator seemed barely conscious and yet still managed to be a condescending asswipe. The whole "you can have sex with a woman because that's not cheating but fuck you for taking a phone call from a dude" logic is wild. Logan sounded borderline homicidal and possibly high on cocaine on the phone. Korni needs a restraining order ASAP. Her frienship with Jeremiah is surprisingly sweet. Who knew?
  3. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    I mean, if recent TV is any indication, being in your 20s in the 2010s consists of day drinking, high school drama with your friends, and having dudes prematurely ejaculate and ruin your sex. As a 26-year-old, that's not my life at all, especially not post-college. I guess it's supposed to be a commentary on sucking at adulting, but even that world feels infantile, so it bugs me to see 30-year-olds using it. Granted I don't have a normal life at all for my age bracket because I have a significant disability that makes people perceive me as a perma-child, but still, the weird age compression thing we're seeing where everyone 30 and under acts 18 is...odd. I would absolutely watch an all-male spin-off. Isn't it depressing when racism creeps in re: desirability even subconsciously in an otherwise super progressive writers' room? Even on a show with an interracial, interfaith lesbian/bi relationship at the forefront, white dudes still win out! Relegating Alex to the newly asexual black best friend is especially curious - I watched a YouTube interview with a (former) writer who wrote last season's finale and she said that she specifically wanted to write meatier material for Kat because she was frustrated with how Aisha Dee was only the sounding board for the white characters in her previous role on Chasing Life - ironically, exactly what happened to Alex in S2.
  4. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Those Angelina selfies were taken in 2007 at the latest.
  5. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    LOL the BM thing reminds me of the gross shitting Skype call on Broad City - complete with muting the plopping sounds. I think the idea of racing to beat the engagement is because it's apparently more taboo to cheat with someone who has a fiancé because they're considered almost married and a fiancé is perceived as more legitimate than a girlfriend because you've officially committed to them, but that's kind of an arbitrary distinction considering the majority of people of these girls have made out with have already had girlfriends or they themselves have been in relationships at the time of the original hookup. (paging Jane and Pinstripe) Cheating with someone you know has a fiancé is unsympathetic, but cheating on your boyfriend to kiss a hot milquetoast dude is sexy and titillating! It's weird that they drew that line for Richard of all people because his fiancée is the definition of a disposable background character, but maybe that's why they didn't want to waste time on keeping that love triangle going. Unfortunately, based on listening to Katie Stevens talk at a panel a few weeks ago, the firing fiasco at Incite was considered Jane's first big failure and one that Kate apparently had to push for in the writers room, so God only knows what Mary Sue dreck had been originally written for her this season. I'm sure next year will end on the cliffhanger of her choosing which of her five platonic sugar daddies she will choose to buy her a vacation home in the Hamptons. Kat is like dating an eighth grader, but Adena hasn't been impressing me either with her shadiness. Although I don't think it would work for me personally, I was happy to see a healthy open relationship portrayed on TV without the usual tired jealous drama (even if they picked fights over everything else), so the sudden reveal that Adena basically persuaded Kat to have an open relationship to get away from her and get more work done felt very cheap and undercut the schmoopy hyper-emotional love vibe we got last season. Ben is hotter, more committed, stable, supportive, and probably makes more money, but Pinstripe will win because he's white and a smug asshole, which is interpreted as "edgy" and "challenging."
  6. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Jon in the previews: Just get her to stop crying, it's stressful! Lucy: *peacefully cooing, hardly making a sound*
  7. S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    I almost never wear foundation, my skin skill sucks, and I'm 26 lol. I am immensely gay for Kendall - I can't stop staring whenever she's on screen. She really is "the whole package," as these douchecanoes would say. Sadly Wells is currently taken by the actress who plays the eldest daughter on Modern Family! Too tired to Google her name, but they're very cute together. OH it's Sarah Hyland!
  8. S02.E10: Every Potato Has a Receipt 2018.06.29

    Main takeaways from GLOW thus far after binging over four days: I was apparently in the minority who didn't pick up on the "Bash is gay" subtext at all until the death notification. I don't think Florian is the right character to catalyze his identity crisis because even though we've been told they're childhood best friends, we hardly ever saw them interact one-on-one. The narrative abruptness of his disappearance and death combined with the intensity of Bash's feelings of grief makes me wonder if they had originally planned some sort of flashback or romantic development between Bash and Florian that had to hastily be scrapped and written around when Florian got cast as Picasso on Genius. Maybe I'm just gullible, but I had thought he would eventually end up with Carmen because I love their relationship. It's also hard to be emotionally invested in an offscreen love affair or a character we hardly ever saw, much less process after-the-fact that a background character primarily used for comic relief was supposedly the love of a main character's life. I'm not liking the direction of Rhonda as the beard and especially Carmen being jealous because it feels unnecessarily humiliating for both of them. Anyone else watch My Mad Fat Diary? I was hoping Carmen/Bash were the next Rae/Finn, but they're apparently following Rae/Archie's arc instead. And I get the gay panic behind Bash's shotgun wedding, but even if he is in denial and trying to repress his sexuality, why dig yourself deeper into the hole by claiming to be in love with Rhonda if it's a green card marriage to begin with? That should have been perfect for him because he would have the appearance of being straight to the outside world without actually having to act on it and she even told him flat out she doesn't see him romantically so you'd think that he would be relieved, not doubling down on the love lie. He could've just admitted that he didn't see her that way either without having to out himself. His spiraling and inevitably trying to force himself into a sexual relationship with Rhonda is only going to end horribly and embarrassingly for them and Carmen. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Yolanda and Arthie fell in love through one silent dance scene with zero sexual introspection from Arthie and are a couple by the end of the next episode despite having exchanged maybe three lines all season? Far be it from me to complain about gratuitous lesbianism, but build up your romantic subplots for fuck's sake! You can't just tell us people are in love now without showing them interacting or growing attraction at all. I don't want Sam and Ruth to bang because their vibe reads too father/daughter, although I guess last season ended with his actual daughter recoiling from his kiss in disgust, so it's both an upgrade and fitting that this season ended with his spiritual daughter doing the same thing. It's a little weird to me that shows introduce older male characters as paternal mentor figures that always conveniently involve into sexual interests for the younger female character. As someone who grew up with lots of older male family friends and role models, the idea that they're all just subtly biding their time to see if they can get into your pants is a little creepy to me. I know that Ruth's relationship with the camera guy probably won't survive the move to Vegas, but still, especially after everything that happened with Mark, it's nice to see her in a functional relationship for once and I'd imagine a romance with Sam would basically consist of nagging him and mothering him through his benders, a savior role that I don't think Ruth is looking to play and one that I'd think would hinder her directorial ambitions. You can already tell that his self-destructive tendencies are going to clash with her vision of her professional future, whether or not their relationship becomes sexual. Speaking of clashing, Debbie/Ruth is great and the actresses have wonderful chemistry but if their arc is going to continue, I'm going to need Debbie to drop the "you slept with my husband" whinefest that either starts or escalates every conflict the two of them seem to have. I get that it's obviously a big bone of contention, but at some point Ruth can only be so contrite and there's nothing else she could do. She stopped the affair and has done nothing but kiss Debbie's ass and be her lapdog since Debbie found out. If she wanted to hold a lifelong grudge, she should've never agreed to work with her. But like Ruth said, she loves the drama and subconsciously couldn't stand the thought of Ruth getting her own source of attention since Debbie considers herself to be the better actress and bigger star. Besides, Debbie totally ceded all moral high ground when she broke Ruth's ankle in a cocaine-fueled rage that wasn't even directed at her. I can't believe Debbie using cocaine right before a match was never brought up again and she was never punished for it because that was a huge breach of protocol. Ruth may be grating and naive, but Debbie is a narcissistic control freak who "thinks the sun rises and sets in her own asshole," as Sam would say. The writers need to stop assuming that our sympathies are with Debbie because of the affair - that well ran dry long ago. Plus, she never really seemed that upset about losing Mark and moreso incredulous and indignant that a loser like Ruth could seduce him away from her, which just makes her look like an even bigger asshole, especially because Ruth is supposedly one of her closest friends. If I could change anything, particularly about the second season, I wish we could have spent more time with the supporting ladies as opposed to focusing on yet another Debbie breakdown every episode. I also wonder if they're going to delve deeper into Debbie's feelings about Randy, because in the episode with the impromptu yard sale, Debbie acted distressed that he was starting to look more like Mark and we only ever see her passing Randy off to other people, which seems to imply there's some kind of emotional detachment going on with her because the baby reminds her of Mark and their failed marriage. Overall, absolutely wonderful season and even better than the first! Can't wait for next year.
  9. Ruth and Sam

    Agreed @mehtotheworld! I'm a big fan of weird/unexpected sexual tension and not necessarily opposed to it across power dynamics in the right context, but Ruth/Sam feels too father/daughter to me, even if they tried to channel some of that paternal energy to Justine (who he ironically also tried to bang, ick). More than that, Ruth seems to finally have a healthy, reciprocated relationship with Camera Guy, so it'd be unfortunate if she threw that away and regressed to pursue another toxic relationship as an extension of her misguided savior complex with Sam. Continuing with the Mad Men theme, they also have shades of Peggy/Don, which also teetered on ambiguously romantic at times but never quite went there.
  10. S02.E07: Nothing Shattered 2018.06.29

    Co sign with what everyone said. Not sure how I feel about Sam's obvious growing feelings for Ruby - apart from being a little weird given their nebulous father/daughter dynamic (which I guess has been re-routed to Justine), but their dynamic works precisely because they're not having sex.
  11. S02E05: Perverts Are People, Too 2018.06.29

    See, I'm late - I thought that scene was meant to imply his discomfort with realizing Florian is gay, not that Bash is closeted and in denial about being attracted to Florian. I must be super dense because I thought Carmen and Bash would end up hooking up this season! Shows how much I pay attention, haha.
  12. S09.E12: Frying Tonight

    I don't get the point of the "mentoring," unless they're doing skill workshops behind the scenes. All the mentors seem to do is bitch at the contestants that they're embarrassing the ~~honor of their apron~~ (get over yourself) when they're doing poorly. Shanika is annoying as hell, but her fried risotto apple cake thing seemed interesting from a flavor standpoint. Agreed about wanting Ashley's (?) recipe for the blueberry lemon curd cake. Not looking forward to halibut next week.
  13. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    Exactly! Oliver would've said, "Dry your tears, Red. You have the rest of your life to live out your Sex and The City drama, but Paris Fashion Week waits for no man." Especially galling that that exchange came directly on the heels of her impressing Oliver and the designer, which would've been a great catalyst for Sutton to finally start believing her own potential and realize she has so much more to gain in Paris by focusing on her work than moping over Richard (who is a particularly bland work fling once you strip away the sexiness of secrecy and not at all the Prince Charming the show apparently decided he is). And I know that heart-to-heart was meant to highlight the evolution of genuine friendship between Sutton and Oliver, but no fashion editor at any magazine ever would allow their right-hand man to leave Fashion Week even for a death in the family, much less to go live out their childish notions of romcom fantasy. Also, these girls and this show really acted like flying from New York to Paris was as cheap and easy as hopping a bus from Manhattan to the Bronx. How many characters this ep arbitrarily chose to cross the Atlantic on a whim and were there by the next scene? Upper crust indeed.
  14. Season 2 All Episode Talk: Chenoweth Chat

    Oh no, I hope someone saves this show from the Cancellation Bear! The ratings are NBC's own fault - they did nothing to promote it, like with Timeless.
  15. S01.E01: Pilot

    Just started watching! Ruth reminds me of Piper in OITNB in that she's introduced as a stand-in for the audience as a fish out of water in a world where she doesn't belong and has relatable qualities (professional fuck up, personal fuck up, just overall screwed up her own life), but then it turns out she's a self-absorbed asshole whose ignorance and entitlement becomes a foil for the much more interesting cast of supporting characters.