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  1. Yeah, I don't want you to think I don't like them! And I don't expect them to be treated differently or more dramatically as a lesbian couple. I feel like my post read as me complaining that they're overly featured or something for token points but they're actually totally my lesbian power couple fantasy as a bi woman lol. My frustration stems more so from the fact that the writers seem to be a little lax thus far with their development in terms of making both of their storylines constantly worrying about the other's intentions or breaking up as opposed to developing them as characters, especially Adena, who has basically existed thus far to be Kat's closet key lol. Because the fanbase is so hungry for representation, writers often coast on making them their own swirling bubble of recycled angst (think Emily/Naomi from Skins and Cosima/Delphine from Orphan Black) instead of giving them storylines as individuals. But Adena calling Kat out on her shit is a good start.
  2. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    I agree but I'm usually more into women so I didn't want to be biased 😂 Evan is cute on X Men and AHS, but that Donald Trump Jr. hair does him no favors here. Always the best solution. 😉 On another note, the entire cast of every house needs some acting classes STAT. Even Blanca had cringe moments this ep.
  3. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    Yes exactly! I think there's still a lot of conflation that genitals = sexuality and especially for men that being attracted to or even unfazed by sex with someone with a penis means you're gay. Conversely, a lot of gay men won't date trans men and lesbians won't date trans women because they define their sexuality as being repulsed by or only attracted to penises or vaginas. As a bisexual woman myself, I would absolutely date a trans woman not because she's trans or may or may not have a penis, but because ladies are hot lol. The same goes for trans men. And this isn't one of those millennial "soul not body" holier than thou sexuality riffs, I just like both masculinity and femininity and don't understand why genitals supposedly undermine your gender expression or reveal who you "really" want to fuck deep down. With that said, it's the 1980s and the narrative is definitely setting up Stan's paranoid ego to be taken down by homophobia and gay panic pressure from his environment, even if he's able to recognize Angel as a woman and seems to realize having sex with a trans woman doesn't mean he's gay. This is not an era for nuanced takes on gender and sexuality. However, that "take off your panties" scene suggested he was anticipating and thrilled to see her penis, so I'm guessing he's a straight dude with a kink for trans women (a "chaser") as opposed to Angel's original guess, a closeted gay man sexually experimenting with Angel to either further his own denial or as a stepping stone to the idea (he wants dick aka a dude so this is an okay way to explore because she still "looks like a lady" or whatever). I was so glad they avoided that trope, but he's still going to snap that private Progressive Prince Charming persona the second external homophobia and transphobia seep into his real life with actual consequences. Also, my bisexual dilemma: I have a huge crush on both Indya Moore and Evan Peters. Help!
  4. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    See, that's why I'm still worried (thanks to this forum lol) that Stan/Angel is going to end in her murder once he's exposed, especially if she's inspired by Venus Xtravaganza or hundreds of murdered trans women of color. @Irlandesa while I want to went to believe your take on Stan feeling guilty and naive, I think there's a darker element of self-repulsion going on. For all the deep conversations and pronoun corrections and sugar baby apartments, even if he sees her as a real woman, he still hates himself for having a fetish that directly jeopardizes his lifestyle, reputation, and idealized self-image. 100% agree on Indya/Evan. That sex scene was hot, and very explicitly safe with the condom sequence, which is crucial for a queer show set at the height of the AIDS crisis. Re: Emma Roberts and people shipping Evan's fictional relationships instead of his actual one, that's likely because Emma has a history of being physically abusive towards Evan and was arrested for domestic violence against him in 2013. The two have had a volatile and toxic relationship for years, but somehow she still gets to bask in their power couple dynamic and still gets roles playing his love interests ffs! It just goes to show society still has double standards for female-on-male abuse. I don't know how she's flown under the radar in the #MeToo era (just kidding, she's a tiny white woman and has a megastar aunt).
  5. Kat and Adena are always going to be heavily featured, for better or worse, because Tumblr loves them. Tumblr loves lesbian couples, doubly so if they're a twofer minority, and is responsible for generating much of the buzz around this show with teens and twentysomethings. They're catering to their base so strap yourself in for a lot of pointless angst and mundane domesticity because the internet has decided they're the alpha couple of the show. Adena seems unnecessarily dour a lot of the time and it's a buzzkill for their dynamic. I like Sutton better with Alex, but honestly all her romantic storylines are boring. I hope this slut shaming thing isn't a season long arc. The actress playing her antagonist is absolutely terrible, which also lessens the emotional impact. Why does she care what a rando underling thinks of her? Jane is very entitled. I don't know if it's because she's trying to portray Jane out of her comfort zone, but Katie Stevens' acting was very wooden this ep.
  6. S02.E08: Picasso: Chapter Eight 2018.06.05

    It seems like a requirement to be featured on this show is to treat women like crap. Einstein was no peach either, but Picasso makes him look like Prince Charming. Picasso's revolving door and overlapping timelines of mistresses is hard to him track of. And what happened to, you know, showing his career? It's just all about him gaslighting his former/current partners while seducing his new flavor of the week.
  7. S02.E10: See You Soon, Macaroon 2018.06.07

    oh ok! thanks for clarifying :)
  8. S02.E10: See You Soon, Macaroon 2018.06.07

    All in all, that went out with a whimper. Patrick was irrelevant and Maddie's smile while being arrested was weird. We get it, she's smug. Richie and Jules were robbed this season. They were just window dressing for the evolution of evil!Ezra. S3 probably would've been about him flipping on them or becoming more morally bankrupt, which I have no desire to see. Also, no one cares about Max/Sally or Lenny/Shabby/Shaggy/whatever the hell her husband's name is. I think where this season went wrong is that S1 was a really strong examination of interpersonal dynamics and the psychological power of fantasy to impact how you see yourself/your life. The Bumblers had a very sweet and charming bond and they helped each other grow as people. This season, all three became simultaneously bland, cocky, and unlikable. The ring scam was a fun punch to end last year, but none of them are fit to be career criminals (BUMBLERS, hello) so making that the entire narrative arc of the season for the trio was a colossal fail. It played out like what high school drama kids imagine being a fugitive would be like. S1 was so good, you guys. Should've left it alone. S2 was a massive fart under the wettest blanket by comparison. Was anyone else majorly distracted by Ezra's suddenly visible grey hair???
  9. S01.E02 Access 2018.06.10

    The actress who plays Angel is so beautiful. Her and Blanca are the strongest actors imo. Damon is cute. He reminds me of a more boyish John Boyega. Maybe it's because I'm 26 and never had a relationship myself, but I took Stan's speech in the diner at face value. I didn't get a closeted killer vibe from it but I'm also hugely naive to romance lol which is probably what they're going for with her longing to be validated in her gender identity. I didn't know Venus was murdered so I'm desperately hoping she's not the inspiration for her character arc. :(
  10. S05 E22: Where The Heart Is 2018.06.06

    This made me laugh out loud! That would have been awesome. But knowing how petty Jake is, they probably couldn't do it for legal reasons or something because he would complain. Speaking of petty, it's annoying that we were denied cute flashbacks of Jude/Connor because of Hayden and Gavin's dumb beef. Forget that religious pothead, Connor was Jude's main ship and OTP imo.
  11. S05 E21: Turks & Caicos 2018.06.05

    True, let me clarify! I don't think Callie explicitly rejected him because he was trans, but I was left with the vibe that the show/writers felt that he wasn't conventional enough to be a viable love interest, if that makes sense. ymmv. I also needed more Ximena.
  12. S05 E22: Where The Heart Is 2018.06.06

    exactly! I can't believe The Fosters survived because the whole thing was basically a giant shiptease for incest. Even outside of the Brandon thing, they always had Callie succumb to undeniable chemistry with...someone else tangentially in the family. And the fact that the other siblings wound up dating each other's exes/BFFs. Because dating someone who has either had sex with or knows about the sex life of your sibling totally isn't weird. Keep it socially acceptable by staying one degree removed! lol
  13. S05 E22: Where The Heart Is 2018.06.06

    It also gave me pause that Brandon/Callie was resolved by saying basically "We're always gonna be into each other but we'd break up horribly so might as well choose the family I guess." I'm sorry, what? no no no. put that shit to bed in the most figurative way possible. Even something corny like "I knew we were meant to be in each others' lives, we just didn't understand how at first," or something. But I guess they married him off to a rando to quell the incest question once and for all before the spinoff. Why is Wyatt exclusively Mariana's toy now? He was a great character before they brought him back as a pothead. So he just hangs around waiting for Mariana to decide she's bored enough to have sex with him? For years? He always had a much stronger chemistry and believable relationship with Callie imo. Jude's plot went nowhere and I still don't understand the point of throwing in the new young foster kid, who was a sweetheart of an actor saddled with a huge turd of a downer plot for no purpose.
  14. S05 E21: Turks & Caicos 2018.06.05

    I still can't believe that on a show with lesbian moms, they chose to queerbait Callie with a girl for the fan attention. As for her not popping back up, I guess the kiss and romantic awkwardness would've been resolved years ago, but we said the same for Brandon, so...Then again, I always thought the show does have a shady side with LGBT stuff too, like when Cole's crush on Callie was played for pity with the implication that she wouldn't go for him because he didn't pass, only for her to happily pursue/date the much more conventionally attractive and easily passing Aaron a year or so later without the show batting an eye. Speaking of which, out of all her exs, Aaron is the one she's stayed close friends with and not AJ? Sure, Jan.
  15. S05 E21: Turks & Caicos 2018.06.05

    Again, I want to emphasize that the romantic arc (or should I say thrust har har) of this entire finale is whether or not the main character will fuck her brother. And they're getting the dreamy dramatic angst edit too. IT'S HER BROTHER. why, why is this still a thing, they're 22 now, are we supposed to think...they've been fantasizing about each other since their teens? hoping one will come back? this will never be the epic romance the writers are hoping for. you don't just see your sibling as your sibling one day and then a love interest the next because you're lonely/horny. wtf. jude and the younger brother were cute in the hotel even if hayden still can't act his way out of a paper bag. Tbh I thought Emma/Jesus would've broken up years ago. Jesus is fucking hot. That's all I got.