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  1. Small Talk: The Wagon

    Try this: http://forums.previously.tv/forum/4118-girl-meets-farm/
  2. Small Talk: The Wagon

    FYI ... Girl Meets Farm has its own forum now. WIW, I thought this week's episode was better. Still nothing Chinese or Jewish inspired, but I thought the baked donuts looked good (sans rhubarb glaze.) Let's get over there and start snarking! It looks like this is a FN original show, which surprised me. Maybe it is produced in conjunction with another company/sponsor and I missed it. I thought that FN was only capable of churning out the absurd competitions, not actual instructional shows.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Hell Yeh

    I have been patiently watching and have yet to see anything Jewish or Chinese inspired. That said, the show is steadily growing on me. Totally agree that this is what "Pioneer Woman" should have been all along. It's clear that Molly is growing more and more comfortable each week. It was also nice to see the "show husband" contributing to the episode in a manner that isn't relegated to him stuffing his face, running hapless errands or being involved in something completely unrelated (working calves, anybody?) I hope this show gets picked up for at least a second season.
  4. Yeah. Xander is Maya's cousin but some of us were wishing really hard that he would turn out to be Maya's son from her Myron days. You know that ain't happening. OK. So, they've more or less caught Zoe, now what? I don't want to watch even more attention put on this tiresome trio of snoozers. I think Zoe is creepy-looking. She has an oddly shaped face and buggy scary eyes. Those love scenes with Xander were cringe-worthy, especially the air guitar in her underwear. I don't want to waste another minute on such bollocks! If this turns into a front-burner, Zoe stalks and threatens Emma, I'm gonna puke. Zoe can go back to London (take Xander with her ) and that pretty cat can be the first feline rescue at Lisa Vanderpump's pet shelter, which is nicer than a lot of luxury hotels! At the very least, Thorne and Katie owe Sally a huge apology and if Hope truly was a woman of impeccable integrity, moral standing, fairness, blah blah blah, (which we are quickly seeing those virtues dissolve before our very eyes) she would give Sally a chance to design or something semi-meaningful.
  5. Could you picture Tinsley at speed dating? How many seconds in do you think it would be before she brought up marriage? Before the end of the 3 min. (if the guy hadn't run away) she would probably pull up her photo of her eggs. Yikes! Wining and dining? Puh-leeze. Didn't she have to have her make-out sessions dates with that really young guy at a bowling alley? I know part of it was because of Sonja's house rules, but still ... "Money can't buy you Cah-LASS," indeed!
  6. All Episodes Talk

    Why would you want to ruin perfectly good watermelon (especially now and next month), with chocolate and a bunch of sweet crap? At the most, it needs a little sea salt. Or, if it's not quite ... perfect for a feta and bal-SAM-ick salad. The pale pink mealy crap you find at the grocery store year-round would be horrible in any state. And, wouldn't all of the water ruin chocolate, etc.? Yeah. Pass me the barf bag, or I'll raise you one from Iceland Air, which I am sure is very elegant. (They opened a hub in KC back in the spring and it looked quite posh.)
  7. I'm having an ear wirm of "Money Can't Buy You Class." Coincidentally, I am catching up on past seasons and just completed season 3 today when Luann debuted that awful song.
  8. All Episodes Talk

    I just saw the jalapeno berry lemonade. I honestly can't think of anything more disgusting sounding and it seems counter-intuitive. Instead of quenching the thirst, I'd think that the heat of the jalapeno would make them even more thirsty. I know the overall amount was diluted by the bunch lemon juice, water and ice, but still ... Then there was that disgusting cherry pepper mayo. Yeah. I'll bet there were no takers on that and Ree is welcome to take it back home after it has been sitting out in the sweltering heat to "eat it all herself during the rest of the week." Go right ahead and we'll see ya in the Pawhuska E.R. with food poisoning. Actually, a taste of her own medicine (literally) might be a much-needed lesson learned. The entire meal had some type of chili or pepper in it. I didn't recognize Bryce. He's lost all of that husky boy baby fat and has shot up like a weed. He's actually not a bad-looking young man. I still think those boys act like surly entitled brats, though.
  9. I didn't blink an eye when Hope threw Steffy's indiscretion with Bill in Steffy's face today, nor when she reminded Liam about it. I consider that a down payment on karma for gondola-gate and all of the other shitty stuff Steffy has done to Hope over the years. I also thought she was spot-on when she pointed out what it says about Liam's character to even consider forgiving that slattern for the most vile of betrayals. Girlfriend was pulling the best chapters from both the playbooks of TSFTV and Saint Taylor. Face it. Hope doesn't have anybody fighting for her. You know that if the situation were reversed, Sludge would have been up in Liam's grill or going toe-to-toe with Hope instead of Steffy. She is content to let others do her dirty work for her if there is an opportunity, although she is no shrinking violet. While I don't expect for Brooke to sit passively on the sidelines, for the time being she has to still make a pretext of trying to be semi-supportive to her husband and keep the sinking marriage ship afloat. Watching all of that today made me realize how much I miss KM in that role. Um, I talk to my cat all the time! Sometimes, she even answers back. LOL!
  10. All Episodes Talk: Baking with Gesine

    The show works for me. It hits the right notes of "I wouldn't even bother," to "Yeah. maybe," to "I can and will make that." From a show hosted by a professional baker who runs her own school, I expect to occasionally see something OTT that I don't have the skill, time or patience for (e.g. that red, white and blue jelly roll cake.) Also, while the little flower decorations for the petit fours probably aren't really that difficult to make, it was just the sheer volume and amount of time involved that convinced me that it looked too "fancy and difficult." I've also noticed that Gesine has been adding a lot more savory dishes to her repertoire. I mean main dishes and not something like Parmesan puffs (looking at Lorraine Pascale), biscuits with herbs or the mandatory Beef Wellington. I think that what I like best are the plethora of tips. I have tried many of Gesine's tips and they work. I am especially excited to try the chocolate mousse made with water. I also know now how to properly slice Hasselback potatoes, if I ever decide to make them. I'm afraid that without the "quirk" and "cuteness" factors, Gesine could come across as very serious and austere. I can easily picture her being all business, no nonsense when she needs to. It's obvious that she's extremely intelligent and sharp and probably thinks very fast on her feet. Not somebody I would want to cross. LOL! I Gesine, Ray, Ruthie and the show a lot and hope it can make it to a third season.
  11. I thought FC had an HR department. That's what Thorne told Emma and Xander when they were bitching about Maya. Maya also told Xander that "HR" busted him for using a British ID number instead of his SSN. Then, she told him to take his paperwork "back to Ridge." So, is Sludge FC's HR department? Not that I really care, but again, huge continuity flaws. At a legit company, there is no way that you can just fire employee based on flimsy circumstantial evidence like that, and not risk a major lawsuit. Even if it's a right to work state. Liam Spencer isn't fit to be the dirt under either Steffy's or Hope's shoes and that is being very generous to Steffy. While they're playing tug-of-war over that loser, "Dude" and "Bro" are kicking back brewskis and philosophizing about "how life's complicated." I thought that Hope was going to pull a Ridge and insist that Liam not live with either Steffy or her while he's making up his mind. Remember when RM Ridge did that to Brooke and Taylor while he "thought things over." GRRRRrrrrrr!!! I couldn't care less about the website threats to Hope and who made them. Zoe is creepy as hell and I feel sorry for that poor cat. So, she decides to just pack up and leave London for L.A. and relocate a cat? Doesn't that take a lot of time and it's probably not cheap. It's sad when a person is such a bad actor that they have to resort to animals as scene partners. I guess that speaks volumes if the show is so bad that all we can do is pick apart lack of continuity and omitting petty details that wouldn't matter or even be noticed if the show was better. Last thought: Why does Liam think that only Hope's baby is a blessing? I wonder what Steffy would think if she heard that? Why didn't Wyatt ask him to elaborate? That line was the only thing at all interesting to me during today's show.
  12. What a boring episode. The only interesting part was that Sally has some new clothes and they are much more in line with what a fierce fashion designer would wear. Maybe Wyatt took her shopping. I like Wally, but FFS, can they do more than sit around and make out and have sex? That was the same with Watie. I guess since Watie was clandestine and all, that made more sense, but again? Wyatt surely has more to offer than his peen? Why doesn't he get his butt off the sofa and join his brother in job hunting. (I know he said he had some money saved but how long is that going to last, especially if he is commissioning floor-to-ceiling murals to be painted on his walls.) BTW, Dollah's head is gonna explode when he see that on the day he decides it's time to evict Wyatt from that beach house. I hate to say this, but Wyatt seemed best when paired with Steffy. He was way overly invested in the relationship, but at least he put his business skills to use. Too bad they were mostly wasted on promoting the Sleazy Sexy CEO. My point being that we actually saw more dimensions of his character other than lolling around in bed day-in, day-out. ZZzzzzzzoey, ZZzzzzzander (yeah, I misspelled it on purpose) and Emma are to boring to even comprehend.) Zoey is scary-looking and I have to say that Xander is even less of a prize to fight over than Liam. I guess I hold an UO, but I sort of like Emma OK. She seems to have a sweetness about her. I find her a helluva lot more interesting than Nicole was last year. Her over-sized boobs, vacant eyes and sulky expressions couldn't get off my screen fast enough. Other than that, I don't want to see Emma dance again and none of the trio can act their way out of a paper bag. They still bore me to tears. I think this is the first time in ages that I've seen a B&B couple go on an actual date. (Thus, needing to explain that to us.) Watie is also boring and I feel zero chemistry between HT and IR. I didn't like Katie acting like a "duh? what?" dumb female when the IT guy was trying to explain what he was doing. Who hasn't heard of bots or firewalls? I thought Katie also had an alcohol problem so why was she drinking Bloody Marys at the beach with Thorne yesterday? Another thing I thought of was when Liam and Thorne were looking at the website comments, there were comments about the new line. I thought that was top secret and Hope, Thorne and all the interns are working on the big reveal fashion show. This show ....
  13. All Episodes Talk: Baking with Gesine

    I certainly would love to join in and contact FN. Just another example of how any decent instructional show gets canned quickly. Did FN move BIV to introduce "Girl Meets Farm?" If so, that's kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Both are decent new shows and deserve a chance. I don't watch FN much on Sunday mornings, so I could be wrong. In any case, I would certainly like to know the reason for the time switch.
  14. If I were Hope, I think I would have poured the contents of that steaming kettle down the front of Waffle's pants, following his smug, "I've just got to sit with this," attitude. WTF? Melt that rank appendage so it doesn't go around impregnating more women. Geez ... Soooo ... today was the "big reveal" about Xander being half-British. I'm not sure what kind of reaction he expected. Was Emma supposed to start flailing dancing and knock him senseless again? Burst into tears with an angry, "You LIED to me! What other secrets are you keeping?" First, who GAF and secondly, so what? How many transplanted Brits (or excuse me, half-Brits) are there in L.A. these days? I suppose that since Katie is head of P.R. at FC, then she really needs a heads-up that somebody on SM is attacking Hope. Can the guy playing Thorne at least try to disguise the Aussie accent? It always sounds like he's saying, "Far-rester Creations." Maybe Xander could give him some lessons on American-speak.
  15. Small Talk: The Wagon

    I guess I'm being too hard on Molly but I had higher expectations, based on what I saw of her on a promo clip on one of the national network morning news shows. Actually, my bar was set compared to "Baked in Vermont." This is really dumb because it's a definitely an "apples to oranges" comparison. The are completely different shows and Gesine Prado is older than Molly and has a lot more cooking/baking experience, plus, from what I have read, she's had a lot more experience both in front of and behind the camera. My main beef (hee!) is that I want to see Chinese/Jewish recipes as promised in the opening of the show, plus, that is what Molly emphasized in that TV PR appearance she did. So, far, all we saw is that she tried to recreate the topping of an "everything" bagel on the very first show, when she mixed up some seeds and other dry flavorings to sprinkle on that grilled cheese sandwich she made. I think she was trying to riff a bagel with cream cheese and I wasn't impressed by the final product. OTOH, I don't want to see this go the way of Aarti Sequeira. I was so happy to see an Indian-inspired cooking show and the first episode included something like mac and cheese with curry powder and who can forget "Bombay Sloppy Joes?" Ugh. No wonder Aarti gave up.