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  1. Not only that, Carter said he tried a case, so I guess he is also a trial attorney. Sludge is such a fucking liar. Loved how he didn't correct the judge's assumption that Bill raped Steffy. Brooke, PLEASE dump that oaf once and for all.
  2. B&B : In the Media!

    My eyes!
  3. Small Talk: The Wagon

    I am so sorry to hear that, Lura. Sending hugs, healing vibes and gentle head-butt/whisker kisses from Charlize your way.
  4. All of the above. I'll bet the "research" that Bill is shoving down Justin's throat, will reveal just that. The judge has financial ties to Ridge and his FAMILY, (the people Sludge has appointed himself to act on behalf of) therefore, he needs to recuse himself from the case. However, we know that won't happen and Bill will drop that bombshell in court and cause a huge scandal. Ridge really needs to STFU. This situation is none of his business. He needs to butt out and take several seats. But ... we did get to see the hilarious dump into the Persian Gulf again today.
  5. Small Talk: The Wagon

    I have been watching Worst Cooks in America (I know ... ) simply out of habit/boredom. I have resigned myself to the fact that it has become a bad comedy show and I am OK with it. Besides, two of the contestants (one who has a good shot of winning) are from Oklahoma. What I wanted to mention was that Gesine was a guest judge on the night the recruits had to bake a cake. She got stuck with Robert Irvine's team. She was a very good sport and had something positive to say about everybody's cake. Some of the results were truly horrendous. Jason Smith got teamed with Anne. Geez ... if looks could kill ... clearly, Anne has no use for him at all! I hope that Baked in Vermont continues, and seeing Gesine as a guest judge (yeah ... ) seemed like a positive sign. FN needs to rotate Gesine into the holiday baking judging crew.
  6. TK and DD could barely contain the laughter today. I could especially see it in TK's eyes. Damn! Those two have such hot chemistry. I wish B&B had more daring writers who would actually go there. This is one time where I have to agree with Steffy. Why waste Sally's talents? Hope was acting like a child and it became abundantly clear that she was going to remain committed to boxing Sally in with menial tasks for the duration of Sally's employment. Steffy may just be using Sally to get back at Hope, but I think that once Eric sees Sally's designs, the tide will turn for her. I also think that Sally is too smart to get suckered into prolonged game playing. I thought it was odd that Steffy threatened Sally to not repeat the conversation with Hope. With the amount of eavesdropping, POD and gossiping around FC, really?
  7. Season 5 of KBC

    What bugs me about these competition shows, and that includes Chopped, is the lack of equipment. Why is there just "one" or a limited number of basic kitchen implements? Maybe that is part of the strategy, but I don't think it needs to extend to kids. I really didn't care who won this competition. I liked Natasha's cake. Any rainbows I've ever seen in the sky had more diffused colors, so I didn't think Natasha's cake was off the mark with the saturation level. I didn't like Taylor's cake and thought those round blobs of icing with the colored candy pieces looked like eyeballs. Matthew suffered from a bad case of "more is more." If he had used only the color marbled pieces of chocolate more creatively, I think he could have won. But, yeah, he's only 12.
  8. I hope that there is a GIF somewhere of Hauxdi eyeing-up Xander. That didn't go unnoticed by me. I could go for that. It would certainly be more interesting than Xander and Emma and I would love to see a Steffy/Zoe stand-off. Things could be worse ... WTF is wrong with Sludge? Throwing things in the office? Even Hauxdi looked alarmed/disgusted and it was refreshing to see Brooke and her on the same side, for a change. This custody suit with Will is absolutely none of his f-ing business. I'm tired of him yelling at Brooke all the time. Doesn't she have her own office? It might be wise if she started working at whatever she does from home. I'm loving the absolute disdain KKL is showing him these days. She doesn't even try to hide it.
  9. When I was growing up, we had two cats (both had just shown up at various times.) Whiskers was a finicky Siamese who ONLY liked my dad. Marmalade was an orange tabby who wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. One night, Mom had fixed spaghetti for dinner. We had finished dinner and were sitting in the family room watching TV and waiting for stuff to cool down, etc., before putting the leftovers away. Mom (who wasn't crazy about cats) went into the kitchen en route to the bathroom and Whiskers and Marmalade were on the stove. Marmalade has obviously plunged his head, face-first into the leftover spaghetti sauce and Whiskers was patiently cleaning off Marmalade's face. We also had a jumbo black lab named Zack. Whiskers taught Zack how to beg at the table. Whiskers would get on his hind legs and swat at our arms or thighs to get our attention, so Zack would imitate him. Well, the difference between a tiny cat paw and a huge dog paw, is well ... HUGE! Mom and Dad spoiled those pets rotten, so of course, they got by with such behavior. It's funny, in hindsight!
  10. I did the Kindle "Download of Shame" and bought Ramona's memoir last spring (2017). I bought it because I had just started watching the show and was curious about such polarizing character. (I learned quickly as I have been binge-watching past seasons, though!) Ramona borrowed $10,000 from her father to launch her overstock purchase company. She was very reluctant to do so but really had no other sources of funding. She called and asked her father. (We all know they had a tumultuous relationship, to put it mildly.) She was surprised when he offered her the money and not only that, offered words of advice and encouragement. She did pay him back, but I don't remember the time frame. Ramona had her moments but she doesn't bug me nearly as much as Sonja does.
  11. All Episodes Talk

    Nah. Not in the slightest. You were being gentle compared to the rest of us. LOL! You should have been around here during the days when Previously TV was Television Without Pity and "Semi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee," was airing brand new episodes on Food Network. Talk about online shaming! NOTHING (recipes, tablescapes, kitchen decor, Sandra's wardrobe, hair and makeup and usage/consumption of alcohol) went unscathed! God, I miss that show!
  12. Maybe Donna could come back to the show and remarry Eric. Despite the age difference and silly sexual "honey" business, I thought they were good together. Donna was the perfect trophy wife in that she deferred to Eric. She truly loved him and made him the center of her universe. I really think that Eric needs that kind of adulation and devotion. He's never quite had that 100% and I think that would keep him from straying. I think that Quinn tries, but that is just not her true nature. Often, especially during FC meetings, she seems bored and just bristling to ditch the "good wife" facade and jump into the fray!
  13. Thank you! I was wracking my brains the other day trying to think of Rachel Khoo's name. (Yes. I just turned 59!) I loved her show and enjoyed her. Over here, it was on "The Cooking Channel," That is Food Network's "sister" network that actually shows programs with cooking instruction, but even that is dwindling into ridiculous, "The Best that I Ate ... " and "Carnival Foods," and celebrity shows. Did you ever hear Rachel's story about how she took the same cooking class that Duchess Kate was taking? Kate had to miss a class or be late for some reason, so Rachel shared her notes with Kate. She said that Kate was very friendly, gracious and appreciative. Well, I certainly didn't want to launch a discussion about the royal family. What is Rachel up to these days?
  14. All Episodes Talk

    I don't even know how to try to explain this without like I am trying to defend Ree and her fans (which I am not) but here goes. While the "steak frites" gaff was indeed an glaring error, Ree can bank on the fact that the majority of her fans would be none the wiser. I can only try to speak for U.S. audiences, but sadly, the food Ree churns out appeals to the diet of the median American palate. Case in point. I was at work yesterday at my part-time job and was in the lunch room. Two women were eating lunch together. One looked to be in her late 20-early 30s (I am terrible guessing ages) and the other looked 50-ish. They were discussing some type of food products (thinking maybe frozen entrees you'd probably take to work for lunch). They were marveling about "chicken adobo" and chicken with farrow (Mia's long-lost sibling!) The younger woman seemed somewhat familiar with the first dish, but they were both quizzical about "farrow." OK. I know that farro wasn't that well-known or popular until the past couple of years, but in my mind, now it is on the same familiarity level as quinoa. People who have any inkling about food or cooking, should have at least have heard of farro? Maybe I am wrong or just harshly judging, but I was kind of surprised to overhear that conversation. The demographics of the company are very white, college-educated and a mix of Millennials and through mid-50s. The location is in an upper-income, highly Republican and conservative county. DISCLAIMER: What am I doing there, you ask? LOL! It's only a part-part-time job and it pays decently for part-time work but I am thinking about leaving because I'm growing bored. So, my take is that Ree knows exactly what she's doing. She's reaching out and appealing to the masses who aren't knowledgeable about food, cooking or food trends. The idea is to eat something -- anything -- that is filling, preferably economical and consists of ingredients and flavors that don't veer to off the beaten (familiar) path (e.g. none of that weird furr-in stuff!)
  15. I wish that GarBridge would break up once and for good. TK and KKL have zero chemistry and I am tired of him barking at her all the time. What made RM's Ridge and KKL work so well is that they had chemistry and you could feel genuine warmth and affection between them, no matter what kind of shit had hit the fan. This ogre just doesn't do it. That's why I think he's perfect with Quinn. She has enough of an edge and grit to her that he wouldn't dare treat her or talk to her the way he does to Brooke.