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  1. Did NBC pre-empt this? My DVR taped it but something else was on.
  2. Disclaimer not condoning Zack at all. But was he normally socialized. I mean living with vampires is not the best way to become smooth with the ladies. But yeah Zach is a douche.
  3. ?? I thought she was in jail. What makes you think she's in prison?
  4. She hasn't been convicted. Even if she confessed, she is innocent until 'proven' guilty. What did you expect, lockdown? That only happens during fights or other high security situations. That was realistic.
  5. In most vampire shows, vampire bites are seen as pleasurable to both the human and the vampire. That's what they seemed to show with Quinlan and his lady friend.
  6. Brianne's dad is in jail. Come on, Jenn seems like the type - not a surprise at all. Her voice, her mannerisms - it's obvious.
  7. Yeah, she was definitely enjoying it. Did anyone else notice the longing looks that Quinlan casts Charlotte's way? He is probably missing his wife, and watching Fet and Charlotte together is not helping. He is also probably not used to women being nice to him or accepting him for who he is. He must have a very lonely existence. The flashbacks are too late, though. Why the last season?
  8. This season sucks balls. Yes, Quinlan in that wig was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.. It's a shame because the actor Rupert Penry-Jones is very handsome. Quinlan looked better as a strigoi. I am racking my brain trying to figure out why Eff didn't shoot the turning lady on sight. His concern for DumbassZack is going to cost him his life. I truly do not care about Dutch/Eckurst/Abe. That's a shame because I loved Dutch in prior seasons. Echorst thinks he is special - he does not realize that the Master will kill him without a second thought.
  9. You may be on to something. Remember when Desna found Jenn? The square dancer seemed awfully interested in what they were saying. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but maybe not.
  10. Dutch's face when she saw the baby. She looked, scared? Or maybe it was the actress' bad acting. The show has turned to shit. Haven't the writers learned that the show is stronger when the Scooby Gang are together? Shows like this normally jump the shark when monsters and humans attempt to co-exist. Dang, I had such hopes for the final season.
  11. This. Spencer can be charming when he wants to - normally to get into someone's drawers. But he hasn't made the transition from the field to the boardroom. Didn't he get into a fight on T.V. in Season 2?
  12. During Helena's punishment, I feared for her eyes. I surely thought she should have been blinded. I hope Helena makes it. She didn't survive all of that hell to die now. If any clone has to die, I hope it's Rachel. Speaking of, surely Sara knew she would be caught impersonating Rachel. She sucked at that impersonation. Her carriage was off, and "Father" was a HUGE mistake. Goodbye Mrs. S. You were such a badass and you will be missed.
  13. Vi's advice re: men should not surprise anyone. Many women feel that as long as a man has a job, a car, and his own place (not staying with his mama), that makes him a 'good man' - character traits be damned. Many black men feel this way, too. How many of you have met the brothas who think that they walk on water and that women should worship at their feet just because they are halfway decent looking with a job and a car? And if they have an education it's turned up to 100. Dubois (Really? How on the nose) strikes me as one of these. I am waiting on him to come at Nova with class differences. I may be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. But something is wrong with the dude - if it's only a lack of common sense for bringing Nova to that undercover Klan party.
  14. Did you find a recap? It seems as if no one is recapping this show. I missed the girl washing the scarf, too - although that explains why she was so obsessed with it.
  15. Baz is a classic narcissist. He is charming- until he isn't. He is just as ruthless as Smurf - maybe more so. For all of her faults, at least she actually loves Lena.