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  1. If you worked at this school, would there be an outside investigation if Amabella ended up with a visible mark around her neck? Or would it and at "He said, She said", as someone suggested?
  2. Yep. I couldn't pick an Australian accent out of a lineup. I think she sounds like an upper class woman who is scared out of her mind.
  3. :) I can appreciate how difficult that is for some to do, so I will settle for sympathy.
  4. Thanks for this. There is a difference between 'empathy' and 'sympathy'. I don't expect people who have not experienced this to feel empathetic - that is an impossibility or at best, difficult. I do expect some sympathy, though - which some have said they do not have. I'm not 'appalled', but I am surprised.
  5. The parents are cliquish and Renata is an outsider (her own words). It may be as simple as that. As for Renata's reaction I don't think it's typical at this point. A typical reaction would be to get authorities involved (again, the school botched the situation) and get to the bottom of it, especially after discovering the bite marks. That means that this is ongoing. Everyone is focused on the school taking action - which isn't working. Sorry that doesn't sound typical to me. If Renata can go to the mayor about a play to get back at Madeline, she can go to a therapist or the cops about her own child.
  6. See, I don't get why her husband has to 'agree'. I would TELL him that I was taking Amabella to a therapist.
  7. I think that it was set up. People tend to frequent the same coffee shop. If she was fetching coffee for Heller, he might know that too. I can't remember if she was getting her own coffee or Heller's. Either way, Patrick was bait. Handsome, quality clothes, etc.
  8. We didn't see the incident (neither did the parents), and Ziggy denied it, so there needs to be an investigation. The school horribly dropped the ball from step one. Amabella isn't making it up - someone choked her and someone bit her. They just need to find out who - right now it's a 'he said, she said'. And until they find out who, there is a chance that Amabella is lying about Ziggy. No... First, you don't always - or usually - 'know' that someone is abused. They may know someone who is being abused, the person just hides it. So it really comes down to having sympathy for your fellow man. I can wrap my head around not understanding how someone can stay with an abuser. I cannot wrap my head around someone not having sympathy for someone in that position. Celeste may be afraid to tell her friends for that very reason.
  9. No, I'm not getting a 'torn' vibe from Patrick at all. He may be married in real life, for all we know. Maddie? I hope that she gets what she deserves. What I do not understand is how the Scooby Gang is in any danger of criminal charges. They were VICTIMS - well, not including their own cons. But I would think that would be difficult to prove.
  10. They do not believe that Ziggy did it (neither, for that matter, do I). They see Renata's tirades as 'picking on Jane' - and so do I. The teacher did not help matters with the insane way that she handled the situation. Why hasn't Renata called the authorities yet? The school is botching this and if she wanted to get to the bottom of it she should take action. Right, that what I said...
  11. I wasn't suspicious before, but looking at her odd behavior... You would think that for someone like her going to the authorities would be a given. Especially since her daughter supposedly fingered the culprit.
  12. Renata said psychiatrist I believe. And if they report it I would not consider that a bad thing. They want to get to the bottom of it and the school is certainly not doing anything.
  13. Renata made the statement " I wanted to take her to a psychiatrist, but you wanted to fuck me in the bathroom ", or something like that. I have no idea why Renata did not take Amabella on her own. Wasn't it clear the choking happened at school? The bite could have happened anywhere but the mark on neck would have garnered attention had it happened prior to orientation.
  14. Huh? I thought it was obvious that was the night of the party when the murder took place. Didn't she wear the same thing during the opening sequence?
  15. At the end of the show we see Jane and Renata at the crime scene. There are a few Greek chorus people (the black guy and the Asian woman) as well as one person I cannot identify. So we know that Jane and Renata survive -2 of my least favorite characters.