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  1. Die, William. Die.
  2. Abby fell for the old "You are too special for me to date." line. She was friend-zoned. And considering that Rookie is stupid enough to sleep with his therapist, Abby dodged a bullet. I won't go into Dumbazz Therapist.
  3. The expert critiques of this show are going to get old very quickly. I liked it, but I didn't expect this show to be any more than it is - entertainment. I love this cast so I can overlook some things.
  4. Kyle is so insecure about her weight. I peeped the shade a Rinna's body. We get it, Kyle. You have to work at your figure while some are naturally small. That casino trip was a perfect example of 'more money than taste'.
  5. It is difficult to like Letty. How can you just turn down a million dollar home? I mean, she literally shrugged her shoulders and said, "I am not going back there.". She didn't take into account what Javier had to do to get the house. And Javier wimped out - I would have been all kinds of pissed. When it comes to Letty, he is a wuss. This season sucks.
  6. I hope that Bridget doesn't represent the majority of songs moms because she is quite the screw up. This show is difficult to watch.
  7. Letty met her match in Alice. I would love to see Holland Taylor and Charles Shaughnessy again. When RJ asked how much Letty needed, she shocked me by telling the truth. I would have at least doubled the amount. Alice was right and Letty knew it. I am not sure that I believe Ms. "Southern Charm'. I have never sat on any male's lap as an adult unless I were doing him.
  8. Do we have a return date for Season 4? Previous seasons have started by now.
  9. It was unrealistic. Kate obviously eats in a disordered way, and this is the one time that she can resist - during what must be one of the most devastating times of her life? Not believable at all. And did Kate look bigger, or was it my TV? (I know, I am a bitch). Yeah, the "I'll run you a bath" comment made me LOL. I must have said, "Toby is SO extra!" a thousand times tonight. He makes any situation worse. I also said, "People do not act like this" a thousand times too. Toby in the warehouse? The liability issues alone would prevent that. What if he got hurt or he stole something?
  10. It wasn't an actual iPad, sorry, it was a toy. And I thought she grabbed the basketball with it on the way out. I hope she didn't blow the money on that, but knowing her, she did.
  11. Yep. Bridget (is that her name?) knew the deal going in, so I'm a little confused as to why she got upset. What did she think the man wanted? Where did she expect the evening to go? She is too old to be that naive. Did she keep the money in the end? And what was the deal with the basketball and the iPad at the end? Did she steal them?
  12. Wow, did this show touch a nerve? Calm down. The girlfriend volunteered to take the kid. Now I would have said no, but hey, he didn't. And Bridget didn't seem too upset about it either. *Shrug*
  13. I didn't express my feelings about the vaccinations one way or the other. My point is that the parents should come to a consensus. Are you really saying that since he apparently provides zero financial support that he can't make any decisions?
  14. This woman is a hot mess. And old girl with the 50 McDonald bags and then "Would you like a coke? It's diet." LOL So Bridget had her son vaccinated without the father's knowledge? That's just so wrong. What does Bridget do for Connie Neilson? Tutor? She's not a housekeeper, so what exactly is her role? And ewww to Bridget having sex with the son, getting up, and sitting in the car with Connie. I mean, take a ho bath or something. And in her bathrobe!
  15. I explained this in the episode thread. Her comment wasn't about cheerleading at all IMO. Anyway, My UO is that Madison needs to leave Kate's group. I know I am in the minority, but I cheered when Kate went off on Madison in the meeting. Her very presence is offensive to the other people, and I wonder why she doesn't have enough self-awareness to understand that. There is a reason that not one person jumped to Madison's defense.