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  1. Is this a documentary or not? I guess older viewers are upset because they expect everything to be 100% accurate? The only complaint that have is that this was the Joan show with Betty as an afterthought. I felt so sorry for Joan at the end. During the dream sequence I thought she had actually died and the scene with her would end with Joan's body discovered by Mamacita.
  2. When I worked in HR, you were given a form before the test where you could disclose any medications. If you lied on the form, you could be terminated for that. If you popped positive and did not disclose the meds, you could be terminated. If you did disclose the meds, you were asked for a valid (non-expired) prescription. If you did not provide one, you were terminated. Also, meds should be taken as directed. If you were to take two at night, and it is noon and you have a high amount in your system, well... you could be terminated for that as well. Also, unless this is a drug free workplace and they perform random drug tests on ALL cops (and I assume they do) then they would need reasonable suspicion to test her. Odd behavior witnessed by management, unexplained absences, etc. Also, as cops, they may be unionized. Which means that all drug testing policies are determined by their union contract. And Tess could call her rep if she had an issue.
  3. I would say that it is a conflict of interest, at best. I remember an episode this season when Nava was cross-examining Harlee on the stand and I thought it was inappropriate then. At the very least, it would call into question any cases that they worked together. She may give him inside information on the case and vice versa - even by accident. Pillow talk is a powerful thing.
  4. Axe is new money and no matter how much wealth he obtains he will never belong. I loved the scene at the club. Axe is not a member and never will be.
  5. While we are on the subject of faces - Jill Hennessy is only 48 and she looks like she's in her 50s.
  6. Max heard the beating - that was made clear. He also saw the choking. When he walked in and said "Mom?" His voice sounded afraid there was a tremor.
  7. I love this.
  8. Great post. Regarding your last paragraph, this can emotionally wear on a person - having to always keep several balls in the air, always with the ultimate goal of making the abuser happy. That is yet another reason why Celeste won't leave until she sees no other alternative. Aside from the shame, guilt, etc., she is just plain worn down and exhausted.
  9. We will have to agree to disagree. If you are not condoning or excusing Perry, what are you saying when you say that he deserves sympathy? Thank you, Bitsy, for saying this eloquently. The writers have not given us any iota of remorse from Perry aside from that fake therapy session. It would have been easy for them to have Perry show remorse right after he was almost caught strangling Celeste, but they chose instead to have him sail right out the door as if nothing happened. I like what you said about Perry sucking people in. You have to look no further than the thread about the couple's therapy episode. No, there is not only one kind of DV perpetrator. I believe that this was the writer's point. Many people (some on this forum) have point-blank said that DV only happens to poor people - or that Celeste is not realistic as a DV victim because she is an attorney. I believe - and I have read no articles so this is my opinion - that the writers wanted to convey that yes, DV can happen to anyone. An abuser is as likely to look like Perry as Stanley Kowalski.
  10. This is going to sound petty and shallow.. That Oscar gown did Lange's figure no favors. She does not look like the sexpot that bedded half of Hollywood. HD is not helping. Joan to George Cukor: "How do I look?" Me: "Like Cruella DeVille." When Cukor said, "You are bigger than this", I laughed out loud. Yes, I am going to hell. Susan, on the other hand, looks natural. My grandma had a housecoat like Anne Bancroft's.
  11. I remember that scene when he choked Celeste and her son walked in. Remember when Perry was left alone? Why didn't the writers show us his remorse then? Did he cry? No. Perry only shows remorse in front of Celeste to manipulate her.
  12. I agree. I think it comes down to if you believe Perry feels remorse. I don't.
  13. This is not what people who are giving Perry the benefit of the doubt are saying. You are the first person to express this.
  14. I am trying not to derail the thread (not saying that you are) but I agree with this. I wanted to cite common examples of monsters like Bundy and Manson. Are they worthy of being saved? To bring it home to DV - can OJ be saved? Is there hope? That scene in the car made my blood run cold. He literally went through the checklist of excuses/justifications in his head. I could literally hear him ticking them off one by one.
  15. I do not remember this at all. But I tend to tune Jane out, so no wonder.