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  1. S04.E04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

    This felt like a Sex and the City episode. In fact, there were many callbacks to the 90s. I feel old. Did Angus kill the tall henchman or just knock him unconscious? If the latter, then why doesn't Blaine know about Angus the Prophet? I kept expecting Blaine to confess his love to Peyton while he was on Truth Serum Brain. In fact, I keep expecting them to run into each other at the club. I flinch every time a zombie comes near a human during human/zombie night. I would not feel comfortable in an environment around people who see me as food. I don't care how many drinks I consume. I like Renegade and I hope that they don't kill her. I still don't get what Chasee wants with her. Did not care about the case of the week, at all.
  2. So is Ben the cop not appearing in season 2?
  3. S02.E16: Vegas, Baby

    ,I never saw Beth that way either. I chalk it up to buying into the stereotype of The Angry Black Woman.
  4. S02.E16: Vegas, Baby

    Kate's comment at the party - "Randall has made it perfectly clear who is more important to him". Ummm... a wife comes first, don 't get why she is upset about that. I am on Beth's side re Deja. I also wouldn't have given her any money. I mean, the girl just shows up begging for money? Maybe it's my black heart, but my first thought was that her mom sent her there for the money. Gah, I wish this storyline would go away. Sorry, Kate looked awful in that dress.
  5. S04.E01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

    What odd - almost offensive - questions. I almost laughed until I realized that you were serious. I would imagine that zombies are pale due to lack of blood flow, as they are dead. There is no blood flowing through their bodies. I would imagine that darker skinned black zombies would turn an ashen color. If you have ever seen a dead black person, that is what they should look like. Anyway, where IS Justin? I don't remember him dying last season. David Anders is a good actor - the way that he looked at Peyton almost made me ship them. Blaine truly misses her - which surprised me, for some reason. Isn't LT a step down for Bozzio? I don't care about football at all so I could not get into the case of the week.
  6. S01.E05: Surprises and Sentences

    You take posts about Alla awfully personally. Are you related to her?
  7. S04.E12: Ask Him about Stella

    Back on topic, I think that Isaac has a point. He wouldn't be in this situation unless he was helping Annalise. That's no excuse for using, but since when has an addict needed an excuse for using? It never occurred to Annalise that Isaac was high when she knocked on the door? Bonnie just can't get it right, can she? She tries to be like Annalise, but just doesn't have that unidentifiable quality that Annalise has that makes her so compelling. Can't wait to see Laurel's mom's (what IS her name?) answer Frank about Wes. Is K Pex a thing? Never heard of it until this show.
  8. S01.E04: Broken Promises

    This show is fascinating. Andrea/Lamar: That party was ghetto fabulous! And Andrea turned me off right away with her, "Aint gone be no baby mamas there right?????". It should have set off Lamar's alarm bells. When a man has a kid, by extension you have to 'deal with' the ex. Just be grateful that the ex isn't as crazy as you seem to be, Andrea. Garret pings my gaydar. He was somebody's biatch in prison, mark my words. He seems to be sane one this relationship though. Which says it all about Johanna. His going out to drink after being locked up, misjudging his tolerance, and sleeping it off actually is understandable to me. *shrug* Alla is going to use again. I don't think whatshisname understand that he is with a HEROIN addict. Ol' girl wasn't hooked on weed. Are men so shallow that if a woman is hot, they would put up with a prison record and a heroin addiction? Drug crimes are actually not as large of a barrier to employment as one would think. She can easily find an office job somewhere. When you get out of prison, the last thing that you need is another warden. These people want FREEDOM. Dang, I feel sorry for them - and they are coming across as the sane ones here.
  9. S03.E08: Lemons and Lemonade

    Does anyone have the answer as to how they filmed the scenes with the anorexic lady? Is it my imagination or did the commercials for this episode make it aeem like an outbreak was going to occur?
  10. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I hope that Randall pulled permits for the work. Probably not. This storyline needs.to go like yesterday.
  11. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I think that Chrissy looked awful in her blue dress at the Golden Globes. I also think it's a sick joke that the media chose to place her picture between the actress who plays Beth and Mandy Moore. It made her size more obvious.
  12. S02.E12: Clooney

    Die, William. Die.
  13. S01.E02: Let Go

    Abby fell for the old "You are too special for me to date." line. She was friend-zoned. And considering that Rookie is stupid enough to sleep with his therapist, Abby dodged a bullet. I won't go into Dumbazz Therapist.
  14. S01.E01: Pilot

    The expert critiques of this show are going to get old very quickly. I liked it, but I didn't expect this show to be any more than it is - entertainment. I love this cast so I can overlook some things.
  15. S08.E02: Diva Las Vegas

    Kyle is so insecure about her weight. I peeped the shade a Rinna's body. We get it, Kyle. You have to work at your figure while some are naturally small. That casino trip was a perfect example of 'more money than taste'.