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  1. Wow, did this show touch a nerve? Calm down. The girlfriend volunteered to take the kid. Now I would have said no, but hey, he didn't. And Bridget didn't seem too upset about it either. *Shrug*
  2. I didn't express my feelings about the vaccinations one way or the other. My point is that the parents should come to a consensus. Are you really saying that since he apparently provides zero financial support that he can't make any decisions?
  3. This woman is a hot mess. And old girl with the 50 McDonald bags and then "Would you like a coke? It's diet." LOL So Bridget had her son vaccinated without the father's knowledge? That's just so wrong. What does Bridget do for Connie Neilson? Tutor? She's not a housekeeper, so what exactly is her role? And ewww to Bridget having sex with the son, getting up, and sitting in the car with Connie. I mean, take a ho bath or something. And in her bathrobe!
  4. I explained this in the episode thread. Her comment wasn't about cheerleading at all IMO. Anyway, My UO is that Madison needs to leave Kate's group. I know I am in the minority, but I cheered when Kate went off on Madison in the meeting. Her very presence is offensive to the other people, and I wonder why she doesn't have enough self-awareness to understand that. There is a reason that not one person jumped to Madison's defense.
  5. There is evidence that addictions are genetic - especially alcoholism. I totally can see Jack's biological kids as addicts - Kevin with opioids and Kate with food. I can also see Randall, who grew up watching addicts, use his rigidity/perfectionism as a coping mechanism to ensure that addiction NEVER happens to him. She asked Randall that question because she knew that he looked down on her. Among blacks, there can be a sense of 'They are not like us', usually from well-to-do blacks who want to dissociate themselves from Blacks that they see as low class. There is also an attitude that some black men who have reached a certain level of success marry outside the race. With Randall's attitude and the way that he carried himself, she assumed that he married outside of his race. Frankly, I can see her point. Considering his upbringing and the lack of exposure, I am surprised that he married a Black woman too - and I say this as a black woman, so keep that "If a white person said that..." to yourself.
  6. Spot on. Deja flinched when Randall walked into the room - common sense should have told everyone that Randall needs to back off. I read the rest of the thread after this, and sorry I still think that Toby is trying to sabotage Kate. I would rather they deal with the weight loss /sabotage storyline than the pregnancy. Will someone explain to me how someone who weighs over 300 pounds is trying to hard to lose weight, or is losing weight too fast? Is such a thing possible? At her weight, she should lose weight fast anyway, and it should taper off as she gets smaller.
  7. Did the doc use lubricant when she inserted the probe so that Vanessa could see her baby? If so that may contaminate the sample. Only reason I can think of.
  8. From my understanding the UK viewers are ahead of the U.S. so I doubt U.S. viewers are following all blogs if they do not want spoilers.
  9. No one bent over backwards. People suggested other suspects yes. See nothing wrong with that. And there were no rabid defenders. In the 1st 2 episodes no one was sure.
  10. ^^^ Right? So the pregnant girl storyline came out of nowhere. Every time I see Luke and Laura together I wonder why she wasn't moved to another classroom.
  11. I thought US viewing set the standard here so I don't know why posting about episodes that aired in the UK is even allowed.
  12. I think that the drugs wore off so that was inconclusive. I remember a line about the drugs wearing off in 12 hours. Joanne's character was also raped on Downton - she did a great job there too. Both of them are making horrible choices. Andrew calls her and visits her at work, Laura breaks into his house. Stupid behavior all around. Is the sister married or are they cohabitating? Is she just a skank who slept with her sister's boyfriend, or is she a skank who cheated on her husband with her sister's boyfriend? I need to know which level of hate to apply.
  13. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. How so?
  15. Agreed. I think that Andrew really is innocent but someone raped her. They are spending a lot of time on the son and he's a total douche.