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  1. S03.E01: The Battle Joined

    Harvard, that famed bastion of Republicanism... (sarcasm)
  2. S03.E01: The Battle Joined

    It will be interesting to see how/if the show will keep audience interest by having so much focus on characters and events other than the central Claire-Jamie relationship. I agree... I don't think the show really needs MORE Frank. For those of us who haven't read all the books, Frank holds very little interest. The show seems at times to play what happened between Jamie and Jack as a variant on coerced/reluctant consent. That is an awfully hard thing to pull off, and do so in a way that is thoughtful and respectful, rather than exploitative, dumb, and trashy romance novelish (the maiden kidnapped by pirates! the forced marriage to a hunky, be-kilted Scot because of fake laws!). I don't see any more "connection" Jamie has for Jack than Mary has for her rapist. And I bristle at that concept that a rape survivor is forever bonded with his or her rapist. I'm just glad Jack's dead now, finally (hopefully), so I can quit having to see him leer and grunt at Jamie, and see the show manufacture reasons why that continues to happen.
  3. S03.E01: The Battle Joined

    I find it kinda gross how the show continues to try to emphasize a special connection between Jamie and Jack, like they have a "thing," rather than the reality. I just don't think it's artsy or clever or whatever they're going for to portray rape survivor and rapist in that way.
  4. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    I think the supposition is this was several weeks later, and it was Perry's influence and example that was leading to Max's misbehavior. So, his death, and the therapy I'm sure Celeste is giving him, is probably ameliorating things. Plus, the adult:child ratio on the beach was 5:6, unlikely Amabella's at any risk.
  5. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    I think they were both attempting to replicate the opening scene of BAT. Jane's was more budget (i.e., a black cocktail dress) than Celeste's floor length evening gown. I did get a kick out of the expert updo Celeste managed to do herself.
  6. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    I think there can also be nuance in the etiology and psychology of the abuser. Not an excuse -- there is no excuse -- but that's not something I think I've ever really seen portrayed. Abusers aren't necessarily hatched from the Villain Central Casting. They typically evolve and escalate, as does the abuse they mete out. I guess Perry is just a multifarious felon.
  7. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    I have to think insane with rage. I mean, obviously Renata Klein, CEO of GoogleYahooAmazonApple is not worthless or inconsequential. The police will listen to her. That's also why it's a bit hoky the women would think they'd have to lie -- they'd have the best attorneys in the Bay Area swarming the police station before you could say "double-broken urethra." It's not even clear Bonnie realized he was standing at the top of the stairs or how close he was, vs. just trying to push him off Celeste.
  8. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    I think I saw in one if the scenes of Madeline stomping up the stairs that there was some sort of crumbled spot on the steps
  9. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    Just sounded like something an engineering-type person would say. I can't imagine it came from a friend of hers or "CHasm" Nathan.
  10. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    So I take it Ed was the one who convinced Abby not to launch her site due to the focus-pulling of her "methodology?"
  11. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    Or, as Eliz said, more eloquently! I also think making Perry into a completely villainous abuser diminishes the nuance that up until this episode the show was presenting re: domestic violence. I thought it was an interesting idea that Perry abuses Celeste to see how far he can push her, to prove she's not going to leave him in some weird, psychologically effed up (that's a technical term) way.
  12. S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    I was thinking she got a manicure for the gala, and wanted to keep it from getting messed up while cleaning. Sort of disappointed that Perry ended up the rapist. A little much.
  13. S01.E05: Once Bitten

    Ha! Seriously, though, she comes across as trust-finder or parents-give-allowance, rather than struggling single mom.
  14. S01.E05: Once Bitten

    Yes, she does. She was there when C and M met up for drinks one evening and gushed over Perry's sorry-about-the-closet roses.
  15. S01.E05: Once Bitten

    Agree it's not riveting, and this is not a workplace-based show. I just wouldn't expect her to be able to swan around with M & C as much as she does, given she's the breadwinner in a high cost-of-living town. I find that to be a bit unrealistic. But, that's the disbelief I must suspend, as that's the story the show is telling!