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  1. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    All of this describes my opinion of this season. It's such a bummer when you're holding out hope that these show-runners -- who very successfully and quickly gained my trust over the course of one season of television -- have basically brought me a totally different place, during the follow-up season. BIGGER IS NOT BETTER, OKAY? The bigger you make the world, the more characters you introduce, the more TIMELINES you try to pull off simultaneously... I mean, it's tedious and it's destabilizing to the plot. TWD killed itself on the road to many other "civilizations", and I fear that Westworld will, too. We don't need all of this shit going on to be entertained. PROLONGED CONFUSION IS NOT FUN. I'm not interested in deciphering the friggin Rosetta Stone of WTF is going on in the Mesa, or in the "outside" world, or wherever the hell we're supposed be, from episode to episode. I just want a story that is interesting, and that I can also follow. I'm left with the old feeling of, "Well, they still have the final episode to win me over, so here's hoping!" This is a self-soothing mantra that I'm getting very sick of saying, when it comes to shows I care about. I'd rather watch a strong season of entertainment, over a single, mind-blowing episode of reveals and cliff-hangers. Just like, stop messing with my head and get to the GD point, would you? thanks byeeeeee!!
  2. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    <3 (thank you for saying this...it takes guts...and i sort of think so, too....)
  3. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    There are not enough images of Todd Peterson online, okay?
  4. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

  5. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    blazing ; )
  6. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    For the duration of the series, I kept asking myself if he seemed guilty, or if I even liked him, just on a gut level. I felt nothing, either way. Which is very strange for me, because I usually have a visceral response to any personality disorder that falls somewhere on the sociopath's spectrum. Perhaps he was such a pure, charismatic narcissist that I was unable to recognize his deep, emotional detachment. He must hide it very well. ....weeellll....there was that one scene where his son, daughter-in-law, and infant grandson visit him in jail. The way he responds to the child is totally bizarre. He doesn't seem to care much at all that he the child is there, and basically doing everything a little baby can to be the cutest thing that anyone's ever even seen. Yet, Peterson keeps pointing the conversation back onto himself. Which did raise a few flags. I didn't like that at all. (Sidebar: Can we please talk about what a hot tomale his eldest son is? Especially in his 30's? Whoa. Babe-city.)
  7. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I get you here, 100%. I'm really not trying to say I believe it is impossible that shit went down in exactly the way that the prosecution posits, or that couples don't keep unhappy secrets from the world, or that abuse is always obvious to surrounding loved-ones. What I am suggesting is that the kind of rage required to perpetrate this level of violence against someone who, at the very least, the accused cared for a great deal for money -- I guess it's harder for me to make that leap. So, I'm curious why none of these details are in the documentary (though I venture to guess that the filmmakers are bias... or maybe I fell asleep and missed a few details...). But I'm even more curious to know why the prosecution didn't make the couple's financial crises the centerpiece for the a motive. They must have thought the bisexual angle would be more damaging to the Peterson's character...which I don't think I need to speculate on, because we all know how well it worked for them.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    YES!! Totally. My bad. No way would I say anything negative about a girl who lost her mother so horribly. Or any young person who's an innocent bystander in something as awful and grueling as a murder trial -- where naturally, families pick sides. Thanks for the heads-up! I meant Candace, not Caitlyn.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I think the first eight episodes are original (up to the original verdict), and the last five are new to the documentary's story --- they are devoted to Peterson's life after the trial, and his subsequent appeal. Totally separate and apart from this... I don't know if Peterson killed his wife. The state had a shitty case, and the judge (who ends up presiding over all matters related to Kathleen Peterson's murder) should never have allowed prejudicial evidence into that courtroom. Namely, Ratliff's death from two decades earlier, as well as Michael Peterson's bisexuality. First of all, the state very loosely establishes M. Peterson's motive around pure conjecture --- that somehow Kathleen discovered his bisexuality and philandering on the evening that she died, and her husband...what? Didn't want her to tell anyone? So that's why he violently bludgeoned her to death? I find it a huge stretch, given that everyone, even Caitlin (Kathleen's sister), believed the two were very happy and content in their marriage. Whether or not Kathleen "discovered" her husband's pornography that night, does not seem like a credible reason for her husband to brutally beat her to death. Secondly, there was simply no evidence to suggest that Ratliff was murdered two decades prior to Kathleen's fall. The coroner in Germany said she suffered a brain hemorrhage, which caused her to fall down the stairs. And I'm sorry, but they should never have exhumed her body to re-examine it. In essence, the prosecution was allowed to retry a case all on their own, without any jury or opportunity for the defense to make its case. This part of the trial really made me angry. It was completely out of control to allow the state to present this "evidence" in the courtroom, during Peterson's initial trial. Lastly, Caitlin is a lunatic. If you want to find a narcissist, look no further than that lady. I understand she lost her sister tragically, but her attitude from start to finish was so off-putting, I found her to be the least likable person in the entire documentary. Her tirade in the courtroom at the end -- ya, she had the right to make a victim's statement, but I'm surprised that the judge allowed her to carry on, completely out of control, basically yelling at everyone in the courtroom and the world about how unfairly she was depicted on the documentary. Wizard of Oz? Nah, woman, you just plain cray-cray.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I guess I'm the only t.v. maniac who watched this entire series AND The Handmaid's Tale in just four days... I should wait for more people to catch up before I go blabbing about what I think. : )
  11. Oh gawd no. I can't handle an entire show of morgalizing. NO. no. absolutely not.
  12. S02.E08: Women's Work 2018.06.06

    I know it's crazy, but I binged the series up to episode S2 E8 over the weekend. Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit stunned, as if my soul was sucked out of my body over the span of two days. That being said... This show is a lot to unpack. So, I'll focus on how I feel about Fred, after watching somewhere in the range of 18 hours worth of television that prominently features him: I don't "hate" the Waterfords. I've never "hated" Fred, not even during this episode. In fact, he seems more pathetic and insecure than ever before. In my opinion, little Joey Fiennes has carried the character stiffly, formally, even arrogantly up until this episode, but almost never with outright cruelty. Obviously, beating Serena sheds new light on Fred, but I think it serves to amplify his struggle to regain power over his life -- a giant project and his life were nearly destroyed by a single act. We'd all love it if this traumatic event woke him the fuck up to the morally impoverished world he has built, but instead, it drives him deeper into self-pity and the need to regain control. Hence, the beating. But we all know who really wears the dress in that house.
  13. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    Can we just take a moment to give mad props to Akecheta the bad-ass mo-fo -- for not dying once, over the course of an entire decade, whilst living inside of a 24/7 murder park?? Unkillable. Love it.
  14. I thought he was supposed to be asexual...he just says he's not interested in sex. Right?