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  1. The Last Kingdom in the Media

    OK. For the most part I recognized Uhtred (Erik look-a-like now), and it looks by this trailer that they want us to think he is siding with the Danes this time. Which he may be. But the last bit "Let it begin" looked so much like Erik! Have they brought him back from the dead? Aside from that. I can't wait. Poor Alfred is not doing well health-wise. How long might he have? (I haven't read the books this series is based on, I only read them when the series is done, so I'm not asking for historical spoilers). And Uhtred seems to have a new woman. (what's new?) I miss this show.
  2. S04.E02: Episode 2

    Ross was also the son of the 2nd born Poldark - in an age where the 1st son inherited everything. He basically had the name and the heritage (and the charisma). So, while he was better off than most, he was related to people who were rich instead of being rich himself (and his father had not kept up with what they did have.) I'm sure he grew up having to do more work to maintain his holdings than Francis ever did so he wasn't afraid of mucking in.
  3. The Last Kingdom in the Media

    Good to see that Uhtred has adopted the Tribute-to-Erik hair style.
  4. Strictly in the Media

    Hee. I don't know if this ever happened. I wasn't watching the show when Ian was on. But I certainly wouldn't put it past the gutter press. Now THAT is an example of REAL fake news.
  5. Bletchley Circle in the Media

    I read that San Francisco (along with other locations around the world) actually had a code breaking circle. So that, and probably production related reasons, would make it a reasonable location.
  6. I'll bite. Who is it?
  7. S01.E04: The Silkworm Episode 1

    Thanks, @Llywela. Now THAT's information I didn't know. I just knew he was a good actor. I, too, kinda miss the Musketeers but I'd rather have a show leave me wanting more than leave me hate watching it, so I'm good.
  8. S05.E02: Cartouche

    I saw it, but at the UK pace, so it wouldn't have been cut. I think it was the first time Morse and Thursday went to the cinema to interview people (during a show no less). I remember it because I read on another forum that was where the picture of Colin Dexter could be found. (He used to make cameo appearances every Morse, Lewis and Endeavour episode. This was not long after he died and they started inserting a picture of him in the background of one shot as remembrance.) So that bit was before they talked with the young guy who sometimes ran the projector and the young woman who sold snacks from a tray during the show. The opportunity to see the Colin Dexter "cameo" was just before the missing scene when they were speaking with the cashier. I wonder if they cut it as well?
  9. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Thanks to both dubbel zout and Pallas for providing the information I looked up, but didn't add to my post. I agree, @Pallas, that Greg looks quite a bit like Mountbatten in his prime - yet, to me, still younger than him.) ;-) (I do accept that it is my own subjective lens that formed that judgement.) That's why I had to research how old Mountbatten was and when he was born. I don't think I would have had to if I had a picture of the real Mountbatten in my head (based on the images google provided).
  10. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    This gave me a start, thinking "but he's not old enough to habour a desire to marry her" until I remembered the Mountbatten I was picturing was the actor in this show. One of the downsides of some casting choices. I googled for images of Mountbatten at 79 when he died and at about 57 when Charles was sent to the boarding school, to compare them to the actor cast as Mountbatten in this series, and the actor seems much younger to me. However, that might just be the filter of my own age now. When Charles was sent to boarding school he was about 9. When I was 9, a man 57 years old would have looked ancient. Not to mention that men (and women) in the 50's dressed to look older. The actor actually looks like he could be in his 50s but looks younger to me. But back to my original observation. The man in the photos I googled looks like he would have known, even met, the Romanov girls. ETA: couldn't find workable links for the photos. Too bad.
  11. And +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 more likes for this! Every time you post something about what Ariana DeBose is doing, @ElectricBoogaloo, I love her a little more. I feel sooo vindicated in her being one of my picks for top 10 in her year. But I feel less angry that she got booted so early. Seems it was the best thing that could have happened to her. :-D
  12. Nigel has previously been unable to appreciate auditions to spoken word. Will Wingfield (S04) auditioned with one. Nigel felt it didn't show his range, only that he was "clever". On the other hand, Mary was moved by Will's spoken word dance, as was Mia (unsurprisingly). Mary didn't get Mika's dance this episode. I think it might be fair to assume that given her age (18) and the challenges she faces every year; and her late starting, continually interrupted training, that she doesn't have the skills to present a viewer friendly dance. The judges kept wondering what the connection was between what she was doing and the spoken lyrics. I saw her being personal and showing the impact on herself, as an individual, of the behaviour being described. Will was just 21 - not a lot older - but he had already been a professional dancer for a number of years at his audition. Perhaps that was why Mary got his dance? Having said all that, I think Mika is another one who won't make it through the Academy. This whole segment broke the 4th wall for me (so to speak) in that it clearly showed that the judging panel (or at least Nigel) knows a lot more about each dancer who gets to audition in front of them than they usually let on. Nigel was shown displaying an attitude about the Broadway guy as soon as he walked on stage. He turned to Vanessa with what I saw as a smirk and said "uh oh" and she grinned back at him. IIRC all auditioners have to be pre-interviewed by staffers (somebody working for the show at least) so production can pick and choose who will make it to the televised portion). This was the 1st time I realized that someone was "known" enough by Nigel for him to have that kind of attitude before he even started dancing. That was probably true of "Sex", but all I remember was a big grin on Nigel's face. Sex was (literally) self-explanatory. What was odd about this guy is that the back-stage feeling (gleaned by production and communicated to the judges) seemed to be out of sync with the footage that they showed of him. Sure, he was likely delusional about his chances of making Broadway, but he seemed like a nice, genuine guy. It felt like watching the cool kids making fun of the not-cool kids. Twitch and Mary did not appear to buy into that narrative, thank goodness.
  13. S05.E01: Muse

    It doesn't require knowledge of the past to enjoy watching it. That just helps getting full value, and you might find yourself searching out the earlier series. I would recommend searching out the previous seasons first. This is a prequel to a British Series based on the books of Colin Dexter and starring John Thaw (RIP). That series (as they are called in Britain) started in the late 1980s. There are tie-ins to that show, but not ones that would require watching IT first. However, this series does create plot lines and episodes that make more sense if you can remember what has happened to the characters in previous episodes and seasons. That said, it just means you will miss out on the nuances of character development, but there are lots of posters here who might help fill in those blanks. Some posters haven't watched the Morse series and some didn't even like it, but they are enjoying this series.
  14. S03.E00: Comfort And Joy

    Thanks for the correction. I knew he was the 4th son, but there were a lot of titles in the articles I was looking at and somehow I conflated her father with the King who died making Victoria a Queen. Further reading has revealed that he died close to a year after Victoria's birth - which explains his absence in this Series - so he never was a king. So many of his brother's either refused to get married or didn't like the wives they married and became estranged that I couldn't figure out if he was one of those (Charlotte's father certainly was).
  15. Close. She did a lot of Arial work: from a hoop to ribbons and a pole. She went to Joffrey school but did a contemporary audition well laced with ballet moves. The show gave her a vignette of all her Cirque du Soliel stuff pre-audition.