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  1. Close. She did a lot of Arial work: from a hoop to ribbons and a pole. She went to Joffrey school but did a contemporary audition well laced with ballet moves. The show gave her a vignette of all her Cirque du Soliel stuff pre-audition.
  2. S03.E00: Comfort And Joy

    Perhaps it's just reading all the comments in these threads and following the links to slightly more verifiable info provided on Victoria's life, but I remember when she became Queen, Victoria moved into (newly built) Buckingham Palace (the newly built part was from one of the links) and commanded her Mother and Conroy (her mother's wile-y advisor) to remain residing in their wing of Kensington Palace. So, her mother lived in the same city, but like all other subjects, she could only visit "at her majesty's pleasure" - which Victoria gave only sparingly. Uncle Leopold (who was also brother to Victoria's mother - which made him her uncle on both her maternal and paternal lines) married Princess Charlotte: the only legitimate descendant of the reigning King George lll (via his fourth son who became King George lV). His wife was 2nd in line to the Throne (so he would have been King Consort). Further, he would have expected the royal line to flow through him. So, Leopold, perhaps, was bitter that Charlotte died giving birth to a stillborn son. And only a year or so after they had married. Victoria wasn't even born when Princess Charlotte died! All King George lll sons had failed to produce a legitimate heir, so they got busy and Victoria's dad, George lV won. In this episode Leopold had sent Victoria a letter claiming ownership of his wife's jewels (which Victoria wore often). Victoria (rightly) refused to hand them over given that they were part of the royal collection and Charlotte would have inherited them via the royal line she was born into (as was Victoria). Albert, in the passage of time, had come to learn (previous episodes) that Victoria wanted him to take her side and defend her, so that is what he did - even if he felt she could relinquish the jewels without being the worse off for it. But it was Christmas and Leopold became quite generous and relinquished his claim. I can't remember who brokered this but I believe it was a threat to Leopold by the government that they would cut off the income he got from being married to Charlotte - or perhaps a promise of an increase? I can't remember.
  3. Books vs. the Show (2015)

    Bumping this up as a reminder to post observations on how the show differs from the book here. Although I like to read those discrepancies, not everyone using this forum does, and the episode threads are clearly labeled with the "no book talk" box.
  4. Sister Evangelina: The Tough One

    I'm pretty sure there would have been more than just what the public statements convey behind her decision. I doubt we will know what they are any time soon. The show has made it clear that they will keep Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt - 82) until she decides she can no longer handle the rigours of the schedule. So I'm pretty sure Pam Ferris' decision was well considered and final.
  5. Thanks for providing this @neem. It looks like there are a lot of different categories/styles within West Coast Swing - some more like what we saw Benji, Lacey & Heidi do on SYTYCD back when. I think Benji got bitten by the creativity bug on the level of "just how much is the body capable of?" He seems to be totally into the physics of movement so I can see how many would find it inaccessible. I loved the chill swing he did back when, but I appreciate the new stuff as well. I think, however, Benji now fits more comfortably in the "Niche Movement" category that I discussed in the 1st Auditions thread regarding the tapper, Eddie. It's keeping him dancing because it's providing him a challenge. And he's still winning Swing Competition awards for it so clearly there are some folks appreciating it. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Nicole can do. She certainly got body control and precision down.
  6. Thanks to @ElectricBoogaloo for laying out what we actually were shown this episode as I was so happy to see Benji that I forgot everything else. I did like/enjoy the jazz dancer, and kind of enjoyed the 2 hip hop friends from the south (so was happy that they got a bit more time even though I'm not sure either of them will make the cut). Still, I found no one stood out this episode, for me, except for Benji. Not that that is a good thing. Indulging in a bit of nostalgia does no favours to the aspiring newcomers. They are not responsible for the slow deterioration of this show. With hindsight, I'm wondering if Benji didn't do his partner a disservice by agreeing to come on the show to partner her. We didn't get to see her range. What we got was Benji's growth and choreography skills showcased (and I admit to wishing they'd broken out into a fast and furious swing section towards the end of the piece). I'm happy that he is exercising his creativity - he has no equal - but I can't help but thinking he didn't do his partner any favours. Having said that... I'm still happy we got to see him even if everyone else got lost to my nostalgic pleasure. He and Donyelle set the bar so high for unscripted banter in their training clips that it's no wonder the show went the scripted-vignette-clips route. It couldn't be replicated.
  7. I read these comments before I saw the episode but I REALLY enjoyed the tapper (Eddie?). Both as a tapper and as a personality. I totally understood why Nigel gave him a standing slow-clap. The difference in our opinion is, of course, a matter of taste. But to explain my reaction: I like to listen to tappers because a lot of what they do is percussion - but with their feet instead of their hands. His percussion beautifully accented the song he was dancing to. The problem with tappers who focus on the auditory part of tap is that it can be to the detriment of the visual part. And most people view dance as a visual medium with the rhythm being a secondary support. There have been other tappers on this show who also focused more on the auditory rhythms they were creating and also weren't received very well. There was one young woman (might have been Melinda Sullivan S07) in particular who was cut right after making Top 10 due to her "avant-garde" approach (IMO). I also think Ade Obayomi (contemporary S05) was criticized for his solos which focused a lot on moving to subtle underlying rhythms to the songs he chose. It's a bit of a niche approach to dance. Going forward I hope he works on a more visual presentation (not for me especially but to keep him in the show) so that he just highlights his percussion prowess here and there to make it stand out. I'm thinking Fred Astaire dancing with the drum kit but this young man could probably do it without using hands. Astaire's rhythms were just as complex as Eddie's but he used hands to accomplish some of it. However, Astaire is eminently visually accessible.
  8. History Talk: The Victorian Era

    IF... the story that her mother and whatzhisname, her mother's advisor, had plans to be defacto "rulers" from behind the scenes is true, it makes sense that they avoided teaching her any skills in being Monarch so that she would look to them for direction. It seems she was taught what was necessary to be a good "face" to the family business plan. Too bad she learned to hate them during the grooming process. [/sarcasm] Lehzen was just the governess. She took orders from Victoria's Mother and the advisor. She appears to have really been fond of Victoria but would have known that if Victoria became Queen, she was in a good position to remain with her. I believe she would have known about Victoria's unhappiness with how she (Victoria) was treated and that she would rebel. But dis-obeying instructions regarding Victoria's education would likely result in being forcibly separated from Victoria. Yes, thanks for that. French was the only language I didn't know the reason for learning, but it goes with creating a proper Monarchical "appearance".
  9. S02.E01: Qualifiers 1

    Thanks for these @ElectricBoogaloo. Guess I might take a peek, seeing as you've removed the hoop-jumping I thought I'd have.
  10. S02.E01: Qualifiers 1

    Thanks for the thoughts and opinions everyone. I was pretty much done with this show last year and your posts have convinced me that I'm not prepared to jump through the hoops necessary for me to keep up with this show. It's not enough of a "dance" show for me. I will continue to read your thoughts though, so something might goad me to actually watch. Who knows. For now... I can live without the frustration.
  11. Season 10: All Episode Talk

    Just finished both episodes. Enjoyed Jon Cryer's and I didn't know about the Scottish POW's being indentured to the New World. I quite enjoyed Laverne Cox's episode. I've never seen Orange is the New Black so I didn't know her at all. I thought she seemed pretty natural. I know she is not a super-model, but she looks like one and moves like one, so I took her "posture" during the show to be just slightly more toned-down than other women I've seen who are very conscious of how they look. Nothing unusual or fake about it to me.
  12. Nail -----> Head! (Thanks)
  13. I've never really paid attention to Jenna Dewan much, but I loved her "family" treating her like nothing special. Dog: Do something useful and throw this stick Her other child: Dance with Meeee. Tasty didn't bug me in this. Wow.
  14. The Royals and Company: The Cast Thread

    Hee! I don't see why n... ll< >ll "NO. Never." [/Her Majesty: The Queen]
  15. Thanks, @ElectricBoogaloo - so much - for this update on Ariana Debose. Yay for her getting a nomination. She was one of my favourites at the start of her season on SYTYCD and I was really pissed off when she got booted so early. It was good to hear how she processed that experience. I recall being really pleased to learn she'd booked a job on Broadway soon after that - in a "take that, Nigel" kind of way. She's grown up beautifully... and so beautiful.