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  1. About five hours after typing this post, I clicked on a link to read something on Radar Online and crashed my laptop. I'm not at home, haven't got my laptop back yet and only have my Kindle to surf the web. Trying to search, open a few tabs, and type on this tablet is just not working well for me, so I'll have to pull this info up when I get access to a real computer. It's beyond me how people do it on their cell phones; it's mind-boggling annoying on this small screen. I got the impression that Alexi didn't enjoy the filming. Loren was so over-dramatic about everything, he kept having to listen to her admit to some lie she told, like she didn't know about the stripper at her bachelorette party, only to change the story to her wanting it so they could get a new season, etc. Someone here said s/he had Loren down as someone who would do porn to stay on television and I could see it, too. She and Pao are both ridiculous and I don't want to see either of them any longer. I have never thought he showed any interest in coming here. The only thing that made me think maybe he does was a conversation with his mother or aunt where she was telling him it would get better when he got here. There is no way any human could look at that relationship and think it was healthy, and even if his family didn't see anything wrong with his behavior, Nicole is obviously verbally and physically abusive. He finds her intolerable but puts up with it because she sends him money. I haven't read the article but last season had the man who was living in Ireland and had overstayed his visa here years before. An attorney who watches the show posted that he looked it up and didn't think it was going to cause him any problems and it didn't. The faces of that couple are clear as day to me, but I cannot remember their names and if I search, I'll lose this post because my Kindle hates me. Damn Radar Online. Until a document appears, I will not believe Azan ever even showed up for the interview, and if he did, I think he made it clear he didn't want to marry Nicole. He may have told them he was afraid to not follow through because she is scary and he has video proof of her abusing him so that they would feel sorry for him and deny it without it being obvious to Nicole, but since the only proof of denial so far has been an email, I'm sticking with he didn't appear.
  2. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    But perfect to dispose of the dead bodies. UBT is obviously a serial killer, and with as often as he threatens rape, a serial rapist, too. Probably of men since he's so focused on men and their sexual preferences. No one will be stopping by to visit because they are so toxic and their land is a mosquito and snake infested swamp.
  3. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    This is coming from the deep recesses of my memory, and I believe it's correct because it defends Kail and I'm loathe to do that in any circumstance, but in this case I think Javi is the unreasonable one about something so I guess it's possible I'm mis-remembering. My dislike of Kail is more than my dislike of him, but not by all that much. When Javi first returned from Qatar, his plane wasn't supposed to get in until late in the evening. Kail made the decision to not tell the kids he would be home that night, in part because it was going to keep them up late and if there was a delay, they would be disappointed. Instead, his family met him at the airport the night he returned and the kids were surprised the next day. In my opinion, Javi pouted about it because he wanted it filmed. I know it was his first deployment but doubt it was his first time flying internationally and delays from the Air Force or the airplane would result in the kids' excitement then disappointment if he didn't arrive in time, which is just an asshole move. When we were younger, my sister and I never knew the day my dad or mom were to return from deployment until we were on the way to the airport. My Dad was constantly delayed, stop-lossed, sent somewhere shortly before he was supposed to be coming home, and then you had the airlines which overbook as a matter of course and the weather liked to be uncooperative. Javi's family greeting him probably wasn't worth sending out a crew. Isn't this second possible deployment really old news? I didn't watch the episode but remember that someone wasn't going to deploy because of some conflict so Javi was told he would be going, but then he received word that the first person was being sent to Qatar and not the other location. I remember a discussion about how you can't say no and that's when the information came out about the conflict about where the other person was being deployed and it was suggested that Javi was given a heads-up but knew he was unlikely to be sent and ultimately wasn't. To cleanse my brain from the defense of Kail about showing up to the airport last time, I will say that I hope that Chris receives enough time on the parenting plan that Kail has to pay him child support. Kick her when she's down; add insult to injury. Play around with other people's lives and watch it backfire on you. Maybe it's petty of me, but Kail isn't the only one who gets to be petty and vindictive. I learned it from watching her (Old drug use commercial - paraphrased "Where did you learn to smoke pot? I learned it from watching you, Dad!").
  4. All Episodes Talk

    Almost all of the lawsuits against Marcus and his businesses claim the same behaviors from him and the officers of his corporation. One of the lawsuits was against Camping World for shutting out a different RV supplier and he lost through several different actions, kept appealing, and bankrupted that owner. One of the depositions for that case is on Youtube, but I can't search for it at the moment. During that deposition, he answered a question about his marital status as married for twenty years, or so, and his wife was one of the people who was found guilty of sabotaging and blacklisting the Plaintiffs. In turn, he sues businesses alleging the exact same crap. There is a misconception that the courts are tied up with frivolous lawsuits between individuals over stupid crap and false injuries, but all statistical reviews show it to be businesses suing other businesses. Most of the time the cases settle before trial, and often there are legitimate issues where all parties agree something is owed or some part of the contract wasn't completed, but disagree how much and need paperwork from the other business to determine how much, etc. Marcus' complaints are about him intentionally acting in a way that causes the other business harm, and there have been a few I've read that I believe the allegations. Like Shark Tank, an agreement is made and a further review of the financials and assets are undertaken. If it
  5. S06.E02: The Casery 06.19.18

    Nothing is linking prettified because I'm using my tablet after clicking on a link to a Radar Online article resulting in the blue screen of death on my laptop and I'm not at home to use my desktop. That site is absolutely awful; my firewall and adblocker hate it and it is never worth the bother to read the articles, yet I stupidly tried. On Twitter, Charlotte had tweeted then deleted a few comments about the business and Matt. She had agreed with Marcus about his money being returned, etc., and nothing seemed out of line and worthy of deletion to me. I can't link to any of the tweets directly because she deleted them. Her twitter account is https://twitter.com/charpops7 in case anyone wants to keep an eye on it. She probably won't post anything about "To be continued..." until after the future episode airs, though. The Casery's Twitter account hasn't posted anything since April, and it didn't have much about the business anyway. https://twitter.com/thecasery Marcus' twitter is https://twitter.com/marcuslemonis/with_replies. He posted a few things about T-Mobile possibly helping Charlotte and Skylar, but nothing much. He also responded to tweets asking if he actually received his money back, and he answered one by saying he went and picked up the check, and one was for the $700k, not the $150k mentioned in the restaurant. I'm going to try and type those links to see if they will embed, but my tablet isn't making it easy and I want my laptop back...crying in the corner...
  6. I don't care what In Touch printed, it has been disclosed over and over by past participants that the original recipe show pays only the American spouse because the immigrant spouse isn't allowed to earn the income, and the Before participants are both paid $500 per episode instead of $1000. Creepy Paul had a long, poorly worded Facebook post about it and how Karine asked that her portion be paid directly to him because her bank was charging excessive fees (yeah right, he probably wanted it). Sharp refused. He later deleted it but it was screen copied and pasted online. Nikki and her brother have both claimed they weren't paid for their appearances, and others have said they were. One of the friends of Azan, I think, posted a photo of his bank transfer; it wasn't much but I can't remember what the amount was although it wasn't much in American dollars; like $50 or something. If someone signs a contract allowing their appearance to be used without compensation, they're stupid. Especially on a reality show. The production company also has to obtain rights to air privately owned property and locations, including their homes. If we take Molly and Luis for an example, it's probably included in their contract that Sharp can use all video that shows their residence, vehicles and personal property. If Sharp wants to film them in a restaurant, it has to have permission and releases to air the restaurant, logos, etc. TLC doesn't pay anyone other than the production company. Sharp Entertainment sells it to TLC and Sharp pays the people who appear and all production costs. Almost everyone, including me, just refers to TLC when discussing the show as opposed to specifying what company specifically, but I'm pointing it out for the context of my comments. Uggggh, I'll have to come back and post the link about the industry standards for the production companies (Sharp here) in reality television and what they are expected to pay for such as the airfare, but I'm being called away at the moment and don't want to lose the post. There have been huge discussions going on over the last few years because some people want reality to be considered scripted (because it is, imo) and the production companies are fighting it and I read a thorough article not too long ago.
  7. Jason Hitch arranged to have a bridal suite comped at one of the big Las Vegas hotels without clearance from Sharp. Their relationship had soured by then, with Jason claiming they had been lying to him and not holding up their end of filming the Hitch's journey and instead asking them to act like fools, which I don't doubt because I watched it, but the Hitch's didn't have to agree to act like fools. He also claimed they were mislead into believing they were so funny that they would receive a spin-off which is also completely believable to me, but instead most viewers found them obnoxious. The hotel comp of the bridal suite required Sharp to pay for other rooms for the other guests, etc., and they balked and ended up putting them in the motel off the strip that didn't appear to be luxurious, but nice enough. He was in the Danielle/Mohamed season which was the one that made the show a hit. Sharp wouldn't have known at the time of filming that it would skyrocket viewership, but even if they did, there was no way they would pay for guests and staff to stay in a strip hotel when it didn't benefit them any. Like many of the participants, they had married off screen before the wedding filmed for the show. Several married at the courthouse to get the paperwork started and had a larger wedding for their families and guests to attend. It's easy to believe the bridal shop comped the dress, or at least discounted it greatly, as part of the filming agreement. There are several bridal shops in the area to chose from who would be willing to appear on screen and she may not have even bought it, with them saying she needed to return it for alterations but could take it home (from what I'm reading in this thread since I haven't watched yet; too sick to tolerate Nicole). If Robalee paid for it, it was probably far less than $799. Those of us who watch these crap reality shows have seen it all before, with comps from services and production paying for other stuff. My sister lived in the area when she was marrying her current husband and almost all the dresses in her plus size, like Nicole, were sleeveless. Someone told her about a Jewish tailor who had sleeved gowns but they were too expensive and she started looking into jackets. It wasn't a first marriage for either and they decided to just do it at the courthouse. Back when this family first aired, someone tracked down the family social media accounts and Robbalee had some negative comments about immigration, which she later removed. I think a Redditor had posted them, but I didn't go back and look. Someone responded that her opinions were based on May's father being an illegal immigrant who took off when Nicole told him she was pregnant. If the father is the kid in that Facebook link (haven't read his FB acct and probably won't), you would think they would have shut that down. It's been repeated several times in several places. I know I discussed it here. Maybe Robbalee's posts sounded so bad they liked the defense of the rumor. Also, I'm certain, with no actual proof, that Nicole receives financial aid from the government for May, at minimum. If so, that kid is paying child support, probably to the State directly to cover whatever aid is attributed to May. I have some sympathy for Nicole's family and how they deal with her. I've mentioned here before that I have a niece like Nicole, without the violence so far, who has underwent testing that revealed her to mentally be stuck at eleven, the age she was when she incurred a head injury. Not completely incompetent where she needs care, but just like Nicole when it comes to the ability to process simple facts. She's still going through therapy but school was in a alternative program who basically just passed her through once she met a very minimum level. The limitations of students in that school varied, but the teachers are well trained and did the best they could for each student and I don't want it to sound like there was a failure of that program, I just can't think of how to word it. Even though I don't think Nicole is that young mentally, I do think there is a delay. On top of that delay and inability to see other people's perspective, she doesn't care about anything other than what she thinks. She's a complete narcissist and the only way to protect yourself from someone like that is to cut them off completely. Her siblings can do it, May eventually may have to do it, Azan definitely will do it, but her parents probably won't be able to do it. They can and should cut her off financially, and I remember her mom mentioning her needing small amounts to get gas, etc., between paychecks because she was sending so much to Azan that was mentioned here, and also think it was the end of season Tell Nothing. The drive to try and physically knock some sense into someone who cannot see the forest for the trees can be immense, so you have to shield yourself some to keep from getting overly angry. On top of that, Azan has absolutely no interest in her, they can see it, and it allows them to focus some blame on him. We can see he's using her and so can they, but they see it as him taking advantage of someone who isn't smart enough to protect herself. I'm sure they see her faults too, and are just white-knuckling it until TLC goes away, because Azan goes away then, too. If Nicole is using her tax return to send him money, probably along with her money from the show, and we know he is getting paid by the show, too, he's going to allow her to continue deluding herself about their relationship because it benefits him. They are both awful and deserve each other. (Regarding payment: In the first season of the show the couples were filmed in the US and they immigrants were unable to earn money so it was paid only in the name of the American spouse. On Before the 90 Days it has been divulged that each participant is paid because the potential immigrant spouse is able to earn money in their own country. In the US, the American spouse is paid $1000 per episode and the Before show pays each person $500 each episode.)
  8. I saw a rerun today on CBS that aired sometime at the beginning of the year. Like the episode @MelissaMinion posted above, he told the mother of a three-year-old who was accusing her ex-boyfriend of molestation and the maternal grandmother of the baby that they were full of it, it didn't happen, and was really firm about it. It was refreshing to see. It's probably only the third or fourth episode I've watched this year because it has become tabloidish. He started off annoying me with his comments, but in the end, he held firm with them and they needed to hear it. He didn't outright say that the mother of the child was an abuse victim herself, but alluded to her seeing things where they didn't exist while offering her help that she hadn't received, and he did it without a folksy comment like, "To a hammer everything looks like a nail," so I didn't want to throat punch him. Well, that's not true, I definitely wanted to throat punch him when he kept repeating the phrase, "mandated reporter" and demanding to know why the mom let the girl go on visitation with him after she tried to explain about the Court Order and having to turn her over. Until CPS provides an Order, with a judge's signature, changing the Parenting Plan and/or Custody Orders not turning her over would result in her going to jail as the daughter is handed over to him by the police who are arresting her. He blames the parents every time and it's really easy to say you would run away with the child before turning him or her over to an abuser, but it's much harder for average citizens without money to pull off, and they then lose their rights during the pendening investigation. It's an awful position for the parent and something he likes to belittle them for doing, when even that CPS guy he's always having on (Sophy?) has said to the parent to obey the visitation plans. The best part was that Robyn wasn't there. At least, I didn't see her. Hmmmm, I don't know that I would actually recognize her any longer since she's become plastic alien looking, so maybe she was there, but he didn't end the show early to advertise her snake oil, causing universal whiplash in the viewers. ETA: After rereading what I wrote, I want to clarify about my second to last paragraph for the people who didn't watch the episode. There was a pediatrician appointment made and the doctor wrote in the records that there was no concern that warranted calling CPS. Most of the time there are medical records and doctors involved when he's belittling them for turning the kids over to the parent they are blaming for abuse. A doctor's call to CPS would initiate the paperwork necessary to refuse to transfer the children. In the case today, there was no abuse and he was using the fact that she allowed her daughter to go with him during his scheduled time as a reason to berate her, like he typical does, when many times those parents are already beating themselves up for not acting sooner. In the alternative, people like the mom and grandma on today's episode had plenty of things to point out as failures and using something they can defend to themselves just keeps them in the belief that they were not wrong to accuse someone of such a crime. The grandma kept saying it was the mom's responsibility to report it and not hers, all the while insisting that the child said all the things the mom was claiming. It's my opinion that berating them on that point allows them to keep defending their actions and non-actions or tormenting themselves over something they had no control over before CPS acted.
  9. Farrah

    I was watching a police chase on NBC Los Angeles and there was a link to this story on the side; it was picked up by a real news station. (An aside: calling it a police chase with a UHaul truck makes one think the big box trucks not a little S10, but you got my click NBC; well played.) I came to see if it was posted here and read through a few of the tabloid stories, too. Farrah was at the hotel for a "business meeting" at 1:00 a.m. She starts an argument with other hotel guests and thinks they will be the ones kicked out. Delusional to the end, that Farrah. Drunk or sober, she's angry to the core. It is said by mental health professionals that therapy doesn't work with personality disorders, which is unfortunate because Farrah is one of the few in this franchise who has reached out to professionals for help. I haven't really been keeping up with the Teen Moms because they either disgust or anger me and you can only plot the deaths of people you've never met so many times before accepting kidnapping the kids is a better option but you're too ill to pull it off. I should probably go ahead and thank MTV for bringing in the Coven, because it was a final nail in the coffin that let me walk away from the hate watching. Even though I haven't been watching or searching for Teen Mom info, I've seen that Amber's clothing store has gone under because she's too lazy to work on it, the Court has ruled against Adam on visitation and Aubree's name change, Chris won't let Kail control his relationship with his son, and Farrah's mouth and nasty attitude caught up to her and she got a time out. It's like the world just won't acknowledge the celebrity of these poor reality show assholes.
  10. MasterChef: The Professionals Series 10

    It's been quite a while since I've watched that season, but I remember that there was a chef who had what appeared to be a congenital hand deformity. I say "appeared to be" because I don't think he ever discussed it and I'm basing it on a friend I had in grade school, some decades ago, whose entire family suffered from it. Some had missing fingers and others had what looked like two fingers connected. I'd google the definition of the congenital defect I'm thinking of but can't afford to fall into another WebMD and/or Wikipedia black hole of various medical issues. I currently have a Ph.D. in bullshit medical and mental health diagnoses and can't risk actually learning something real. By the way, you all have cancer and bipolar disorder. That's not a hangnail, it's cancer caused by having manicures. Those burning, itchy eyes aren't because of pollen in the air, it's a rare ocular cancer. Swear you left your keys in one place but they wind up in another? Confusion from bipolar disorder. Every symptom in the world can be diagnosed by these two illnesses. The internet must be a hypochondriac's nightmare.
  11. Psych Cast in Other Roles

    ABC has picked up a show with James Roday as one of the main characters. It doesn't look that interesting to me and I'm frustrated with networks starting to air shows and pull them, so I don't know if I'm going to watch or not. From The Hollywood Reporter:
  12. Imposters in the Media

    The Executive Producers offer insight on what they expected to happen in Season 3 in this TV Line article.
  13. Several past participants have said that Sharp Entertainment, the production company who owns this show, pays for the airfare, dinners that are filmed, and all extras incurred because of filming. It is the industry standard in reality television. If CeAir/Chantel's family were already going to attend the wedding in the DR I'm sure Sharp wouldn't offer to pay for it, but the chicken feet purchased by Pedro's family was reimbursed. At least one of the wives on Sister Wives had their electric bill covered because the lighting equipment made it skyrocket. Some friends who appear on reality shows say they are paid and others say they are not, often for the same show. The contracts they sign say they are not to divulge that info but some still do. Courtney on the last season of Before the 90 Days wouldn't stop talking about how it all worked and Jason of Jason/Cassandra in whatever season that was has divulged everything during his spat with Sharp. There was also the court filing from Mark and Nikki's lawsuit that had some info. Production pays for a lot of things because otherwise, they wouldn't happen. Danielle and Nicole are perfect examples of people who couldn't afford it otherwise. Danielle also had a sponsor, by the way. That person's identity has not been divulged but she met them on a website for the K-1 participants to discuss what was happening. The former PTV member who was an immigration attorney discussed it; she tried to tell Danielle that Mo wasn't on the up and up, and after this show aired, realized she wasn't either, just like the rest of us. Danielle also begged, borrowed and stole, literally, in her quest for an immigrant husband. Mo was not her first and Azan will not be Nicole's last. I'm one of the viewers who don't think Nicole's parents are enabling her; not all that much anyway. I don't think she is the way she is because of bad parenting, either. She's not all there and she has a personality disorder, at minimum. She ran off and got pregnant, the father who is supposedly an illegal alien from Mexico took off, and her parents paid for her to get back to Florida. If she was thirty when it happened they probably could have let her hang out to dry, but twenty(?), pregnant with an innocent child who she would foist on whomever was closest so she could run around town, and being a big, overbearing bully who could easily find herself in jail for being herself and getting her baby taken into foster care and I think her parents felt up against the wall. Her mom did a talking head during season one where she asked what Azan would want with Nicole. She and her dad were clearly worried sick about her heading to Morocco but had no ability to stop her. She was heading to a Muslim country where the behaviors she has that are offensive here in the US are illegal, and we have now seen her be physically abusive, which is probably not surprising to them, at all. We've also now learned enough about Azan/Hassan that I have absolutely no sympathy for him, hope Nicole continues to embarrass him in public by treating him like an object, but won't excuse sexually accosting him anywhere at anytime, and further hope that his appearance on the show ends his love scam career. Several of the castmembers throughout the season have used faked names. Some were asked to by Sharp so that their social media accounts wouldn't be found as easy and the result of whether or not they married would remain a surprise. When the show started they were trying to make it sound like the people met for the first time and had to decide within ninety days to marry or not. Most people know that's a crock now, but people like Jorge/Andrew have business interests and criminal histories they don't want everyone to know.
  14. S02.E10: See You Soon, Macaroon 2018.06.07

    This season has been meh for me and the ending with Ezra answering the phone as The Doctor while looking at the Mexican con artist with a name I've apparently never bothered to learn, has me completely uninterested in a season three. It looks like it is going to be on Amazon Prime or Netflix so maybe I'll stream both seasons this summer and see if my opinion changes. My hope for a Leverage type show has been completely dashed and I'm off to cry in my moonshine. ETA: I just read about the cancellation. Even though I didn't care much for this season and had little interest in seeing another based on the ending of this episode, I still feel that the cancellation falls more on Bravo's shoulders then the actual show. I kept checking for a release date and there was never any advertisements. Finally, Bravo posted a few little articles about what was coming up for Season 2, but didn't really reveal much. They hardly supported the show, which had surprising viewership numbers for them in Season 1. None of the networks like to advertise their shows anymore, don't get the viewership they want and cancel with little notice and often right in the middle of a season. I will never start at series on Fox again, because they cancel during the middle of the season so often. At least let the show do another episode to try and wrap some ends up. We no longer watch television like we used to and the networks refuse to get with the times. It's only been the last few years that they have accepted torrenting was not going away and people wouldn't purchase cable just to watch the shows. Like the music industry, they started letting people purchase shows without a cable subscription. Now the shopping around starts, and it may be still be picked up. A lot of shows aren't having any luck, however.
  15. Watching Darrick try and hold it together while Gordon was standing in front of him with three aprons was making me anxious. He was good natured while Ramsay was goading him about the cook not being finished with minutes left, and watching try not to bust out in tears during the judging made me root for him. He's my pick for the winner because he seems like a decent person who wants to be there and has no plans to be a drama queen. So, next week he will either be out or will become a drama queen/fight for the title of CryGuy. I've probably jinxed him. There are actually a few I think I'll like if the show doesn't turn them into characters as they like to do.