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  1. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    All of the information about Nathan's job was out there at the time of the the incident. His second call to the police complaining that no one had came over the first call was released and floating around. David filming outside of Doris' house was also floating around, along with Jenelle and David bitching about Nathan returning to Florida for work and how it proved that he didn't care about Kaiser. I lost too many brain cells the first time I watched all of it, so I'm not going to go searching for it again. Nathan's disability was for his traumatic brain injury and PTSD from his military service. He has never been 100% disabled and is allowed to work, the disability finding is what entitled him to treatment at the VA along with some money based on is percentage of disability, which I'm also not going to go and find, because I don't care enough. Both he and Doris complained that they didn't show how he was affected by his injuries nor did they show that he did anything other than try and be a personal trainer and weight lifting model (or whatever that was) when they aired Being Nathan, which I didn't watch. I don't think he was working the job he has now, and I think it was different than the timeshare sales he worked for awhile, but don't remember what it was, either. He started working the job I'm calling construction and met his current girlfriend who lives in Florida. Nathan is trash; he sought out Jenelle, just like David, and quickly impregnated her to cement his airtime, just like David and the other famewhore attention seekers of this franchise, but he is a better option for Kaiser when the options are between Nathan and Jenelle and David.
  2. S09.E02: Reconnect

    This is a serious question since I don't plan on watching the episode. Based on a commercial, I have to ask, is Jenelle the new representative for The Faces of Meth Project? Well, okay, it was also bitchy and snarky, but damn she looked bad.
  3. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    I'm unable to Like or Quote posts, again...grrrr. Hint to stay off Teen Mom discussions? Regarding Nathan not having anywhere he needed to be, as hard as it is to believe, he was working in Florida when all that police involvement/don't return Kaiser/must have been the waterslide drama took place. When Kaiser told Doris his butt hurt, she looked, saw the bruising and as soon as Nathan arrived (few hours later, I think), he called the cops. The police never arrived. He called again the next day and insisted that someone needed to come because he was unable to get out of work and needed to return to Florida. I can't remember what his job is/was (thank you brain for trying to purge this crappola), but think it was construction based and his employer was behind on the project and wouldn't let him extend his stay and keep his job. Jenelle ranted online about him flying back and forth to Florida for work, staying with his girlfriend while he was there, and insisted that he didn't even visit with Kai, only Doris did. Nathan responded with the proof of him being at his mom's every other weekend, which was the visitation order at the time, and claimed that Jenelle was always asking Doris to keep Kai a little longer for whatever stupid reason they could come up with at the time, but we all know it was so they could get wasted. This is another storyline that seems ancient to me. I quit watching and tried to avoid Jenelle and David info because I couldn't stop imaging awesomely gruesome deaths for them, but remember all the tabloid crap about this instance of abuse. When Jenelle arrived, Doris wouldn't hand him over and the police were called. The police looked at Kaiser and spoke to him, refused to give him to Jenelle and they also called CPS. David then proceeded to make a video of him sitting outside of Doris' house being menacing and probably threatening to fill the street with uppercuts only to be scared off by a butterfly. I don't have any proof of the butterfly theory but it's obviously true.
  4. Farrah

    I turned my television on and it was on the VICE channel where someone was talking about how they make the real sex dolls look lifelike, even though they absolutely do not. I legitimately thought that screencap was a Farrah doll that she was adding to her sex toy collection. She doesn't look human, but I guess she hasn't acted human so I shouldn't be surprised that she's completely morphing into whatever that is. Also, I feel a nightmare coming on and will now have to stay awake forever.
  5. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    The show remains infuriating and boring at the same time and I remember why I quit watching. I'm really glad they left in Barb saying that she spoke to her attorney and was told that she had to turn Jace over to Jenelle until they got a new court ruling. People were always saying that Barb needed to refuse Jenelle access when doing so would only result in Jenelle getting full custody. Years ago people insisted that Barb needed to give Jace up for adoption because they didn't understand that she didn't have that legal right, and the whole situation is just heartbreaking and frustrating.
  6. S07.E34: Backstage Pass

    I tried to watch the video posted by @ginger90 and got an error that said it was blocked from viewing on this website by ABC and to watch on Youtube. When I clicked on that link, it took me to a TED Talk about weight loss. Is my brain trying to protect me from falling into the Teen Mom hole again? Or is the universe making a comment about my ass?
  7. I haven't been watching or PTVing for awhile, but just went into my room, turned on the television, which was on MTV, and saw Leah pulling Ali in a wagon with huge butterfly wings on the side, and I MUST HAVE IT!!! Want, want, want, need, yes NEED! Also, someone to pull me in it because I'm pretty sure my son won't unless he can tip me out in a snowbank or something.
  8. Pao intentionally getting pregnant doesn't make a lick of sense to me. She is way too narcissistic. Not to mention pregnancy causes weight gain and stretch marks, and babies have needs that require your time. I don't think she'll be neglectful, but also can't see her enjoying motherhood. It's probably an attempt to do some maternity modeling and keeping the cameras around to continue their story, which I don't want to see. Speaking of not maternal, just like Danielle and Molly, Nicole's cognitive dissonance when it comes to her relationship is mind-blowing. All three of them refused to admit they were wrong in their beliefs about their partner. The more clear the facts become that they are being used, the more they bury their heads in the sand and insist everyone else is wrong. Danielle and Molly learned the hard way and Nicole eventually will too, but like Pao's baby storyline, I don't care to watch her story any longer. Azan will be ghosting her any day now and she will join Danielle in attempting to find a new man interested in the K1. This time, however, she'll make sure he can walk her down the street caressing and kissing on her to show her off like a prized pig at the State Fair.
  9. So, are we all in agreement that the well has run dry with this batch of famewhores?
  10. If the allegations against Moonves are true, his actions did not take place because of anything Julie did or did not do, yet there are many comments suggesting that she needs to take a leave of absence from The View and Big Brother until a final determination is made about him. That is what some of us are calling bullshit.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    About 1:55 am BBT - Bayleigh talking about - you're never going to believe this - Chris to Angie. It sounded like Angie was asking her if she would move in with Chris, and Bayleigh said that their relationship would have to work because if it didn't and they decided they were better off as friends, Chris would not let her live her life. She recognizes that but still wants to pursue a relationship with him? Idiot. He's been gone longer than they were together. Then the whispering started and I changed cameras. Bayleigh also told Angie and Hayleigh that when Chris comes back, she's kicking everyone out of the HOH room and locking them in. I wish they would be told there is no pre-jury battle back so they'll shut it about him coming back.
  12. Angie has several pairs of glasses and she has hair pieces. There is what I consider to be a very stupid one that looks like someone took plastic grocery bags, shredded them through a paper shredder, twisted differed colored yard through it, and made it into two buns on the back of her head. She called it unicorn hair or something stupid. The pink and purple are dyes she paints on, and the shower washed it out.
  13. Obviously it's HER fault that her husband is skeavy. Even though some of the allegations took place before she ever met him, as the woman in the relationship she's to blame. I would like to say I'm being sarcastic but there are people who still believe that men don't cheat (or harass unwilling partners) if she is doing her wifely duties. A long time ago, Kathy Gifford (of Regis and Kathy) spoke publicly about the National Enquirer setting up her husband to have and affair and publishing the evidence. It's been too long to remember all the ins and outs, but there was evidence that it was planned by them and the Giffords won a lawsuit against them. They hired the woman to seduce him and she was successful. Kathy was blamed for his infidelity and it was suggested that she should have kept their sex life exciting if she didn't want him to stray. You know, because men can't be expected to control themselves. I'm guessing they won't be able to fire her, but may not renew any contract as they expire and/or make it miserable to work there. They shouldn't, but I don't have any faith that they will treat her as separate from her husband. Many of the stories that have been coming out have the alleged victims being blacklisted, which may also happen to Julie since the CBS/Viacom is getting so heated and it's another way to hurt him.
  14. That's also my opinion. By now, they have a large amount of evidence that Azan is a user. They also would know that she can only be there for a limited time on her visa, and marrying Azan does not automatically get her a Moroccan version of the Green Card. When she called her dad to tell him the wedding was postponed, he told her to just return home. She responded she wouldn't until Azan could return with her. If there is an actual, legal marriage, and not something that is just part of the scam, their marriage will fall apart immediately. Nicole will whine to her mom, just like she did when she told her that Azan said he forgave her for cheating but stayed mad about it and also blames her for Trump being the president. She'll tell her mom because she doesn't have any friends to confide in, and Dad may decide to protect her from herself and refuse to sponsor him. He only agreed to do it for the K-1 because of her threats to take May there, which she did, but now he knows she's not likely going to be allowed to stay. She doesn't have anything to offer Morocco.
  15. For me, when it comes down to the Anfisa vs. Pao and Family Pedro vs. Family Chantel, the entire lot of them are trash, so I split hairs to decide who is worse in the situation. I'm gifted in that I have an unlimited amount of scorn and disgust to spread to all of them, so I don't really have to choose. Anfisa vs Pao at the reunion = Team Anfisa Family Pedro vs Family Chantel = too close to call, but at the dinner that night, Team Pedro. I posted a theory, well two theories, about Jorge's plea deal in the Jorge/Anfisa thread, but since not everyone goes over there and I don't have any background information to prove it's true, I'm going to post them here, too. The hearing in front of the judge to approve the plea isn't until September, and if the judge approves it we'll find out the more about it then since Radar Online will buy the documents like they do for everything else. (I hate Radar Online's website and have to say it every time I type the name. My firewall and adblocker hates it and it's rarely worth the hassle to actually read the articles on that site.) Theory 1 = Jorge was caught with 293 pounds of marijuana. It's such an odd amount that I think he purchased 300 pounds and consumed 17 pounds for breakfast. Just from watching the show, it's obvious that 300 pounds of marijuana is personal use for him. Theory 2 = I think it is likely that he was transporting the pot from a legal distribution center in California to one in Colorado and that he could prove it. In that case, the State would have to argue at trial that Jorge intended to sell it and I don't think they could. If they had anything to prove such a thing they wouldn't have given him such a sweetheart deal. Pot is not considered as bad as heroin or meth and the defense has a strong argument to make to the jury that the only law he broke was transporting it through the State. The plea is to Attempted Transportation which is a pretty large downcharge of Transporting with Attempt to Sell. Granted, he would only cross through Arizona for an hour or so unless he took a route that wasn't the fastest, and that doesn't create a very large window of time for him to be pulled over. If the jury did convict him, the State then had to pay to house him in jail yet by taking a plea, they can get money out of him in fines and for the community control through probation. That was added on to the last hour of the Tell Nothing but is a different show. This one is 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After and the updates on the others is 90 Day Fiance: What Now? That fits Azan but I'm pretty certain, and again I have no proof and do not ever wish to obtain it, that David's ass has eaten his balls and they don't get anywhere near the chair to flatten.