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  1. Jersey Shore

    They are together again. Stories were up yesterday or the day before. These two are fucked. Literally both as bad as each other. I only feel sorry for those poor kids.
  2. Jersey Shore

    And they are celebrating 4th together. These two people shouldn’t be in the same state, let alone next each other.
  3. Jersey Shore

    They are as bad as each other. The baby and her older son need to be taken away. I think she’s going to end up on “snapped” or “women who kill” and he will end up in an episode of “America’s hardest prison”.
  4. Jersey Shore

    Sam brought the guys number because she was technically single. Why wouldn’t she? The douche trashed her things and was totally abusive. Remember how he was supposed to have some girl come to Italy? He has double standards. He can do whatever he likes, he will lie and cheat and deny but god forbid a girl does anything remotely similar to him. Then he’sa crying pussy and the girl is some devil. He plays the victim always because it’s the only way he can try to justify his actions. He was always like that.
  5. Jersey Shore

    Yep, this whole things is scripted to the max. I just don't believe that it isn't. I think the only time they were themselves was during Season 1 and during this massive fights and boyfriend/girlfriend dramas. Years ago I didn't like Jenny, then she grew on me when I re-watched the seasons again, but this reunion she has lost me. Shame too, because her husband seems really cool and she lucked out with that Roger. He seems to hold the fort down all the time, and seems like a real family oriented person. I can't believe Jenny said Lauren was her "ride or die". Please, they aren't that close. I hate this whole fake friendship they are trying to present. Ronny is pathetic. How many more times will I say it? He is so so jealous of Mike. He can't stand the fact that Mike has a good partner in Lauren, and that he is actually happy despite his financial issues. Mike was a jerk back in the day, he is a better man for it and Ronny will never be a good man. He's damaged goods x10. Talking about a trusting secure relationship. Dude had that with Sam, and what did he do? He cheated he lied, he denied, he was verbally abusive, he was physically abusive, because pushing and breaking stuff is physical abuse. He's throwing Jen under the bus making her into some devil, meanwhile he did French Fry, admitted to still caring about Sam... come on. LOL He's shady as f.. The guys outfits were terrible. Nicole's hair is shit. The outgrown badly done orange balayage is a disaster. Vinny's smart arse comment, and Jenny's. Pftt. Mike was actually honest, but these idiots defending Ronny stupid. Oh, and it's LaurenS because Pauly named her that, lol. Pauly's stalker from JS? Yea, such a coincidence! LOL. Scripted!
  6. Jersey Shore

    Uncle Nino has always been a perverted disgusting man. Sure it can come across as funny, but at some point it becomes way too over the top. Ronny is jealous of Mike. He’s so pathetic. Interesting how he’s spinning it now on Jen and her cheating. LOL That mofo Ron is the biggest loser, liar and cheater and he questions someone? Hahaha Don’t know how any of these people like him. Jenny excusing his behavior and attitude. BLAH! Dude we saw ABUSIVE Ron in season 3. He hasn’t changed. Only now he has a kid. He is is so jealous of Mike that he deliberately wanted to cause drama between him and Jenny he’s such an arse. What a hater. Jenny talking about being with someone who cheated on her. She saw Pauly’s penis during like the first 1-2 episodes of the original JS. So high and mighty now. Funny how Vinny’s mother Says she doesn’t believe in getting married. Everything that Italians disagree with lol. Lauren seems nice. Nice body, seems pretty enough. But both she and Mike have bad noses. ?
  7. Jersey Shore

    I don't for one second believe that Jenny and Snooki LIKE Angelina. Such BS. Deena and Aneglina were friends before JS. The shit stuff was just drama and a story line. I can't buy into it. This goes back to old Miami days when they found her pad. They are trying to be entertaining but I am divided. I watch because I watched back in the day, but these people aren't funny anymore. When they were fighting back during the original run, they had security guards around them whilst doing promo shots and photos because they couldn't stand being around one another. I used to think Vinny's family was cute and endearing, but his mum is going to be around on Father's Day morning when he has kids to celebrate the day with her son. I dated a mama's boy and it was a headache. Everything needed mum's and the family's approval. That's the vibe I'm getting from Vinny and his family. Everyone gets a say. At this rate Mike's going on end up on 600lb life.
  8. Sorry you’ve experienced domestic violence That’s awful, and that should be reason enough to leave. You choose to stay. Just like Anfisa has chosen to give Jorge a chance (or two, or five) i understand it isn’t easy to leave a significant other, but we are lucky enough to be capable and strong women and we should be standing up for ourselves and not putting up with any sort of unfair or abusive treatment. There is only so far people can feel sorry for someone that chooses to remain in their situation It is a choice.
  9. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I actually feel pretty bad for Tyler. He's got a messed up family, his wife is leaving (what feels like all the time) to get help and he's holding everything down. No wonder he is just running and running and doing whatever has to be done. Meanwhile, it will catch up to him sooner or later. There is only so far you can go the way he's been going. I think he will end up resenting Caitlynn sooner or later. I do believe Catelynn's anxiety and depression are bad, but I also think going away all the time isn't helping since she is coming back to them same/similar mess she left. Of course it's going to be hard and overwhelming, but her first thought is to leave instead of trying to have a better structured life, go see a therapist even daily, go to groups, and stay home with your family. You don't have to be in a facility to get better always, they have enough money that they can pay for help in their own city. I think for her it's a part of being lazy as well, she isn't a naturally motivated person but that's why she needs help at home to try and bring some of that structure into her every day life. You can't always end up leaving every time thing's get bad.
  10. Jersey Shore

    Jenny’s eyes are crazy. I’m actually surprised how much I’m not liking her as fine goes on. I didn’t mind her too much in the past. And when she said to Angelina “get the fuck out of this house?” Really Jenny? What makes you the queen fucking B? Jenny behaves like a fucking mother. She puts that on herself, it’s such a superiority complex she’s got going on. As if she’s better than any of these fuckwits. The eyebrow rises and fake passive aggressive facial expressions are over the top. This isn’t the same woman we saw initially on JS. Nicole is a bitch “who are you princess Diana?” Really? What’s the point in mentioning someone that has passed. She talks bad about Angelina, but she isn’t any better. The girls forget their shitty behaviour from the past. I wonder if Nicole is allowed to drink at home. She looks so high and drunk it’s crazy. Why should Angelina reach out to Jenny who hated her? Deena says she doesn’t “really know there girl”. But she was friends with Angelina! Jenny and Nicole talking about a “family” please. We saw how their family treats each other. It’s true everyone talks bad about Angelina, but when she bites back they want to kill her. Ultimate bullies. These people are in their 30s and some close to 40. They behave like 10 year olds. Vinny totally dissing women from Staten Island. Pathetic given his family is from there.
  11. Jersey Shore

    I struggle to understand why she keeps going back to him when the proof is literally in front of her. It could be because she hopes this one works out given he’s her second baby daddy, but she literally couldn’t have chosen a worse person to have a kid with. The sad thing is, he is forever going to be in her life. That said, I don’t feel bad for her. She’s an idiot for not taking better care when they met, and she is stupid for putting it all out there. I guess it could be her way of getting some revenge because there are idiots that still think he’s some sort of good guy.
  12. Jersey Shore

    That’s how Jen posted the conversations. She wrote whatever was on top of the actual conversations. Half of it doesn’t make sense to me to be honest. But from what I gathered the @ names are the girls he had the exchanges with. It seems like Ron was the one that was messaging with these girls. Jen I take it had his second phone? Or access to it? I don’t know why these people can’t just write normally. Kids in second grade can form better sentences.
  13. Jersey Shore

    More Ronnie and baby mama drama. I just posted her stories from today in his thread.
  14. Jersey Shore

    French fry messages Ha. Funny.
  15. Jersey Shore

    More drama with the baby mama Insta I guess these are messages either between him and other women or her?