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  1. S06.E19 Doug 2018.06.27

    Doug was so tedious. The lies, the denial, and unwillingness to face up to stuff. How come most of the men are big fat whiny babies? The women, at least, vary. I was happy for his wife. 100 lbs in one year is impressive.
  2. Sister Evangelina: The Tough One

    I read that the main problem was that she couldn't find a place to rent that would accept dogs. She didn't want to be parted from them while the eps were being filmed.
  3. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    They all want the surgery thinking it will magically fix them AND they'll be able to eat what they want and be skinny. It doesn't work that way. Sometimes I feel pity for them. I know what a beast food addiction is and what lies you tell yourself and what excuses you give if called on it. But other times, I want to slap them. Some are so boorish and the man children and the tantrum-throwing women ..ugh.
  4. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    This wasn't quite as annoying as Part One. But jeez - they all want the surgery thinking that it'll be magic and they'll lose weight. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT, MORONS! They don't want to do the hard work. They want magic. There is no magic, regrettably. Weight loss is a long hard slog. THEN it's an even longer harder slog when you go into maintenance. No wonder most of those super obese fail. Then again, for Weight Watchers - 70% gain all their weight back by the first year after hitting goal weight. 95% gain it all back by year 5. I am in that 5%. It's freaking hard. I'm up and down like a yo-yo.
  5. Right now, Phyllis and Trixie are my favs.
  6. S07.E08: Episode 8

    Yeah, they did a better job of realism with Delia and Patsy in that regard. Can't believe we have to wait until CHRISTMAS for another ep. Arggh. I hope next season isn't so glum. Love Phyllis. She and Trixie are my favs. I was a big Sister Evangelina fan too, and of course, Jenny and Barbara, and it killed me when Chummy left. Val hasn't been fleshed out enough. She's a cypher. Lucille is still too new. I'm really irked about the Christopher/Trixie breakup. I'm not a big 'shipper at all, but every now and then a couple sneaks into my heart.
  7. S07.E08: Episode 8

    One of the cut scenes was from the preview last week. WTH, PBS? We saw Tom return and go to Nonnatus House, but the scene with Barbara's laundry and Tom throwing a chair in rage was cut. GRR. I'll be glad for the DVDs so I can actually SEE these.
  8. S07.E07: Episode 7

    This is ridiculous. Every time you turn around, people are leaving the show. I'm really peeved about them killing off Barbara. I don't care about Lucille's feeling out-of-place when Barbara and Tom and characters that have been around for more than two seconds are dying and hurting. And I like Lucille's character; she's really sweet; but her story, especially the loud singing, was just jarring after Barbara's death. It really deflated the drama. Never thought I'd say this, but maybe it's time to end the show. It seems like the heart has gone out of it. Instead of delivering babies, it's turned into pure soap opera. :(
  9. S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    I'm the same height as you and unless you have a small bone structure, 150 is still in the normal range. You can get up to 154 - after that, it's overweight. Obesity for a 5-6"er kicks in at 183.
  10. S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    - Cried too much - Went right back to bad ways and blamed it on everything. Life is gonna hand you lemons. You have to deal with it without stuffing the face. - She gained. And I couldn't care less about her being a motivational speaker. I watch to see them hopefully overcome the eating issues. - Slow/boring. At least she's nice, unlike some of them. - Has this show really been on that long? Jeez, I'm old.
  11. S07.E06: Episode 6

    I would absolutely hate if Barbara dies and they pull that. Trixie/Christopher is much better. Hopefully Barbara will recover.
  12. S07.E06: Episode 6

    My great-grandmother got pregnant when a teen (I believe it was the family friend whose wife was back home temporarily in Hungary). She bore a son who was sent to an orphanage. She was 16. The boy died when he was 4. She then had another child and I don't know what happened to him/her. Then she had my grandmother when she was 20. She and my grandmother were put in a mental institute when Grandma was 19 months old. Here is what the form said, "about 16 years old, she ran around and was incorrigible." I suspect she was preyed upon by this family friend at least once. My grandmother appears to have come from someone else. So after this experience at 16, she started having sex and getting pregnant. So they put her away after the third birth. Her child went too. According to grandma, it was very bad in there. I suspect that she had some very unpleasant things happen. They let her out at 18. For the rest of her life, even after she married, she slept around with anyone and she was an alcoholic. So for sure, parents DID put their daughters away. Was it her fault or was she taken advantage of? I'll never know. The mother died the age of 34 of heart disease while still institutionalized. So tonight's episode resonated with me.
  13. S07.E05: Episode 5

    I can vouch for the fact that smallpox shots were given to kids (at least in the US) in 1963. That's when I got mine. I remember it clearly.
  14. Hi there. I'm new here. It's fascinating to watch this show. I'm only on the overweight/obese line, but I understand food addiction fully. All I've ever thought about was food - mostly bad food. I can see parallels to my own life in some of these cases, although my family was normal and decent compared to a lot of these families. My family has morbid obesity. My mom at one point was morbidly obese (she's normal weight now), and my gram was huge as were a few aunts and some of my cousins. I've always been careful to avoid that because I see what it brings. Plus - diabetes runs in my family and I do NOT want that. It's hard and I do have sympathy for them except when they act like babies or screech. If you're an alcoholic, you can avoid booze. If you are addicted to cigs, once off them you can keep them out of the house. Food - and bad food - is EVERYWHERE. Anyhow - nice to have found this place. I like this and the Call the Midwife forums.
  15. S07.E05: Episode 5

    Glad to see Christopher again. Don't you give up on her, guy. She'll finally see the light.