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  1. S04.E11: Insane in the Germ Brain

    I would in fact that the rise in popularity of the superhero genre is a symptom, not a cause. The rise of militarisation and aggressive masculinity has led to a rise in narratives of good/evil, with evil being defeated by powerful men aided by sexy women. It's part of the same toxic cultural phenomena.
  2. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    I have misgivings that you are right. I say 'misgivings' because these writers have thrown any sense of logic out of the airlock. It doesn't matter how advanced the technology on the ship, human technology and advancement is based on a global infrastructure of factories. The reason the Arc was failing after only 100 years is because they couldn't source a new widget made with some rare Earth element from the factory in India. Or something similar. There's no way even the most advanced technological civilisation could maintain that over 250 years without any basic production infrastructure. And there's no way they could have produced the population to have implemented it either. All their tech would have broken by now and they'd have no way to fix it. The only reason you could maybe handwave the prison ship's survival is that nobody was tinkering with the tech and they were in a vacuum for 100 years. The civilisation on the new planet should have devolved in the same way we saw in season 1. I mean, not identical but a tribal society, mostly agrarian, with a few poorly-understood pieces of technology lying around. But of course this is TV show and that would be boring so... what kind of society haven't we seen yet? It'll be that.
  3. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    How this episode actually went in my head Diyoza: Clarke, kill him. He's going to kill us all Clarke shoots him in the head Clarke: Okay, then. Guess that's over. Let's talk about this Valley thing then Diyoza: I think we need we need to discuss food supply Monty: About damn time End Final Book Things that are not in my head canon Any references to Eden or serpents Anything where Kane is framed as a Jesus figure Anything that involves a countdown to the really totally final apocalypse The chosen humans ascending from hell to a new world in the sky
  4. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    I'll skip my usual philosophical treatise and just say: This season was so dumb.
  5. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    You don't have to apologise for liking Octavia. I can understand why you do. But as for the war and her rule of Bloodreigna, IMHO she's a typical tin-pot dictator - only in power because of the closed borders and brainwashing but not actually capable of even real strategy. I defy even her biggest fans to tell me one achievement of hers that was hers. She's never shown any real high-level strategic thinking. In fact, she's pretty well the female Bellamy - needing a Clarke to tell them what to do because they're all instinct and uniformed certainty. Doesn't mean they can't be good leaders because a good leader knows who to go to for advice. But if she stops listening to those who are smarter and more-informed than her, than she loses. And that's why dictators hate open borders.
  6. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    They woke up and it was all a dream...
  7. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    1950s scifi alien soft porn world is going to be an interesting addition to Russian literary realism world. I vote we depose Regina and hand control to Thursday Next.
  8. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    Ah yes, Indra. Indra remains awesome even after al these years and consistently written as well. I couldn't have cared less if Octavia died in this but if Indra had I think I may have finally been free of this show. This is the character who is defined by her ability to see the forest and not the trees. And we're supposed to believe she went "Oh, you're in charge now? Ok. Whatever. I'll help you win the war instead, what do I care? Just pinky swear you won't kill us later, m'kay? I HAVE TO PROTECT MY DAUGHTER IT IS MY MAIN IMPERATIVE." Wait... do you think this season is better explained if all the humans are dead and the people in the City of Light didn't get destroyed but were downloaded into human avatars but the process went wrong. And now we're seeing androids acting out the last great battle of humanity instead of their real human progenitors but with corrupted programming?
  9. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    It'll be ok because of the formula factories and wet nurses.
  10. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    I hesitate to give the writers props for anything considering their fridging of Lexa and their treatment of Lincoln but... I get it. I'm actually grateful for it. There is a very fine line between portraying the reality of the harassment women are forced to undergo daily and providing titillation by seeing women sexually harassed. Harassment diminishes the victim and people get off on that (that's why they do it, after all). I don't see a way they could do that plotline without diminishing their female characters and having strong, powerful female leaders is the one thing this show actually does right. Now Ontari's rape of Murphy came on top of Lexa's fridging and Lincoln's death. It was one in a series of decision that I found really tone deaf. They probably thought it was subversive to have the show's only rape be of a man by a woman. But instead it just came off as saying that men can't be raped.
  11. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    Everyone's an idiot because they're all just servicing plot. To make the season work they had to have people run around like morons, change allegiances every 10 seconds, and generally be a bunch of dicks. That's why Murphy is so amazing because he's the only one who's just being Murphy. The only other person I think is consistently written is Octavia and... whatever. I hoped she was going to sacrifice herself for Wonkru but I knew she wasn't. "Anyone could die" doesn't apply to some characters. I mean "this is all your fault, Bellamy?" Are you fricking kidding me Blood Rain? And then this show wants me to believe that Clarke "I'm always 17 moves ahead" the Mama Bear actually had an entire plan of switching allegiances to McCreary and no contingency for working with the others to secretly take him out and replace him with Diyoza again. I mean, you can still have a plan where she betrays all her old friends to "keep her daughter safe" but at least make it a decent plan. There was no guarantee McCreary would keep anyone alive. He's a violent criminal. This is like last season where Clarke spent all her time trying to get them to open the bunker and then an entire episode trying to stop Bellamy from opening the bunker. Because... it was in the script? Maybe? And then she changes her mind about it after a full minute of talking to Madi. So, I guess she wasn't really sold on this whole thing anyway???? One thing I did like was Echo judging Clarke over the death count and her betrayal of Bellamny and Clarke going, "Are you kidding me now?".
  12. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    In the Garden of Eden with a little bit of the devil inside. Kill me now.
  13. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    All I can think of during the whole Abby-ex-machina scene was "Dear God, even if the future has no underwires at least button the shirt". No doctor going about their normal business dresses like that. It's ridiculous. I'm completely embarrassed about just how many words I expended on philosophical musings about this season and about this show. I'm just going to enjoy how bad it is from now on.
  14. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    I just accept that this show is officially trash at this point. Case in point, did this scene really need this much boob?
  15. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    Today on the 100, people run around for an hour doing stuff for seemingly no reason. I hope this show gets cancelled and the final scene is them all dead.