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  1. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    Was she really? Huh? I missed that. I enjoyed today's show. I didn't realize MM wouldn't be on, so happily surprised. All the ladies said the right thing regarding Avanati. I'm suspicious as well. I'm not a huge fan of country music. I understand everyone has different tastes in music. Saying that, Abby irked me . Abby saying that "country music stars are the best people in the country. " really Abby? Just because they drive up to the red carpet in pickup trucks with American flags sticking out 😁. According to Abby that is.
  2. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    🀣 I understand Bueller . I just didn't understand where Sara's family came into it. Maybe I dont understand the "joke" of Sara's family not allowing her back on the show if Meghan was there. πŸ€” It's ok, I dont need to understand everything πŸ˜‰ The original post wasn't mine. My name is in the quote box in your post but that wasn't me. I'm the confused box😜
  3. S01.E04: The Separation of Church and Dan

    Right? Geena would definitely know her daughter was not going to church. I dont want to focus on how bad the writers are doing with Geena, but I can't help it. Everyone else seems to be finding their groove. And I'm really getting into the show. This episode was the best yet. I agree I busted up laughing when Becky went flying across the kitchen saying was grabbing her jacket 🀣. Someone mentioned how different Becky was as compared to who she became. I've been thinking about this( I'm bored ) . While I always thought Young Becky was book smart, she made some dumb mistakes that changed the direction of her life. While Darlene took steps for her future (college), Becky was a lot of talk and not lot of action. She seemed content (she complained alot) being married to Mark.
  4. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    I'm also missing the show more because of the holidays. It was a big part of the holiday season for me. Even if I didn't make half of the things they prepared, it really got me in the mood.
  5. S11.E09: Destructive Criticism

    I do the same thing. πŸ˜‚β€πŸΆ
  6. I recorded Dr Oz last wenesday and today to watch Daphne do her Chew type segment . 🀨 Nope, can't watch it again. I never hated Daphne but she just doesn't have it to carry a show on her own. Daphne was always the weakest link. She had Valerie Bertinelli on as a co host. It reminded me that I enjoyed her cooking show. I'll have to record VB's show. I love watching food shows during the holidays. I'll skip Daphne.
  7. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    I'm confused? Can you explain what this means?
  8. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    Absolutely! The shade! 😎😎 that's why I laughed so hard. Makes me think Joy is of the same mindset as most of us.
  9. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    That is the absolute best clip ever! Of course she was her father's favorite.....I mean they were the most alike according to everyone. πŸ™„ πŸ˜‚ Joy asking Meghan why she didn't join the military, oh that was hilarious. Silly Joy. Meghan is in politics duh, How would she be able to be on TV living in mid town Manhattan if she joined the military.
  10. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    I saw her in her families restaurant. Serving.
  11. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    I'm so confused. So Carla now has the money to buy out Nick's half of the factory? I thought Peter only came in as a partner because carla didn't have the money to pay off Aliya (?). Dont why I'm confused these people buy and sell companies, flat ect at the drop of a hat πŸ˜‚. Still curious where Norris isπŸ€”?
  12. S01.E04: The Separation of Church and Dan

    Really enjoyed this episode. It felt easy. I laughed throughout the episode. My only complaint is Geena. The writers need to help this character, quick. She can't always be angry/stern.
  13. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    I missed most of today's show. But caught the last few minutes. I see Sara Haines was on there. Interesting that they brought her back for Whoopi's bday( I could have sworn it was just WG bday a few months ago) . I have heard that SH and MS show sucks. Makes me feel bad for her she seems like a nice person. Maybe they will bring her back.
  14. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    I'm sorry I missed this. I lasted a half hour into the show. I also thought it would be a Full on Meghan interview. So didn't really want to watch.
  15. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    I have never contacted a network about a show. I just used the link you provided. To let them know MM makes it impossible to watch an entire episode. Thanks for sharing the link.