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  1. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    Oh my freaking god! Abby is doing my head in. No damn listening skills this one. Maybe she is Helen Keller.
  2. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    As Joy pointed out, John McEnroe was in commercials lauding his temper. Hahaha so funny when a man does it. Not really. Serena had a bad day and lost her temper and behaved terribly. The coach has said he was coaching from the stands, but it's done all the time . No one is ever punished for it. Serena was being made an example. Maybe she damn tired of it. She was outplayed and the combination of everything probably helped her lose it. We all know Trump is pettylittle man but really, to send in his soldiers to go in on Joy. What a POS. I don't care for Omarosa but I like that she is holding herself complicit in Trump's con, was nice to hear. I doubt we'll ever hear this from other people in the White House .
  3. General True Crime Shows

    I was also disappointed. I realize it's real life and everything can't be tied up at the end. It just seems nothing happened. There was nothing that even came close to being solved. The family seems to be no closer to finding anything out. The whole town seems to know who did something to Crystal but can't prove it. Was I the only one who thought it was creepy that crystal's boyfriend new girlfriend is also named crystal and looks a lot like original Crystal? The town seems to need the FBI or some sort of outside investigators to come in. All those open murder cases with nothing resolved. Did anyone watch the 20/20 about Abby Herendez? The New Hampshire 14 year old . She was kidnapped and raped for nine months. She made it home alive and people still doubt her story. Even after the authorities say everything she says is verified. When they showed her walking upto her door on the families survalience camera (9 months later) wow. I can't even imagine her mother's shock . Abby was a smart girl and did what she had to do to stay alive.
  4. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    I would watch a Brian and Roy solve mysteries show. Toya looked good Tracy's old clothes. I never noticed her "hippy" style as Mora pointed out but thought she looked very put together in the red and black. Can they just do away with Josh. I don't care if he's blind and I don't care about Billy's guilt. Gail gets on my nerves but I'd be just as pissed as she is if my family was like meh, he conned you , move on.
  5. S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    Tinsley is the only one I felt bad for at the reunion. Carole repeating that they weren't that close or best friends seemed cruel. What's the big deal? I'm glad Tinsley told Carole that it hurt her feelings . Not that Carole cared. They traveled together off show and were together almost in every episode. I'm just confused by Carole and trying to distance herself from Tinsley. Poor Tinsley, also planned the most shitty vacation on RH lol.
  6. "The View" Week Of 9/3/2018

    Absolutely. I'm sure she's willfully ignorant about the message but the real message should be told over and over. Just like when Meghan and now Abby bring the military into it, anytime the protest is brought up.
  7. "The View" Week Of 9/3/2018

    You are probably right. I just wanted to see her response. It would be nice to see the real message explained when Abby or Meghan try to rewrite the narrative.
  8. "The View" Week Of 9/3/2018

    I was hoping Sunny would be the one to explain to new girl why the players are kneeling. Once she said "she's from a military family " I was like, oh hell. Sunny is better at explaing it than whoopi imo.Kneeling has nothing to do with the military or the flag it's a protest about unarmed people of color being killed at an alarming rate with no justice for them. I would have liked to at least hear what Abby thought. After it was explained to her but Whoopi didn't give her a chance to respond.
  9. S13.E07 She Said/She Said

    We did. She definitely said that Shannon realized she was projecting . I actually thought Gina did a good job explaining the conversation. Emily was the only person that used the word abuse. Tamra is over Shannon. She can't seem to stop bitching about Shannon. Tamra's mom can shut it. David is pretty damn wealthy Shannon isn't leaving him with only a hot plate in a studio apt. David is an ass , Shannon is kinder than I am. I would have taken the $30,000. He's not not going to say " oh, that was nice of Shannon to lower the payment " he's still going to call her a fat lazy drunk bitch to anyone who will listen. Screw him. He's an angry bitter man. He wanted out , he's the cheater. Well he's out, now stop bitching.
  10. S08.E34: Reunion: Part 2

    Was that weird, the way Nessa asked Corey how he and Miranda are doing? It felt odd to me.
  11. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Love Nicolle's show. They are always laughing. She cracks me up. Sometimes she just thows her hands up and laughingly says what ? After watching some crazy clip regarding Trump...I'm usually right there too. She does an amazing job.
  12. S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    Thank you I hadn't heard of the deli meats....no actual bolongna lol. I can see people buying this I guess (shrug). Im sure all the ladies would love to have Bethany's type of far reaching Branding. Ive never had any of her stuff. However someone must be buying it. In my head I saw an Oscar Meyer type package but bright red instead of yellow with Skinny Girl Bologna in big bold type. LOL.
  13. S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    I don't know, if Jill isn't banished from the RH. I doubt Carole is.
  14. S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    I dont think it's weird. I can totally see Andy and producers wanting it to be the Jill/Bethany Reunion. Having the other women there takes away from it, at least to the producers and Andy. I find it weird that Jill is still so desperate to be friends with Bethany. It's been forever and you would think saying goodbye to Bobby would trump reconnecting with Bethany. I'm beyond confused by Tinsley and Scott's relationship. Is she that into him? Is he over her but can't quit the ads with her and houswives? He sees other women while they are on a break , but she doesn't date other men? I don't get it. Ramona was on the phone with Mario? They were laughing ,even Andy got in on the conversation, are they good now? When did this happen?