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  1. Not even Amell can make the onesie suit and helmet look good:
  2. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    So, I'm going to be uncharacteristically optimistic that Nora's glare will be explained at some point, be it about Wells or Caitlin or both. I had to look for the article in which both GG and DP discuss Nora's look or glare after meeting Caitlin and Harry at Jitters. The interesting thing is that neither actor were expecting Nora's glare or knew what it meant; of course, they could be lying. I think it's also interesting that DP assumed the "look" was aimed at Caitlin. Perhaps they aren't exploring the "glare" now while they set up Caitlin's dead dad arc and they don't want Nora to show animosity towards another team member until the Iris/Nora tension is cleared up. "Mystery Girl’s latest appearance back in episode 15, however, left some fans (and cast members!) scratching their heads. Though she was as chipper as the her past run-ins with Team Flash, Mystery Girl’s mood swiftly turned somber after crossing paths with Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Harry (Tom Cavanagh), possibly signaling some future animosity toward either, or both. “I will actually say, I know who she is and a little bit about her backstory, and how she’s connected to a handful of characters,” Gustin notes. “But I didn’t know what that was when I watched that episode. I was like, ‘Huh, I wonder what that’s about.’" Panabaker was also surprised by Mystery Girl’s ominous look at the end of the hour. “That, to me, is actually the fun of watching our show sometimes, because what I read on the page is not necessarily the way things end up cut together,” Panabaker says. “Harry and Caitlin leave the scene and then there’s the push-in on the Mystery Girl, and when I watched the show I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a very different look than she gave me the rest of the scene. What does it mean?!’”
  3. The Flash in the Media

    Exactly! Recall how Caitlin emotionally pummeled Barry in 3x7 and threw the death of his parents, Eddie, and Ronnie is his face in her anger? Remember her spoiling that Barry was "responsible" for the death of Cisco's brother? Caitlin also tried to murder Barry for the first time in that 3x7 episode, too. But she's not sharing the fact that KF wasn't Barry's fault, and she won't be apologizing for those terrible things she said and did to him in 3x7.
  4. S05.E02: Blocked

    Exactly! Consider that neither Barry, Iris, Nora, Joe, nor Cecile knows about Caitlin's dead/not dead father situation or about the fact that she's been Killer Frost since childhood. If Barry knew that he wasn't responsible for making her KF, that would be a relief. And I'm sure the rest of the team would want to help, too. However, the writing for Cait allows her to keep her stuff limited to just New Team Frost (NTF) of Caitlin, Ralph, and Cisco. That way, she can share with the others when she's ready. Plus, she had Cisco to comfort her when she broke down and shared her fears. I'm not begrudging Caitlin her privacy or comfort, but Iris deserves the same.
  5. S05.E02: Blocked

    I wished they'd handled it similarly to the Savitar killing Iris reveal in S3. Barry took Iris to the Time Vault and told her the truth alone. Iris had the chance to cry and break down and be comforted by Barry. Then once she regained her composure, she said, "We can't handle this alone." And they told the rest of the team together. In this case, telling her in front of everybody didn't allow Iris the option to show any understandable weakness or sorrow; she was in Team Leader mode. It's like Iris swallowing her feelings again like with grieving Eddie alone in S2 until very late in the season. Very poor writing choice indeed.
  6. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Who made the video? It may be an Iris hater or a SnowBarry fan. Such people would say anything and posit any theory that erases Barry and Iris' connection in the form of an offspring. I do agree that Nora's enthusiasm and behavior have some similarities to the Eobard story, but I don't think the writers/producers would have that twist occur on a season about family legacy or have Nora do the opening monologue if she was secretly Thawne. Besides, Candice Patton has done an interview in which she said her relationship with Nora would improve. Of course, nothing is impossible with these writers, but I suspect the chances are slim.
  7. S05.E02: Blocked

    This is very reminiscent of S3 with Cisco and Julian rallying around Caitlin to help with her Killer Frost problem. I wish Cisco would go see the therapist; at least that would show he's dealing with the loss with a professional's help.
  8. S05.E02: Blocked

    Best line of the night: "Han shot second!." Loved that. And Iris and Caitlin exchanged two lines of dialogue directly to each other this episode - growth. You know who could totally understand Caitlin dealing with a dead parent suddenly not being dead? Iris. Too bad they're only work friends again. I don't think Cicada is connected to Nora; she may know his public history, but that's it. Based on Cicada's comic history:
  9. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    But Iris doesn't know science! Isn't that the constant dig they take at Iris? That she's no scientist. How in the world would she remove the gene?
  10. Caitlin Snow

    I hadn't thought about the possibility of the writers botching a mental illness story line or sending the message that mental illness always leads to violence. I still believe they missed out on an opportunity to treat Cait like they did Frankie, as someone with deep trauma issues that needs therapy. The writers are sending the message to the audience, particularly the young children who watch, that friendship means never having to say you're sorry for violent acts and there are no consequences for bad decisions.
  11. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Pics from "Death of Vibe":
  12. The Flash in the Media

    A Flash book makes it canon that Barry, too, was upset by Olicity's impromptu wedding: Here's a magnified version of the pertinent text:
  13. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    The Flash's Candice Patton: Iris and Nora 'Get On a Really Great Path,' Following That Rough Start https://tvline.com/2018/10/15/flash-season-5-spoilers-candice-patton-iris-nora-tensions-bonding/
  14. Caitlin Snow

    When I compare Cait's story to Mick Rory or even Leonard Snart, I can't really understand her motivations for going evil or for changing to the good. I don't like Leonard or Mick, but I can understand their motivations and reasons for changing from bad to good and bad again (Leo). I wish they'd put Cait into therapy throughout the season; at least she'd be dealing with what seems like a form of insanity.