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  1. Caitlin Snow

    I think there was a two-pronged effort. The first was to show Cait having feelings for Barry (there were reaction shots of Cait reacting to Barry going on the date with Linda, there was Cait asking about Barry seeing Iris, there was Cait reacting to Barry taking her by the hand, etc.) These happened on the show with director, producer, and writer approval. The other effort was DP trying to make SB popular to encourage an overthrow of CP as the love interest.
  2. Caitlin Snow

    Now that I'm re-watching the so-called "SB episodes" like 1x12 and 1x7, I've come to believe that Caitlin did have romantic feelings for Barry, but they were completely one-sided. I also believe that the writers were using this to show how similar Barry and Iris are in that they are both oblivious to the romantic attentions of another person. In 1x12, Caitlin is looking all starry-eyed while telling Barry they should find someone new to be crazy about; he seems awkward, but doesn't pick up on the hint that she's talking about her. He then jets off to give Iris the Iron Heights breakout story and then goes to make a lunch date with Linda Park. For those who think it unrealistic that Iris didn't know Barry was in love with her, here's Barry not knowing that Caitlin had romantic feelings for him either. Would I call Caitlin's feelings "love"? Nope. I think it was part transference from grieving Ronnie to Barry and also a bit needy and unhealthy since it continued even after Ronnie was shown to be alive. I didn't like how wishy-washy she was about Ronnie and then clung to Faux Jay so quickly. She has attachment issues for which she needs therapy. Also, in 1x13, she puts Ronnie/Stein on psychological drugs used for DID; they even use the phrase, "Dissociate Identity Disorder". However, Cait doesn't think to do the same for herself once KF is in her life. Cait is not terribly self-aware; let's hope they fix this in S5.
  3. Caitlin Snow

    Two words: Grow up! Caitlin needs to grow past her selfishness and unwillingness to change for the better or take responsibility for her evil actions. I used to like her, but she doesn't improve with time and experience. She gets worse. I have zero sympathy for selfish people who refuse to let go of their selfishness, but expect others to accommodate them.
  4. Caitlin Snow

    Let me preface this by saying that I wasn't on this forum back in the beginning, so apologies if this has already been discussed. So, I've been re-watching the show from the pilot, and I noticed something that I consider very strange about Caitlin - she's overly attached to Barry after only knowing him a short time. In "Power Outage" (1x7), FauxWells dictates to Gideon that it's been 311 days since the PA explosion. According to Google, that's about 10.2 months, and Barry was in a coma for 9 months of those 311 days. So, the team has only known an awake Barry for 1.2 months by this episode. Now, I understand love at first sight, which is really infatuation at first sight, but Caitlin treating Barry like he's as important to her as Ronnie was still odd. She declares that, "I've already lost one person I cared about in this building. I don't want to lose another." Sure, she uses the word "care", but the other person was her fiance, Ronnie, so using "care" is equating the love she had for Ronnie with Barry. That's a weird equating of these two men. Also, in the scene in which Barry tells her how he feels about losing his powers, it seemed like she moved forward as if to kiss him. (Note that Barry didn't have a kiss in mind since he didn't lean in at all; his mind was on getting his powers back). Why did she do that in that moment when he's sad about losing his powers? Especially since she knows that Barry has had Iris on his one-track mind for as long as she's known him (1.2 months). Additionally, Caitlin had been scolding Barry about meeting up with Iris as The Flash in previous episodes. On the surface, Cait's interest in his clandestine meetings seems like she's just looking out for him , but it also seems intrusive and possessive, too. Like, she was reading Iris' blog and saw that Iris sent The Flash a message to meet up. Caitlin was keeping tabs on his meetings with Iris. Why? I know some will say this was ship tease, but don't you need both people to show romantic interest for a ship tease? If not, then it's very one-sided on her part alone. And again, after only 1.2 months of knowing Barry. Perhaps she was transferring her feelings for Ronnie onto Barry, which would explain the swiftness of her seeming attachment. However, she does the same thing in season 2 with falling hard for Faux Jay Garrick; she latches on to Jay really quickly. It seems like she has an unhealthy pattern of falling for someone she barely knows. And yet, the show hasn't addressed that. I mean, the writing changed that in S3, but then again, KF aids Savitar just because he's a version of Barry. We still don't have complete reasons for why KF would want to help kill Iris, unless it goes back to S1 in which Caitlin displayed a very quick and unhealthy attachment to Barry that was unrequited. So, aiding Savitar in Iris' murder was KF's revenge on Caitlin's behalf or revenge on Barry for snubbing Caitlin in S1. I've seen some SB fans say that SB is built on some deep, meaningful friendship and connection. It's built on 1.2 months of quicksand.
  5. The Flash in the Media

    A friend on Tumblr let me know about a JPK interview: http://starrymag.com/jessica-parker-kennedy-the-flash/ For one answer, she dismissed any worries I had about her telling Barry to "Remember to say I do", which he didn't at either ceremony. I thought that might come back to bite WA at some point, but all is well.
  6. The Flash in the Media

    Good news! Danielle Nicolet is series regular for S5: https://deadline.com/2018/06/the-flash-danielle-nicolet-promoted-series-regular-1202409871/ In rather strange news (per Twitter), DP submitted her (cough) acting work for Emmy consideration (along with others from the Arrowverse): https://twitter.com/myrcellasear/status/1006530343338299392
  7. The Flash in the Media

    That's a wise, sacrificial, and forward-thinking attitude! Only realized yesterday that Jessica played Bette Sans Souci ,Plastique, on "Smallville" in season 8. TF's Plastique was played by a different actress.
  8. Caitlin Snow

    An interesting opinion piece on feminism in the Arrowverse; page 4 focuses on Caitlin Snow: http://www.withanaccent.com/2018/06/08/white-feminism-is-killing-the-arrowverse/4/
  9. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I thought the dark matter gave people meta-human genes or mutated existing genes that gave people powers. https://youtu.be/vMuAdcz7-JI I found the scene that shows Wells using the meta-human watch app; I'm not sure what it's detecting: https://youtu.be/pfi1jM1QUXE. Note the irony of Caitlin stating that getting powers wouldn't turn anyone evil. In 3x5, Caitlin told her mom that she assumed her powers came from the PA explosion. Her mom's message only stated that her body's chemistry is changing in ways she didn't fully understand. https://youtu.be/b-U8a6_O664 In 3x6, Caitlin tells Cisco she's run every test, but no mention of a gene. https://youtu.be/tLvsDyuRtjA In 3x23, Julian brings the experimental gene therapy that will, "Rewrite Caitlin's meta DNA."https://youtu.be/dR116IC7z2A While re-watching season 1x7, Cait says, "Your DNA was transformed by the particle accelerator blast. There's no way to untransform DNA". I can't find a clip of the scene, but this is the episode that explicitly stated that the PA explosion transformed DNA. Found the clip; it starts at .25 :https://youtu.be/NIei6xIf27M
  10. The Flash in the Media

    I've been re-watching an old favorite show of mine, "Stargate: Atlantis", and I recognize now that there's too much dependence on the brainiac of the team. In that show, it was Rodney McKay. It didn't' bother me on "Stargate: SG1" because Col. Samantha Carter was a rarity and a breath of fresh air as a female in STEM and a capable fighter, too. While watching a recent episode of "Atlantis", I actually noticed how much dialogue Rodney had compared to the rest of the cast. I think he had the most to say, which is unfair to the cast and bad storytelling. The level of dependence on the brains of Harrison Wells has stretched beyond its limits. It relegates the hero to being seen as dumb or incompetent. It also seriously handicaps the other characters as well. It also makes it seem like his kind of intelligence is the most useful and best. I re-watched 1x1 of "The Flash" last night, and it was Barry who came up with the idea to unravel the tornado when no one had an answer. In 4x23, it was insulting that Harry was the one who told Barry to go back to where DeVoe fell in love with Marlize. Marlize should have made that suggestion because she's DeVoe's wife, or any woman in that room could have made that suggestion because all women remember where and when they first declared love to their significant other. But no, it had to be Harry, without whom all falls apart.
  11. The Flash in the Media

    This may be even more applicable now that KL is leaving; an article on how TF wasted Wally West :https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-flash-has-completely-wasted-wally-west-1822449230
  12. The Flash in the Media

    And there goes Wally:(.... Keiynan Lonsdale leaving both Lot and TF: https://deadline.com/2018/06/the-flash-legends-of-tomorrow-keiynan-lonsdale-the-cw-1202404216/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Well, she did have an angry face emoji! Does that count as upset? :)
  14. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    It was a comment on a YT video that stated DP mentioned it on her Twitter feed. I didn't go verify though, so my bad.
  15. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I thought that DP was said to have been upset because one of her scenes was cut from the finale. To my knowledge, only the S5 villain reveal had been cut. I wonder if the S5 villain is the "Thomas" we heard Cecile mention when she was channeling KF. If yes, then the villain is related to Caitlin.