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  1. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    I'm hoping that Barry keeps something from Oliver- his fighting skills. It was really great to see Barry be able to fight and not rely on his powers for once. He and the other meta members of Team Flash should really get some basic hand-to-hand fight training. Luckily, they know a police detective who can give them access to such training through a class at the academy or something. The over dependence on their meta powers is a constant disadvantage when they meet people like The Thinker and Cicada, who basically nullify their meta abilities. No wonder they sit or stand around frozen when their powers don't work; they don't have backup, non-meta fight skills.
  2. Caitlin Snow

    Someone on Tumblr suggested that DP must have it in her contract to appear in the all the crossover episodes. That would explain why CS is always there even when she doesn't contribute much or is knocked out easily by a non-meta.
  3. Cisco Ramon

    Vibe's powers should also include anything Reverb and Cynthia can do, which includes: Shattering someone's nervous system - Reverb did this to someone on E2 in S2. Preventing speedsters from using the Speed Force - Cynthia did this to Wally. I never understood why Cisco never trained to use this power against Savitar in S3.
  4. Relationships: Speed Dating

    2.08 Kendra - 10 min 40 secs Caitlin - 6 min 20 secs Felicity - 5 min 30 secs Thea - 3 min 20 secs Patty - 1 min 50 secs Iris - 0 min 5 secs That 5 secs for Iris in the S2 crossover is what irks me the most.
  5. Relationships: Speed Dating

    There's actually a Tumblr page that has been counting the screen time for all the women since S1; it's very interesting to see the change over the seasons. Kudos to Valerie Perez for her time and patience in putting it together!
  6. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    We've had an ongoing discussion in the media thread about the lack of collaboration and coherence between the CW/WB and its Marketing Dept. It looks like that problem is pandemic to its Arrowverse shows as well. Pehaps part of the problem is that the writing teams act like competitors instead of collaborators during the crossovers. And Berlanti allows it to continue.
  7. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    Iris kissed her husband, Barry Allen, who she did not know wasn't really her husband. There's nothing for Iris to confess or be ashamed of for kissing her husband. She did not know it was Oliver.
  8. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    Did noone get an X-Men: Days of Future Past ripoff vibe from Amazo? He's essentially the Sentinels from that X-Men movie. I don't know the comics, so perhaps Amazo predates the Sentinels. Only one direct line of dialogue between Iris and Caitlin, and DP looked pained to have to respond. Caitlin's KF voice was dropped when she said, "He's got our powers." Do better, SFX team. I did like the SFX for Amazo though. And Lila has some explaining to do. I thought the Flash (SA) and Amazo building fight was interesting, but too prolonged. I'm guessing The Flash writers take the mick out of Arrow characters when they can because of Marc Guggenheim's jealousy and snideness (and possibly bad blood). When Marc writes for The Flash characters in his Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow episodes, he always finds a way to pull focus back to his characters at the expense of the other shows' characters. Marc, because he's a narcissist (IMO), cannot stand it when his creations aren't the main focus of the episodes. Last year's Olicity takeover of the WestAllen wedding didn't sit right with "The Flash" writers, who took the opportunity to write Barry and Iris being upset about the double wedding in The Flash's next episode after the crossover. And Marc's writing for Wally West was atrocious when Wally moved to LoT; he made Wally say things about himself and his family that were horrible and just patently false, such as Wally was ashamed of his mother, Wally didn't feel smart enough for Team Flash, etc. I'm certain Marc will take his pot shots at Barry and others tomorrow. He kinda did tonight by Oliver saying that Barry can't do anything w/o a pep talk or his team. The Monitor intrigues me a bit... An underwhelming start to a crossover.
  9. The Flash in the Media

    Ladies with Gumption discuss CP's treatment by the CW_Flash Twitter account at 2:42:50 - Candice's Treatment on Flash's SM
  10. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    I learned to not take such phrases at face value after S3's, "I am the future Flash", from Savitar. Talk about double meaning. And I think @Phoenics is right that Thawne means that Barry still has one child, whereas Thawne knows Barry is supposed to have two.
  11. The Flash in the Media

    Great article with a shout out to Iris West, called "Lois Lanes, Ranked" 11. Candice Patton as Iris West, The Flash Not all Lois Lanes are called Lois Lane. The character is herself an archetype: The erstwhile reporter fascinated with the mysterious new hero in the city. A lot of women have been cast in the role, but The Flash’s Candice Patton, as sometimes dogged reporter Iris West, is certainly one of the best version of the character we’ve seen in a while. Their first interview, a hallmark of the superhero/reporter romance, is teasing and flirtatious, but crucially Iris never seems like a dummy when she doesn’t put together that her best friend and her new hero are the same person. But Iris is just the right mix of honored, suspicious, and curious. She’s since become the de facto leader of Team Flash and proven that you don’t need to have powers, punch bad guys, or be a genius hacker to be a hero. Doing the right thing, highlighting injustices, and just being a good person are every bit as important as being able to travel back in time to save a parent.
  12. The Flash in the Media

    Glad to see they can get it right somewhere. Thanks.
  13. The Flash in the Media

    "Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) lived a normal life as a perpetually tardy C.S.I. in the Central City Police department. He was adopted by his best friend, Iris West’s (Candice Patton) father, Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) after Barry’s mother was murdered. " No wonder the SBs think it's incest when the copy material posts the "adopted" lie on its official site.
  14. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    Forgot to mention that because we saw Nora super speed into Iron Heights in 2049, does that mean that specualtion about metas being outlawed is incorrect? After all, if being a meta was illegal, Nora wouldn't be using her speed to get into a prison. Many, incluing myself, speculated that the outlawing of metas was a possible reason for Iris to have put a dampening chip in Nora.
  15. The Flash in the Media

    Tahmoh Penikett tweeted about an article in which another stunt woman discusses wearing heels: "Are there any particular challenges that female stunt actors have to deal with? Yeah, we’re doing stuff in heels, and in skirts where you can't wear knee pads. Guys are in big coats, and wearing football pads underneath. We get thrown around in skinny jeans. We can't hide anything, and almost never get to wear pads. When we work with the costume department, sometimes we'll have to say, "Okay, for this scene, we really have to hide these pads."