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  1. If I were Becca, I'd ask for a new group of guys.
  2. Blake got out of high school 11 years ago. Dude needs therapy. And his mother needs a makeover, unless she's in a witness protection program and that's her disguise? P.S. Blake's mom, shut up, you need to take several seats and stop talking about relationships.
  3. http://www.vulture.com/2018/07/nashville-recap-season-6-episode-14.html I think The Vulture writer would fit in perfectly here.
  4. Couldn't be bothered to comment last night. I was bored and disappointed again. Too much time on creeper Brad and purple hair. Odd how his history is now scumbag letch, but before it was "no judge would keep him from getting custody". And what the hell happened to her voice with him? It's like two octaves higher when she talks. Ugh. Gideon, meh. He's going to flake out and bail. Or have a come to Jesus moment and quit. Go away Scarlett. Loved the 10 seconds of Will, Avery, and Gunnar. Since we're going out with a song every week, really wished it was those three sitting around the house playing instead of she who shall not be named. Hi Glenn. Missed you. How many party people saw Jonah with crazy ex?
  5. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    A night of Jesse's bowels and Fucking Larry falling over. Interspersed with Dave's inability to make a clean kill. Ugh. Not sad to see Jesse go, he's been struggling. No pun intended. :/ Hi Sam and his shelter. My cat could build something better than you made in Vancouver, so nice redemption. Where's the fireplace though? Britt and the Bear, a classic children's book about a man afraid of his furry neighbor. Meanwhile, at Brooke's arts and crafts camp, this week features wooden jewelry. Never change Brooke.
  6. S14.E07: Week 7 2018.07.09

    The line of the season: "Really?" Her reason for keeping him is gone. Pity rose. I still have no idea what women see in that talking Ken doll (tm someone last week). Dear cameraman. Do not run through the spotlight, it will make your shadow appear on the wall behind the beach bench o doom. I rewound a few times just to watch it again. Totally took me out of the Wills goodbye moment. Jason is not going to age well. And how much product is in his hair?
  7. S06.E13: Strong Enough to Bend 2018.07.05

    Liked last night's episode more than the previous two, but the bar is really low for me this season. Chip can do no wrong as an actor. His AA scene was pretty much perfection. My biggest WTF moment was Juliette NOT telling Avery what happened in Bolivia on camera. She told Hallie (hi, Rhiannon, you still sound amazing!), BUT not her husband when she made it back into the country. Not even a phone call? "Hey, I was brainwashed and held against my will, see ya soon?" Instead we get the aftermath, I guess. Or they were discussing laundry? It was more important to the writers to give us more vet and purple than our main character. Ugh. I can't say it enough: Fuck purple hair and her story. F Scarlett and her own mini show. I don't care about them. Not at this point. 3 episodes left. They shouldn't be the focus. Underwhelming moment for me was Daphne putting down the guitar and walking around the stage while using her hands. They acted like she'd been paralyzed. :/
  8. The Bachelorette in the Media

    http://www.vulture.com/2018/07/the-bachelorette-recap-season-14-episode-6-week-6.html The Vulture recaps this season deserve every rose.
  9. S14.E06: Week 6 2018.07.02

    I was okay with her walking Chris out. She needed him to leave, he wasn't getting the hint, and she was trying to be kind. In lieu of "GTFO", it worked. He went away.
  10. S14.E06: Week 6 2018.07.02

    Jumping in the Chesapeake in March/April? No. She looked frozen. What did they get, 4 oysters? Cursing in front of children. No. I'd have sent them both home at the debate. Letting Chris into her room? Hell No. Don't care what they're paying her. I did get a laugh out of the random police car driving past as he got into the SUV of shame. Interesting we didn't get more ranting in the car from him. Do the producers hate Becca? I admire her composure while telling Chris to go home. I've had those breakups where you try to get out without screaming and restraining orders being filed. No wonder they left the country a few days later.
  11. By focusing so much on the boring newbies, the writers have done me a favor. I know I won't miss the show when it's done. Fuck purple hair and bad glasses Brad. Horse boy and wife? F them too. Scarlett, never liked the actress, she can't carry dramatic scenes, and needs to go get trampled. I really hope the old Jules is the one who walked through the door and not the brainwashed boreatron we've been getting. I want at least one comment about getting the place fumigated after the purple rat slinks out. Hooray for no Jessie last night. Before Maddie can give life advice, she needs to take her spider lashes, bleached hair and teeth, and have several seats. She's done a ton to screw up Deacon's life. So, let's see. I like Daphne, Will, Avery (ALONE!), Deacon, and Emily. Add the old Juliette. Toss in Emily, Bucky and Glenn and you've got my dream cast for the final episodes. Too bad we can't vote cast off the island. :/
  12. S14.E05: Week 5 2018.06.25

    Chris and his sweaty hairy face needs to leave my screen. Wayne Newton. Proof you can be frozen alive. Kudos for date guys not running from plastic man. I liked that glimpse we got into Jordan's family life. It explained a lot when he mentioned having a mentally ill mom. I had that growing up and it sucked. So, I get his need to be perfect and a success. I wish David had fallen from a higher bed. Ass. Colton is like watching white bread lie. Ugh.
  13. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    I was totally hoping Becca would have told Jean Blanc that the perfume smelled like cat piss as she walked him to the door. Knowing about all the arrests in this cast makes me feel like I'm watching America's Most Wanted. Has the background check firm been fired yet?
  14. I couldn't summon the energy to post last night. This was one of the worst episodes ever, and that's saying something. The only way the storyline with Daphne should end is with her calling out Brad on live tv as a jerk who's playing the audience. And then Jake grows a pair and testifies against bad dad Brad in court. But knowing these writers, it won't happen. He makes me miss Jeff Fordham. :/ I hate the new characters. We didn't need them. Send purple hair off with PTSD and I'm good. They totally dropped the storyline about his wife and baby. Oh, and let Scarlett get kicked by a horse. Gunner needs to stop swiping right.
  15. S05.E01 Redemption

    I'm so sad for Carleigh. She lasted over 20 hours with a fish hook in her hand before even thinking of tapping. That's a warrior. Food was her downfall both seasons. Sam is out looking for snakes. Okay. I'd be running in the other direction. Wonder if Brooke is now adding a second floor to her shelter? We haven't seen her yet, so she's probably almost done decorating... I think shelter would be my first priority out there with bears and wolves roaming around.