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  1. That was tough to watch. When Dayton was crying outside the office, I'm glad she had someone to comfort her. I should know "call in" lady's name by now, but I've always liked her. Kitty has championed some losers in the past (Morgan was the biggest), but, no Victoria doesn't get a scale pass because she's a friend's daughter. Rachel was one of my favorites tonight. She's coming out of pageant mode and it's fun to watch.
  2. The Crown In The Media

    Well deserved Emmy win for Claire Foy. She was amazing in every scene. And best director for Paterfamilias.
  3. Fuck that entitled mop of extensions and teeth. It's ruining my favorite Thursday night guilty pleasure. Tantrum about not making show group? Go take several seats with your muffin top and get over yourself. In other news, must suck to be a rookie during filming. What episode does she get booted?
  4. Sucks for Jordan. If Jenna was going to sucker some guy, she should have picked Benoit and left Jordan alone. He must feel so broken. :(
  5. S05.E11: After Paradise

    I can't believe I'm defending Kamil, but Annalise came out, babbled about being happy, then got dumped, "cried " without losing makeup or getting red eyes and then admitted it wasn't going well. She's proved to fall in love with anything that looked at her, so, nope, don't buy it being a blindside. Sending his mom flowers, booking his flights, eh, might be sweet to some, might be stage 5 clinger to others. I'm sure she met someone later, linked eyes with them and is now in love again. Belated thanks to ABC for not giving us 2 hours of Tia and Dolton and showing everything else in the end credits. Astrid and Joe are more forgiving than I'd ever be. Off to spoilers to vent...
  6. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    Joe is the kind of guy you marry. If Kendall were 30, she'd be looking at Joe as husband material. But she's still looking for the Leos of this world. She wants hot, not dependably hot/semi hot. (And no, I never thought Leo was gorgeous, even before his trash bag personality came out). Looks fade. I loved him calling her out on her bullshit projection. He's waited for her the whole time. He turned down dates. And she decided to flake at the end. It's her right, but it's really wrong to do that to him. I loved Astrid's reaction to Kevin. When she realized he was dumping her because of his past, she walked away. If Kevin can't see she's not an Ashley, then he doesn't deserve her. And Jordan just glowed around Jenna - that's total puppy love there. So freaking cute!
  7. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    Kendall sucks. Kevin needed his therapist on call. Annalise needs to get off my screen. Sorry Joe, still love you. Astrid for the Bachelorette! Crystal can do so much better. Jordan and Jenna for the win.
  8. S05.E09: Week 5: Part 2

    Best conversation of the night: "The Blonde Woman" "Can we talk?" "The Witch" "Do we have to?" I died laughing.
  9. S05.E09: Week 5: Part 2

    If I were Kamil, I'd run in the other direction from both of those crazy women. Eric has dumper's remorse. Sucks for Angela that she went home instead of two tone witch.
  10. I'll sit this season out. I've had enough of his smirking while talking, his playing to the cameras, his false tears and humility, and his questionable charity. I don't mind a fame whore being the lead, but at least be honest about it. Haven't missed a season since the 'prince', but it'll be nice having my Mondays back again. I'd have taken Adam Jr. over this other meat puppet.
  11. Kelli's outfit was all kinds of dumpster fire, but she rocks as a disappointed den mom. And her face seeing Jaelyn's pumpkin process hair was just awesome. I really wish CMT would label the rookies at makeover next time. 2 traffic pullover excuses? Leave really early people!! Hands down favorite part was the Courtney update. She was one of my favorites and seeing her do well is so awesome! Taking bets that Kristen falls asleep during the kick line. And shut up Victoria.
  12. Spoilers from today's taping. Found on the Reddit subforum. Not sure if valid, but posting anyway. Still engaged, Jordan and Jenna, Chris and Crystal. Still dating, Joe and Kendall, Kevin and Astrid. Kamil dumped Annalise. Said she was blindsided. Tia and Colton are not dating, seemed friendly to each other. John and Olivia are not dating.
  13. S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

    Thank you editors for ZERO words from Tia this week. I actually watched the entire show. However, the edits are jarring. They spent so much time on Dolton and gf that we're seeing stuff spliced together. Jenna's bathing suit was a clear example of editing gone wrong. Annalise is just so flipping desperate. And I'm shocked she drove the atv over that bridge. Guess there wasn't a traumatic bridge incident in her past? Leo has clearly never been called out on his shit before. Maybe because most women see unwanted junk pics from him and never meet him without cops and lawyers present? I'd be more impressed with Kendall staying calm if she hadn't been bouncing between scrum and Joe for days. Jenna, nice choice. Did you finally realize that Benoit loves to be engaged but doesn't stay that way? She's looking more haggard as the days go by. Didn't anyone bring deep conditioner?
  14. That was an odd episode. Beach to hashtags to floppy arms and lost choreography to Malena breaking down in tears for getting benched. Dayton needs some coffee. And Kash (who I love) needs decaf. I'm going to go practice saying prrruunnee into a mirror now.
  15. S05.E05: Week 3: Part 2

    DVR'd this thing again. Skipping Tia and Dolton, returning couples, and commercials clocked in at about 50 minutes. Jordan might have realized that a tantrum and cursing out women isn't smooth, no matter how many flower beds you're wearing. Kendall is an idiot. And ABC sucks for letting that walking sexual harassment suit Leo anywhere near these people.