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  1. My top 3? Lauren, Kashara, and Tasha. Maddie in 4th. I'm annoyed that Lily wasn't ever called in for feedback. Malena should have never made TC. And I'd have cut Alanna for looking like a chipmunk and Taylor for lack of power over Lily. Nice to see Titans Briana featured finally. I didn't tune in this year for the focus to be on one candidate. Too bad the other rookies got shortchanged.
  2. S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    Talk about lacking self awareness. I have no idea why Natalie's tribemates didn't tie her to the shelter as an offering to the cyclone. And they could have added Angelina next to her. Wonder what Natalie's interview tape was like? Was she leveraging with orphans for their shoes? Stealing blood from the Red Cross? Or just kicking puppies?
  3. QVC

    I bought my gloss cinnamon KA mixer about 15 years ago. It was a tsv, and I bake all the time. When it came, I hugged the box. And when we moved, it was the first thing put on the counter. They do have great deals on them. But whoever was screeching next to Rick earlier really needed to go down several decibels. I don't love mine enough to ruin people's hearing. :/
  4. Eh, I'm going to be the hard hearted bitch tonight. VK's been called in multiple times. She botched the turns in auditions, refused help from a staff member, ate her way to a 15 pound weight gain, and seemed as mature as a toddler most of the time. One mascara streaked exit that looked heavily edited isn't making me sad she's gone. I'm annoyed she wasn't cut sooner, she sucked up a ton of camera time this season that would have been better spent on the rookies that actually made the team.
  5. About freaking time. More like "there are no uniforms BIG enough". Sorry to see Tara go, hope she's okay. Why the hell is Malena still there? I think I know the routines better at this point.
  6. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    Maybe they need to retool the show? Either cast ONLY people who can dance with pros or cast ONLY people who have never taken a lesson with pros. Fix the costuming - those overalls and clunky boots wouldn't make any male dancer look or move good. What they dressed Nancy McKeown in was just a sin. Make the celebrity carry a portion of the dance, don't just dance around them like they're a pole (looking at you Jenna). Master P didn't want to do anything and his attitude sucked. Have we heard anyone complain that Joe isn't trying? Some people just dance like a board. It's not their fault. It's a popularity contest. Always has been. And saying people should quit because you think they suck? Well, life doesn't work that way. If you like a contestant in advance, and are inclined to pick up a phone, you're not going to switch to someone that other people like better. And at the end, it's a shiny piece of glitter and mindless entertainment, not the Hunger Games.
  7. Maddie is the perfect group leader. She's like a mama bear protecting her cubs. And she can back it up with talent. She glowed when the guest choreographer singled her out. So happy Kristen is gone. She reminded me of a sad puppy. "Flirting with the floor" is gold. Why is Malena still there? Rip off the bandage and cut her Kelly! Ignoring that pile of teeth and hair ruining my show. Ugh.
  8. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Is it just me, or is this a total group of whiners and showboats? I wish they had tossed both Natalie and Jeremy. :/
  9. Team Jordan checking in here. There's no way he's this good of an actor. She really needs to go back to whatever the hell she does and leave him alone.
  10. Basically everything you need to know about how annoying Bobby is can be explained by this: https://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/music/2016/05/13/bobby-bones-paid-go-away-bobby-bones-billboards/84342574/ Go Away Bobby. For real.
  11. Some people spend time on their hair and milkshakes. Others spend time being kind and supportive.
  12. I'm here for the groceries and Jonathan Kent.
  13. That was tough to watch. When Dayton was crying outside the office, I'm glad she had someone to comfort her. I should know "call in" lady's name by now, but I've always liked her. Kitty has championed some losers in the past (Morgan was the biggest), but, no Victoria doesn't get a scale pass because she's a friend's daughter. Rachel was one of my favorites tonight. She's coming out of pageant mode and it's fun to watch.
  14. The Crown In The Media

    Well deserved Emmy win for Claire Foy. She was amazing in every scene. And best director for Paterfamilias.
  15. Fuck that entitled mop of extensions and teeth. It's ruining my favorite Thursday night guilty pleasure. Tantrum about not making show group? Go take several seats with your muffin top and get over yourself. In other news, must suck to be a rookie during filming. What episode does she get booted?