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  1. So they killed off the hot husband? seemingly for no good reason. What a pity!
  2. The All Souls Trilogy

    Other than buying it on Amazon, where can I read the book?
  3. What a riveting show, I can't wait for the next episode! I might have to find the book and read it.
  4. S03.E11: Jackpot

    That is why I was wondering, did Baz and Lucy have a child together? Seems very likely since they got together since teenage years.
  5. S03.E11: Jackpot

    Quick question: Who is the father of Lucy's son? Was it Baz?
  6. S03.E11: Jackpot

    I'd say J. Smurf is business, J is the man she is sleeping with, probably has feelings for. Besides, J has money too.
  7. S03.E07: Hitler

    Could someone fill me in? What is the deal with the shape shifting dude in a cape? Is he a vampire himself? Why is he killing his own groupies? and what does he want with Cass?
  8. Looks like you don't understand how a hostile takeover work. Instead of me going over the details with you, why not put your faith in the writers? Pretty sure the creators and the writers on this show got their base covered, trust them.
  9. Greg the egg is quite the schemer! And with a blackmail delivered like that, he showed his true colors, and they aren't pretty.
  10. I think you missed some crucial details from last episode. They needed Kendall's share and the vote comes with it in order to do the hostile take over.
  11. Well, that is an unexpected conclusion to a hostile take over. Probably for the best, Kendall really isn't CEO material. He would be kicked out anyway.
  12. S03.E10: Off The Tit

    Wow, this is not going to end well. Smurf and Lucy will be at war, I wonder who would end up hurt or even dead? Why doesn't Pope adopt Lena legally? That is a surefire way to keep her from the paws of Child Services.
  13. Agreed. I don't really need see the so called "Academy" weeks, it is quite boring actually. This format they are doing now is very stupid.
  14. Me too! This is ridiculous, how can you cut down half of your top 10 in one crappy episode? They should all be live and let America decide. I got a feeling that many boys let go today would have stayed if it was up to America.
  15. S01E09 Pre-Nuptial 07.30.2018

    I have seen her on "Unreal" and "Sweetbitter".