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  1. Episode 3.5

    Was Stanley built as a sex bot originally? Couldn't help but notice his big sexy booty and the big package in the front, and his nipples are quite noticeable in his tight fitting uniform as well. Anybody else noticed? Who is the actor?
  2. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    MIB killing his daughter part is bad writing, in my opinion. MIB is a father, even if he has suspicions about Emily being a bot, he would have verified before killing her. I just hope his suspicions were right, that he indeed killed a bot, but that is unlikely, given she has a family artifact (his profile) from home, something not a host would have.
  3. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Yikes indeed! Don't try to get it twisted. Inconvenient for people who wants to apply their own standard or interpretations about the term rape, there is a set of defined, well established rules and laws in determine what is rape and what is not. There was no physical contact, Syd was NOT raped.
  4. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Not buying this argument! First of all, when you put someone who has NOT done anything wrong on trial with the intention to kill him, on the pretense that he MIGHT do something bad in the future; that is not justice, that is a lynch mob, and the mob are the real criminals here. You just can't try people for offenses that they HAVE NOT committed. Second, there is NO date rape. Sydney was not unconscious when they "made love", she made the choice to do it. Was she lacking some information that might have changed her mind? Sure. You might say she was misled or taken advantage of, but you can't say she was raped! Last but not least, there was no PHYSICAL contact, the "sex" was an illusion took place in Sydney's head, it was not a physical act, as evidenced by one scene showing Sydney ALONE on her bed gyrating her crotch. Last time I checked, inducing a sexual fantasy does NOT constitute rape! The real despicable people, and the real criminals here , are the so-called "friends" of David. They betrayed him with no justifiable reason. I hope they pay for what they did to David!
  5. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Sorry, not going to continue this futile discussion with you. You believe whatever you want. Have a good day!
  6. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    Maybe you remember wrong?
  7. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    The object? or the objective?
  8. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    First of all, Holden has a beautiful body. Just saying. But, what exactly was happening after he put his hand in between the gap? I actually watched that sequence a few times in order to figure it out, and to me, it looks like a huge amount of information was being downloaded to Holden;s brain. What those flashing images mean though, I have no idea. Any thoughts?
  9. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    That is a very lame excuse used by manipulators, be it a reality TV directors or Faruk! By taking your emotions, words and actions out of context then re-frame and reorganize them, they can produce any desired story telling they want. You don't give it to them? they will provoke you and they will put you in situations in order to get the desired reaction out of you. Haven't you seen "Unreal"? Unfortunately that is exactly what the SK did to David (to get his reactions that he needed) and to use them to manipulate Syd via the hands of Melanie. Syd is weak and stupid to fall for for SK's lies, however, if she had really loved David, she wouldn't have been so easily manipulated, nor would she have turned on David so quickly and so completely. Worst "girlfriend" EVER! I despise her!
  10. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Since many internet recapper consider so, we all should agree, right? Actually no, I don't. They are in a relationship and have slept together before. David only removed the evil thoughts Farouk planted in her head, that is not rape.
  11. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Wow, isn't Syd the worst girlfriend EVER? And those so-called friends, all turned on David just like that? And suddenly Furuk is a free man? All his previous sins forgotten and forgiven? Given how David was treated by his "friends" and "girl friend", I wouldn't blame him even if he did turn evil. Who wouldn't after being betrayed like that? And Syd definitely doesn't deserve to be David's girlfriend to begin with if she can be so easily manipulated by The Shadow King and Melanie to doubt someone she supposedly "love". She is weak and trash.
  12. S03.E09: Intransigence 2018.06.06

    Well, Roci needs more times inside the ring, so couldn't it fly circles inside the ring to avoid going out of it? that way, maybe Naomi would have a chance to board the ship before the Martians did?
  13. Well, that is such a disappointing episode! The story is just so underwhelming and people's actions are so implausible, the whole thing just felt so fake!
  14. S03.E08: It Reaches Out

    That is probably not the plan. As you can see how the event unfolded, there was not even an option to surrender. I think the blind guy had a plan that is much more sinister than that, and he was prepared to die for it.