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  1. I tend to be handwavey about a lot of technical stuff due to what James Callis once referred to in a BSG commentary as "the tragedy of verisimilitude" - showing the details of how many commonplace things are done derails from the storyline and some things you just have to take as they are. On rewatch, I love how DT has Naomi's Belter accent come out more strongly when she's around other Belters. It's a great acting choice on her part.
  2. Season 2 Discussion

    I started binging a few days ago and I'm midway through the second season, and this show is filling the "Continuum" shaped hole left in my heart. That is all.
  3. S04.E04: Hang the DJ

    While I liked this one, I think my favorite part was Amy's look of increasing boredom as she hooks up with a succession of ridiculously conventionally attractive people.
  4. S03.E06: Josh Is Irrelevant

    I really loved this episode. My fiance's ex and mother of his daughter has BPD, and it really resonated with me. She can be incredibly funny, caring and creative, but she's also often frustrating, difficult and unreasonable, and I have to take a step back and remind myself of how much pain people with her disorder are in. They feel everything so intensely and have little to no ability to self regulate their emotions and no sense of self, and it has to be terrifying to live that way. As much as I want to see how they show Rebecca deals with this, I'm just as eager to see how the people around her grapple with their own issues that her problems have brought to light in their lives. I love this show so much.
  5. S04.E05: Fog of War, Bro

    You can argue as to who's the worst, but I find the whole, "I never MEANT to hurt you" a giant cop out when you're fully aware what the consequences of your actions will be. Own your shit.
  6. S04.E05: Fog of War, Bro

    Jimmy's cruelty out of carelessness is no less destructive. It's just a bigger cop out. I thoroughly enjoyed her machinations.
  7. S04.E04: This Is Just Marketing

    Yeah, good luck to him on the finding someone else part - the show has made clear that Gretchen tolerated him longer than any other women he was involved with.
  8. S04.E03: Odysseus

    Oh, come on. When your boyfriend proposes to you, then immediately leaves you stranded on a hill and disappears for three months, anger is a completely normal reaction. I'd go so far as to say that any "normal" person would never want to speak to him again.
  9. S04.E03: Odysseus

    Colin Ferguson will always be Sheriff Carter to me, and I was delighted to see him. I hope it's not just a one off, actually. I loved this episode, and I love this show, as nutso as it is. Everyone on it is just so, so good.
  10. S07.E04: The Spoils of War

    Actually, I'm thinking Jon and Bran. Bran is a warg, after all - he wouldn't even have to physically ride a dragon.
  11. S07.E04: The Spoils of War

    On rewatch, I appreciated that battle scene even more. The visual of smoke and fire after the first blast and then the Dothraki soaring in through the flames was just stunning. My favorite line goes to Davos for his joke to Jon about switching sides.
  12. S07.E04: The Spoils of War

    Ooooh, Littlefinger, when Arya finds out that you were the one who betrayed her father, you're going to get that dagger back in a way you won't like. I did enjoy his visible *gulp*, though. I don't think Sansa was angry when she was watching Arya spar with Brienne. I think it was the dawning realization of just how much Arya has changed and how little she knows her now, and not a little bit of fear. Out of all of them, I think that she's been the one most longing for the family she never thought that she'd see again, and when she does get them back, they're complete strangers. They may be home, but the world is a very different place. I could see Dany and Jon agreeing to cement their alliance through marriage once the war is won. Plenty of time for them to find out Jon's parentage before they actually get to business. I'm sure they'll fish Jamie out of the water. Dany is smart enough to know what a valuable hostage he makes, for starters. Then the question is, will Tyrion do for Jamie what Jamie did for him. Possibly, spending some time as Dany's "guest" will cause Jamie to start seeing Cersei in a new light. That battle scene was glorious and I scared the hell out of the dog. Fire and blood, yassss, queen! Of course Bronn is teflon. He's a mercenary completely lacking in loyalty and principles; that's the best chance of survival in their world.
  13. S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    Loved Jon and Ser Davos' reaction to the dragons, but when Dany was talking about taking her dragons to find Euron's fleet, I immediately thought, "I"ll bet there's one other person that can ride them..."
  14. I don't get Logo so I won't be watching this, but damned if this summation isn't one of the most entertaining things I've read all week.
  15. S02.E13: Caliban's War

    Bobbie is magnificent. That is all. On a purely shallow note, I may have paused and lingered on that shot of a nearly naked Amos for much longer than was seemly.