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  1. Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    I actually think Maddie and her husband and boy seem like a really sweet family. I love her Minnie Mouse look--adorable with the hair knots as ears and polka dot shirt.
  2. "IT MONDAY WHICH MEANS ONLY 3 DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN!!" So the "woman entrepreneur's" first communique introducing her business opens like this?? I get that operating tanning beds doesn't require stellar writing skills, but anytime I see such glaring errors I wonder what other details are overlooked. Janelle is a terrible writer, photographer, and example. I wouldn't even subscribe to her Strive thing for free. She's always so negative (someone upthread said 'Eeyore' which is spot on....although I think Eeyore is much more likable.....man, I'm being a bitch today). If you are presenting yourself as a wellness coach or whatever she claims, you need to be approachable and relatable, but confident and a step ahead of the pack. She can't even inspire herself, why on earth would she expect others to follow and pay for her poorly written and woefully unprofessional output? Sorry for my bitchyness (is that even a word?).... I've been sick for days. Thank you all for cheering me up; I come to these boards to get a laugh reading your witty and well-written snark. You are my soul sisters.
  3. I despise the "artistic" trend of photographs of feet. I've seen this all over for the last 5-10 years and I don't want to see bare feet! Why ruin a beautiful picture of the ocean by blocking it with feet?! Your face, fine, but decades from now your offspring's offspring will not be viewing family photos and say, "Oh, look! It's great grandma!! I'd know those feet anywhere!" Sorry, this is a big pet peeve of mine #itstroublinghowirritatedigetaboutfeetphotography See, I can hashtag too! Regarding the upthread discussion on hair colour: I colour (read: cover the ever spreading silver) a dark brown, which is very close to my natural colour. I'm also so pale that I joke about being a vampire. It was only in the last five years or so when makeup brands have been expanding their colour ranges that I have actually found foundations in a few brands that match my skin. I've always had to buy the lightest colour and those weren't light enough until some higher end brands started carrying shades of "snow" and "porcelain". So, I have really dark hair, porcelain snow vampire skin, and green eyes. I wear black nearly exclusively, not as a fashion statement per say but I just started about ten years ago after my pancreatic cancer and my dad dying (RIP, beloved Daddy--he died ten years ago on the 18th, which also happens to be my oldest daughter's birthday; November is a mixed bag for me). It's not to be morbid or anything and it wasn't a conscious decision; I like remembering Johnny Cash wore all black, too. Yeah, I'm a weirdo. Has anyone seen the British comedy "Are You Being Served?"? You have to appreciate British humour to enjoy it, but the character Mrs Slocum always has brightly coloured hair--purple, pink, blue, green, yellow--any colour you can imagine. The actress dyed her hair for the part for the first season, but it fried her hair so badly it just broke apart. After the first season, she wore wigs but I always laugh when she walks in with a new colour.
  4. Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    I'm not sure that line was so 'invisible'. Meri lacks the insight to recognize and respect another's boundaries. Good for Maddie--this has certainly increased my regard for her. It seems like these kids are mostly breaking free and having better lives than do their parents. The parents all seems so miserable; I can't imagine living life in such a miserable state and CHOOSING to do absolutely nothing to improve or change that which (or those who) make your life so unhappy.
  5. My husband, though in law enforcement, has a degree in wildlife biology and he's been putting out different feeds and luring a variety of birds to our yard. It's very enjoyable to see all different colours flitting about. He also builds kestrel nest boxes and this year got to band a baby kestrel. My 11 year old got to hold it as well. I love where we live.
  6. I was totally going to say this!!! This beautiful creature is otherworldly. @Roslyn Thank you for the picture. What a special thing to witness. When my husband and I were first married, we spent three years in a large valley surrounded by mountains. One day we were driving and in a large field near the nature reserve there were thousands and thousands of Sandhill Cranes. In the midst of those thousands of darker cranes was a single white Whooping Crane; they are rare and endangered. We were mesmerized and felt as though we were given a gift. Sorry, I just realized that I'm off topic; I'll behave now.
  7. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Indicative of cheap, poorly made clothing. Details matter, LuLaNoWayInHell.
  8. Not that my husband or I would ever be willing to have cameras recording our personal family life, as we are all introverts to the extreme, but if I was in a "scripted reality" I could never ever follow a script that portrayed us in a negative light just for entertainment. I care too much about my character and integrity to go along with something false, essentially lying about who I am or what my life is really like. And I certainly wouldn't allow my amazing husband and beautiful daughters to be exploited, either. I just don't understand how people allow bad behaviour--scripted or not--to be filmed and portrayed as representative of who they really are. It's not even about pride or vanity; it's about respect and dignity. Regarding Meri's infertility issues, my husband and I initially wanted more children and we wanted a large family. But as I have been fighting cancer for 15+ years, I was extremely grateful to have the two beautiful daughters that God has given us. We are Catholic and I see large, beautiful families and often feel a twinge of a lost dream, especially when I see cute little boys and I would've loved to have a little guy of my own. This is something I never allow to marinate: I believe in being grateful for the blessings I DO have and living for each day itself. The cancer is a sobering reminder that I must fully embrace NOW, being present in each moment as it comes, because we really only have 'now'. If Meri would look at life differently, gain proper perspective of her life, and ACCEPT and ADAPT to what IS, she would be a lot more happy and satisfied with what she does have.
  9. Can you post a picture, please? I've never seen albino deer. Where I live at the base of the foothills we have had many animals in our yard: foxes, raccoons, rabbits, baby bunnies (so cute!), coyotes, wild turkeys, kestrels, many types of birds, and the resident owl. One day as we were leaving Mass (about two miles away) a herd of elk were in a large grassy area by the school--dozens of them. It was quite the sight to see. I think that many of the Browns look healthier and happier. I know many people love Vegas, but it doesn't seem to be the best place to raise a family. I hope they continue to enjoy their beautiful new environment; it looks lovely.
  10. I do not work and I have two daughters, 12 and 14. I have a Masters and have been dealing with cancer the past 15 years or so. It has been an honour and privilege to be home to raise my girls. They are intelligent, well spoken, polite, empathetic, obedient, thoughtful, etc etc. Their teachers love them, I've had a half dozen notes from their principals over the years praising them, their peers like them, they voluntarily serve our community and Catholic charities, they help special ed students at school, they have such tender consciences that on the very few occasions one of them was dishonest they confess with tears nearly immediately. These girls are genuinely good people. Parenting RIGHT is hard work, repetitive, at times tedious, but infinitely rewarding. They are not perfect and my youngest is a hurricane that blows through and messes up the house and it drives me crazy. But they are both much better people than I will ever be. Yes, I'm being the obnoxious parent bragging about her kids, and I wouldn't have even mentioned them but for the above comments. If you were to see my daily activities you would probably look down on me because I don't accomplish much and my house is messy (which drives this neat freak certifiably insane). I am in pain and sick most of the time and the little energy I have I give to my husband and girls instead of keeping the house spotless. Not to say I don't try, but my little hurricane is a force to be reckoned with (and yes, the girls have chores and help a lot around the house; however my version of clean is very different than my youngest's.... I'm really trying to bridge that gap). I miss my career sometimes and have always needed a lot of intellectual stimulation, so you'll find me reading all the time, mostly nonfiction, history, psychology.... I painfully miss being healthy and strong, but I was dealt these cards and as I said above, the small amount of energy I have goes to the three most important people in my life. I don't have anything to show for it but a ridiculously happy marriage (today, in fact, is our 18th anniversary) and daughters who both humble me and make me proud. I do wish I could keep house like I use to, and please don't mistake my love and pride for my kids as a blind belief in their special snowflakeness. They have their faults (far fewer than I though) and I make many mistakes. But it has always been critical to my husband and I to raise children with integrity and character, and while I rarely look busy, parenting my girls takes everything I have. Totally worth every sacrifice. And....end rant and demonstrations of shameless parental pride.
  11. This post was a long time ago; I’m just now catching up on the thread.....but I wanted to say thank you for all your work and care, especially in neuro ICU. I’ve been in ICU multiple times for cancer, including brain tumours, and the docs sweep in and out while the nurses did all the hard work. I’m very grateful for the excellent neurosurgeons I’ve had, and even more grateful for the nurses who have, well, nursed me towards health. And nurses are the bearers of pain medicine; my spinal cord surgeries were excruciating and pain meds barely touched the pain. After one of the surgeries, I was so out of it and even hallucinating, the pain was so awful, and I frustrated the nurse because I kept pushing the pain med button, something like dozens of times in an hour. It was hell, almost all the nurses were amazing and patient (I’m a good patient, too—not very demanding, sometime afraid to ‘bother’ the nurses). All this to say: I have deep respect for the job you’ve done and THANK YOU AND ALL THE AMAZING NURSES OF THE WORLD!! Not to insult Maddie, but I’m not sure she has what it takes. As another person said, I’d be happy to be proved wrong.
  12. S09.E12: Tell All- Part 2

    My dad spent loads of time with me. When I was little Dad took me to work sometimes and always played with me, and as a teen and young single adult I would spend several evenings and the weekend often with my Dad. When I married, Dad embraced my husband as a son, adored our children, and continued to be a part of my daily life. As I became an adult and responsible for myself, my dad truly was my best friend. Sure, I dated and had plenty of other friends, but my dad was consistent and unconditional in his love. He died ten years ago and I’ve been gutted for the last decade. I am a positive person and practice gratitude and present mindedness daily, but there is a gaping, jagged hole in my heart that will never be repaired. But I carry all the love and joy and wisdom of my dad in my heart. Now, I see my husband spend enormous amounts of time and energy with our girls who are now in their early teens. I am beyond grateful for the love and wisdom my dad invested in my life and I try to parent my children in a similar manner. If I am only a fraction as good as my dad I consider that a success. Fuck. I miss my dad. My mother, on the other hand, ignored me (unless I persisted in picking a fight which usually resulted in some attention in the form of a teeth rattling hit across the face). I moved out and got my own house to rent at nineteen and worked and put myself through undergraduate and graduate degree programs. All of my accomplishments are wholly unimpressive to my mom. My mother never has and still has nothing to do with me and when she does she cuts me down every chance she gets. She adores my younger brother. I was a good kid—good grades, varsity sports, went to church activities, helped around the house, etc—but she tells it like I was and am a hellion. Now, I don’t care anymore and I am in a very healthy place, and I see her a couple times a year (even though we’re within an hour of each other) and even that is too much for me. I have her only grandchildren and tried for years to involve her in our family, to no avail. Sorry for the rant, but my point is that how a parent interacts with a child imprints psychological and physiological conditions that are nearly impossible to erase. While I’ve reached a healthy place of acceptance of my mother’s rejection, her coldness and cruelty imbedded within my heart a complete and utter lack of self worth. I still struggle against feeling like I’m worth shit. And I had this amazing dad who loved me, spent time with me, disciplined when necessary (I don’t want to give the false impression that he spoiled me), and unconditionally accepted me. You know what? My brother would say the EXACT SAME THING because we BOTH were Dad’s favourites. It is extremely important for opposite sex parents to spend a great deal of time with their kids. Statistically, girls who have a positive relationship with their fathers do not engage in risky sexual behaviour, do drugs and drink, have abusive romantic relationships, and they have higher self esteem when compared to the same cohort without good relationships with their fathers. It is painfully obvious how Kody’s older kids have reacted to his lack of positive parenting. Maddie and Mykelti marry right out of the gate, and while Caleb seems to be a decent fellow, Tony is, actually I can’t even describe how much that guy triggers alarms and makes my skin crawl. Logan got out, other boys joined the military (my husband joined at 17 just to get away from the house and I suspect some of the Brown kids saw this same opportunity and took it). The body language of the female littles and teens when Kody is present just screams an uncertainty and discomfort. Parents think they are hiding things like how mom and dad interact, but it is uncanny how perceptive kids are and how they pick up on what’s going on. Those kids KNOW how Kody felt/feels about each of their moms. They are learning that this is how relationships work. Again, sorry again for the rant but I see so much abuse and I see how damaging it is to have a parent who is utterly uninterested in your life, never smiles at or hugs you, ignores you when you speak, etc. There are no perfect parents, but research shows that what they call “good enough” parenting, parents who put forth their best efforts consistently, will typically raise well adjusted kids. While I know a great deal of reality tv is scripted and manufactured, there is still a human element especially in these children. Those kids aren’t acting, they’re reacting to their environment and it’s extremely difficult to hide body language, microexpressions, the nearly (but not fully) imperceptible muscle movements in the face and especially the eyes that, for lack of a better word, betrays what is going on inside a person. My heart goes out to these kids and I do wish them all the best.
  13. S09.E12: Tell All- Part 2

    Dwight Shrute ROCKED the mustard yellow. Don’t knock it! 😉
  14. How is your Cody? My heart hurts to think of people losing pets. My husband and I have lost two dogs, and we now have a 4-5 year old dog, but I still miss the first two. I haven’t watched this show consistently and I have a really bad memory, but I vaguely remember the hole digging. With having ADHD I can’t just sit and watch tv so I’m always doing a bunch of things at once, so clearly digging a grave for a mobile and happy dog didn’t register at the time. That is horrible considering the heart wrenching decisions I’ve had to make in kindness to my pups and not holding on out of selfishness. I agonized over my puppies and when they quit eating and drinking it was kinder to send them to puppy heaven. Damn it, I can’t believe these people. Grrrrrr. If if you can, please write an update on your sweet little guy.
  15. S09.E09: The Longest Labor

    This makes me wonder if they’ve been filming some really good shit that made the network determine there is money still to be made.