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  1. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Tuesday, I believe. I've only seen a couple of BB Alumni's appearances on this soap opera and they seem to all be pretty bad. Don't they really hammer in the BB references in their short minute scenes? It's just gonna be a whole lot of references to the two of them so I don't expect any gold coming from this. Though Brett's a decent performer so he might be able to make it less cringe worthy.
  2. S03.E04: Blindsided

    I liked the subtle changes with Matt choosing to be Daredevil and letting Matt Murdock die. With Matt "dead", he allowed himself to walk freely without that identity, so no cane and no fear of people spotting him. It was a very interesting shift, indeed. Marci's excitement over her plan for Foggy to run and get the issue with Fisk out there was a great scene to see. But I think they're leading to a Foggy win as the district attorney. I'm glad his name's getting out there, but I wonder how it's going to play out. Karen is getting too deep with her investigation, especially now that she knows Matt is alive. I loved the scene with her and Foggy at his place. It was powerful on her end, especially. That one take scene was ten minutes long and it was pretty damn good. Fisk and Dex interact more and it seems like Fisk is slowly getting through to Dex. That's not a good sign. That ending was certainly climatic!
  3. Season 2 Discussion: Cristal-lite

    Yeah, that was truly ridiculous. If Uncle Van Kirk is actually dead, which he might be though an actor like C Thomas Howell usually wouldn't play such a minor role for only two episodes, then what a whimpering way to go out. Maybe his wife is supposed to actually be the bigger player and he served his purpose here, but the fact that he didn't question when Fallon blindfolded him and then didn't try to speak to her at all during sex was odd. Plus, there's the whole thing about him finding out at any point. Either he would have found out about the lie and their deal would have gone kaput, or he would have told Liam at some point. It would have likely come out, so I didn't find it a very good plan. There was so much that could have gone wrong, and so much that could still go wrong. I knew that she would be, especially the moment Alexis found the fake baby bump, but I'm sure the baby isn't Steven's. Kirby vs Fallon was fun to see. I didn't expect it to happen this quickly. I'll admit, I didn't see the twist with Blake vs Jeff coming with the toy cars. I laughed when I realized what they had been talking about. As for new Cristal, I wonder if her knowing season 1 Cristal is true. I know there's a locket with their photo, so if it is true, what is Cristal truly planning to do with her foot in the door?
  4. S03.E03: No Good Deed

    Yeah, letting Fisk not just out of prison but on house arrest in a super nice penthouse was super dumb of the FBI. There were other places he could go, places that didn't make it seem like they were giving Fisk a luxury vacation. No wonder most of New York is pissed off. Despite us also getting to see the FBI's side through Ray and his boss, it could have been done more discreetly and in a better way. So, this Dex guy seems really messed up, almost Fisk-esque, except Dex seems to be anti-Fisk for the moment. However, since I don't read the comics, I don't know what his story is going to be, so I am very interested at the moment. Of course Karen will fight for the story. It was good to see her get some answers. So, Foggy and Matt reunite, only for Foggy to witness his best friend's mental breakdown bit by bit. I enjoyed seeing Foggy's conflicting emotions. Yes, Matt, you are super dumb and you think Foggy is going to give up just like that? Nonetheless, it'll be an interesting power struggle. Matt seems insistent on taking himself down, and it seems like it could work. With Sister Maggie warning him to not become a monster, I fear that that's exactly what is going to happen. What worries me more if Fisk potentially getting into the good graces of New York through the actions of Daredevil. I also wonder what will happen to Vanessa. I did enjoy the return of white suit Fisk. It's always interesting to see them dressing him like an angel when he's truly not.
  5. S03.E02: Please

    So, I guess Matt's gone straight into "I am Daredevil" which....is really so Matt. His self loathing has been taken to a whole new level now, accompanied with a crisis of faith! I did chuckle at Lantom trying to convince Matt to stop being Daredevil and have it have the opposite effect. Foggy's family is great. I'm always happy for more Foggy. Oh, Karen. I do really like her and feel bad that she doesn't have any proof that Matt is alive, yet still believes it. Not a whole lot happened here, but it was still a solid episode. Wilson Fisk meets Wilson Bethel's character, who I wonder about. Sister Maggie is fantastic and I can't wait for Foggy and Karen to meet her.
  6. S03.E01: Resurrection

    I'm happy for this show to be back. After struggling, and failing, to finish some of the other Marvel series, I was worried that this long hiatus might have turned me off of this show, even with watching The Defenders. I'm glad to see my excitement is still pretty high. Welcome back, Matt Murdock. You still have a long way to go to be back 100% but you're getting there. I'm glad they're slowly easing his way back into the road to recovery. I'm glad they established that it's been months and he's still healing. It's going to be interesting to see him really get back on his feet; who knew the secret to that was clearing his sinuses?! Sister Maggie is pretty damn awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed her and her dynamic with Matt. I'm glad to see Karen being typical Karen, holding on to hope that Matt is still alive, while Foggy is struggling to accept that he's gone as well. I'm thrilled for the Matt/Karen flashback. I've missed their dynamic without stupid Elektra getting in the way. Although I don't believe she's gone, I do hope she's no more than a mention at this point. Matt needs time to heal and Elektra always brings him down. Oh hey, it's Wilson Fisk! His arc has to be more interesting than any of the Hand stuff, right? I liked him to a point in season 1 but did grow a bit tired of him. But after seeing the Hand stuff and having so much of Elektra ruin Matt, I'm ready for Fisk to make his return. As for the new FBI guy, Ray, he's not so bad so far. They did a solid job at establishing his backstory and motivations in about fifteen minutes, so at least they have somewhere to go with him. Overall, I am very excited. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with commenting on each episode, since I definitely want to get through the whole season this weekend.
  7. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    A sneak peek of Tyler and Brett's Bold and the Beautiful appearance:
  8. Moving In: The Neighborhood in the Media

    The Neighborhood has been picked up for a full season
  9. Media for God Friended Me

    God Friended Me has picked up a back order. It doesn't say exactly how many episodes, but it's guessed to be seven.
  10. S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    It's interesting that they're keeping Connor's reason for being in K5 a secret. On first assumption, you'd think that because his dad's a lawyer that it would be the reason. However, the fact that they're making it a legit plot point, while having other characters name off reasons for them being chosen, definitely makes it seem like it'll be different than "Annalise chose me because of my dad." I do wonder why, so they got me on that. We've seen Connor take two steps forward and then one step back, like here. He hasn't freaked out on Annalise since the end of season 3. Last season had him very chummy with Annalise and they strengthened their relationship. It's why it's a shame for it to regress a little bit. However, the only actor of the K5 who can hold their own against Viola, in my opinion, IS Jack. Alfred was the only other one who could. Everyone else pales in comparison and kind of fades when they're having an emotionally tense scene against Viola, so it's probably why I don't hate this storyline, even when Connor regresses to his angry, whiny self. Also, for me, it's less about not knowing about Connor's past compared to the rest, as I think we know very little about Michaela's past, besides with her ex fiance, and we only got glimpses into Asher's. It's more that we don't know what happened to Connor to see why he is the way that he is since the series started. We know Michaela's insecurities and why she's so driven and so passionate about law. We know why Asher uses comic relief to hide his own insecurities. We know why Laurel is the way that she is. But Connor? It's still very much unclear as to why he's so insecure. We know his dad came out gay and is in a relationship with another man. We know Connor has a sister. But what else do we really know that has caused Connor to be the way he is? I think the only other person who we know even less about is Oliver, actually. I saw on Reddit someone jokingly saying that it could be Connor. It gave me a chuckle. I definitely don't think it's Connor but I'm laughing at the idea. Gabriel has to be Bonnie's son, at this point. I don't see how they swerve away from it since they're already head first into the theory. The only other reason why Gabriel is around could be that he's there to investigate Wes' death. He seemed to connect to the photo of Wes, he's moved in to the same apartment building that Wes lived in, and I'm sure they'd love to bring Alfred back for a cameo (maybe make it an annual thing).
  11. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

  12. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I'm really finding myself cautiously excited for season 3 of Daredevil. It's been two years since season 2 came out and although I've fallen behind on some of the Marvel Netflix shows (haven't watched Iron Fist, only got through an episode and a half of Luke Cage, slowly making my way through The Punisher, did watch The Defenders a few months ago), Daredevil is the show that started the entire Marvel Netflix franchise. Plus, I really like all the characters so I'm itching to get home from work to start watching it. I'm a bit worried that perhaps I won't love it as much since the show hasn't had a new episode in ages, even with The Defenders, and especially since I've been slogging through the other shows and don't have as much interest in them as I would have two years ago.
  13. S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    Yeah, I don't think the title was actually used for the episode at all. We already knew Bonnie's kid was alive, but we never found out who officially is her kid and if it's Gabriel. It's certainly heavily implied that he is her kid, but nobody came outright to say Gabriel is a Winterbottom. At this point, it really has to be him, or else we're wasting all season with hints that would be misdirects, and then...what, some random kid is gonna pop up and say he's Bonnie's biological son? I did find it interesting that Gabriel focused on Wes in that news clipping. For a brief second, I'll admit I did wonder if he was Wes' brother or something like that. It wasn't a bad episode, but I don't care about Nate or his dad. At least I wasn't scrolling through my phone during their scenes this time, as I've done for all of the Nate Sr stuff. Annalise/Bonnie's scene at the end was very well done. I have missed their friendship and am glad Annalise can be there for Bonnie. I like that part of the scene had the music omitted. I gotta agree that I'm not sure why Connor's getting upset with Annalise about her lying and her choosing him or whatever....but Jack/Viola scenes are always captivating to me. I guess why Annalise chose him for K5 is going to come up at some point in some big scene. I think they want us to think that Nate's in danger because Bonnie has his phone in the flashforward, and with Annalise sobbing in her new home, but I'm not buying Nate being in danger. Who knows what Frank actually told her in between that first flashforward and whenever she makes it home. It's obviously a misdirect but I'm pretty sure Nate's alright. I also assume Oliver's fine as well. I am interested in why Michaela is trying to get in touch with Nate, though. Asher was in the episode minimally, as was Laurel, which was a nice surprise. I will say I forgot that I actually liked Bonnie and Asher together and I really liked their scene in this episode. I like Emmett and I'm not quite sure why? I liked Tegan as well.
  14. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    To be fair, Jack was talking more about Michael, and he knew Dean wouldn't want the world going to shit just to save him. They all know what Michael did in Apocalypse World and Jack's main concern was that, so he's not wrong. While with Dean questioning Jack, it was more out of uncertainty since he didn't know whether or not Jack was going to be evil and he was erring on the side of caution. So they are two different situations. If Michael was in Nick's body or in someone else's body who's not a main character, there'd be no question about killing Michael at the first chance that they could. That's where this season is heading, after all. Michael is going to have to die or else he becomes Lucifer 2.0. Hopefully it happens this season, likely in the finale. I assume Michael!Dean isn't done yet. I assume, despite him being gone for now, that he'll jump back into Dean's body at some point.
  15. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    I kinda wish they weren't going this Revenge route with Nick, as I fear it'll turn into him having killed his family. I always thought the demons killed his family to push him into saying yes, so with it possibly being Lucifer choosing Nick because he's some psycho murderer? That doesn't interest me. If we have to keep Pellegrino, I would have actually liked to see him play the actual good guy trying to deal with his Lucifer PTSD. I wish it was going that way but I'm pretty sure it's not.