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  1. Listening to Tamar is exhausting. She's just spewing the same anti-Kandi shit over and over.
  2. Tamar's still bitching about Kandi. Eva Marie and Lolo are trying to calm her down to keep her quiet, but Tamar isn't having it. I don't get why these two women are enabling Tamar and actively want her in their group but....it is what it is!
  3. So now Kandi seems to have noticed Eva Marie's behaviour change toward her and now she may be gravitating toward Jonathan/Joey/Ryan/Dina. Again, Jonathan needs to get Ryan to put up...actually maybe Lolo now, or Tamar, in order for him to have a shot of staying. I think....this is only night 1 and after an hour and a half of boring feeds, it feels like we just went through an entire week. I guess because THEY went through almost an entire week!
  4. Totally. I know Jonathan had two chances to play for veto and could have won it, so technically him leaving would be partially his fault....but nah, I'd rather blame production for these stupid motherfucking twists that they think are so clever and so fun. No, show, they're stupid, complicated, and totally pointless.
  5. Well...I think the people behind the twists would think it's genius to have a fake player and hide it from everyone until the show officially started. Plus, it lines up with what some of the houseguests were saying in the feed leaks about a crazy week. However, it makes zero sense as to why they had this twist in the first place if the Mooch was just going to leave before the feeds turned on. It's just going to get everyone pissed off AND now Jonathan's probably leaving because of the seven different twists happening in the first week.
  6. Ok, so here's what it sounds like: Mooch was never a real player. He fooled everyone not in on this big twist. Ryan won HOH and Jonathan got nominated. Mooch/Tom are the other two noms Ricky won veto and decided not to use it At some point, it's discovered that Mooch is a twist and he's taken out of the game and Kandi is put up in his place Another veto is played; Kato wins Kato takes down Tom, or will take down Tom tomorrow. Ryan will have to nominate another nominee ????
  7. Ah, so there were....two POVs. Ricky won the first. Mooch was discovered to be a fake houseguest?? And I guess Kato won the second? And is going to take Tom off? What?
  8. Holy shit. Ricky actually won veto and Kandi replaced Mooch!
  9. Well, I guess it's time to start mourning the eviction of Jonathan. I'm fairly certain his game is screwed if he keeps hanging out with Joey and Ryan.
  10. Yeah, Tamar's not getting to the end of the game. Ricky is absolutely not on Tamar's side. I think he'd happily vote her out if she was the replacement nom next to Kandi.
  11. So, the chances of Jonathan leaving on Friday started at 5% and now has shot up to 70% and it might climb higher, depending on a replacement nom.
  12. Tom/Kato confirming a F2, talking about their alliance and getting the strongest person out this week (presumably Jonathan).
  13. Does Tamar think that she can actually get Kandi out on Friday??
  14. And...Tamar STILL bitching about Kandi. She's gonna try to get Kandi out. I kind of want Ryan to put up Tamar tomorrow just to see what would happen. Jonathan would surely be safe, then!
  15. Tamar: It's not good for me. I'm not doing this anymore. Mmmhmmm.