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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I feel like they have to continue giving accurate spoilers now, or else they lose the attention that they've been getting. So IF this first HOH spoiler is true, if Vegas wasn't just throwing a hissy fit over the drama they got themselves into, I'm interested in how thing work out in the first week.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Ok, so this whole Vegasforsure thing is a REAL mess right now. I recommend, if you're curious about the situation, to actually go to Reddit thread to read about it, because insiders be cray-cray, yo. But anyway, Vegas posted the first HOH, who is Tyler. No noms have been made yet. Vegas is also moving to Twitter to post maybe spoilers? Maybe? I dunno; they're really attention-seeking, which is why I doubt they'll quit posting spoilers for this season. I do think they MAY have burned their bridge with BB, though. They doxxed a couple of people who felt were bullying them on Reddit and now people are pissed. We'll see about that and if anything actually comes of it. But that's all off-topic; what is important is that we may or may not be getting spoilers this season (I feel 75% sure we will), but it'll probably be in a more limited capacity.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Update on that: vegas quit Reddit after some issues arose on Reddit earlier, so there may not be spoilers for the summer. I say may not, because for all we know, vegas will return at some point. Though, they did spoil the first HOH for the summer before they left.
  4. I mean, I count Gideon as a character :) Amy Pemberton is never forgotten by me, even if she's mostly just a voice on the show. But still, there are seven actresses in a series regular role even if you don't count Gideon.
  5. So, with the announcement of Courtney Ford joining as a regular, and with Ali announced as a regular, it's awesome to see more female regulars than male regulars. That seems like a rarity in an ensemble show nowadays. We will have seven female regulars for sure, and four male regulars, unless they add in one more male character. But still, that is super awesome. I'm pretty sure Ali won't actually be a werewolf. If she is, though, I'm going to laugh.
  6. That's awesome! Now, we have six female regulars and four male regulars so far. I imagine they'll introduce their main Big Bad, who will join the cast as a series regular as well, and who knows if they'll add on one more new Legend.
  7. Probably true. I guess the line to end the interview on is so incredibly odd and kind of unnecessary. Also, it makes it sound like she was forced to move to Atlanta and she grew bitter that she had to stay there for so many months. I mean, she's worked in Atlanta before. TVD, I'm pretty sure, filmed there in the last season that Nathalie was in. So she did know what she was getting into when she took the role. I guess it could go either way. I don't know much about Nathalie so I can't determine whether it was a choice she made, or whether the producers made it for her. NK did just make an Instagram post about her departure (and it sounds like they're not even recasting CC, though her uncertainty with CC's future in the above interview makes it sound like they might) and it does sound like she may not have enjoyed Dynasty that much. She doesn't seem that upset over leaving.
  8. They could do a recast on Cristal as well. Re-reading Nathalie's statement, her whole "I have my life back" line sounds like there's some behind the scenes drama between her and the producers. So they could bring Cristal back...with a different actress. It doesn't sound like Nathalie wants to return to the show, anyway. Not that it's a shame, since the actress isn't very good.
  9. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    I do feel bad for Eden. Is she annoying sometimes? Of course. But looking at her situation, she truly doesn't know any better. Plus, Nick treats her like crap without realizing the consequences. All she's doing is trying to fulfill the role she was told that she had to play, but Nick won't even exchange some simple conversational words with her. He doesn't look at her, he only talks to her when he has to, and he really doesn't treat her well. It's not her fault either that they're in this situation, and she doesn't really have anyone there by her side. Plus, she's still a child, so she doesn't have the life before Gilead that Nick does, besides maybe a few short years of remembering a time before Gilead. I do think she's sympathetic more than annoying, though. Fred and Serena really are quite perfect for each other. They're both very despicable people who have issues with lack of power. Fred throws a temper tantrum because he has lost a lot of his power since the bombing, so he rapes June to induce labour. Serena throws a temper tantrum because she can't get rid of June fast enough and seems to be struggling with the idea of Gilead and she can't tolerate feeling torn about her decisions for the first time, so she gives Fred the idea to rape June and holds her down. Though June does not deserve what has happened, and I was horrified by the rape scene, she really needs to stop the smirking. Unless she's on her own suicide mission, her time is running out in terms of being protected. She thinks she's so safe so she can get away with the taunting and smirking, and sure, she should be finding a way to get out of Gilead. But maybe don't do it in a way that'll end up in a body bag instead. I'm surprised June is naive to think that she can taunt the Waterfords so much and think that they'd just let her go without harm. June seems to have no plan and is completely reckless. There's a way to be rebellious that doesn't include complete stupidity. But back to that horrific scene, seriously, I did feel awful for June. She didn't want this and I can't blame her for her state afterward. I don't care how guilty Serena or Fred may or may not have felt; they still went through with it. I did like Hannah and June's meeting. I thought it was emotional and it was well written. Poor girl, now named Agnes, has to be confused at this point, but good that she still knew who her mother was and ultimately trusted her. I don't know if Nick got shot. He could have been knocked out instead, and rewatching the scene frame by frame, there was definitely only one shot, into the ground, and before the camera cut back to June, the other guard was clearly swinging at Nick. I'm not sure whether Fred had a hand in it, but I don't think so. Fred knows that he'd get in trouble for allowing a Handmaid to see her biological child, so he'd be punished for it. But him giving June her wish to see Hannah is something that an abusive partner would do after harming them, and with the previous June/Fred scene in the episode, I think it was his sick way of making it seem like he was trying to repent for his sin of raping a pregnant Handmaiden, which has to be illegal or frowned upon in Gilead. As for Nick's fate, I do think the guards being there was planned. They seemed too frantic to get Nick in the car, to grab his keys, and get out of there. Unless Fred was in on it and his plan was to get revenge on Nick for impregnating June, which could also be it. But again, going back to my above point in that it's still risky for Fred.
  10. That's....a really odd choice. Did they really decide to get rid of Cristal for Alexis? I know Alexis staying was always inevitable, but I didn't expect Cristal to be pushed away for it to happen...unless Cristal is just sidelined in the hospital and will return at some point. But it doesn't sound like Nathalie knows if she's coming back, or has even been told. I guess the other possibility is that she's flat out lying and there's a huge storyline for her that she can't reveal.
  11. S05.E07: Acceptable Losses 2018.06.19

    Everyone really does suck on this show in some regard. We've seen people go from mildly shady characters to outright mass murderers. Clarke's done it, Bellamy's done it, Kane and Abby have done it, so now it's Octavia's turn. I've hated each and every single one of them at the time when they've been at their worst, so it's no surprise I'm not a fan of Octavia right now. But for me, Octavia's biggest weakness is that she's on a power trip and desperately trying to cling onto it. Everyone's free now, which means they don't have to listen to Octavia, which means she needs to fight three times as harder to get them to listen to her. They may listen now, but I think she knows deep down that they'll turn on her sooner, rather than later. Her hope seems to be that they'll take over the Valley and then she can continue to rule over them, withhold resources, and whatever else. And her "bonding" with Madi isn't so much bonding as her bringing her closer so that nobody can touch the only Nightblood that could destroy her. She could very well like the kid (I don't personally think so) but she is also very clearly using her, in my opinion, to establish her dominance toward Clarke. She's taking Madi out to fight after one session, for goodness sake. She isn't there to be Madi's mentor; she's there to remind her crew that she's the leader. Also, I'll establish this: I wouldn't have as much of an issue with the Bunker Games strategy for culling the population due to a shortage in the food and whatever....if Octavia hadn't established the Games around day 50 for other reasons. Octavia's initial reasoning for the Bunker Games wasn't about food, but about punishing people who were being disobedient. I get there may not have been many other options there, but it wasn't about a shortage of food, so that bugs me. That bunker has gone through a lot of death, and Octavia does have more blood than Clarke and Bellamy at this point. She's culled more than 400 people. She can point out Clarke and Bellamy's mass murders all she wants; she isn't wrong that they've also killed massive amounts of people for what they thought were the right reasons. But they can also point out Octavia's high body count now, as well. Abby annoys me now; she never used to annoy me this much before. I actually wouldn't be sad, at this point, if she died. Kane is being frustratingly annoying again as well, which is a shame as he used to be a favourite of mine. I see there are going to be cracks in the Raven/Echo friendship because Echo sold out Raven's future boyfriend. I mean, it's typical Echo and I don't disagree with her methods. I get Raven had more time to establish a bond with Shaw, but I'm a little annoyed in where that may be heading. I want Raven to be happy, but I don't want her choosing a boy over her own Spacekru. Dyioza is seriously great. I roll my eyes a bit at the pregnancy reveal, but I get why they wrote it in due to the actress' pregnancy, and the eventual questions on why the character wasn't getting her hands dirty with fighting. They could have cast a stunt double in that case, but they went a story route. Plus, first possible baby post Praimfaiya? And also first actual baby for the show?
  12. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Correction to my original post: four sinks...in the bathroom.
  13. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    From the CBS photos, it looks like just a new pool table. Also, what people noted is that the memory wall is missing key slots. A possible return to the wheel for the nom ceremonies????
  14. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Another interview, talking a little more about the premiere twists: Sounds like there are three comps on premiere night in addition to the HOH competition, with game wielding power and two punishments. It's unclear if the three comps will be one power, two punishment kind of deal BB App Store still sounds dumb Also, the other HOH cam is in the living room, facing toward the chairs, not toward the bedrooms. So no cameras for HOH to watch in the bedrooms.