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  1. Except Drizella even said in this episode during the curse casting scene that she couldn't cast the curse because she didn't have the last ingredient, or whatever. If anything, Drizella just managed to write down the "rules" down but she never actually enacted them, since it was Regina's blood that started the curse. I guess, if Regina had more time to stall, she could have switched her and Drizella's roles, in which Drizella was the one to forget while Regina remembered. Also, is Storybrooke and Hyperion Heights not in the same world? Because couldn't Regina drag Henry there and get his mom and other magical beings to help with the Henry dying conundrum? I mean, it's not like they haven't dealt with similar situations before. Drizella's poison seemed awfully vague too. Does it not have a cure? Is it only aggravated with magic? Is it tied to Henry's memories? Can't he be awoken and then still be fine? Also, I'm confused as to how many people were dragged from The Disenchanted Forest to Hyperion Heights/San Francisco. Also, how can the cursed people be in two separate cities? Does that mean there are other cursed individuals elsewhere in America? Does it travel globally? Should I even care if the main characters don't? Because the ones who are awake are damn selfish if they end up not caring about anyone else cursed. Man, I miss season 1, when things made sense. Every cursed person was trapped in town. Henry cared about breaking the curse so everyone could be happy. Regina and Rumple were formidable villains and their motivations didn't feel half assed, and there was no need for three different Big Bads in the span of 10 episodes. Yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it. None of it made sense because they either ended up contradicting itself with the series itself (or even in the same scene) or they made a vague statement about something and then didn't bother to explain it further, which made it seem like a contradiction. I guess all I got from the episode is that Gothel took Drizella's magic and gave it to Anastacia, who seems to have quite a bit of power that Gothel wants to manipulate, she tossed Drizella down a well with Rapunzel/Tremaine/Victoria, and....Henry will probably not die when the curse is broken, but they're totally playing it like he is. I assume someone will take his poisoned heart and die in his place. Now, bets on who that'll be? If the showrunners are actually listening to the critiques, it'll be Jacinda who makes the heroic sacrifice, and at least that gets rid of one of the major problems (and there are MANY, but that's a huge biggie). Then, they'd just have to deal with Lucy, fix the writing, make Henry more interesting somehow, etc.
  2. Basically to put him and Lucy in it to send them to a Land Without Magic. Well, that's bullshit because in that case, if you just cast the curse once, you can cast it as many times as you want. Also, the gang putting a statue Drizella up in their yard was disturbing and very unheroic. Come on! Did they turn into the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia with their statue trophies being on their property for all to see? She said see you in eight years, and eight years later, you....don't do anything? Sure, blood magic and all, but you'd think you would want to be more cautious. This finale is irritating me more than I thought it did.
  3. My overall, general thought throughout the episode? What the hell is this shit? No, really. Did I miss stuff, or did they completely contradict themselves in the episode several times? For example, the curse. Drizella stated that she couldn't get the last ingredient with the crushed heart of the one the curse creator loves most, so she gets Regina to do it. Only to...apparently not need that ingredient, after all? Would she not have needed to crush Henry's heart, then? Or is poison apparently enough? So, there really was an eight year gap before the curse was cast. I guess they attempted to explain it with the passing comment about time moving differently, I laughed when Henry's TLK with Lucy didn't work. An Emma/Henry breaking curse kiss, it was not. Minimal Jacinda, which was for the best. Her acting in the hospital was all around bad. I am disappointed that they really have gone full steam ahead with Henry/Jacinderella. I did like Zelena/Regina scenes, and I did enjoy Robin and Alice. The Gothel betraying Drizella scene was predictable. I mean, obviously she was going to end up being the Real Big Bad (unless Ana becomes the next Real Big Bad?) But yeah. I felt confused and did not like half of the episode. Annoyance, shoddy writing, annoying cinematography to be "creepy" and "ominous", and horrible flow from one scene to another.
  4. Brad Kern has been under investigation for sexual harassment claims last year There's mentions of it going on even since Charmed. Krista Vernoff was a young writer and details some accounts during production of the show. Sounds like he went after all the women, whether it was writers, producers, or the actresses themselves (he apparently made fun of Alyssa Milano's weight once and then critiqued Playbook pictures of Shannen) And you know what? I have absolutely no surprise with this coming out. None at all, even as a fan of the show. The Halliwells were always dressed scantily clad, especially in the seasons when Kern took over.
  5. I mean, if they kill Victoria off, I won't give a shit because she's been in about 12 scenes total before her centric episode. She's had no purpose until this last episode, when she actually did something. They've done a shit job at exploring her character. She's been more of an annoyance than anything. But they probably do want Gothel to be the actual Big Bad and since they're cycling through the Big Bads this season, they may want to get rid of one. Or, since Adelaide Kane isn't a regular, they could just kill off Drizella/Ivy, which would piss me off because I care about her more than Gothel and Victoria/Rapunzel combined.
  6. I agree with this. I think Lucy's purpose for this season is not as well established as Henry's role in the first season. First off, we don't really have a clear picture on how she knows what she knows, or why she is gunning so hard for Henry/Jacinda. I think they tried to explain it with Henry being the Author of the fairy tales, but I also feel like I'm also wrong as they barely acknowledged it before they moved on to some other plot. Henry's purpose in the first season was to find his biological mother and get her to break the curse. What was clear from the start was that Henry figured it out on his own because he was old enough to realize things were off, he wasn't part of the curse and had no curse memories, nor did Regina bother to use her magic to make him think that everything was normal, and we also learned very early on that it was Mary Margaret that gave him the fairy tale book to jump start Henry's motivation to find Emma. His purpose was to break the curse. It wasn't just because he didn't like his adoptive mom, knew she was the Evil Queen, and wanted to live with Emma instead. He knew Emma needed to come to Storybrooke to break the curse, to give not just him a happy ending, but to give everyone in the town their happy ending. Lucy's motivation this season is to...whine about how her parents need to be together. No mention of breaking Victoria's (now Drizella's) curse so that they can be free. We don't even know if anyone outside of the main cast is cursed! For all we know, the main cast members got cursed and transported to an actual established city! And they're also dropping in random supporting characters, like Nick, when they're needed for the plot, despite having no mention on where he's been up until now. Lucy is so two dimensional that if you took her out of the story, the season doesn't really change. It would get rid of the annoying whining of this supposed True Love between Henry and Jacinda, and it doesn't give Henry a reason to come to Hyperion Heights in the first place (they literally could have had him driving and stumbling into Hyperion Heights, where he'd meet Jacinda and blahblahblah True Love inserted here), but Lucy has barely been needed. Not only that, but Henry was smarter in his first season. He was reckless, much like Lucy, but he had his own motivations and beliefs. He never gave up, even when Emma told him several times that she just didn't believe him, even when she tried to get him to stay with Regina. Didn't Regina also try to make Emma look like a criminal several times to get Henry to stop having a relationship with her and it didn't work? I mean, Regina tried REALLY hard to get rid of Emma in season 1 and it failed each time. Yet, Victoria tells Lucy the truth about the curse, then shows Jacinda kissing Nick, and that gets Lucy to stop believing? I was led to believe in the first couple of episodes that Lucy had some knowledge and some proof that her grandmother cast this evil dark curse and that she knew for sure that Jacinda was Cinderella and Henry was her father. But it became clear throughout the season so far that she's just guessing based off of....Henry's book, I guess? And that she's still as cursed as they are. Also, the major problem with this reboot is that they not only had Victoria, the supposed villain, appear very rarely until the last week, but they had EVERYONE cursed and basically treated the reboot as if this was their world, instead of them all being cursed. Weaver was cursed for many episodes until he was "awoken", had one line calling Victoria dearie and then was promptly ignored until the last episode, when he got to acknowledge that he knew that he was Rumple. Compare that to season 1's Gold/Rumple, when we guessed very early on after the first episode that he knew, and he got to have these shady conversations with Regina. We didn't even get official confirmation that Regina knew until a few episodes in. I mean, it was painfully obvious that she knew she was the Evil Queen, but she never said it aloud or went into her magic vault until a few episodes in. But they still played the first season with the knowledge that everyone was cursed and it had to be broken. This reboot has been treating the flashbacks and the present day scenes as if they're two different shows.
  7. I mean, I won't be watching tomorrow night, and wasn't planning on it anyway. I was originally planning to go to the movies, but knowing how insane it's going to be on the Star Wars opening night, I'm watching other shows on at that time instead. Also, having stopped watching the show around late season 4 and only read up on what happened until the end of last season, I still don't care about Zelena, so I don't care about her return.
  8. Rory Regan, also known as Ragman. He basically was a really great new character because he didn't feel like a replacement to a previous (or even current) team member. He was quiet and reserved but with a dry yet witty sense of humour. His superpower was also somewhat fresh; he basically had magic rags that covered his body, which was the only bit of magic on Arrow I could stand. Basically, there was a lot of positive feedback with his character and Arrow chose to write him off by getting him to stop a bomb by himself with his rags, which destroyed his rags, and then he hasn't been heard from since. It really made zero sense to get rid of his character when his was the only new one that got any good feedback, and it makes no sense why they never tried to bring him back or mention him. Oh! Though I just discovered on his Wikipedia that his suit was featured on the Doomworld episode (one of the suits that Damien had on his trophy shelf).
  9. I liked this midseason finale a lot. It really cemented that as many flaws as the show has, it has just as many strengths. I loved seeing Yvette's nightmare. I think establishing her as more than some guardian angel, or whatever, is important for the show to do, so it helped ease my annoyance/dislike of her once knowing more about her, as if she was an actual human being. I liked seeing her insecurities about finding the first righteous. I thought this was the first episode they've finally used Yvette in a way that made me like her. Also, her scene with Tyler was pretty nice. It's great to see Yvette showing herself to other people. Well, Amy is a college professor so once exam season starts for students, the professors usually have a lighter work load. So I imagine she could have started right after Thanksgiving and worked bit by bit throughout the month of December. I loved the return of Sam and how he ended up helping, as well as Ben and Lucille. Actually, I love continuity like this. Some shows don't bother to do this, so I'm glad this show actually brought them back in for a purpose in helping Kevin. I liked Amy/Reese decorating the house for Christmas. I'm going to assume the decorating took place over many days. I do like Iggy, but I get that Nate/Amy seems like the more likely pairing. And I do like Nate quite a bit. He was awfully sweet to divert traffic so Amy's work could be seen. I mean, for a TV show, it was kind of sweet. In real life, people would be pissed off to take a detour. So, with the first righteous being a newborn, I assume they won't have the 34 others not yet born, but are they going to come in all different ages? Also, I assume they'll speed up the process somehow. I just don't know what they'll do to get that to happen.
  10. Well, at least Thea will get her happy ending with Roy. That is a positive thing for me, as breaking the two up in season 3 was an idea I did not like at all, especially for DJ League of Assassins. I just hate that now there's another character I like gone. That now leaves only four characters I care about (OTA+Quentin, but even Quentin doesn't appear in every episode). I know Thea has barely been in the last two seasons, but I still had hope of her getting something to do. Nah, my mistake, I guess! Roy's return is just going to make me resent Nope Team Arrow even more.
  11. From the Ratings & Scheduling thread: I do think Cody has prejudice toward transgender people for sure, but I remember this discussion going on during BB19 that provided some more perspective, in that Cody grew up in a very different environment than most of us probably have. Cody isn't a perfect individual and he's said some bad stuff in his season, but he surprisingly wasn't the worst offender. From what other people have said when this issue was going on, some people in the military share the same viewpoint as Cody. Maybe even growing up in a small town, it didn't allow for Cody to see differing viewpoints. Unfortunately, it's not an uncommon thing and with transgender issues, sadly and very unfortunately, only becoming prevalent in the media in the last decade (I know the issue has been around a lot longer, but it hasn't been talked about until the last 10-15 years, if that), not everyone will have the material readily available to see the other viewpoints. Also, I don't share his views and don't agree with his political affiliations, but I'm not watching reality TV for that stuff. From what I saw from Cody on the live feeds, I liked him. He shared a lot of my game views and was a different type of stereotype that reality TV usually doesn't cast for. He was still nice to the people that he liked and he stood up for them. He's not the most stand-up guy, but he wasn't some despicable bully either. Sadly, in terms of his particular season, that made him more enjoyable to watch. Plus, I think with TAR being edited, we will get the better side to Cody and Jess, no matter how long they stick around. They're both fierce competitors. Cody, in particular, did very well in many of the competitions, both physical and mental. It's ok to not like Cody. I thought I'd dislike him too, but I ended up enjoying his personality quite a bit.
  12. Taking this over to the Cody/Jessica thread.
  13. So, here are the press releases for the first four episodes back, from Spoilertv: Jan. 9 (8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EST) – Episode 5010 – “Sanctuary” In the season 5B premiere, Ximena and Callie are still in the church seeking sanctuary from ICE. The Adams Fosters’ offer support to the Sinfuego family as they struggle with their immigration status. Jan. 16 (8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EST) – Episode 5011 – “Invisible” Callie actively helps to make Ximena’s fight visible. Meanwhile, Brandon and Grace struggle to be intimate knowing her diagnosis and Mariana is suddenly courted by multiple suitors. Jan. 23 (8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EST) – Episode 5012 – “#IWasMadeInAmerica” Callie and her friends support Ximena in a big way at a conservative anti-immigration rally and get a lot of buzz for Ximena’s plight. Meanwhile, an unlikely source offers a key piece of evidence that may help save Anchor Beach from going private and the family celebrates Stef’s birthday. Jan. 30 (8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EST) – Episode 5013 – “Third Wheels” Brandon and Grace plan the ultimate senior prank which ends up going a little too far. Mariana and Mat make a huge decision about the future of their relationship.
  14. For me, I started really appreciating Roy in season 3, because there was much of season 3 I couldn't stand. But Roy? Roy's character growth that season was top notch, and I really disliked when he left because I realized I would really miss him. And I have, especially with his scenes with Thea. Colton and Willa have always had some really great scenes, and it gave Thea something to do with a character around her age (I think Roy is a bit older than Thea). Starting with season 4, Thea didn't have a whole lot to do. The Anarky arc was fun, but her romantic arc with What's His Face wasn't good at all, and then her episode count got dropped drastically. Which is why I very much anticipate Roy/Thea scenes when he returns. If they are looking to let Willa go at the end of this season, or if she chooses to leave, I wonder if they'll let Thea go off with Roy. I suspect that would be the best exit for Thea.
  15. I'm partially dreading the 12 minute scene where half of it is berating Kevin for daring to have an addiction in the first place and the other half is talking about Jack's death and how they're ALL affected by it or whatever. I mean, that family needs therapy, no doubt about it, but I wouldn't think family therapy at Kevin's rehab is not necessarily the place to start hashing out all the family issues, especially since I bet it does become about Jack and less about Kevin at some point (I've never done anything like this, though, so I don't know how it works). I get Kevin's issues stem from his family issues and Jack's death, but I'm not going to be surprised when the other characters start talking about how much they've been affected by Jack's death. I would think that this therapy session should mostly be about Kevin, but when has that ever happened on this show? The show usually has the family at something for Kevin's, but then their personal issues get in the way and suddenly, Kevin's low on the priority list.