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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So...more NTA stuff. This season is NTA-heavy. I would really love the person who used to calculate main character screen-time by episode/season to come back and do it for this season. Because, at this point, I feel like NTA screen-time has surpassed Diggle and Felicity, and is almost on par with Oliver's. And people complained season 4 was Felicity and Friends. It really, really wasn't, numbers-wise, not like with NTA this season. I see Stephen is back in California as well. It's going to be a struggle to get through 6x19 and 6x20, that's for sure.
  2. Karen Page: Friend, Mediator, Non-Caped Crusader

    I feel like I'm going to be re-binging both seasons of Daredevil after I get around to watching The Punisher because I remember really loving Karen in both seasons. I can understand her not being everyone's cup of tea, but after Matt's obsession with Elektra in season 2 and his obsession with keeping secrets from everyone, I find Karen more of a breath of fresh air for me. I wonder if I'll feel the same way if I do go back to rewatch. I do know that season 2 had my favourite DD pairing of Karen and Frank, so I'm super excited to watch her in The Punisher now. As for Karen and Matt, I think I remember shipping them in season 1, but once Frank popped into the picture and once I realized that Matt was never going to care for Karen on the level that she deserves, I stopped shipping them pretty quickly.
  3. Small Talk: In The Settlement The Outpost in the Media Cast in Other Roles: Gather the Troops
  4. So, the promo pictures for "I, Ava" are out. If the title didn't expose the Ava secret, this promo picture certainly will.
  5. S01.E08: The Defenders

    I'll read through the thread more after I write my thoughts on the finale. But man, was this final episode really, really damn good. A lot happened, which is what I've been waiting for from this series. So many different pairings being used, which was great to see. Ok, yes, I am not ashamed that I did cry at Matt's "death" and the reactions afterward. Karen and Foggy's realization when Matt didn't walk through that door shattered me inside. And yes, Jessica totally teared up when the building came down. I thought the fight scenes were well done. Do I wish they had brightened them up more? Of course. I did enjoy the Matt/Elektra fight. For how toxic their relationship has been, Charlie and Elodie do have chemistry that made it tolerable for me. It's too bad Matt didn't fare too well because of it. I enjoyed every single aspect of the climax. Poor Misty; she didn't get the whole story and got caught in the crossfire. Now, part of me wants to go back and try to finish Luke Cage so I can see what's in store for season 2 with her. I'll probably continue to skip Iron Fist. He was a weak spot in this series, though only tolerable because of everyone treating him like a dumb little shit. It was nice to see Jessica and Luke's scenes. I actually have grown an appreciation for their relationship. Colleen/Danny are....well, they're there. I do like Colleen, but I don't think I can stomach 13 hours of Iron Fist, or a season 2 of Iron Fist. Now with the reveal that Matt is, indeed, alive, I need to see everyone's reactions on Daredevil season 3. That means bringing back the Defenders for, like, an episode. I know this was a miniseries, but part of me would not be opposed for another season down the line. I did like everyone working together and if they can incorporate the supporting characters more, I'd be down for more Defenders. I think their biggest misstep was having too many scenes of the Hand and not enough of the Defenders themselves.
  6. S01.E07: Fish in the Jailhouse

    So, with Danny's utter stupidity, I'm glad I never watched Iron Fist. I like Colleen better than Danny. Can she be the lead in Iron Fist instead of Dumbass Danny? Matt's even smarter than this guy, and Matt's made a lot of stupid mistakes for love. Yeah, the Hand has been boring me for a few episodes now. We're an episode away from being done and I STILL don't know what their purpose is, besides blowing up New York or whatever. They needed to get to the plot three episodes ago. However, Elektra just did a better job than all five members of the Hand. I liked the Matt/Foggy scene at the beginning. It really is great to get some scenes with them, especially knowing how strained their relationship is (all because of Matt, of course). But Charlie Cox sold that scene well, with his confusion and need to get out of there while trying to deal with a resurrected Elektra. As for Karen, I get her worrying, but she's also the one who sympathized with Frank in Daredevil, so I think she's biased toward one while not fully understanding what Matt does and why he does it. I think that should be a big part of DD season 3, which would be needed to bring Matt, Foggy, and Karen closer together again. It was funny to see the police underestimate Matt because of their lack of knowledge of his abilities. I also like that Matt, at least, has Foggy as a friend to think about what happens to him and Daredevil after all of this is over. Too bad Foggy's assumption is that Matt will put away the suit for good, while it's clear that Matt is not putting the suit away. I will say, even with Jessica and Luke without a costume, and Matt in his ridiculous Daredevil costume, they still look like a better team than the three of them with Danny. Yep; I also loved Elektra beating Danny up. It was very satisfying.
  7. S01.E06: Ashes, Ashes

    Heh. That opening scene made me chuckle because without his stupid glowing fist, Danny's not really that great. They keep saying that he was trained by monks, but they didn't seem to train him well enough without his glowing fist. Also, I did find his reason for turning on them rather ridiculous. I thought Stick, for once, was making perfect sense. They all knew that they needed Danny alive, so the best way to halt the war from happening would be to keep Danny away from it. I'm not sure why he suddenly went "Well, I need to be in this fight" essentially which would give them more chances to capture him. Of course, this plan easily backfired anyway, but I think it was just supposed to be a temporary plan until they could figure their next move out. Plus, the fight scene was pretty cool between Danny and Matt. The other tension between the group worked better. It's nice to see more people getting pissed by Matt being secretive. You'd think he would have learned by now. Despite my annoyance for Matt, I do consider Charlie Cox the best actor of the four. He is very expressive, both in bigger and smaller expressions. Krysten Ritter follows close behind, but both characters are just so dark. Which is why I love that this show has paired them together and Luke/Danny, the "lighter" characters, together. Both have interesting dynamics. As much as I like Sigourney Weaver, I think there are too many scenes with the Hand and not enough on our main group. I get the purpose, but in eight episodes, there isn't enough time to waste on the villains and them bemoaning about working together for one common goal. A couple of scenes are fine; I just feel like they're using them TOO much. Of course, now Elektra's killed Alexandra so what now? Is Elektra really going to be the new leader? And what is her plan with Matt? Seriously, Danny needs to stop whining, and I can say with certainty that a weak spot in this series is that it's focused around Danny. He's solid around Luke, but he also whines too much. Listen Danny the Dragon Puncher, if you hadn't been so insistent in going out to be this lone Fist, you wouldn't have been knocked out in two minutes and tied up. Stick's death didn't really impact me. He's been a pain for two seasons now, so it was his time to go. As pragmatic as he could be, he was too unpredictable to keep around. I liked him getting shit done, but his death wasn't particularly a big sacrifice for me.
  8. S01.E05: Take Shelter

    I will say, everyone calling Danny an idiot makes me smile every time. He really is a dumbass who should know better, but doesn't. Oh, please no, Defenders, don't turn Matt back into the Elektra-obsessed Matt in DD season 2 that made me dislike him. I like Elektra, but she makes Matt an asshole. I mean, I understand that Matt's always been this brooding, secretive vigilante, which is why I can understand Karen and Foggy's frustration with him continuing to go out and be this vigilante. Matt needs to be more open and honest at some point, because it hasn't fared well for him in his two seasons of DD nor so far here. It was nice to see all of the Defenders' closest loved ones in a room together. And, just like last episode with the group being the most curious by Matt, they are also the most impressed by his skills as Daredevil. I'm all for it. But yeah, he deserved to be yelled at for the Elektra secret. This better bite him in the ass....again. Seriously, I really do like Elektra but since she's making Matt be a total lovestruck idiot, she does need to die permanently. Well, Sawonde lost his head, so I guess the hand also lost a finger. I'm going to guess he was the pinky? If not, then the Hand are in trouble. Heh.
  9. S01.E04: Royal Dragon

    The four coming together and interacting was even better than I thought it would be. I think I love everybody's incredulousness at Matt, in all honesty. Everyone was mocking Danny's "I'm the Immortal Iron Fist!" declaration, which is far because he must have said it three times in the last two episodes. Danny was more dismissive of Jessica and "whatever she was", which did make me chuckle. And nobody seemed to really care about Luke being unbreakable. But Matt, the blind man, who is basically a ninja and can do hardcore parkour? Maybe it was because Matt kept being secretive about it, but the fascination with him was hilarious. Danny and Luke together certainly make for an interesting bromance. They kind of make each other better for me. Luke gets to be funny, and Danny doesn't whine (I'm four episodes in and 70% of Danny's dialogue has been whining in some way). Interesting that Matt is keeping the Elektra thing a secret for now. I don't think the group is going to take well to that being let out. It probably is also helpful information that Elektra is resurrected. I also find Matt and Stick's dynamic fascinating. The contempt Matt holds toward Stick is great. It made me chuckle with Danny standing up to Matt about Matt being Mr. Sourpuss when Stick is giving them (well, him) answers and Matt shut him down like he's a child. I mean, Matt's not wrong; he's kind of been through some shit with Stick and the Hand. I also like Stick standing up for Matt, but also tearing him down for "suiting up" and only beating muggers. Jessica being the one to initially walk out makes sense. Matt may not want to get into the vigilante life anymore, but he knows the Hand very well. Jessica, in the meantime, is a lone wolf who needed an extra push to stick around. I did get reminded of Jessica/Luke being a thing, but I never liked them as a couple, so their scenes were just ok. It was nice to have that connection going on. So, we get some answers on the Hand and on Alexandra. I imagine the fifth Hand is still alive and will be returning to New York soon. I'm not thrilled that Alexandra is interested in Danny (because I'm not interested in THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST), but hopefully something good can come out of that soon. I find myself most interested in Matt and Jessica, and at least they got a bit more to work with this episode. At least, Matt did because he hasn't had much to do since the first episode. That being said, they need to pick it up. We're already halfway done with the series. It feels like there's been so few fight scenes and things actually happening. Hopefully, now that we got a lot of the exposition out of the way, shit can start happening.
  10. S05.E13: Principia

    I'm not sure if they ever mentioned how long Kasius was in charge, but he was in charge before Deke was born, since Deke was one of the last naturally born humans, if not the last. But Deke's mother died when he was nine. I'm not sure how old Deke is supposed to be (perhaps around the actor's age, which is early 30s), but she's been gone for at least two decades. I'm also curious on the timeline from Jemma and Fitz having their daughter to Deke's present day 2091. It seems like Jemma and Fitz must have had their daughter well after the world ended.
  11. S05.E13: Principia

    I do have to take back my statement in my original post about Elena's prosthetic arms. I finally got to watch the first ten minutes and realized that Fitz was working on her arms. Man, cranky Fitz is cranky. But I can also see why hanging around Deke is exhausting. Not that he doesn't have a right to be fascinated with this new world, but constantly talking about it must get frustrating after a point. I also understand that part of it was to play around with the Deke is Fitzsimmons' grandson angle that was hidden from the characters until the end of this episode, which I was a lot less bothered by the second watch around. I noted that Deke actually showcased how much of Fitzsimmons' intelligence he inherited, which they have been subtly planting throughout the season anyway. He just wasn't educated in order to hone in on his intelligence. At the very least, he has the potential to be smart like his grandparents. Likely not on the same level, but higher than they assume he has now. I did chuckle at Deke's meeting with his "mom". He seemed like such a little kid in that moment, putting down the knife when she told him to, his sheer embarrassment when she talked about Daisy, and his wide eyed stare when he saw her. This may be the first episode where I actually liked Deke. I also loved the weird look Fitz gave Deke at the end when Deke was staring at him like a wonderous lovestruck fool. It's like Deke was seeing them for the first time, with fresh eyes (which he really was). I also liked Coulson's constant insistence that they need to let him die, followed by Daisy and May not letting that happen. Coulson's death really is his choice, but it is nice to see the two closest people to him are willing to fight for him. Did Elena even tell everyone about Old Yo-Yo's message about needing to let Coulson die in order to save the world? Because I can't remember if it's been brought up. Ultimately, I'm fascinated with how Jemma and Fitz will put together the Deke connection. Will Hale end up telling them? Will she do it by kidnapping one of the three of them? Will Deke let them in on what he discovered? Will they figure it out themselves? This show does tend to do the unexpected, so I'm excited to find out how it happens.
  12. S01.E03: Worst Behavior

    The Danny vs Luke stuff was surprisingly well done. I liked Luke pointing out Danny's privilege and I like how his words actually affected Danny. I also enjoyed the Matt/Jessica following each other scene. I liked that Matt couldn't anticipate for Jessica getting behind him, like Jessica couldn't anticipate Matt, a blind man, parkouring over a wall. It was an interesting cat/mouse situation. It was interesting to see how each character discovered Midland Circle. Danny got it through his privilege of having a company involved in it. Jessica discovered it while undercover. Luke discovered it at Cole's place. Matt found out by following Jessica. I will say that I'm pretty sure what Danny did was probably a stupid move. Never show your hand until you have a plan. However, it did lead to a cool fight scene. In the light! Also, I laughed really hard at Luke busting in with his music. I will agree with Jessica that Matt looked "like an asshole" with that whipped up disguise. It is funny how he's the only one to have covered up his face during the fight. It was pretty cool to see all four of them finally together. Also, Matt knows Elektra is alive. Matt smashing Jessica's camera was hilarious, but I highly doubt it destroyed the actual pictures she took.
  13. S05.E13: Principia

    Agreed with the above. But also, the fact that it was at least rumoured on who caused the world to end, which included Jemma and Fitz. I figure his mom thought it was best to not tell Deke until he was of a proper age to have that knowledge (telling a young child could have caused harm on him by the Kree if they found out, perhaps). But by the time he was old enough to be able to handle that knowledge, she was already taken.
  14. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    That's why there's anger at all of these characters at one time or another. People didn't seem to like Wes much, Asher hasn't been a popular character, and Laurel hasn't gotten good reviews since before Wes' death. Frank's, somehow, the exception here. It's just this time, Michaela's doing something wrong and people can call her out on it. The first few seasons had her fairly sympathetic. But the way they've taken her character this season, although on track with how she's been moving as a character for the most part, hasn't been what I personally like. I love Michaela's ambition; I don't love her getting some deported on purpose. Just like I don't like Laurel's obsession with Wes, or Frank's obsession with Laurel, or Asher's comedic relief moments (which are 95% of his lines). Personally, I wish they had more storyline with her mother than with Michaela cheating and then turning into season 1/2 Annalise. But I didn't like season 1/2 Annalise. Michaela, in my opinion, was being both. What Michaela was doing in that moment was trying to manipulate Simon into staying quiet. She couldn't care less about Simon's well-being. Sure, he challenged her, and Michaela was absolutely acting out of self-preservation. She stated it herself that she was doing it to protect everybody, but also herself. But she also was being mean-spirited because she would have still done anything to keep him quiet. It wasn't until she met with him that she realized what they had to do without resorting to murder. Simon's a dick, but he's not someone that deserved to be framed for murder, accidentally shot by himself because Laurel stupidly brought a loaded gun to the law firm, and then deported shortly after being blackmailed. Sure, he's not a main character who we've been following around, and like 100% of the people on this show, major or otherwise, he's not really a good person. But has he murdered anyone and covered it up multiple times? No. So, for me, that still puts him ahead of all the main characters on this show. I guess he should really be lucky that he wasn't murdered and that at least going back to Pakistan means that he'll have his family. On the downside, he'll have to remain in the closet. Let's face it; if any of these people had a semblance of good outweighing the bad, they would have turned themselves in long ago. They're all despicable people. But because of that, I have to prioritize in my head who is the least bad person over others. Non-murderers do rank above murderers, so Asher, Bonnie, Frank, Wes, and potentially Laurel are already low on my list. However, in this finale, I was disappointed with Michaela, and that's ok. I've been disappointed with every single character thus far. Michaela's actually the last person I've been massively disappointed by. I'm impressed it took her four seasons to get there.
  15. S05.E13: Principia

    So, I did miss the first ten minutes or so, but the rest of the episode was quite good. The Mack/Mack-Hammer stuff was pure gold, and why did I not see the "You Can't Touch This [Gravitonium]" joke coming? It was awesome to see someone from Mack's past. We haven't touched on his background much, so it was nice to see Caine see a difference between that Mack and this one. So, of course they hammer (heh) in Deke FitzSimmons into the episode right after the reveal. That was shoddy writing in itself. And I'm still not loving Deke. HOWEVER, I gotta say the moment Deke pieced it together with Jemma repeating the phrase his grandmother used to say was wonderfully done. There was a complete change in the actor, with the body language and complete wonderment, awe, and almost pure love when Deke looked at Jemma and Fitz. I was surprisingly very touched by that moment. Good on Jeff Ward for that moment. Though, I gotta admit I was staring at his mother/Jemma and Fitz's daughter, and I didn't think that the actress they cast looked like either of them. I'm not sure whether it's because of my inability to see that kind of stuff, or if it could have been better casting. Also...no accent? Is it because both Jemma and Fitz died when their daughter was very young? The Ruby&Werner/Alex stuff was ok, at best. It was nice to see the return of the Von Strucker son. And I thought it was interesting for Ruby to open up to him like that. I know she did tell him the truth about the plan, but why he went along with it is beyond me. Which, I guess, did work out in Ruby's favour if she's tricking him and doing what her mother asked. Great to see that Elena is finally getting her own set of arms. I don't see why Fitz can't whip her up some mechanical arms like he did Coulson (I think Fitz did that??) but hopefully she can do some pretty cool shit like Coulson can when they remember his mechanic arm.