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  1. S06.E08: Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa

    This episode broke my heart for Christy and I was worried it was going to make her backslide for a second. I do not blame Violet for being angry - sometimes it takes time to get past things. It took until tonight for Christy to acknowledge her somewhat still doing that to Bonnie. I loved how Christy hugged Bonnie right after they left Violets. It is hard to empathize fully with Violet though because as viewers we have seen the progress Christy has made over the course of the show and root for her.
  2. S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    I was sad Beck was killed....she was a lot more likeable that Candace. Beck wasn't perfect by a long shot but I felt she actually had a lot more feelings for Joe than Candace did. I think the rebound girlfriend will come back to haunt Joe and pretty much warned Beck she would wind up like Candace (when obviously we all thought she was killed by him). I agree with the above poster that said Joe took off his mask. It was the first time I saw him as a monster and not just a 'misunderstood' serial killer - ha! Also in agreement about the impressive vein action in his forehead this episode! I loved this series! Penn was awesome as Joe!
  3. Halloween (2018)

    I am in the minority but I didn't love it :( I agree with the above poster who said Laurie's family got on my nerves (and I love Judy Greer). The whole boyfriend character seemed pointless other than an excuse for the granddaughter to not have her phone. My favorite part was the scene with the babysitter and the adorable boy she was sitting for.....they had a cute chemistry together. The doctor scene seemed like it came out of left field.....also agreed I didn't hate it but it left me cold as well.
  4. S01.E02: Open Casket

    I get that it is a personal choice to view a loved one or not, Shirley wanted him to see his Grandmother so he would remember what she looked like back when she looked 'normal' so he could have that last image in his mind as opposed to the 'scary' version he currently had. She was very relieved when she saw her own mother as 'fixed' as opposed to the gruesome way she apparently looked when she died. I seriously doubt Shirley would be insistent at all if he had not been having nightmares about the frightening version he had created.
  5. S01.E02: Open Casket

    ITA about the blue contacts......I had a hard time getting past them to pay attention to what was being said. I do think the casting is great from the standpoint of everyone actually looking alike but it does get hard to keep them all straight. The whole purpose of having the children see the dead folks was so they could see them as 'fixed' like young Shirley said to the undertaker(?) when she finally looked at her mother. Current Shirley wanted the little boy to see his grandmother as he normally had seen her so he wouldn't be fixated on the scary version he had in his mind. I think to most people it would be more comforting to have the last image as normal as possible.
  6. S02.E08 Part VIII

    Didn't Julian say something like he thought death gave them a new beginning or something like that? Combine that with the realization he was being kidnapped, he felt that was the only way out and they would ultimately be ok, because death didn't mean the same thing to him as it does to us.
  7. S01.E10: The Toll

    I am surprised there isn't more love for this show.....everyone kept telling my husband and I how we had to watch Ozark so (obviously late to the party) we did. Breaking Bad is the Holy Grail IMO and I understand the comparisons but this is not to the BB level (there is no Jessie and it would be almost impossible to beat Bryan Cranston). However, we really enjoyed it! Jason Bateman does pretty much always play the same straight man character but he upped his game in this series. Laura Linney can do no wrong and I am grateful she isn't all botoxed up, she played Wendy to the hilt, she could have been a very unsympathetic character with her being defiant about the affair but managed to make me root for her and Marty. I liked the kids fine. Ruth might be one of my all time favorite characters. She is tough as nails yet manages to show this beautiful vulnerability and shreds of hopefulness. Love her. Count me in on hating to see Esai Morales leave the show....he is gorgeous and ruthless. Ok.....the Snells......I live in Alabama and the term hillbilly isn't really used here. I personally think Mr. Snell is perfect for his role.....he is what I would refer to as more 'country' as he has manners, is clean, is a blue jean/flannel shirt wearing guy, slow talking but not ignorant, has morals (as f'd up as they are) etc.....I have seen a lot of men that look like him over the years. Mrs. Snell, I am just not sure what category I would put her in....still not sure what to think about her.....she is just nuts. I am not sure law enforcement has been bought by the Snell's as much as they are afraid of them.
  8. S02.E08: Down to the River to Pray

    They didn't have a reunion after the first season either.....it was a bit of a mystery if it was even going to be renewed.
  9. S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    I am not sure if this has been discussed yet but did anyone notice Michael seemed much more modest about his chest than Angela?
  10. S02.E08: Down to the River to Pray

    A co worker and I were just saying this about him! Total 70's vibe but I do think he is a handsome guy.
  11. S02.E08: Down to the River to Pray

    Hagood's boyfriend was really cute and I hope she ends up happy and content with whatever she chooses to do. She was a definite bright spot - especially for a reality show. I really wanted to see the finished portrait of Catherine. Maybe there will be a season 3 but it didn't look too promising. Louis was a jerk and he did say he was going to find a T&C "ho" on camera so Catherine didn't really spill the tea on that one. I am still not sure what to think about Lyle....he seemed drunk the entire 8 episodes. I do think he and Catherine have good chemistry together.....the other "girlfriend" seemed more of a prop and I was really happy they limited Ashley this season, there is nothing charming about her. Daniel does seem like a genuinely good guy. I still like Hannah. Brandon was another one that was fun to watch.....he brought just enough sass and entertaining commentary without being too dramatic. I hope they return!
  12. S02.E06 Sorry, Not Sorry

    Lyle and Catherine have pretty much made this everyone's business so I think their friends are totally fine throwing their 2 cents in. I am also team Hannah, if Catherine has another boyfriend or whatever and keeps wanting to talk about how Lyle is mistreating her I would have called her out as well. You cannot have a real conversation if you are leaving out an extremely large detail. She just wanted her to own it because it does factor in if you are talking about wanting to work it out with your current 'boyfriend'. Hagood's pronunciation of Sa-KAY does crack me up......I just can't help but like her though.....she just seems like a nice person.
  13. S02.E03 Part III

    I hope this is ok to post......it is just a speculation thought: I wonder if Heather's father has anything to do with Mosswood and had something to do with the disappearance of Marin? He certainly didn't seem fond of her and is seemingly ok with his daughter being gay. He also seemed a little passive/aggressive with Ambrose staying longer than anticipated.
  14. S02.E03 Part III

    I don't like Marin. She doesn't seem like she cared about Heather like Heather cared about her. She just seems like this troubled person who wants to be seen as free spirited and uses whoever she is with. All of this being said......if she is dead and Julian's mother, she certainly didn't deserve to have that happen. I agree that there seems something off about Heather's father. The actor who is portraying Julian is doing a fantastic job! This episode wasn't as strong as the two previous ones but I am still enjoying it.
  15. S02.E02: Part II

    This is the first thing I have seen Carrie Coons in....... I think she is very pretty and plays menacing quite well. I adore Bill Pullman in this, he is a fantastic actor. The kid playing Julian is doing a great job, this is random but the scenes where his lips are chapped seemed like a very realistic touch and I liked when he was the one asking the questions to Ambrose. Two episodes in and still fully invested!