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  1. S01.E10: The Toll

    I am surprised there isn't more love for this show.....everyone kept telling my husband and I how we had to watch Ozark so (obviously late to the party) we did. Breaking Bad is the Holy Grail IMO and I understand the comparisons but this is not to the BB level (there is no Jessie and it would be almost impossible to beat Bryan Cranston). However, we really enjoyed it! Jason Bateman does pretty much always play the same straight man character but he upped his game in this series. Laura Linney can do no wrong and I am grateful she isn't all botoxed up, she played Wendy to the hilt, she could have been a very unsympathetic character with her being defiant about the affair but managed to make me root for her and Marty. I liked the kids fine. Ruth might be one of my all time favorite characters. She is tough as nails yet manages to show this beautiful vulnerability and shreds of hopefulness. Love her. Count me in on hating to see Esai Morales leave the show....he is gorgeous and ruthless. Ok.....the Snells......I live in Alabama and the term hillbilly isn't really used here. I personally think Mr. Snell is perfect for his role.....he is what I would refer to as more 'country' as he has manners, is clean, is a blue jean/flannel shirt wearing guy, slow talking but not ignorant, has morals (as f'd up as they are) etc.....I have seen a lot of men that look like him over the years. Mrs. Snell, I am just not sure what category I would put her in....still not sure what to think about her.....she is just nuts. I am not sure law enforcement has been bought by the Snell's as much as they are afraid of them.
  2. S02.E08: Down to the River to Pray

    They didn't have a reunion after the first season either.....it was a bit of a mystery if it was even going to be renewed.
  3. S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    I am not sure if this has been discussed yet but did anyone notice Michael seemed much more modest about his chest than Angela?
  4. S02.E08: Down to the River to Pray

    A co worker and I were just saying this about him! Total 70's vibe but I do think he is a handsome guy.
  5. S02.E08: Down to the River to Pray

    Hagood's boyfriend was really cute and I hope she ends up happy and content with whatever she chooses to do. She was a definite bright spot - especially for a reality show. I really wanted to see the finished portrait of Catherine. Maybe there will be a season 3 but it didn't look too promising. Louis was a jerk and he did say he was going to find a T&C "ho" on camera so Catherine didn't really spill the tea on that one. I am still not sure what to think about Lyle....he seemed drunk the entire 8 episodes. I do think he and Catherine have good chemistry together.....the other "girlfriend" seemed more of a prop and I was really happy they limited Ashley this season, there is nothing charming about her. Daniel does seem like a genuinely good guy. I still like Hannah. Brandon was another one that was fun to watch.....he brought just enough sass and entertaining commentary without being too dramatic. I hope they return!
  6. S02.E06 Sorry, Not Sorry

    Lyle and Catherine have pretty much made this everyone's business so I think their friends are totally fine throwing their 2 cents in. I am also team Hannah, if Catherine has another boyfriend or whatever and keeps wanting to talk about how Lyle is mistreating her I would have called her out as well. You cannot have a real conversation if you are leaving out an extremely large detail. She just wanted her to own it because it does factor in if you are talking about wanting to work it out with your current 'boyfriend'. Hagood's pronunciation of Sa-KAY does crack me up......I just can't help but like her though.....she just seems like a nice person.
  7. S02.E03 Part III

    I hope this is ok to post......it is just a speculation thought: I wonder if Heather's father has anything to do with Mosswood and had something to do with the disappearance of Marin? He certainly didn't seem fond of her and is seemingly ok with his daughter being gay. He also seemed a little passive/aggressive with Ambrose staying longer than anticipated.
  8. S02.E03 Part III

    I don't like Marin. She doesn't seem like she cared about Heather like Heather cared about her. She just seems like this troubled person who wants to be seen as free spirited and uses whoever she is with. All of this being said......if she is dead and Julian's mother, she certainly didn't deserve to have that happen. I agree that there seems something off about Heather's father. The actor who is portraying Julian is doing a fantastic job! This episode wasn't as strong as the two previous ones but I am still enjoying it.
  9. S02.E02: Part II

    This is the first thing I have seen Carrie Coons in....... I think she is very pretty and plays menacing quite well. I adore Bill Pullman in this, he is a fantastic actor. The kid playing Julian is doing a great job, this is random but the scenes where his lips are chapped seemed like a very realistic touch and I liked when he was the one asking the questions to Ambrose. Two episodes in and still fully invested!
  10. S02.E04: Duck, Duck, Boom

    I kind of hope they do not bring Ashley back full time. She brings some drama but not in the fun kind of way. To me she was emotionally unstable not to mention I don't want to see her strip down to her thong ever again and it was refreshing to see Daniel call her out in a kind but firm way.. Catherine and Lyle are seriously exhausting. I love how Hagood is so respectful and loving towards her parents. I was a little disappointed in the Christmakuh décor.........Brandon would have made it much more fabulous.
  11. S02.E01: Part I

    I am surprised no action on this board. I thought it was great as did my two co-workers who watched as well. It hooked me from the beginning and I looked at the clock and I was already 50 minutes in. Hindsight there were obvious clues the couple was not his parents ... the way the 'wife' told the 'husband' he was a bad 'dad', the fact the 'mom and dad' didn't sleep in the same bed and the 'mom' slept with Julian. I thought at first there was something wrong with the boy (obviously there was but hear me out) like he had a break down and his parents were taking him someplace on vacation to make him happy but of course there is much more to this story. Bill Pullman does such a great job of playing the combination of tortured, awkward and good hearted. I was intrigued with all the main characters in this series. I could have sworn Victor Williams was in this episode briefly but I cannot find him listed anywhere. I'm all in!
  12. S02.E03: Duck, Duck, Goosed

    I am not sure if y'all have read this but Catherine's uncle is Chris Cooper who has won an academy award and her father looks just like him!! Poor Lyle is just in love with the girl. I live in the south so Hagood just sounds normal. So many folks have their parents surname as first names down here. She is sweet with her mother, still is very polite even though she guilt trips her and tries to run her life. Her mother did make me laugh when she was seemingly mocking her saying 'Sak-ay' Count me in on thinking Hannah is really pretty....she does look like Kate Middleton as someone has pointed out. Louis is just not cute at all to me and I really do not need to see Daniel's bare butt on my screen....he is not attractive to me at all. I guess they think he is the show's Craig? I don't mind not having a ton of drama......I really like watching the beautiful homes on this show. Brandon's house is so gorgeous.....I think he is living the most charmed life of them all.
  13. S05.E16: Reunion Part 2 2018.07.26

    I have such mixed emotions about Katherine......she was AWFUL during the seasons leading up to this one. I am glad she is doing much better but I worry about everyone around her now painting her as a victim....she has ownership as to why she is in the situation with her children. Thomas is horrible and yes, I do think he used his power and money against her but part of her journey to being clean and sober is to acknowledge and learn from her mistakes. Ultimately I am rooting for her and on a shallow note, she is a pretty girl (although I wish she wouldn't have put her new chest on full display). Ashley is completely unstable. I am not sure if she is under the power of Thomas or if that is just who she is. The conversation about her loving to prank and scare Thomas was so odd. Chelsie is still my favorite girl on the show. Naomi can be a mean girl yes but she at least owns it. Shep is just so likeable sometimes......I prefer when he is kind.
  14. S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Did anyone notice it looked like there were price stickers on the bottom of the mugs Family Chantal were drinking out of?
  15. S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Count me in on those who are impressed with the attention Azan gives to May. Sure it is an obvious ploy to avoid Nicole but this is probably the most one on one interaction we have witnessed another person have with her. It makes me like Azan and he and his family would probably give that child a much better life than Nicole would ever think about. Also, if Nicole can work and have money to send to Azan as a barista then why the hell can't David do it? I am sure he pays zero child support, he could be a waiter and probably do fairly well in tips somewhere. I did like David's sister (or his alter-sensible-ego). Pao........if you describe your "best friend" as unkind you might want to rethink your friendship. Family Chantal........I just do not know how to put them into words. Bad acting? Crazy? The dad said "I am beginning to think bad about my new son-in-law" (or something along those lines)- What? Beginning to? They have been gunning for Pedro from the get go. Pedro.....his sister (and yes that has to be his sister - they look just alike) has no couth about her and I thought Chantal was being as sincere as possible when she basically told him she would respect his wishes while she was staying with them and he was complaining about Chantal's attitude. The whole storyline is just BS. Anfisa.....hated you last season and love you this one. Jorge sucks. Molly........I just don't care.