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  1. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    I never watched the View while she was co-host and this is why.
  2. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    That isn't entirely true. Pretty sure it was the suits who made Joy apologize to nurses a few years ago when she made a joke about the nurse at some pageant.
  3. Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    And she once again makes it about herself. Saying she is fun but don't mess with her.
  4. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Her wardrobe is as bipolar as she is. One day she is dressed like school marm and then the next day she is dressed like oh hell i can't even describe what she wore yesterday.
  5. Sex And The City

    I think Charlotte is the character that grew the most. I found her very prissy in the earlier seasons who saw her life ending up a certain way and then discovered happiness and fulfillment with someone unexpected. She definitely ended up with the healthiest relationship.
  6. Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    The cactus will get more likes than Meghan.
  7. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Now that you bring that up has there ever been a show with a political theme that featured two women? I don't think so and that is a shame. Joy and Ana would be fabulous.
  8. S06.E13: A Whistling Nostril and a Ball Of Fire

    I noticed a couple episodes ago that Christy didn't seem to be with the other women all that much this season. I actually started thinking that must be by design.
  9. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Well, you know...MehGun wasn't around then,,, If only she had been around. She might have been able to save Nixon from himself with her being in politics her whole life and being a political analyst.
  10. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    I don't mind Whoopi not referring to Trump by his name. That is her way of boycotting him. At least she refers to him in way more favorable terms than I do. I agree.
  11. Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Yeah she straight shoots what is written on her blue cards.
  12. Law & Order

    Let me get this straight. Cable channels are editing out words that were said on network tv when these shows originally aired? Remember back in the day when cable had looser restrictions?
  13. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    This applies to Elisabeth Hasselbeck as well. Must be something about sitting at that end of the table.
  14. Sex And The City

    I liked the idea of Steve but not the character Steve. If that makes sense. I liked the idea Miranda would be with a guy who wasn't quite on the same level as her. But I didn't think the Steve was written well at all. And IMO the actors had zero chemistry.