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  1. Pet Peeves

    I'm not picky about expiration dates but I do pay attention to them on cake mixes & similar items that include leavening ingredients such as baking powder or baking soda. Those do lose power over time, as I once learned when using a cornbread mix that was discovered in the back of a cupboard a few years after the date on the box. If in doubt, mix it up close to the date & stick the batter in the freezer until you're ready to bake it.
  2. Small Talk: The Wagon

    I miss Alton Brown, though I do watch Good Eats reruns whenever possible. Glad to see that 2 new Good Eats series are in the works, the first to start Oct. 15 on Cooking Channel.
  3. The poster on Facebook had to type that -- what must he/she have been thinking? The term "handy cap" means nothing (at least in English), so the poster can't have misinterpreted it. Odd.
  4. All Episodes Talk

    Manipulation is what Ree Drummond has been doing from the start, when she chose the name Pioneer Woman for her blog, even though she married into a fortune & has never had to forge her way through the wilderness. She's always been a fake, why stop now merely because of a death in the family (especially when the sad occasion can be used to such advantage)?
  5. Pet Peeves

    Freezing breaks down the cell walls & the completely thawed banana is mush. The frozen banana can be partially thawed just enough to slice or bite, but the pieces are pretty icey (& they'll finish thawing into mush fast).
  6. In California, one reason for home-schooling is local law providing that children cannot be enrolled in public schools unless they've been vaccinated against various contagious diseases such as measles & chicken pox. Parents who believe that vaccination might cause autism or is otherwise dangerous may decide to avoid public school rather than risk vaccination -- if private school isn't available due to cost or distance, etc., they may choose home-schooling.
  7. My first thought when learning of the NY Times story yesterday was that it must have been written by today's version of General Jack Ripper, Sterling Hayden's character in "Dr Strangelove". Careful what you wish for, military coup-wise.....
  8. What's For Dinner?

    Thanks, MargeGunderson -- that's pretty much what I do with blueberries (2 cups berries, 3 Tbsps vanilla sugar, 30 minutes @ 350 degrees, add 1/2 cup whole berries & stir/mash). The recipe I found says to serve them with yogurt, but I use them as a chunky sauce for cheesecake or poundcake. With strawberries, I usually just macerate for a few hours with several tablespoons of vanilla sugar, then freeze until needed for sauce or shortcakes -- but roasting sounds even better, so I'll try that next time. Fruit is healthy! Right?
  9. What's For Dinner?

    How do you roast the strawberries? I recently learned about roasting blueberries (350 degrees for 20 minutes), which makes a wonderful sauce/compote. I've been thinking that it should work with other berries but haven't yet tried it.
  10. I think you both got lucky, CharlizeCat -- I know she won't admit it (part of her "charm"), but of course you do. Cats only make friends with those of us who deserve it.
  11. She really is a beauty. I love the symmetrical division -- people say that the torti personality is as dramatic as the appearance, which isn't hard to believe. Seems like "Diva" would be an apt name.
  12. I still haven't recovered from the Chevy ad about a dream car's most important features. The earnest "safety for the kids" guy would win the Most Annoying Voice award if it weren't for the airheaded "SEEER EE ously??!!" woman -- if they were to marry & have children, what would those little monsters sound like?
  13. TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I find Clark Gable to be worth watching in anything, but even he can't save this movie. I also love Joan Blondell & Thomas Mitchell, so it must be Greer Garson's fault (as usual, for me).
  14. Chit-Chat

    I read somewhere that Martha Stewart made women remove their high-heeled shoes because those leave little dents in her uncarpeted floors. I don't like carpets either, but there must be a better way to accommodate guests -- maybe entertain only in the mudroom?
  15. Small Talk: The Wagon

    Does the frigid temperature in the churches interfere with Sunday services? Or do the worshippers wrap up in mufflers & blankets with baked potatoes in their pockets & hot bricks under their feet? That would surely test whatever faith I might be able to muster!