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  1. Small Talk: The Wagon

    Thanks, everybody -- didn't work for me yesterday, today it does. No comment . . . .
  2. Small Talk: The Wagon

    Could you post a link, CharlizeCat? I can't find it (as usual, I'm afraid -- alphabetical order doesn't seem to work here). Thanks.
  3. So glad to see that there are a couple of others who can't bear the "Favorite Things" song (or at least that commercial's version of it). I, too, hate the singer's voice & the arrangement, but my primary gripe with that song has always been grammatical: "favorite" is a superlative & there can be only one of those. As with "best" -- only one dog can be Best In Show, all of the others are necessarily not "best". So it's not possible (grammatically speaking) to have "a few of my favorite things" -- it's either whiskers on kittens or brown paper packages tied up with strings, you have to choose just one!
  4. All Episodes Talk: Baking with Gesine

    It broke my father's heart when those Aunt Jemima Coffee Cake mixes stopped being made a few years ago. He fondly remembers his little kids using them to make a treat for breakfast when our mom was sleeping in on the weekend. He continued buying them as long as they were available, though he agreed with me that it's easier to whisk ingredients in a bowl than to squish them in a plastic bag.
  5. They are all beautiful but what makes Giada's mother Veronica stand out for me is her manner -- she's quiet & dignified, pleasant but not so extroverted (or LOUD!) as Giada & Rafi. They tend to try too hard, whereas Veronica makes more of an impression by just being there without making a fuss.
  6. What's For Dinner?

    The term "best" is pretty subjective. Your plans for tonight sound good to me.
  7. Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    Unless the coral colored stuff is caviar? Which sounds good -- but then bacon would be icky.
  8. Is that the woman who brandishes a ballpoint & says the damage was so slight that it could have been fixed "with a pen"? Liberty Mutual has succeeded in its quest for name recognition -- I'd never heard of the company before it started showing these horrendously stupid/annoying TV ads, but now I can see them coming & know to run away FAST! I wouldn't buy insurance from these idiots NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
  9. Pet Peeves

    Thanks for that link, forumfish -- I'd forgotten all about Bug Tussle (how?)!
  10. Pet Peeves

    There's also an Earth, Texas -- & a Happy, Texas -- & a Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas. Not to mention a North, South Carolina & an Odd, West Virginia.
  11. That was my experience working in the Federal courts, so I don't disagree that some of those judges can be jerks. But, after all, this poor judge was hungry!
  12. Chit-Chat

    There are a lot of recipes for dips with dippers (onion dip w/ruffle chips, spinach dip in French bread bowl w/French bread chunks, queso/tomato salsa dip w/taco chips, hummus w/pita chips, guacamole w/corn chips, sour cream/horseradish/corned beef dip w/bagel chips or mini bagels, mozzarella/Parmesan/garlic dip w/bread stix, etc), not to mention all kinds of dips with crudités -- & cookies (shortbreads, thumbprints, macaroons, iced cookies, rumballs, etc.) -- & ice cream treats (sundaes with assorted toppings, banana splits, milkshakes, etc.). I'm in my early 70s & remember all of those fondly from adult parties -- don't forget Jello salads!
  13. Chit-Chat

    Maybe some of those onions are supposed to be shoveled onto that cup of soup or chili -- unless it's applesauce? I love raw onions but even I would ask for a doggie-bag & take most of those home to add to a salad or an omelet or some gazpacho (or all 3, there seem to be plenty).
  14. Pet Peeves

    Like this, bilgistic, but in red? Looks comfy -- maybe she had one for each day (that's what I do with robes that I love).
  15. I suspect that things would be going a lot better (or at least more to my own liking) if that were true.