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  1. S03. E10. A Higher Law

    Unfortunately, the Harvard kid's guilt was telegraphed so clearly in that one scene in the church office that it made the rest of the show kind of boring. Until the red herring of the Monsignor being so willing to throw his priest under the bus came around, and for a while I thought maybe the Monsignor was the guilty party, but that was just an opportunity to let Bull pull a holier-than-thou moment over on the Monsignor as a stand-in for the entire church. I found Benny's response to that to be entirely out of character--as a devout Catholic, with special ties to that specific Monsignor, I think he'd be just a wee bit conflicted instead of standing at Bull's shoulder like his pit bull nodding "yeah, yeah, me too!" This one seemed a bit off to me. Usually the casting office does a better job with the "case of the week" actors. The Monsignor and the priest came straight from Central Casting, and the Harvard kid was awful. The mystery girlfriend was amazing though, her scene where she was talking with Danni about how the Harvard kid had just dropped her like a hot potato was incredible. She displayed such a depth of hurt betrayal while her words were trying to toss it off as casual. Nicely done. Do more, young actress....
  2. Season 10 all episodes talk

    I wondered this myself. She looked sooooo familiar! I think they're going to name the bar "The Golden Hammerhead." After an action scene, ECO actually reached up and patted his hair, like he was checking to see if his "beach hair" stealth combover or hair piece was still in place. It didn't appear to be a Deek's actor-y bit of stage craft, it looked like a real world "is my bald spot showing?" move.
  3. I appreciate the effort of trying to make Hawaii look like Montana, but Joe's "Montana" cabin was very Hawaiian in architectural style, no matter the cowboy motif overlay of stage setting. The very Hawaiian looking Norfolk pines in the yard also didn't help. Norfolks grow in other places, but certainly not in Montana. They need zone 9 or warmer, and Montana ranges from zone 2 to zone 6--not nearly warm enough for these distinctive looking trees. But I appreciate that they try to keep the production and the money in Hawaii. I also hark back to the script doctor hypothesis that @MissLucas posited in the previous episode thread. Joe White was a big loose end with too much ambiguity to leave hanging out there. Is he really on Steve's side? Is he playing for the highest bidder? Is he only in it for Doris? Terry O'Quinn usually plays him with such a sly slipperiness that you never know for sure. I wonder if he did that on purpose because he didn't know which way the writers were going to take the character, and he wanted to play him so the directional changes were plausible? Joe White did seem to whipsaw around... So was this episode the big Joe White cleanup by the hypothetical script doctor, removing all that ambiguity while maintaining maximum McGarrett angst? Maybe by the end of the season we'll have Catherine and Rachel together in a committed lesbian relationship, freeing Steve and Danny to be together forever.
  4. S01.E05: The Roundup

    Sigh. I tried to watch this episode off of On Demand last night, but after the first twenty minutes, Xfinity decided the episode was over and returned me to the On Demand screen. Reading everything here makes me want to try watching it again. Maybe I can get past the 20 minute mark this time!
  5. S03. E09. Separation

    Finally! A new episode.... I found this to be an interesting episode with the A and B plots evenly distributed. The immigrant seeking asylum plot was a bit heavy-handed, but this is the world we live in. The juxtaposition between how the "good" European foreigner contrasted with the "bad" foreigner--who was actually good--were treated in court was subtly done. Even though the German guy was perceived to be a greedy money-snatcher out to scam a $50M painting away from a museum, he was still treated well. Gabriel, on the other hand, actually saved someone's life and by all accounts is a good guy--though in the country illegally--was treated like garbage. Bull arranging Gabriel's extraction to Germany at the conclusion of the other case was completely unexpected until Michael Weatherly got that inspired speculative gleam in his eyes when the German guy told him he owed Bull one. One thing kept bothering me though. OK. Two things. The first was how expensive Gabriel's wardrobe looked to be. Yes, I know, those were his court clothes, and they were trying to make him look like a surgeon rather than a dishwasher. A nice looking suit for court is one thing, but a very expensive overcoat is another. The other thing was when Gabriel got on the private plane, he just tossed his bag to the floor and didn't secure it for takeoff. For some reason that really bothered me. The whole time he's having that dawning hope conversation with the German guy, all I can think of is how that unsecured bag is going to become a missile during takeoff and climbout.
  6. That is a very interesting observation and speculation! It does actually explain why both the restaurant and "Adam is a sneaky killer" sub-plot were dispatched so abruptly. The first during the bumper at the end of the episode, and the second at the very top of the episode. That sort of placement and timing just screams "un-plot-related add-on, logistical clean-up." I mean, the last I heard, they were shaping up a real Tani vs. Adam showdown. The restaurant plot was just limping along, so I'm glad they put it (and us) out of its misery. I suspect the writers kept it going all last season because they weren't sure if Alex O'Loughlin would continue to the next season, so the restaurant (and the radiation poisoning) were kept active as a way to wrap-up the show if it had to end. But Alex's back therapy seems to be working, so he chose to continue with the show, so now at least the restaurant plot seems to just be in the way, and no longer amusing. So...what other lingering and dragging sub-plots can we hope these possible script doctors might excise from the show? Steve's radiation poisoning? Junior's family dysfunction? Grace's cheerleading career? Doris?!? (please, please, please...) Speaking of Alex O'Loughlin's back treatments, I noticed in this last episode that he's looking better these days. In the last couple of seasons he's been looking kind of drawn and grim, and it always appeared like his face was always screwed up and tense with pain. Even when the plot called for Steve to be light-hearted and relaxed, Alex always looked stiff and strained, and bordering on haggard. No easy smiles, or loose limbed body language like in the first half of the show's run. But he seemed more relaxed and open in this last episode. Maybe it is the longer hair length softening his look back to the first seasons combined with his back therapy helping his chronic pain? Either way, I'm happy its happening.
  7. S02.E08: The Devil, The Detail

    I think I'm going to have to take off my tinfoil paranoid conspiracy theorist hat. Last night's NCIS was a repeat from last season too. Thanks for talking me off the ledge, AnnA.
  8. S02.E08: The Devil, The Detail

    Magnum was at least a repeat from this season--its only season so far--but it happened to be one I'd missed so I wasn't 100% aware it was a repeat. But Bull's repeats the last two weeks were from last season, and considering they've killed the Cable character off, it is just kind of jarring. Why are they choosing repeats from last season?
  9. S02.E08: The Devil, The Detail

    And then we got this repeat last night. Why are they pulling season two episodes for repeats this early in the season? Are there production difficulties on the Bull set? Is Michael Weatherly under the weather or in jail or something? All these old repeats are doing is making me miss the Cable character. Maybe that's the point? Maybe when we come off these repeats we'll get the Cable's death episode?
  10. S05. E08. Close to Home

    When the half-brother showed up a few episodes ago, I was kind of "meh" on, but knew it would happen, the fact that he was going to get involved in their cases. Now that we've had on of "those" episodes, I'm kind OK with it. I like the actor, and I like the easy chemistry he has with Scott Bakula. I also like when Jimmy tweaks Pride over his childhood with their mutual father. I also like it when they kind of wordlessly agree on what a horrible father he was, in different ways, to both of them. I hope Jimmy ends up managing the bar.
  11. S02.E06: The Exception to the Rule

    Soooo.... Was there some reason why this episode--which was a perfectly likeable episode--from last season was repeated last night? Just a hiccup in the production schedule, or will there be a callback to this plot coming soon, so the network thought the viewers were too stupid to remember the plot points or characters so they repeated the episode? Just curious to see if maybe the mom died, and the rookie lawyer son gets hired on at TEC, or if he has another lawsuit he needs his "could have been papa" Bull's help with? Because if there wasn't a good reason for the repeat from a prior season, then all it really did was make me really miss the pre-angsty and pre-snotty Cable character.
  12. S16. E07. A Thousand Words

    I believe the "goat yoga" goats are special citified pygmy goats which have never seen, nor carvorted in, your average barnyard. I'm sure they live in lovely indoor paddocks with rubber stable mats on the floor and maybe a corral with artificial turf for their outdoor exercise needs. There is probably staff to shampoo them to remove the distinctive, uh, "eau de chevre" and manicure their sharp little hooves. But yeah. It is a thing. People pay extra for this thing. The world is weird.
  13. I want to like Patience, I really do. And I like the actress, but she is really bad at accents, or attention span or something. Her accent wanders. Hair and makeup also need to pay better attention to continuity: Patience's lovely loose long curls change swirl direction between scenes. It is like one hairdresser is right handed, and one is left handed. Is it bad I want Nestor Carbonell to stay on as a regular? I kind of dig the HoYay! ritual "sharing breath" near kiss he does when healing handsome men. I also want to know what's up with his necklace. Plus, I think he's dreamy. Always have.... I did like Manfred's "he said, she said" scene. Nicely done, but I do want to know if the actor got the giggles in the middle. Seriously? With all the hoochie-girls strutting around in their shortie-shorts romper sets, Kai thought the stripper wouldn't fit in? The BtVS style dusting of vampires made me very nostalgic. SIgh.
  14. The actress who plays Mrs. Grover is very beautiful, and young Will is growing to be a fine looking young man. Louis Gossett Jr. was a treasure when explaining what deep, abiding love really was, and Gladys Knight was perfect. But I spent most of the episode wanting to slap Lou and his brother, so I have no idea how Gladys Knight restrained herself...I Tani's insult about how how an old man with cataracts couldn't make the right call, then Steve's rebuke about saying such things about Mamo, then Tani's genuine "I would never treat Mamo like that! I was talking to you!" cracked me the hell up.
  15. S11.E08: The Coma and the Oxford Comma

    Poor Corky. She was so crestfallen when she learned her friend really did try to kill her other friend. I also loved the misdirection with the cat--who presumably could have been named "Pam." As soon as I heard the husband had to fly in and was just then coming to his newly conscious wife's bedside over 24 hours later, and then immediately started making excuses about why he wasn't glued to her side through her entire coma like Corky was, I knew he did it. You always know a pusher.