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  1. S01.E01: I Saw the Sun Rise

    Hmmm.... Not the best, no, but it may take a while to find legs. I'll stick around for a while. How are they going to retcon the H50 cast referencing Magnum PI as an iconic TV show, to the point where they sang the theme song during Kamekona's inaugural helicopter tour? Probably just ignore it, like it never happened.... Was that really supposed to be Kavika in the auto chop-shop, or is it just that the actor is getting more work?
  2. S03. E01. The Ground Beneath Their Feet

    After the skeezy insurance mogul client made reference to his stint in glam!rehab being covered by his insurance, I half expected the case to turn on that. I expected it to be a real plot point, in that much would be made of his insurance company paying for the cushy lux rehab spa which probably cost beaucoup bucks but wouldn't pay for the young mom's liver transplant. Or I expected it to come out that the skeezy insurance mogul doesn't use his own company's medical insurance because they're so bad... Bull also seemed really..........disconnected. I know some of it was supposed to be because he's freshly back and feeling awkward, or because he's uncomfortable on some level with taking the skeezy client on, or it is the third season doldrums. I also wondered if Michael Weatherly spent some of the hiatus working out and dieting, because he was looking pretty stout by the end of last season, often masked by loosely hanging overcoats, but he looked slimmer last night. Not Tony DiNozzo slim, but slimmer.
  3. Then Missy went to comfort him. Best moment of the show so far. These tender family moments, including Dad being all stern and then Dad being all understanding when he saw that Sheldon was struggling with those very adult 'workaday world" problems were also very well done.
  4. S12.E01: The Conjugal Configuration

    That was an oddly written episode. Everyone seemed so out of character. Amy knows how Sheldon is, why is she suddenly acting so disappointed in him? His behavior and lack of social filters are nothing new. The Penny and Leonard thing just felt really flat. Raj's feud with Neil DeGrasse Tyson was a total stretch of a bad joke. However, the bumper at the end with Neil DeGrasse Tyson musing "Now, who else deserves a DeGrasse kicking?" then dialing Bill Nye, with Bill hanging up in horror did crack me the hell up. It was a loooong time coming though. I do so love the geeky cameos.
  5. All Episodes Talk: I (Don't) Want To Be Alone!

    I have to say I started this show sick to death of "Robbie-Robbie-Robbie" all the time. Then I realized, after the finale, they focused so much on Robbie because his was really the most compelling story, on the island, out of them all. His backstory was manufactured melodrama though. Being adopted and the emotional consequences of that isn't all that unusual. What was interesting about his backstory was his compulsive overeating, and how that was affecting his family. That ended up being pretty much his whole story arc on the island. Terry's on-island story was also really interesting, but by definition was pretty introspective, and therefore not very compelling TV. Her backstory was also pretty relevant to her island experience. This is where her story worked for this premise. Tim's on-island relationship with Krichelle, and her relationship with him, and then Tim's subsequent relationship with Robbie (and Kenzi to some extent) were also big highlights for me. I'd like to learn more about Tim's backstory. Human trafficking and those who work to combat it is a very important issue that we should all be more aware of. Krichelle's angst about always being relegated to fade into the background and wanting to break free of that was fleetingly interesting, but when she elected to go back to the bosom of her family, where she could fade away again, disappointed me. Break out if you want to break out and be your own person! Just doooooo eeeeeeeet. I wish Reshanna and Angel could have stuck it out longer. I think their backstories would have informed their on-island stories very well. Those would have been some compelling story arcs, for sure, if there had been the time for them to play out. As for the rest of them? Eric, with the white wife; Kenzi, selfish, struggling musician (though I did end up liking her at the end); Matt, spoiled race car hobbiest; Sawyer, with the deadbeat brother and ineffectual mother; Rich, the new stepdad; and Tracee....whoever..... I don't care. Their backstories were uninteresting, and their island story was boring. I literally could not tell the difference between Sawyer and Rich.
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I'm good with either a Tyler or Kaycee win. I think either or both deserve it, for different reasons. For some reason, Angela bugs me, and has rubbed me the wrong way all season so I'm not OK if she wins. If JC wins, then there is no justice in this world.
  7. Oh gawd, that comic is priceless! Where is Kaitlyn currently living? Or operating? I ask only because I was recently eating breakfast in Livingston, Montana returning from a Yellowstone vacation, and I swear to you Kaitlyn was at the next table marketing a rafting adventure business to someone. Or she was "life coaching" someone to step out of their box and face a fear by going on this or that adventure. I couldn't tell which without being terribly rude--to my own breakfast companions, or to her table. Or...it could have just been someone deeply resembling Kaitlyn. She is a "type" I've seen around a lot--big eyes, five-head, full lips, long honey brown hair, petite, intense, hippie-yoga new age woo-woo aura.
  8. All Episodes Talk: I (Don't) Want To Be Alone!

    Awwwww.... I really liked the relationship the older lady and the homeless woman were developing. I'm sad the woman went home, but it looked like she had vertigo, and that ain't fun. I'm also sad for the older lady, because she was so happy to have a friend and now she's gone. I also like the relationship between Maui girl and the green beret. It seems to be formed in mutual respect, though Maui girl felt she would be on the outs if the other guy joined him, because she worried about the two men "bro-ing" up and minimizing her like she's used to her family doing to her. Looks like maybe the Green Beret caught on and has reaffirmed their relationship so she was more secure with the other guy's return. Speaking of "bro-ing" up, I find those two other guy's alternately irritating and amusing. And now that they've backed off the whole Robbie sob story that seemed to dominate the first few episodes, I'm kind of digging his relationship with Nashville girl. I swear I will eventually learn their names. I'm still fascinated by the premise. What would I do if I were wrecked on a deserted isle? How would I cope? Could I survive on the flotsam and jetsam I found? I think I read Island of the Blue Dolphins at a very impressionable age!
  9. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Yeah, I totally get that. My anger at her is really my anger at my younger self.
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Yes. THIS. Haleigh's response is typical of a young woman who doesn't want to rock the boat and will rationalize and make excuses for being harassed and taken advantage of. Sadly, it is very common. I'm guilty of it myself when I was groped in passing by a co-worker from an associated group when I was much younger. I rationalized it away with the excuse that I was standing in the hallway with a group of people so he only brushed up against me--and stroked my ass--in passing because we were partially blocking the way. Yet, somewhere in the back of my head was the niggling thought that it felt like a deliberate act: when brushing past someone, one does not usually cup and stroke the other's butt. Flash forward to many years later when a group of other female employees and I were comparing notes and we all had very similar experiences. He never did it very often, there was always some sort of excuse he could use for the touching, and apparently he rotated his victims. We were shocked. Now that I'm older and have a lot more self-confidence, if something like that were to happen again, I'd call whomever it was out in front of everybody immediately after it happened and lodge a clear complaint with HR. I don't mean to start a big #metoo run in this thread, but I wanted to express why I'm first and foremost very angry at JC for doing it, but I'm also kind of angry with Hayleigh for tolerating it and making excuses for it. This may sound like a double standard, because I'm not angry at Tyler for not raising a ruckus about being groped, but I"m not 100% sure Tyler was fully conscious that it was happening (it sounds like he was informed by production) and he's trying to play the game to win the big money. He's also taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. Haleigh was certainly aware it happened, and she's making excuses for the little turd and trying to downplay the whole situation. "It was a joke." "Boys will be boys." "What can you do, he's so cute." "I don't want him to get in trouble." That's how this crap keeps happening, and the creeps keep getting away with it. I'm angry with Haleigh because I'm angry with my younger self. Thus endith today's therapy session. I think we made good progress today.
  11. Episode v. Feeds: To Tell the Truth

    I swear to dawg, if JC wins "America's Favorite Player" due to his adorable little imp broadcast edit, I'm going to go Sam-crazy.
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Because of the game, Tyler really is kind of stuck. He wants the money, and he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize winning. He needs JC's vote, and he needs to not disrupt the house. You know...exactly like someone getting sexually harassed/assaulted at work who is won't talk about it or report it to HR because they're afraid of losing their job and their source of income. And JC knows exactly what he's doing when he's fondling Tyler. When he double kissed Tyler's armpit, he quickly skedaddled to the other side of the bed in case Tyler woke up. And just like I posted before about Fessie and Haleigh--you can't lie in your sleep. In some of those clips, Tyler was rolled over and clinging to the very edge of the bed, as far from JC as he could get. I think he became aware of what was happening in his sleep, so he did what he could without offending the little troll and causing a scene.
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    OK. I just watched the linked videos. OMG. JC is angry? Why did Hayleigh comfort him? He doesn't think he has to apologize? He thinks Sam is a bitch for defending Haleigh? I. Just. Can't. I don't like calling him a "little troll", because I like to reserve that term of utter contempt for Paul, but man oh man, JC really is a little troll. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live with him, just watching those clips from the feeds (which I rarely click on) drives me crazy and what an incredible contrast that is compared to the "he's such a lovable imp" edit JC is getting on the broadcast shows. Also? Watching the feed clips of JC fondling Tyler in bed, and Tyler's subsequent conversation with Kaycee about it was actually kind of painful to watch. It made me very uncomfortable, and that look on Kaycee's face as Tyler is telling her about it was also difficult to watch. That looked like the face of a woman who knows in the outside world, that sort of behavior would be considered sexual assault and she's been in this conversation before with other friends and acquaintances. And also that she knows--much like in the outside world--nothing will happen to the perpetrator in the BB house. That was the face of a woman weary of learning these things. I can only hope that the hamsters are eagerly anticipating a double elimination night where they can get rid of JC in the second, and always much-hurried vote. That way they'd only have to listen and deal with him for a short time instead of all week. However, the little troll would probably pull out his only Veto win of the season, then make everybody's life miserable for the rest of his time on the show.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Many thanks to all who posted screencaps of Tyler's new 'do. Wow...what a difference! Does he have naturally curly hair, or is that all a perm? I only ask because on the last broadcast show, his hair kind of looked like a perm growing out, with straight hair shelving off to the masses of curls. Once again we have evidence that BB production is just phoning it in this season. Is it being run by interns or something? Sheesh... Here's my tinfoil hat theory on why Sam isn't so upset over hearing the disparaging discussion about her from the leak from the HOH bedroom: she really is faking the crazy bits, so overhearing this conversation has confirmed to her that her strategy is working. (However, I fail to see how acting like a whacko is a viable game strategy, unless it is a ploy to get dragged to the end as a goat.)
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I beg of you....screencaps, please!