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  1. I am intrigued. But I see this more of a Survivor mashup with Naked and Afraid--hopefully with less nudity--than with Lost. The filming location looks awesome. Apparently people with "issues" were cast on the show, so they could show how the absence of the castaway affects the people back home, or perhaps to contrast the castaway's current situation with their regular life? There's an immigrant fearing for his brother's fate back in Honduras, someone dealing with an empty nest and aging parents, a secret marriage with racial overtones, a recovering addict, a homeless person, a new stepfather adjusting to a blended family etc. That sort of drama doesn't interest me. I could care less how the Supermom's five generations are coping with the absence of their family lynch pin. What I do care about is this seems to be a bit of an interesting set of people cast into this new TV show. These are not your usual fake-y good-looking pharmaceutical reps, bartenders, mactors or fame whores like we usually see on Survivor, The Bachelor, or Big Brother. these days. These are also not your honed and hardened survivalist types like you might see on Alone or Naked and Afraid. There's a 390 lb man. A 62yo woman. A 50yo former Green Beret. A young aspiring musician. Someone who may be suffering from PTSD. It is a really interesting mix of all types. The premise also intrigues me. From what I understand, the castaways will be abandoned alone and in scattered locations on some uninhabited islands in the South Pacific. They are free to use anything that washes up on shore, or what they find on the island. If they can find each other, they can join up together. It looks like production has sort of salted the locations with structures and flotsam and jetsam. It remains to be seen if other items are released to float in with the tide as needs or production whims dictate. They are there until they quit or get pulled. I assume they have a camera crew with them rather than filming themselves like Alone. I am cautiously optimistic. I'm in.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I hope Tyler is just doing a slow fade from the Kaitlyn entanglement, and he's not just hanging around with her out of habit, or <shuddering> because he wants to.
  3. I admit, I did not understand Scottie's statement while voting. He seemed really bitter about it. I read the live feed thread, and nothing anyone posted there indicated anything I would think would lead to that sort of anger from Scottie. I mean, I'm happy he said it, and voted for Chris while wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt, but it leaves a lot of questions. It seems there are very important interactions and game play that are either being hidden from the feeds, or production isn't paying proper attention and is unaware of these happenings in the house so the feeds aren't showing it. It is very sloppy work. I hope production combs through their footage and airs something on Sunday to explain Scottie's bitter statement and vote. Which...since Scottie is HOH, they might actually have to do! Yay! I think this will be a very interesting week. Scottie has shown he's nobody's goon with that vote, he's not in any of the alliances, and he's a SuperFan. It will be interesting to see what dynamic is used with him. Tyler is playing a smooth game, but Scottie ain't dumb and he's going to know that when Tyler starts trying to bro up with him, something is up. Man, I love it when a strong floater is HOH. <rubs hands with glee> This is going to be good!
  4. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    I remember, I remember! I've even eaten that soft white kind of juicy center pine bark. It was in a "survival" seminar during conservation camp in sixth grade on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. It was kind of sweet and herbacious, but very fibrous and chewy. We also learned how to peel and split twigs to get at the pith inside and eat that. The weirdest thing I learned was the instructor said we could use the lint from our belly buttons as fire starter, and I--along with all the other girls on the hike--were all "whaaat?" while the boys nodded knowingly. I have never in my life (and I'm old: see above) ever had lint in my belly button. Is Britt catching all of Jesse's fish? I, too, would like to know if Britt is smoking his fish for later. But I also worry that if he does that, where can he safely store it? He can't really keep it in his cabin with him, that would attract predators. But then again, Starving!Dave had quite the stockpile of smoked fish in Patagonia in his cabin and he never was bothered by predators. Maybe you only have to worry about it until the bears hibernate for the winter, then you're safe? But there are still wolves and coyotes and mountain lions in Mongolia, right? It is a conundrum... Speaking of Jesse...that poor man. That looked......miserable. Much like the one guy on Survivor who had to tap out because he ate too much red meat on a reward trip and got all stopped up. What an ignominious end to such a bold start. F*kin Larry brings it again, but if you look beyond the beard, he was looking quite emaciated last night. Even Jesse looked better, and he was rolling around and grunting for most of his footage. Sam's building a shelter? Better than what he had on Vancouver Island? (Not hard to do, by the way...) But....his new shelter....uh....dude. That's a barn made of spindly willow twigs with weeds haphazardly stuffed in to make walls. Yeah, he can stand up in it, but that's a BIG space to heat, and according to the footage I saw, quite drafty as well, what with all those thin spots and holes in the woven weed walls. With all that fresh air circulation, he certainly won't perish of carbon monoxide poisoning. With all those fluffy dried weeds, he's much more likely to die in a fire. One stray popping spark and he--and his "shelter"--are goners. Seriously, he's going to shore that flimsy thing up, right?
  5. S09.E08: A Gordon Ramsay Wedding 2018.07.11

    What a lopsided competition. Juni vs. Julia? Handpicked by the "mentors" to see what they could do? Good lord, they didn't have an injured lamb they could pit against a hungry wolf to make it more obvious? I did like the leaders having to swap teams after choosing their preferred team, but I wonder if they still would have done that if Juni hadn't said he didn't want Shanika on his team. Even after swapping teams, I knew Julia would win. In these team competitions, the leader with the loudest voice and strongest presence always wins. Always. Because the challenge is more about organization and control than actual cooking. I think the similar menus were a result of limited options in the pantry--I don't think there were a lot of options. I know if I were choosing a menu a bunch of individual "home" cooks lacking catering experience would have to produce for 50 guests, I would not choose scallops or duck. Obviously farro and lentils were in the pantry. I'm curious why farro was too winter-y, and lentils were not? That had to be a very limited pantry, because if farro was unacceptable, I would have gone to orzo or couscous or *gasp* risotto as a lighter option rather than straight to celeriac puree. There also must not have been a lot of fresh fruit options other than cherry for the duck. Obviously there was citrus, so I would have gone more to a duck a l'orange entree, but that's easy for me to say. Why wasn't the kid who cooks in his family's eastern seaboard seafood restaurant cooking the scallops? I'm starting to lean toward the "Shanika is a production plant" conspiracy theory. When her team's mashed potato prep is being so roundly jeered at by Gordon Ramsay, she makes one random exclamation of "fondant potatoes!" and suddenly Gordo is all over that and the menu changes. Juni deserved to go home, that was a very poor showing, but let's face it, he was out of his depth from the get-go and was never going to get anywhere near the end. But it still wasn't very fair--the deck was stacked against him, and he was basically handpicked to fail.
  6. S20.E07: Power of Veto #2 2018.07.11

    Let's root for a tie then.....................
  7. S20.E07: Power of Veto #2 2018.07.11

    I think Cody was making pre-emptive strikes against getting hugged by extending his hand to shake and using that mantra. I noticed a few people hugged him at first, and he seemed to physically recoil. The servomech noises as he was swiveling his head cracked me the hell up. Again. I was dying laughing the whole time. The. Whole. Time.
  8. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    OMG. That poor man. He really is desperate to have some time to himself. Let's hope his gambit works. "Our alliance can only work if nobody suspects. Don't talk to me. That's how I'll know we're still good. At noon on Wednesdays, I will touch the photo of the houseguest you need to vote for. Shhhh... It's OK. This is the only way to ensure our survival...."
  9. S13.E05: Death Dealers 2018.07.03

    I was hoping Mackenzie would stay in character as the Tarot reading medium, but I suspect she was cracking herself up and had to stop. I didn't really get what y'all were saying about Matt's hair until I watched this episode. It doesn't look that bad from the front, it just looks like an emo hair affectation taken too far. But then when he gets a little sweaty, or has dragged his hat off and on too often, you can see where it really is a combover and not just a hipster affectation. THEN when you see it from the back? Holy mother of cheeses, WTF?!? Oh yay. Once again, the challenge is "X" and the makeup artists respond with Monster "X"s. Matt and Graham did think outside that monster box, and they were top looks for sure. Uh, did anyone else look at Derek's makeup and think "Hey, cool... Groot's mom!"
  10. This stupid App Store shtick has me missing Cody a bit. All the houseguests think they're being cute and clever when they swagger in, then pout when access is denied. Cody would just stomp up to it, slap his hand down, and glare stony-faced until he was released from the room.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    OMG. That's exactly it! It has been driving me crazy... But you nailed it! This so much. Take away her unusual get-ups, she's just a boring person. Hee hee hee hee hee.....
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    (I haven't watched the Wednesday or Thursday shows yet--so obviously I'm not adverse to spoilers since I'm in this thread.) Kaitlyn has pleasantly surprised me by not mean-girling nominating Sam and Hayleigh. I was wrong in my earlier assumption. Now, she does know that Sam has a power which might keep her in, so that would be a wasted nom, but I figured Ms. nasty!namaste wouldn't be able to help herself. And it seems she may have given up on her crush on Faysal (further and closer association sometimes has that consequence) so she's no longer jealous of Hayleigh. Her noms are still relatively safe--Winston is paranoia-town, and Scott is a loner. But still decent noms, particularly since she had a back door plan. Your posts were starting to make me think she might be better than her first, second, and third impressions. Except now she's wavering because of vibes from Jess and Cody? Eh. Sometimes wackaloons rise to sanity now and again. She's back to form.
  13. S05.E04: Mongolia's Wrath

    That's probably because Sam is doing his patented hunker down, don't expend energy, roll up like a burrito in the pathetic shelter, and once a day walk the ten paces necessary to check his deadfall traps for flat mice--none of which offers interesting footage for the producers to air.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Oh puh-leeze. Kaitlyn is going to nominate two women for eviction. That's who she is. Stop all the wishful Swaggy and Winston or Fezzy speculation. She's a vindictive jealous bitch, so smart money is on Hayleigh and Sam for the nominees for eviction. I hope to be proven wrong, but reality show and middle school dynamics will win out.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Sorry Peach. I clicked and accidentally quoted something I didn't intend to. Not that it wasn't a good post, it just wasn't something I wanted to comment on. And my Kindle browser won't work with the PTV interface to remove the quote from my input box. Sooo...smooches and sorry. Intended post below.