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  1. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    My sister! Did we take the same English composition class? 😸
  2. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    I can’t believe Asuelu dropped the first but not final uncensored f bomb! I was half asleep and that woke me right up!
  3. S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    But that car was so cutie!
  4. But that was the famous Recoleta cemetery! I would have snapped up that apartment immediately. I’m not typically a cemetery tourist, but that one in Buenos Aires is magnificent! And lots of cats live there!
  5. I had forgotten that Isabella was “loofah girl” on the Second Chances show. Talk about someone making a mountain out of a mole hill!
  6. My Cat From Hell

    I loved the Cole and Marmalade segment! I’ve been subscribed to their YouTube channel for years. I’m glad that Jackson appreciates their spay and neuter work and that he made a video with them.
  7. S07.E05: Trouble in Paradise

    What rumor? John who?
  8. S07.E04: Pressure or Paradise

    Don’t actual victims of identity theft need to file police reports in order to deny responsibility for any mischief the thief perpetrates? Guess Mia forgot to do that. /sarcasm off.
  9. S07.E04: Pressure or Paradise

    You are absolutely right! I can believe some pressure ($$$$) was brought to bear on the ex to drop the charges. Doesn’t mean the stalking and credit card fraud didn’t happen. Tristan, Tristan Tristan. Could be that pressure was brought to bear on him too.
  10. Can anyone explain to me why in her THs Anfisa frequently sits with her knees propped up even with her boobs? Is she so short her feet don’t reach the floor, or is showing lots of bare leg supposed to increase viewership?
  11. Lost In Transition

    Princelina and IvySpice, I would like your posts 1000 times if I could! I started out having a lot of compassion for Leslie, but once I started seeing that the support and nurturing and empathy was all coming from Stacy, I started disliking Leslie. When Stacy arranged the anniversary surprise manicure for Leslie, did Leslie do something nice for Stacy, or did she complain that she only got gel nails instead of acrylic? P.S. I don't even know the difference between gel and acrylic nails.
  12. S05.E11: Buddy's Next Move

    Or vetted. Or neutered.
  13. Gold Rush

    The big news is that Todd is leaving "Gold Rush". He is working on starting a family-oriented media company, and he wants to focus on his singing career. He seriously said that. i will not miss him. ?
  14. S06.E06: Move-Ins

    I was on Team Jon until he sent Dawn to stay with a friend, supposedly temporarily. ?
  15. S06.E05: The Honeymoons, Part 2

    A partner who wants to evict my cats from the bed? MAJOR deal breaker!!