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  1. another reason I'm so glad I left FB 3 years ago.
  2. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    It does, but as someone who is grain sensitive, not just wheat but things like oats and quinoa, I eat it for the comfort, knowing that I'm going being feeling crappy tomorrow. LOL
  3. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I just put up another 6 or 7 jars of tomato mixtures from our garden last week. I do spaghetti sauce, plain tomato sauce, tomato paste, pizza sauce for our homemade pizza and calzones and bruschetta. 2 nights ago I insisted of Kraft Mac and Cheese for dinner because of this board. LOL
  4. Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Will they be giving a parking spot for Joy and Austin?
  5. oh CRAP, someone PLEASE tell me she's NOT pregnant with #14!!!
  6. Thanks! Growing up in the South and being taught to sew at a young age like all these Fundie girls seem to be, along with their mothers, the fact that the men never seem to have a pressed, hemmed suit is shameable. I grew up with homemade clothes and hand me downs, but it's called a hem folks.
  7. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I had all 3 of mine out - yea, they could never find the 4th and mine was brutal - my wisdom teeth all grew in sideways and I had to be put under an IV mix with both a doctor and a dentist because they had to cut into bone, and then I got 2 hematomas. My hubby had his out 20 years later and they gave him 800 mg ibuprofen and he was fine. He needed a ride home but within like 2 days he was great. Prep or buy easy, soft meals - like soup or pasta - something soft to eat, along with tons of beverages. Have someone on call to transport you to and from and willing to get any Rx drugs you need. Otherwise you should be good - grab books, netflix, or dvds for your recovery.
  8. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    White cats are much more prone to sunburn/sun cancer - esp. on their ear tips and nose. I've spent waaaay too much time working in vet offices. But I have a friend that took in an abandoned 6 week old white kitten that was so small he fit in one hand. She named him Wee Ian - he's 18 lbs and a moose. And one of my pet sitting clients. I taught him to sit along with the house dogs. LOL. @Westiepeach I understand your whine. 11-3? Are you freakin' kidding me????? Hubby was born in Cleveland, he pretty much got the vapors after that game and took to the bed. LOL. Sorry about your phone.
  9. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I crocheted baby afgans/blankets and hats for all my nephews/nieces. I'm working now on a friend's baby gift as well as doing a teen's knitted comfy blankie for Yule.
  10. All fundie men, please look to guy on the left. This is how your pants should look - not bundled on top of your shoes. While I"m not a fan of the brown shoes with a blue/black suit - he's miles ahead of those damn elf shoes Derlick wears. Guy on the right - men's pants come in a waist and inseem size. Figure yours out and buy appropriately!!! Sorry, pet peeve.
  11. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    A few years ago and friend and I were given a ton of yarn pieces. We were able to knit/crochet a ton of baby hats, etc and were able to donate them.. Check with your nearest children's hospital - they may love to have the knitted items or may know of a charity that can definitly use them.
  12. As a teen I had jeans that had rips in them, of course it was because I had worn them for years and worked on the family homestead, so I can't fathom buying pants that have rips/holes in them. Are they idiots??
  13. Pretty sure that's an insult to both cavemen and Mohicans for sure. Dude just have a wife grab the dog clippers and give you a buzz cut if you are not going to condition and take care of your hair.
  14. Robyn Brown: Her Sisterwives Have a Closet!

    Wasn't there an episode where Kody "had to take" the younger girls on some sort of adventure/trip and he whined like the whole time they were planning it or convincing him to do it? I don't think that Kody gives a crap about his girls and the boys - as long as they love wrestling and are good at it and don't eat pork - they are his favorites. It makes me wonder what type of relationship he has with Logan - who gave up the religion and has been living with his girlfriend, now fiance, for years and drinks, as well as Gabe? - the one who went to the Air Force Academy and we all know how Kody feels about the military.
  15. Totally agree on the undershirt. Why, in all of these families, who supposedly can sew, can no man have a properly hemmed pant? They are all like 1-5 inches too long and pool at the top of the shoes. Gil and Kelton in this photo.