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  1. S03.E07: Excess Animus

    That opening scene was weird. I just imagined the doctor really had a sadistic death wish or something. I sort of liked the opposing advice that Helen should just have sex with her husband as a form of therapy. No more Luke Kleintank in the opening credits :( Aww, Frank and Ed and Juliana. I think they showed us too little of their friendship for me to really appreciate it fully but I loved that scene. Yeah, you found her, dude. Finding her hasn't ended well for a few people though. I never imagined Childan the whoring type, really. I love that Abendsen and his wife treat Juliana as a daughter. I don't think she really minds being treated as such either. How come a show this good only comes around every two years?
  2. S03.E06: History Ends

    "I'm going to tell you something and you shouldn't react to it at all" "Frank Frink is still alive." I may have found that non reaction more amusing then I should have. Loved Wyatts digs. And the drinking and pill popping. I'm back and forth on Frank. I don't think he and Juliana are well particularly well matched , but he does fine in storylines of his own. Off topic question re: other world personalities: If Joe was Lebensborn engineered, can he exist in another world? I was glad to see a last glimpse of him here though.
  3. S03.E05: The New Colossus

    I also knew Joe was a goner the second they gave him his book last name. I hope there is an AlternateJoe out there somewhere. If they can revive Frank, they can revive Joe. I had noticed Luke Kleintank wasn't all that involved in promoting the show, so perhaps yeah, that was writing on the wall too. I think he's got some movies coming up, though. Maybe it became a long term scheduling issue. Could have done without the Cuban interlude. That just added nothing. The Sabra community is located in Colorado.
  4. S03.E04: Sabra

    I loved that this was a booty call episode where pretty much everyone got to go on dates/sleep around. I thought the van full of carefully scavenged antiques was pretty hilarious. Also, Liam is so much more lively then Joe. I don't mind the Joe/Juliana stuff, but Joe is a delusional psycho and a far cry from his season 1 persona. Frank lives. And designed the resistance logo. That was probably the highlight of the episode for me.
  5. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    It didn't suck. I didn't expect it to, but my viewership has been sketchy the last few seasons. I hope they didn't try to teach Ryan to ride a bike on a cliff side when he was young. What's wrong with pavements? Or empty parking lots? Or perhaps a less crappy bike, that would have worked. Poor Ryans Nan. Saw it coming a mile away though. I kind of liked that the colour scheme at the funeral were the Doctors colours (purple, aqua, gold) Tim Shaw sounds like a sketchy pro Brexit politician. Which may have been the point. One never knows. The villain didn't do all that much for me, really. Didn't get the outer space bit either. The Tardis is coming for them, no?
  6. I think the advertising agency scenes are annoyingly Mad Men inspired. I'm not even sure they are all that necessary.
  7. S03.E03: Sensô Kôi

    I'm watching the Joe/Juliana scenes with the same intensity one watches a car slowly crashing into a brick wall. Frank is what now? Really? Because Juliana obviously needs more men pining for her. That must be an exhausting way to live.
  8. S03.E02 Imagine Manchuria

    I agree that the Tagomi scenes (the more personal ones) have this very soothing quality about them. There was so much going on this episode that I don't actually recall that much (except the fight) about it.
  9. But they are carriers, so it won't be an issue for a long time I imagine. Is someone somewhere going to tell Juliana that Frank died? Do people even know that he did?
  10. I didn't get the whole "our time, your time" debacle. Isn't it always the same year regardless of which world they are residing in? They don't technically go forwards or backwards in time to my knowledge anyway. Nicole remains annoying. So the Neutral Zone didn't look all that terrible. They always made it sound like the seventh circle of Hell but I found it quite commonly relaxed though. I just enjoyed a somewhat carefree Juliana. I didn't know she could do that, honestly.
  11. I tried watching because it featured Aaron Stanford. I got four minutes in, to where she's discussing June telling Jim he's going to die. I got so annoyed I had to turn it off. Christ, woman.
  12. S04.E11: The Code

    I think this episode was written by 12 year olds. In case you might miss it, the central theme in this episode was beer. Big neon signs spelling it out, pretty WTF speeches about beer. Jim is a delusional twat, but he's played by Aaron Stanford so that doesn't make me completely hate him. So that was Jim's truck they were scooting around in? Lovely zombie performances though. I am torn between Roadkill Zombie and Traffic Sign Zombie #1 or Traffic Sign Zombie #2. I think at this point in the Apocalypse, not having killed zombies is a stupid reason for abandoning a guy surrounded by them. You can say a lot about Chris and Nick and Madison, but they didn't hesitate or refuse to do what needs to be done. .
  13. I know that they never hark back to that (other then meeting her mom), but I wonder about that too. It seemed very much like a divorced single mother situation, really. Maybe they were half or step siblings and she's wasn't close to them to begin with.
  14. S02.E05: Captive

    I am really late to this party, I know but I'm new to this show and made it nearly halfway through the second season. This episode was on offer last night. The only time Madison is bearable is in scenes with Strand. So everyone was pissed at Chris for killing Reed (who was most likely to die from being gored anyway) but killing off Liza who had merely a scratch was morally justified? I laughed when ZombieReed was pinned to the wall, flailing aimlessly at out of reach food.
  15. Yeah, Cassie and Deacon. *I don't actually dislike the notion of the Cassie/Deacon Thing*