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  1. Travelers

    Yeah, I need season 4 because I have so many questions. Going back a bit to say that I really despised the MacLaren marriage stuff. Even in Trevor, which was a beautifully heart wrenching episode for the most part it ruined the ending. I mean, you get 50 min of all this conflict and impossible choices and she has a go at him over when they first met? Seriously? Hate. Oh, David. I don't want to watch this show without you in it. You had better come back, you hear me. My jaw literally popped when Marcy ... you know. Re starting the timeline gives me a vague hope this show isn't done for after all. I knew Jeff was a traitor. Pretty sure assholes inherit asshole Travelers. Loved that he adapted the mannerisms of the original 001 though. When they were talking about the President and his staff collapsing because they were being overwritten, I had high hopes of that actually happening one of these days. Original Marcy and David would have been about 12 to 14 years old in 2001. Just saying. I think that other meeting happened post 2015. Also, babies! Babies that need to be born!
  2. Bewitching Quotes

    Harvey: I don't fly without you, Sabrina.
  3. It was okay for a Christmas episode. I think shows with long hiatuses between seasons (looking at you Stranger Things) really benefit from Christmas episodes. I really liked the Gryla plotline. Out of the five million different ones crammed into this episode, that one stood out. I didn't think she was THAT evil or scary though. re: Susie, the actor/actress (not sure what the right definition is, just actor?) is very elfin looking. Who knows why some people are so much more bitten by the Christmas bug then others. I don't know if it's because I saw the actress kill it in Hill House, but younger Sabrina seemed a little too old and weary to sit on Santa's lap. Shame it was only one scene, too. The second season is going to be interesting in terms of relationships.
  4. Now that I've finished, I can say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't go into this expecting to make it far (hell, only just made it through the Riverdale pilot) but it was quite enjoyable. Perhaps signing the book was necessary because it'll make her grow as a witch. She's been going about the magic/witchy stuff half assed because I don't think anyone ever told her everything she needed to know. I don't know about the goth look but I really preferred the post-book signing version. So, when Sabrina's mom said they took her baby, perhaps she wasn't talking about Sabrina. I foresee secret sibling stuff coming in season 2. I don't mind Roz or Susie or Harvey with helpful skills. It wouldn't be half as interesting if they went about not knowing for five seasons. Then I'd prefer they'd be useful rather then plot points. I think it will be interesting to see what happens with a relationship that is supposed be adversarial by nature but isn't. "I don't fly without you, Sabrina" makes my heart melt every time.
  5. S04.E01: America the Beautiful

    The contemporary music over the last five minutes completely took me out of an otherwise good opening episode. I know that in the book Marsali is not with them (and she's already had Germain etc) but how did Claire not notice that sooner? In the book she does, anyway. Young Ian (John Hunter Bell) is such a gem. Loved every scene he was in. The CGI background couldn't have been more glaringly obvious if they put up a sign saying "THIS BACKGROUND IS REALLY FAKE" on it. Because I saw someone mention it on the first page, Bonnet did look like a poor man's Heath Ledger with Johnny Depp theatrics. I always imagined him to be a more polished character, though.
  6. S01.E04: The Twin Thing

    I think it was coincidence. And she was warning her brother to leave rehab to find her (Nellie), not Joey.
  7. S01.E04: The Twin Thing

    I thought this was the lesser episode of the four I've seen. The ghost creeping under the bed made me jump, but in hindsight I found it sort of hokey. Why does he need the cane? He floats, he doesn't actually need to support himself. But then I ask myself the strangest questions. The old lady reflected in the speaker thing was far creepier. So, Luke basically kicked himself out of the recovery centre to find his friend, who then skipped off down an alley and he didn't bother to check that she hadn't been attacked or something? I kept waiting for the reveal that Joey (after he found her) was never real in the first place. Younger Luke is adorable. I loved that line when he asked if anyone else was with Nelly on the other side of the speaker. Theo or the housekeeper. Same difference. Amused me anyway.
  8. S01.E03: Touch

    I think the mom is really good at putting up walls. Not sure what she does all day, but this isn't just one thing. It's a lot of things happening to all your children. It wasn't really a jump scare episode, but I liked the underlying psycho analysis of what ghosts are and how we create them for ourselves. I'll second and third how wonderful the kid actors are.
  9. S03.E10: Jahr Null

    Goodbye show, see you the next time you pass by in 2020 (estimated guess). That was insane. Loved every minute of it. When the plane came for Smith, I really expected a rope ladder to be dropped down. How did they even land that thing? I'm glad that even though Julianna and Hawthorne and Frank can't do it themselves anymore, they have amassed enough support to keep the resistance going. I do like Wyatt and I don't mind the love triangle. If she has to choose, I hope she goes with Liam. In any space and time.
  10. S03.E09: Baku

    I don't know how I feel right now. For some reason, today, with everything that's been going on, it hit a nerve. I'm sorry to see Frank go, I guess his nine lives just ran out. I don't need there to be an Alternate. Nothing beats this character and the way he was portrayed.
  11. S01.E02: Open Casket

    I think I would have flipped out too if someone MADE me look at a dead body in a casket. The kid said (numerous times) that he was at peace with her passing and didn't feel the need. Stop banging on about how it'll help him cope. I thought the made up dead Nellie looked artificial. Like, nothing like in that wedding picture. I watched that corpse make up scene through my fingers. My great grandmother was laid out on a bed at the funeral home. She looked peaceful and it really helped me process. I don't think a casket would have had the same effect. It's the whole confined space effect that freaks me the fuck out. Open casket funerals are luckily not a thing here. I don't think I can look at kittens the same way ever again. I'm not sure if what freaked me out more about the last five minutes of this episode. It replayed in my head for hours.
  12. I really, truly not care about the lesbian storyline. It's not interesting, it doesn't work in the grander scheme, it is filler. I sort of really love the title of this episode. Juliana is going to need a bigger army if she wants to topple the Nazis, just saying. Two more to go. How did that happen?
  13. S03.E07: Excess Animus

    That opening scene was weird. I just imagined the doctor really had a sadistic death wish or something. I sort of liked the opposing advice that Helen should just have sex with her husband as a form of therapy. No more Luke Kleintank in the opening credits :( Aww, Frank and Ed and Juliana. I think they showed us too little of their friendship for me to really appreciate it fully but I loved that scene. Yeah, you found her, dude. Finding her hasn't ended well for a few people though. I never imagined Childan the whoring type, really. I love that Abendsen and his wife treat Juliana as a daughter. I don't think she really minds being treated as such either. How come a show this good only comes around every two years?
  14. S03.E06: History Ends

    "I'm going to tell you something and you shouldn't react to it at all" "Frank Frink is still alive." I may have found that non reaction more amusing then I should have. Loved Wyatts digs. And the drinking and pill popping. I'm back and forth on Frank. I don't think he and Juliana are well particularly well matched , but he does fine in storylines of his own. Off topic question re: other world personalities: If Joe was Lebensborn engineered, can he exist in another world? I was glad to see a last glimpse of him here though.
  15. S03.E05: The New Colossus

    I also knew Joe was a goner the second they gave him his book last name. I hope there is an AlternateJoe out there somewhere. If they can revive Frank, they can revive Joe. I had noticed Luke Kleintank wasn't all that involved in promoting the show, so perhaps yeah, that was writing on the wall too. I think he's got some movies coming up, though. Maybe it became a long term scheduling issue. Could have done without the Cuban interlude. That just added nothing. The Sabra community is located in Colorado.