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  1. S02.E05: Captive

    I am really late to this party, I know but I'm new to this show and made it nearly halfway through the second season. This episode was on offer last night. The only time Madison is bearable is in scenes with Strand. So everyone was pissed at Chris for killing Reed (who was most likely to die from being gored anyway) but killing off Liza who had merely a scratch was morally justified? I laughed when ZombieReed was pinned to the wall, flailing aimlessly at out of reach food.
  2. Yeah, Cassie and Deacon. *I don't actually dislike the notion of the Cassie/Deacon Thing*
  3. The Chechnya episodes are not my favourite season 1 moments (Because that's a really long way to travel to make sure she wouldn't find him there). There was no ring, I'm really sure. Too bad the ring probably got lost in the foils of Time, though.
  4. I think she only uses his first name when she really wants to get through to him. Pretty sure everyday random conversation is always Cole, though. Yes, Tall Man threw him under a bus about what happened to Henri. I think that's what caused the strife while they were trapped up there anyway. I can't remember the exact conversation either though. Speaking of the Night Room, in the finale (as Olivia finally at long last perishes of hypothermia) there's dialogue referring to the skeleton as a she. I don't know if that was something new or I missed the reference the first five million times I've seen this episode.
  5. Re watched the Cassandra Complex yesterday. Cole taught Cassie the basics but Deacon taught her how to use the big guns.
  6. Doctor Who in the Media

    Not sure why it looks like a fast food commercial but ok. I guess this is a teaser and perhaps they'll show a more elaborate one at Comic Con?
  7. Cole as we knew him throughout the series was very much a person created by his circumstances. Cole when Jones found him was little more then a wild animal. I'm glad the suicide mission tendencies wore off during season 1, though.
  8. Yeah, they could have invented a random town/city and not have it be New Orleans. I think it took until episode three before I figured out where they were supposed to be living. Tandy is lucky she didn't catch pneumonia from having to wait for her father for what must have been a few hours. In the rain. And then the submerged car and sleeping in the cold. I'm also in the like but not love category. The premise is interesting though. You know who I found interesting? Evita and Liam. Oddly enough. The detective not speaking for most of the episode was really strange. Must have been an easy payday for the actress, though.
  9. I've seen an article that says it was renewed for a fourth season. If you know, they air the third season first. With a long intro because I can remember very little at this point.
  10. Season 1 Cassie was so adorably naive. In 1.02 she even lectured Cole about not hitting any more cops when she picked him up at JD Peoples. She was also a nicer person. I never really grasped why she became so passive agressive (to the point where it became annoying) in the second season.
  11. S04.E11: The Beginning (2) 2018.07.06

    Thing is, Katarina is not the marriage type. Even if she lasted longer then six whole days in this life cycle I doubt she'd stay with Elliott indefinitely.
  12. S04.E11: The Beginning (2) 2018.07.06

    So, the big, earnest question: Isn't OldJennifer void now that YoungJennifer is recreating unicorns and doesn't wind up leading The Daughters? There was much joy when the Simple Minds starting playing. Like bouncing up and down excited about it. I love Deacon more then I reasonably should. And Max. I didn't give a hoot about Max initially but I was very happy to see her again for some reason. I liked the Cedar and Pine ending. Because of course that's where they belong. Maybe Cole wouldn't have liked the Keys that much anyway. I don't think it needed Aaron (even hypothetically). Aaron died a long time ago and everyone is fine with that. I never got the impression that they were engaged, just really on and off. But mostly off once Cole came on the scene. Holy Freaking Shit, Cassie. That fight scene with Olivia was amazing (and gross). I was slack jawed the entire time. I never heard them refer to the skeleton as female before. I don't think they did in The Nightroom anyway. The goodbye scenes killed me dead. The stuffed unicorn and Casserole saying goodbye. Tears, I tell you. I'm sort of glad they scrapped the booty call aspect from Cassie's initial walking to the car scene. Also for the sake of discussion, would Katarina have stayed married to Elliott, even in another life?
  13. S04.E10: The Beginning (1) 2018.07.06

    Pretty sure I held my breath for 3/4 of the episode. It was that intense. The ending scene (from the second part) was on my Instagram feed within minutes of the actual episode airing. I have yet to find someone who uploaded the proposal scene as quickly. I liked Ramse in this. And I wound up despising Ramse by the end of his run. I'm glad they got to wrap things up (like with FutureCole). That's basically all I remember, must have been the oxygen deprivation.
  14. S04.E07: Daughters 2018.06.29

    Of course, The Missing. Thank you.
  15. S04.E09: One Minute More 2018.06.29

    re watched Paradox from season 1. Whole new light, I tell you. Because Hannah/Marion is indeed right there the whole time.