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  1. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    Murphy at age 19 was not the Murphy of today, or of 20 years ago. No doubt she learned to be tough as she progressed in her career, and at that time women were still struggling to be accepted and taken seriously in any career that was considered men's territory. Also at that time sexual harassment was not an issue. Many men felt entitled to do the things they did, and women were told to just accept that this was the price they paid for trying to find a place in a man's world. There was no social pressure against sexual harassment then as there is now, and no legal recourse. It was just the way things were. If so many women are coming forward today with #Me Too, having found it impossible to say anything at the time it happened, imagine how much harder it would have been back in Murphy's college time to speak up.
  2. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    The whole atmosphere back when Murphy was 19 was different that it is today, or even was 20 or so years ago. I lived through that time, and I have no problem believing that Murphy wasn't prepared for what happened. But she did push him off and get out of there. Standing up to him and telling him off? Just not done back then.
  3. Does anyone know when this last season will be showing in the US on PBS? Thanks.
  4. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    I was just coming in here to say basically this. The characters are the same as they were in the first incarnation, with no growth or change in 20 years. The writers need to develop the characters as they would be today.
  5. Do we still not have a date on the new Halloween movie?
  6. General Gabbery: DWTS

    I'm out of the loop about Mary Lou Retton - what did she do/say to be labeled a Nassar defender? I can't even imagine anyone defending him
  7. S15.E14: Finale

    Hannahlei is very young, isn't she? With more years under her belt she might have reacted more maturely, but considering her age and the circumstances, I don't see anything wrong with her reaction.
  8. The Miniaturist

    I missed the ending - what was the reveal?
  9. Any date yet for the Halloween movie?
  10. Season 4 Episodes

    I would expect them to live at Grey House because so many of the storylines are about the guests and how Cassie helps them. Without that, there really isn't much to the Sam/Cassie story.
  11. S01.E12: Live 2018.06.24

    Have writers forgotten how to build chemistry between two characters? If they need a refresher course, they should watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Now there is chemistry that sizzles! I think the build-up, and the UST, is far more interesting than just going in for the liplock. That is just lazy writing.
  12. S01.E12: Live 2018.06.24

    Something I don't understand...how did the TA expect to get away with the murders when he was, on the live feed of the second murder attempt, saying all those things that obviously identified him? Dumb. And how did he manage to get the second victim (Henry?) tied up to the chair in his room of death? Sloppy writing, again. Also, I hope they move away from that formula where they are still in the dark about the murder(s) then someone says something, Dylan gets that glassy-eyed stare, and suddenly knows everything.
  13. Season 4 Episodes

    I did enjoy the bachelor/bachelorette party switch-up, and Cassie owning the billiards game.
  14. Season 4 Episodes

    The Colombia storyline was ridiculous, it seemed like it was written by amateurs, and it seemed so out of place. Have we ever even been out of Middleton before? I wonder if it was thrown in there to keep James Denton happy, since his role in the series is pretty much nothing. And I agree, there is no chemistry with Cassie.