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  1. Season 4 Episodes

    I would expect them to live at Grey House because so many of the storylines are about the guests and how Cassie helps them. Without that, there really isn't much to the Sam/Cassie story.
  2. S01.E12: Live 2018.06.24

    Have writers forgotten how to build chemistry between two characters? If they need a refresher course, they should watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Now there is chemistry that sizzles! I think the build-up, and the UST, is far more interesting than just going in for the liplock. That is just lazy writing.
  3. S01.E12: Live 2018.06.24

    Something I don't understand...how did the TA expect to get away with the murders when he was, on the live feed of the second murder attempt, saying all those things that obviously identified him? Dumb. And how did he manage to get the second victim (Henry?) tied up to the chair in his room of death? Sloppy writing, again. Also, I hope they move away from that formula where they are still in the dark about the murder(s) then someone says something, Dylan gets that glassy-eyed stare, and suddenly knows everything.
  4. Season 4 Episodes

    I did enjoy the bachelor/bachelorette party switch-up, and Cassie owning the billiards game.
  5. Season 4 Episodes

    The Colombia storyline was ridiculous, it seemed like it was written by amateurs, and it seemed so out of place. Have we ever even been out of Middleton before? I wonder if it was thrown in there to keep James Denton happy, since his role in the series is pretty much nothing. And I agree, there is no chemistry with Cassie.
  6. Season 4 Episodes

    I remember the room, but wasn't it upstairs in the house she and her first husband moved into? It was her special place in the house, and held its own magical treasures.
  7. Season 4 Episodes

    Yes, I really miss the magic. Cassie had real magic at the beginning of the show, and now we hardly see any, and what we do see can be called intuition. But they have watered Cassie down in all ways - she used to always wear black, now she wears ordinary clothes; her shop was originally an occult shop, now it is a Hallmark shop; she used to speak and come across as a somewhat mysterious person, ie, a witch, now she has become as Stepfordized as the other women on the show. Disappointing. I was wondering if the show is now being written for young adults, rather than adults. It just seems to have that flavor.
  8. Season 4 Episodes

    This episode was just full of absurdities. Why would the Art Institute have Elizabeth Merrick's clothes? In a small town like Middleton, where did the guest and her daughter find dresses exactly like the ones in the photograph? Digging up the garden and changing it to match the photo? And Cassie did not seem to know that they still had the same rose bushes? It's her garden! Martha giving one star reviews to local business to "help" their business? Grace writing the exact same thing that was in the diary - not just the basic story, but the exact same thing? And all Grace had to do in her interview was say what a good person her friend was and the interviewer decides there and then to accept her (the friend) into the school, even without interviewing her? I'm sure there were other things that don't come to mind at the moment. Each episode I start out thinking, well, I don't expect too much from this show, it's just a way to spend some pleasant time in a pleasant town with some pleasant people, but by the time the episode is over I wind up feeling irritated. And what irritates me the most is the way all the women talk - very artificial and sprightly, and they always tilt their heads to the side when they say something. It is sort of Stepfordish in a way. And very distracting. And yet I continue to watch...
  9. Season 2 Discussion

    I had hoped, when Megan said she wanted to "burn the whole thing down", that she would expose things like the facility and her kidnapping and being held prisoner. But that seems a no-go. I love DeAnn teaming up with Megan; perhaps together they could burn it down. Megan against Terrance, Megan against Kyle, could be really interesting, and show some serious power on her part. DeAnn helping her, even better. Is this series leading up to being a Woman Power theme? I could co-sign that.
  10. Season 2 Discussion

    I think it was that she thought he was lying to her again. The constant lying seemed to be her theme. Did she get the ten million dollars upon their wedding? If so, that is probably why she went through with the wedding, even though the relationship was finished. How does Terence have a hold over her because of her stepbrother? I don't see what he could do - yes, he could publicly accuse her of it, but he has no evidence, and he got rid of the guy who was convicted of the murder. Surely she could spin any revelations as revenge on his part for pulling Kyle away from IHM. Yes. But Shaun seems so dazzled with him, perhaps it wouldn't matter to her. People seem to fall under his spell, like Kyle did. Everything that Terrance did was okay, in furtherance of the goals of the Institute. But murder? Who knows.
  11. S26: Tonya Harding: Whyyyyyy!?

    I wonder how the other skaters in this season feel about her presence on the show. Have they made any comments?
  12. I just had a nice surprise - I ordered the DVDs for seasons 2 and 3, and when I received them discovered that the season 2 DVD includes the movie Good Witch Halloween and the season 3 DVD includes the movie Secrets of Grey House.
  13. S05.E20: Ocular Fluid and Fighting Robots

  14. Season 4 Episodes

    Thank you.
  15. Season 4 Episodes

    Or like a Hallmark shop... I missed a lot of this episode and am blanking out on the previous season - what caused the enmity between their kids?