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  1. Nice call-back to when Murphy had Avery and took a while to name him, coming up with a series of different names until naming him Avery after her mother was the perfect one.
  2. S06.E08: Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa

    I think this is the bottom line for Violet cutting Christy out.
  3. S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    I heard Tom ask Emma if she was all right after that. I wonder if they can fire him now. Please?
  4. S06.E06: Cottage Cheese and a Weird Buzz

    Have they ever addressed where Bonnie and Adam will live once they are married (if they do in fact get married)?
  5. S11.E06 Results May Vary

    I loved every minute of this episode. I rarely laugh out loud - at anything - but this got to me several times. I thought each character was perfection. I especially loved them all losing it in the last few minutes of the show, and Miles saying "So close!" And thanks to Sarah 103 for posting the Dan Quayle clip. Loved seeing original version Murphy!
  6. I'm hoping we get an alliance of Christian/Gabby/John/Dan and whoever else they can pull in. Alison? Kara? Nick? I think the David/Goliath thing is pretty much toast. I hope so anyway.
  7. I was just thinking about this comment, and I can't agree. First of all, we only see a small handful of the residents so we don't know anything about other residents or their situation. A small town typically is a mix of different income levels, and I haven't seen anything to indicate that Middleton is different from this. Sam, as a New York surgeon, no doubt is rich, but everyone else? Cassie inherited Grey House, and has mentioned needing the income from Bell, Book and Candle to help keep it running, Stephanie and Abigail have small businesses, and there is no indication that they are rich; in fact I remember the episode where they were both looking for investors - Stephanie to start her catering business and Abigail to open her flower shop. Derek and Brandon are police officers, and probably not rich. As for no one having any money problems, one storyline for Martha a while ago had Tom and Martha losing all their money in some investment issue, and Martha had to find a job or start a business. Middleton seems like a normal small town in this respect. It may be magical in other ways, but not conferring riches on everyone.
  8. I'm not hate watching, just watching without any expectations. I still enjoy the series and the movies, although I am disappointed at how it has changed from the original. But I can't turn my brain off while I watch, so I do notice the flaws, and since this is a place to comment, I comment on them. For me the positives outweigh the negatives. But people tend to comment more on the negatives, so it probably sounds bad as a whole. But we are still watching!
  9. Yes, this important theft and no police presence in the story? Do the writers think we turn off our common sense when we watch the show? A perfectly polished heart-shaped ruby being mined? Worth whatever million(s) of dollars it was worth and no case protecting it? No security guard or cameras? Just "no one would steal it because everyone in Middleton knows how much it means to the town"? And no police investigation?
  10. What Happened to Gwen?

    I recently watched all the movies in a row, and noticed not only the other changes that we all have been mentioning, but the gradual changes to the front of her shop. Initially it was all painted black; then suddenly only the sign area above the shop was still black and the front of the shop was now blue. Later that black sign area became wood tone, so there is no black left. I miss the original versions of everything also, it was what made this series stand out. (And what made it successful enough to be a bunch of movies and a series.)
  11. I watched this not expecting much from it but a pleasant two-hour stay in Middleton...fortunately. I think the reason they are dragging out the wedding is because once it happens, they have no more storyline for Cassie. Maybe they will kill Sam off like they did Jake, so she would have a story again. Heaven knows he looked bad enough in this movie; I thought he looked like an old man. And his voice sounded strange. (Note to the wardrobe people: Do not put him in a V-neck sweater again; you need to keep his neck covered up. That was terrible.) Martha? If you want to be mayor of Middleton again, just move to Middleton. Abigail doesn't want the job any more. I think they were setting us up for Martha to regain her position as mayor. As mentioned by others above, the ruby had some serious flaws.
  12. What Happened to Gwen?

    Isis disappeared with the beginning of the de-witching of Cassie, at the time of her marriage to Jake, along with her change in clothing and the shift of the Bell, Book and Candle from occult shop to Hallmark shop. Gwen? A Middleton mystery!!!
  13. Repeats of previous movies are running today.
  14. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    Murphy at age 19 was not the Murphy of today, or of 20 years ago. No doubt she learned to be tough as she progressed in her career, and at that time women were still struggling to be accepted and taken seriously in any career that was considered men's territory. Also at that time sexual harassment was not an issue. Many men felt entitled to do the things they did, and women were told to just accept that this was the price they paid for trying to find a place in a man's world. There was no social pressure against sexual harassment then as there is now, and no legal recourse. It was just the way things were. If so many women are coming forward today with #Me Too, having found it impossible to say anything at the time it happened, imagine how much harder it would have been back in Murphy's college time to speak up.
  15. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    The whole atmosphere back when Murphy was 19 was different that it is today, or even was 20 or so years ago. I lived through that time, and I have no problem believing that Murphy wasn't prepared for what happened. But she did push him off and get out of there. Standing up to him and telling him off? Just not done back then.