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  1. Famke!! There had been so many mentions of Hannah, I was expecting to see Marcia Gay Harden. Completely surprised to see Famke. That was a really fantastic episode. It could have been just as fantastic and complicated and threatening to the group had they not killed th DA. Great start to back end.
  2. College Football

    Perhaps it was Bama that didn’t belong in playoffs.....I mean Notre Dame held Clemson to 30 points!! 😄
  3. NFL Thread

    I think Parkey probably needs to go as he’ll need a change of scenery/new start somewhere else. That kicker for Minnesota that shanked a gimme a few years ago couldn’t get back inform in MN the next year, but bounced back in Seattle. I think I’m remembering that right. Parkey was good before he got to Chicago and became horribly unreliable here. I think he missed at least ten kicks in regular season, a surprising number of which were extra points. It affected coaching decisions on going for fourth more and going for two point conversions more, not always successfully. Of course the loss isn’t all his fault, but his miss did contribute to it and it was talk all week prior to game what would happen if game came down to him based on his year (his misses contributed to a couple of regular season losses (again, not all on him)) that left Bears w/3 seed rather than bye. I think that’s why they took shot to end zone right before his kick to avoid situation. It is what it is and, without malice (and knowing last night his kick was tipped a bit), he just hasn’t been reliable and you need that in the playoffs. I wish him well wherever he ends up. I fear I’ll be wishing him well through my fingers when he kicks as he may be still be here next year because of guaranteed money:) Those are my thoughts along with the thought that the Bears do also, like all teams, have their loudest fans that tend to be ignorant and awful.
  4. NFL Thread

    I am not a hater, I would never troll Parker or his family, but I have had a horrible feeling in my gut that he would cost the Bears in a playoff game. I mostly blame management for giving him a contract that they felt made it so they couldn't afford to cut him earlier this year. There were so many missed kicks this year and nothing was done to look for a better solution. Of course it is not all on him, hell, maybe someone got a fingertip on this one, this was an ugly game all around. I’m just not sure that he, the fans, or management foresee his comeback year coming in Chicago next year. Sigh on to next year
  5. S37:E13 Finale

    Sophie Clark was on Rob’s podcast last season and got into this point about women and idols a bit. One thing that resonated with me was that she pointed out that historically women are often targets for the early votes. Therefore, there is a need for the women to focus on their social game early so as to not be the early target, thus a need to stay around the others. This makes them less likely to find the early idols, which in turn makes them less likely to know what to look for when later idols are put in the game. Made sense to me.
  6. Bull in the Media

    Almost as good of an idea as Matthew Weiner writing an episode of The Romanoffs about sexual harassment issues. Translation: shitty idea.
  7. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Darcy was extraordinary! I worry about her nomination potential since so few follow the show to begin with it would be hard to comprehend how well she pulled this episode off without understanding the other characters. Here’s to hoping it can be explained to voters. As to destination weddings/themes, here’s a batshit post that I saw shared on twitter, which I think helps justify all the deductions!
  8. I’m going to have to think about how I feel about this episode. I’m someone who watches the first episode of a season and then binges to catch up at the mid-season/full season finales. I hate the whodunit structure in this show because I learned in early seasons that the writers don’t even know whodunit/who died in the early stages of what we see, so they aren’t playing fair week to week to see if we can solve clues before they show up. Binging, however, usually lets me zip through these weaknesses and be pulled in by acting/intrigue Earlier seasons have left me cheering/laughing/whooping at the screen when reveals happen. I am perplexed and underwhelmed by this season’s reveals at the midpoint. Im not sure what story they are trying to tell now. Is it the notion that some folks can escape from early traumas and be relatively okay (even though they as adults are involved in multiple deaths); and that others can never escape from early traumas and are doomed to repeat them? Gabriel is to me Wes, in a same song, different verse variation that I’m truly not interested in. I am interested in the Bonnie story, it feels like a ‘just when She was starting to recover, she got pulled back in’ story. I’m not going to predict anything, as that I think even the writers will tell you that is folly on this show. I’m hoping to cheer and laugh in inapproriate ways at the end of the season, but I worry that with the writers always planting loose threads while trying to figure out the mysteries, we are ebbing ever closer to when they can’t tie it together anymore and it all just frays and falls apart.
  9. S15.E06: Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

    Here’s a quote from an interview Krista gave regarding the clips (as referenced by moon orchid): Did you have to reach out to those actors about using their images or did you use archival footage? No. When an actor leaves the show there is paperwork put into place that allows us to use clips. We have some iconic footage that the fans will immediately recognize: That shot of Derek, the fans who have watched the show multiple times know what episode that is from. There are iconic moments and shots that we pulled from moments that actually never aired on the show — like Mark with Derek — and then there's newly shot stuff with Ellis and Doc the dog.
  10. S15.E06: Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

    Exactly! Perhaps I’m too nostalgic, but I really felt like this episode was meant to open the door so the spirit of early greys could visit and was acknowledging we’ve seen these stories before in an earlier version. It was saying of course you will have seen every story done in earlier seasons, but here we are and we are telling the stories for this new generation of the characters. Now that my wine is wearing off, I will say my favorite development is that Linc is getting a hair cut. I laughed out loud when he started cutting his own hair because I was thinking every time I saw him earlier that it was an awful haircut he was sporting. As for suggesting the show should be cancelled, I just don’t agree with that notion. I’ve certainly “cancelled” shows from my schedule when I have no more time for the stories they are telling. But me cutting said show didn’t mean I thought said show should be cancelled when I knew others still enjoyed it; why should I care? I’d be out, others would still be enjoying what I no longer did. This is basically my silly, sometimes moving, mostly soapy Thursday show, It will be that for as long as they show it, even if it repeats stories....again!:)
  11. S03.E04: Vietnam

    This country is also ignoring the current losses of lives in Iraq/Afghanistan in more recent years. It’s even more easy to ignore for most these days without a draft meaning universal concern for all sons, now it is only the career folks or folks who just need a decent job who are at risk..not potentially every family. Maybe we need to focus on the now more than what we all recognize as a level of awful in the past Regardless, a glorified soap opera isn’t going to solve anything. And saying this was a boring episode says no more than saying Williams scenes were boring and unnecessary last week. It just wasn’t good storytelling in the context of this show.
  12. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Uggh, I knew a Vietnam episode was coming and I dreaded it. I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, so there is that. To be honest, one of my biggest fears for the Vietnam episode was that it would show Jack being a hero, and cut to Rebecca singing at an anti-war protest, and kaboom, Rebecca would suck more for not supporting mythical Jack back then. So, I’ve liked the show, hated the show, liked it, hated it, enjoyed it. However, I think these show runners have no business telling a Vietnam story because they haven’t shown me the gravitas to pull off something so, so devastatingly real. They can do drama, but war is more than drama. So, anyway...see you all next week!!:)
  13. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Nooooooooooo!!!!! I try to avoid spoilers during the season ( generally stay out of this thread during season) but just saw the Radnor news on Twitter. HIMYM’s finale ruined that show for me; and, prior to the finale, Ted ruined Josh Radnor for me. Sigh, I guess in this case I’m glad to have some warning to brace myself. Sigh.
  14. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    I’m just guessing she did have something to say to youngest Kate that just got cut out of the show because they just had to have William and young Rebecca/Jack. Honestly, the three Kates were interesting enough to merit a few more minutes and maybe cut back a little elsewhere in the episode.
  15. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    By the same token, maybe Randall can put on his big boy pants and realize all that Kate is going through trying to have this child, realize that of course she didn’t mean it like he initially thought and also cut Kate some slack.