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  1. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    I don’t think that is correct. They will certainly get paid for work done, but won’t get paid for episodes not made. Maybe the bigger stars have different contracts, but I do not think it is a general rule. Someone is welcome to prove me wrong!
  2. Roseanne: Aftermath

    Hee!!! I bet it had an uptick today! I tuned in today and I never watch the show....already set to record tomorrow!
  3. S14.E23: Cold As Ice

    Probably. I was more playing here in response to something someone was having fun with above me rather than presenting anything as a realistic possibility. Just having a little fun....carry on!
  4. S14.E23: Cold As Ice

    Oooh, this isn't spoiler or speculation, just playing on a riff here....but that rural hospital.....none other than the one where Derek died!!! Full circle!
  5. S14.E23: Cold As Ice

    Pretty nice to have Geena Davis on the bench to come in for an episode here and there....! Capshaw deserved an all-star to help escort her on her way out. Well-done here. I honestly thought there would be a Callie reappearance at the end, but this stands up well on it's own.
  6. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Half-way through the episode tonight, I became more and more convinced that Alex was going to give away his wedding to April/Matthew, the same way Meredith gave him/Izzie her wedding with Derek. On the one hand, I thought that would have been a uniquely Grey's tradition! On the other, I like that they are bringing the "drama" in a different way. But......maybe April/Matthew grab the wedding while Alex/Jo are in the shed?!:) And Alex/Jo get married on the boat?
  7. S14.E23: Cold As Ice

    This was a lovely episode. I know there is a lot going on in and around and inside and outside of this and what is happening, but this...this was wonderful, this was really, really good Grey's. Old-style, if you will.
  8. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Ha! I checked the spoiler thread earlier today to see if there had been any screwup like when Dempsey was leaving. That was one helluva whoopsie! As I recall, wasn't this issue that they had forgotten (didn't care?) that mail subscribers sometimes got the issues earlier than when they went on the rack in stores that led to that whopper because EW wanted the exclusive with Dempsey out the day after the episode?
  9. S01.E05: I Have a Thing About Bathrooms

    Holy Moly! This show is so much fun! I saved up three episodes and did a mini-marathon this evening and was riveted! I think marathoning is the way to go here, I only had a few minutes to be outraged about Bill. Plus, no time to dwell on flaws here and there. I just absorb the insanity that it is and enjoy the great acting! I didn't realize there would be only three more episodes. If I can restrain myself, I think I'll save the final three for another mini-marathon. Or, I'm just as likely to see you all here next week!:)
  10. S03.E22: Town Hall

    I honestly can’t think of another show where I actively root against a main pairing they want me to love (I think) as much as I do this one. Their relationship arc diminishes a show I otherwise adore.
  11. S14.E22: Fight for Your Mind

    I think Marie not only decided to compete with Meredith, she decided to deceive Meredith to get all of her end of the research that needed to go with the polymer she inherited from her father that was thought necessary for the tiny livers to work. The only reason she didn't win is because they learned the polymer wasn't needed. I thought it was bullshit to take her anger at Ellis out on Meredith. At the time Marie first visited, Meredith didn't move heaven and earth for Marie, she didn't have sufficient information, now she does and did the right thing. Doesn't mean she can't decide to cut Marie out of her life for trying to steal her work.
  12. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    I think this has previously been asked and answered, but yes. For me, the answer isn't necessarily "excited", rather it simply remains one of my favorite shows. It's one that I never let pile up on my dvr and watch as soon as I'm home after the current episode has aired if I'm out and can't watch it live. I simply enjoy this show and have, with few exceptions of storylines, since the very beginning. Probably the last preview that "excited" and made me cackle with glee and anticipation was at the very end of one episode we see that Ellen had opened the door to her house for a dinner party and Penny was standing on the other side of the door. That teaser was brilliant and my goodness, the dinner episode lived up to it. But, I don't need excitement to just simply enjoy the show. Most shows lose the "excitement" factor after a few years, that's not really what I'm looking for from this show....just enjoyment. I also get why Ellen has absolutely had it, and I fully support her just letting idiots that tweet garbage at her have it in her interview (even though the diplomat in me may have said something different). I went back to when Patrick Dempsey left to get a few quotes I remember leaving responding to the ridiculousness (putting it kindly) directed to her on social media at that time: Change the names of the person leaving and those are my thoughts on this kerfuffle. I couldn't resist looking at the comments on Instagram when she left lovely notes for Jessica and Sarah on their last day of shooting......same garbage, even though folks had begged for her to pay tribute. Didn't matter what she did. I still predict Grey's is going to leave the air on it's own timeframe well before any of the numerous boycotts (does anyone know how many there are now?) make a dent!:) Although I'm sure some will claim moral vindication if it doesn't run forever.
  13. S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    She didn't name the foundation after herself, it was suggested by others...she was ready to resign! I like this episode because it is messy!! They are all messy. We are all messy. And I guess I'm old enough to understand why Catherine was messy but thought she was doing the right thing and actually did more for those woman than whatever was possible before her intervention, even though her solution wasn't perfect. I liked that Meredith said something to the effect of "don't blame the woman"....because, whooboy, Ellen still has a lot of messy about what she has and what other women deserve/should have, or why she gets hers and others don't, whether she's earned what she has, etc., etc., etc. I'm not sure we've moved on so much at all, now that I think about it.
  14. S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    The women never actually had that (realistic) option to begin with is what I am saying...no way a harassment suit in the medical field gets anywhere so many years ago. She took nothing from them that wasn't already gone. She made sure they were compensated and kept their medical career intact. It's icky, but that is how it was back then. And, sure, she could have derailed her own career, but to what benefit? Perhaps she is a hypocrite, but she was weaving and dodging and covering for others and just trying to get ahead. It happens. Whaddya gonna do?
  15. S14.E21: Bad Reputation

    I think we do know how any legal action would have gone for them back then and whoever they were knew that too...that's not Grey's stuff, that's reality. Honestly, they would likely never have brought a claim, hoping to preserve a medical career in another location. Had they brought a claim....yeah, that wouldn't have gone well....we're probably talking 30-40 years ago. We don't know, but we know. Catherine gave them a way out. As for complicit; she made sure the others were compensated for unjust denial. Should she have disrupted her family and also disassociate from him and any just promotion she got from her work? I do agree with @moonorchid that it is a bit much that the award is going to be named for her, but beyond that...she did what she could do, which was likely more than they could do otherwise. Was it enough? Hell no. But was that her or was that Harper Avery and the system he operated in?