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  1. I noticed yesterday on the DCC, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram DCC did not include any pix of Rachael. Then last night Rachael posted a pix on her Instagram but it was taken down really fast. Made we think that TPTB noticed what everyone on here has been talking about. I guess Rachael was the last to hear about this forum. lol Stephanie also has a spray tan.
  2. I don't see Tina in the group pix at the end. She always goes to all the alumni games and events. If she didn't go to this that really says "poor loser" loud and clear.
  3. Wonder how much longer it took to do the photo shoot to get all the pix with Lennon
  4. Judy really looks beautiful on the podcast. On the podcast Kelli said the last cut is the "most dramatic season cut". I am sure Kelli and CMT planned it to be dramatic just for ratings and money. She also said they will revisit Dayton and Victoria at the end. Judy said "Kelli kicks me under the table and I know to shut up". Meghan Trainor Thanksgiving game. Kelli said they would probably do calendar shoot in March.
  5. Kelli is beyond mean she is evil. She used Tara for ratings on MTT.
  6. I am sure they are coming on for damage control. No one wants to hear anymore about Victoria. I want to hear them say they made a big mistake cutting Tara and tell the truth why they cut her. That girl is such a beautiful girl inside and out. There is no excuse to cut a vet once you have brought her to TC. If she was a little off for some personal reason you should get her some help, not just kick her to the curb. That would be what true sisters would do. I guess they prefer the girls that cause drama so it will bring attention to them. Anything for attention and money seems to be what it has been all about this year at the expense of hurting girls and damaging their self esteem. I would like to see them supporting the girls instead of bullying them.
  7. Kelli looks like she is starting to have the same hair color as Kitty. Hope this "These Boots are Made for Talkin" will be better than the last few have been.
  8. That would be cruel and so stressful to stretch it out like that.
  9. Heaven help the girls if they ever decide to do 20 weeks. It would be too much for any human.
  10. Most teams don't have 3 months of auditions and TC
  11. What would the girls do that are still going to college until June. How would they audition?
  12. I have heard auditions might be in March this year.
  13. This is the sweetest and most loved girl. She will forever be KELLI'S BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!