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  1. You can see that Judy has a tear and she just now tweeted that she cried again just now watching the show.
  2. Did Tina pay CMT to make this the Victoria show
  3. A lie is a lie. This lie will follow Victoria the rest of her life since it has been all over social media. People will always wonder if she lied about this what else would she lie about to get what she wants. She was heavy when she started TC, she was lucky she got into TC this year. She gained more weight because she thought that she is God's gift to DCC and could do no wrong.
  4. Judy Trammell Retweeted CMT Tonight I will be live tweeting during #DCCMakingTheTeam on @CMT Very emotional night! I am sure this is the last thing Judy wants to be doing tonight. My guess is CMT is making her do it.
  5. CMT must be really liking all the attention tonight's show is getting already. Kelli saying "to maintain it's integrity" just shows how fake she is. I feel like she really stabbed her supposedly good friend Shelly in the back. Why would she cut Dayton for memory issues before Malena that has 10 time worse memory problems. Malena was never going to make the team, CMT used her for a story line and made it out that Kelli loved her and wanted her on the team. No way was she ever going to be on the team. CMT kept her in TC to the end because she was a great for ratings. So evil and so cruel what they did to her giving her hope to the point she quit her job. Judy's tear and her hug that she gave Dayton was so sincere. Judy's hug was a full body hug unlike Kellie's hug with just Kelli's arms. The girls always do their hair and make up before cuts. I do not know why CMT was showing Dayton close up with no makeup on her face or hair done. She still looked beautiful. Plus I was wondering why she didn't have a manicure? Seems like all girls have their nails done these days. I realize that has nothing to do with CMT just a comment. I thought is was rude of Kitty to say Madeline has an attitude and even more rude fro CMT to air it. That is very hurtful to a young girl. However I have heard many times that she is a nice girl but also acts like she is better than everyone else. I am sure that is the attitude Kitty is talking about. I do think she has the DCC look, I hope she can improve her attitude. I also think it was very rude to CMT to air Kitty's comment on Dayton "Dayton is lost already". They showed it so they could justify cutting her at the expense of hurting a precious sweet girl. Just like I predicted...Kitty would be even more blind to Victoria than Kelli. This whole process is so disgusting. I think Kelli values being on MTT more than her friendship with Shelly. That to me is an EVIL woman.
  6. I will never understand why she lowered herself to this.
  7. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team | Sneak Peek | Episode 8, S... I really want to know why Victoria is the whole show every week. To quote Victoria "OH MY GOD"
  8. If you think Kelli is blind just wait until the show this week comes on and you will see that Kitty is even more blinded than Kelli is that is possible.
  9. There is a deleted scene on Facebook DCC MTT I wish I could upload it on to here but it wont let me. Did you see it?
  10. She looks like she has gain more weight, her dancing is not fun to watch, her hair flips are really bad, her hair is too much in her face and her facials aren't good.