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  1. I am rooting for Amber, Kristin, Daphne, Jalyn and Hannah.
  2. Yes it was Raven, she posted pix in her story waiting in line and lots of things. She looked liked she had so much fun.
  3. Kelsey got cut the first round. I think if she would have tried out last year before surgery and hair cut she would have made it farther.
  4. The brunette to the right of Erin is Maddline, the short brunette behind her is Alanna. The blonde in the back left if Lily.
  5. Yes Cianna is in the bun and Lily is blonde second from left back row.
  6. Some or these girls do not look like DCC material. Lily and Cianna don't look good. Guess Cianna didn't get the memo from Kelli to always have your hair looking like a DCC when you go out. I heard her hair is a nightmare for her to style.
  7. All the pix Kelsey has posted for the past two months she puts her arms in front of her stomach and hides it. I think she gained weight when she got her surgery. I also feel like she doesn't like her new hair cut (it does look better now that she has darkened it) because she is hiding behind these sunglasses. Very rarely does she post a pix wearing glasses. She was naturally beautiful, I wish she would have left well enough alone.
  8. This year I think it was closer to 5% were randomly chosen.
  9. If Kelli isn't there again tonight then CMT wont be there either.
  10. Looks like Jennifer is teaching TC again tonight. Hope she lets them out early again tonight.
  11. Kelsey Lowrance‏ posted on twitter "Headed to Miami for #MiamiSwimWeek" Looks like maybe she will be auditioning for SI. Open casting call is tomorrow.