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  1. I'm enjoying watching my Box set of ODAAT , I'm pretty much only watching eps. with Max in them with my heart fluttering !!! Here is a picture my good friend Opus made for me from a Season 5 ep. !!! Check out his great butt!!!
  2. Same with me! I never liked the Halloween eps. for the exact same reason you mentioned! I really liked the Thanksgiving eps. though!
  3. S05.E01: Once Upon a Crime

    I'm looking forward to seeing this tonight! I saw the movie ,( Robert Blake played one of the killers) when I was a young girl. It was pretty shocking!!
  4. S05.E01: Once Upon a Crime

    Oh cool ! Thanks for responding! I will be watching it!
  5. S05.E01: Once Upon a Crime

    When is ID going to show this?
  6. I, Tonya (2017)

    I really liked this movie!! I love biography movies and was really excited to see this. Glad I did. It was even better than I though! Very entertaining! Superb acting !
  7. Lady Bird (2017)

    Very overrated IMO! I didn't think it was good at all ! Could have been a made for TV movie. Waste of money seeing this in the theater! I usually like Laurie Metcalfe , that was the only reason I even saw it! She was OK , but none of the other actors/ characters were very likable or memorable !
  8. I know! I can't believe they aren't showing it at all. The reason I specifically mentioned Sundays was because that was the only day I could watch it. I work on Sundays , and I would just be getting home right before 4, in time to see I love Lucy, it was a comfort watching after working, Something I looked forward to! ' s
  9. I'm upset that METV took it off Sunday afternoons ! I loved seeing Lucy between 4-5!!
  10. Lucy : " They are chic hostess pants, the kind you wear when you give smart dinner parties." Ethel : "Oh, I've been wondering what to wear to all those smart dinner parties I give". Lucy: Well, now, wait a minute, Ethel! Look- you get yourself a little black, off-the-shoulder blouse and a big crushy belt and little ballet slippers, and you're all set! Ethel: What for? Halloween?
  11. Things I Learned Watching ILL

    That a very frail elderly neighbor lady (Mrs. Trumball) will be able / have the strength to babysit an infant/toddler/ little boy at any time with only a few minutes notice ! \
  12. Those Musical Numbers!

    I thought Cuban Pete was really cool! Every time I see that ep. it stays in my head and I find myself singing it for hours later! I liked it too! "You said you would return the dress, you said YOU would"! LOL!!
  13. I LOVE Mr. Belvedere ! How cool would it be to have him as your housekeeper/nanny when you were a kid ! ? And the oldest son Kevin was a cutie pie! In a very subtle way he was very much a hotty ! And Heather's friend Angela was a hoot! She was SO FUNNY!! So air headed and all her "nicknames" for Mr. Belvedere were hilarious!