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  1. I completed the Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas half marathon this past weekend. Ran the whole fucking thing and beat my goal time of 2:15:00! Hell yeah!
  2. Why yes. Yes it is a bad ass. In fact, it’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen.
  3. Goddammit woman, put on a fucking shirt! Nobody wants to see your 4 extra tits hanging down like cow udders.
  4. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Yes, I agree that in these girls’ situations, it would be difficult. I can easily see how a teen mom can become subservient to their parent when living in their home. However, it’s even more important for these moms to lay some ground rules as soon as they become independent. I was speaking more of in general terms with adults and grandparents. I think that sometimes people think that they cannot say no to their parents even when they are adults (yes I think a lot of this is ingrained into them by their asshole parent). I just wanted to say that it’s ok to tell them no and give them consequences. I know what it’s like to have a shitty mom and my life got a lot easier when I realized she was the one with the problems, not me. I have a daughter and my goal is for her to grow into a critically thinking independent person who is equal to me when she is an adult. Not raise a yes-man who is beholden to me just because I gave birth to her.
  5. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Oh honey. Please tell me that your mother is completely cut out of your life. That woman is toxic. I just wanted to add to anyone else who is going through this bullshit with a parent that is trying to undermine them. You don’t have to put up with it! Stop that shit in its tracks. It’s a dangerous road to go down because it teaches your kid that you are not the authority. They are actively attempting to alienate you from your child and by letting them continue to do it teaches your child that this is acceptable. Once they start this behavior, leave. Just pack up and go. They need consequences for their behavior. Put them in a time out until they admit their behavior was wrong. If they do it again, they get a longer time out. Any threats of CPS or grandparents rights should result in a total cut off of your life and your childrens’ lives. Contrary to popular belief, kids do not need grandparents. They need strong adult role models. I will get off my soapbox now. Continue with the snark against these morons.
  6. S01.E05: Harvest

    Can someone explain to me how Bill Skarsgård can go from looking completely naive and innocent to completely menacing with a simple lean of his head. It’s amazingly creepy.
  7. Who is your favorite character?

    Lola, Lisa and Clyde. Lini’s naive sweetness is also growing on me. I will say that a little of Luann goes a long way but I was laughing a lot during the motel April fools day episode.
  8. All Episodes Talk: One Boy and Ten Sisters

    Loving this cartoon. Little Judgy and I watch it all the time. Some of my favorite episodes are the zombie flu, the swimming pool, the one where Lincoln and Clyde have to get their comic book back from the Pricipal and the episode where everyone has a crush on someone. I love that one because it ended on such a sweet and surprising note.
  9. Damn Whitney, you caught me. I’ve been happily married to super sexy Mr. Judgy for over 15 years. We have a gorgeous (yes, I’m biased) and healthy 6 year old Little Judgy. We are debt free and go on 1-2 fun vacations a year. I am in better health now than I was in high school and can run a 10k with ease. I can shave my own legs and wipe my own ass. But yes, I am envious that you got to ride a jet ski.
  10. S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18 LIVE CHAT

    I really had such high hopes for Lupe when this episode started.
  11. S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18 LIVE CHAT

    WTF are you not getting Lupe?!? If you want to have a baby, you have to get your hip fixed and if you want to get your hip fixed, you have to lose weight! You don’t deserve shit!!!!!
  12. S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18 LIVE CHAT

    I firmly believe the lighter you step on the scale, the lighter it will say and vice versa.
  13. S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18 LIVE CHAT

    Lupe looked soooooo much better when she was single. Her makeup was better (except for the lipliner) and her hair looked like she actually tried to style it versus whatever she is doing with it now.
  14. S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18 LIVE CHAT

    Super cute dress Brittani. Why you gotta ruin it with that tacky red bra?!?!
  15. S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18 LIVE CHAT

    Yes! I keep thinking he’s hiding in a closet with a machete.