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  1. I'm not so sure about Lord Larry and Samira working together, considered the blundering when they met (his 'apprehension' was a little slapstick), but I wouldn't be surprised if she is scamming them, and Lord Larry is just Pawn in Game of Life.
  2. The money is being used to pay the traffickers. aside from "My Daddy Gave It Too Me!" giving them money solves Samira's situation, but the traffickers continue on. First Finn's Doctors Without Waldenbooks, and now this. Show, don't try to shoehorn Real Third World Issues into the plotlines. They don't fit the Wibbly Wobbly Sonnyverse. I thought ICE official was working for the traffickers to get Samira, but apparently, he also freelances for Sonny. Jax will get deported for his arrest, which will provide an excuse for Ingo's exit. If Joss doesn't have sustained hatred for Sonny (as in long-term Sam-level hatred for Julian and Franco) after this, I'm barging.
  3. Finn isn't Duke's son. Griffin is. For now.
  4. Jelly is so setting up that Bad Brad is going to tamper with the results of Poor Innocent Finn. Brad: Dr. Finn is a functioning addict who is putting our patients at risk. Monica: We can set up outpatient treatment. Brad: But he also arranged for Jax to get a kidney for his daughter through Frank Benson and help cached a million dollars in his account. Monica: He's quite resourceful in saving a young girl's life. Brad: He's also ordered the hit on Duke, Carlos, & Jordan, put a bomb that killed Morgan, and ordered Julian to kill Alexis. Monica: That is quite unfortunate, but he did save the hospital by selling his patent to the unscrupulous pharmaceutical firm. Brad: He also built a weather machine and froze the town. Monica: How resourceful and talented is he! We're glad he's working for us. Sonny: Geez, even *I* can't get this much propping.
  5. Sweet Mother of Nathan West! She does kickboxing. DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, SHOW! Well, how could you think about anything else? I don't have the answers, but I'm telling myself they're contact lenses, so I can sleep tonight. Two words: Meg Foster.
  6. Jason: You better tell us if you saw Julian Jerome, or we're going to tell Sonny and he's gonna be mad. Captain: Wait, I thought you didn't work for Sonny anymore. Sam: Never mind. I have the FindMyMom app. She's here. Jason: I'll call the cops to have them capture Julian. Captain: Wait, I thought you didn't work with cops. Sam: Stupid docks. There's no tables around to slam heads when you need to.
  7. One thing that has bothered me since this episode. Since Cheryl had a hand in Chuck's downfall from the team through #hashtagjustice, and since Cheryl knew what Chuck and the other players were doing, why would Chuck and Cheryl team up with each other to bring out the secrets at the party?
  8. Sonny's santimony on organ donation, Dante's inability to look the other way THIS TIME "for the sake of justice" (as opposed to the last time, when Sonny went off his ankle bracelet and arrested Ava)... pretty much covered by everyone. Michael did bring up the many times Sonny's ass was saved by Carly. I am waiting to see Sonny call Joss a SlutTrampWhoreSpawn of Jax that started all this trouble because she exists.
  9. #NothingCanReplaceBrad #FinnCanRegenerateIntoAnotherCharacterForEaston
  10. Good news. They put up the scene interrupted by the commercial here.
  11. Sad news: J. Geils of the J. Geils Band was found dead in his home. The band's "Centerfold" was one of the first things Sonny ruined when it was used as Karen Wexler's dance music at his strip club.
  12. Jelly totally forgot that. So did I, but I'm not being paid to write this show, am I? Still, you know...Cassadines. They roll that way. They've never established that Nathan's dad is a Cassadine, so the PFMs may be wanking that loose thread the same way they wanked Nelle possibly being Michael's sister -- Hooking Up Before Interesting Storyline. You know, when Carrrrrrrrlos said a tenth of that to Carly at the Metro Court, Jason had Carrrrrlos kissing a table and forcing him to apologize.
  13. I dunno. Does ABCD allow nudity, or will they just go with Sonny unzipping and Jax pointing and laughing?
  14. I think Tracy and Luke stole Jason's inheritance from Alan and Jake "died" before Edward did Jason "died", Edward died, and ELQ was divided among the heirs. Danny got a share which Sam was proxy. Sam split her proxy (but kept the shares) between Tracy and AJ (yes, it was that long ago), and when Jason "undied", the shares got reproportioned. After all the Fluke and Nik stealing, Jason still has his shares, which are used to back Michael. So, depending how well ELQ is and the dividends is how much Jason benefits. DNAJ never got shares, because, as Oracle42 said, he "died" beforehand. Jason has enough "clean" money to be comfortable and to remain under the radar (with Diane's help).
  15. As opposed to Jax who "killed his mother" by telling her he was behind Joss' kidney. Not to mention who was really behind the black-market organ donor business at GH in the first place. Wow. I remember Jax was raped (with "Yakkity Sax" background music -- Har Har), but I had forgotten Sonny did drug-rape on Jax, and he didn't have "my father lied to me" to fall back on.