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  1. Baxter Corbin? This is will be awesomesauce in Haus Nutmeg ONLY because the actor has been appearing in the Progressive Soap Opera commercials with Susan Lucci, and both of us will be berating characters in his sotto voce. ("Go back to being evil, Liesl Obrecht!" "You can HAVE the last candy bar, Dr. Finn Hamilton!" "Oh, come ON, Sonny Corinthos!".....)
  2. As a former international criminal, shouldn't she have slush funds hidden in offshore bank accounts? C'mon, Liesl. All of this. But wasn't one of her hidden passions singing and dancing? Good-bye Evil Dr. O, Hello Award-Winning Broadway Star Liesl Obrecht! Oh, come on, ABCDisney. At least have her send her Evil Resume to Gru for a Despicable me 3 tie-in.
  3. At least we were spared Brad being there, having to kiss Dr. Smug's ring and not get the apology he deserves. Yes, of course, the apology he richly deserved, after Brad whining about being "cheated" out of a share, when he did ALL the work and donated ALL the money to save the hospital and assist the needs of undeveloped third-world countries in need, as such an altruistic.... Oh, you mean Finn apologizing to Brad..... yeah, right, Sonny losing and pigs flying....
  4. Any other show, Morgan would have spiraled out of control on his own accord and gone off his meds rather than make point-by-point connection that Ava was the Invisible Hand that chose Every Poor Decision for Morgan. Then again, Show has NEVER wanted to Let Shit Happen (to Carly and Sonny) Because Shit Happens. Either it's because Bad People did it, or Good People are manipulated by Bad People. I can't even with Sonny's "I'm going to cause harm to Ava if she get facial surgery instead of remaining ugly like she deserves". Especially on the heels of the "We just converted the Most Evil Cassadine EVER into Mistunderstood Quasimodo" Valentin. I hope Spencer is actually captured by Not!Dead Nicholas, who has him to keep him safe. If they wanted to cut MW loose, have Nik take her off into the shadows and fake her death as well, and get her Happily Ever. That way, Carly/Sonny don't have to keep twisting the metaphorical knife.
  5. This is the saddest, weakest exit storyline I've seen with a relatively longtime character in a long time. I remember when they used to be Emmy reels. Um, Olivia, you DO know that your babydaddy killed your fiancé's brother, do you? I don't care if they abandoned the angle. When I saw post-coital Michael & Nelle, I started to hum the theme to "Game of Thrones", muttered "Lannister", and imagined their kid played by Jack Gleeson.
  6. Depending how quickly a storyline can come about, with Kathleen Gati and Rebecca Budig leaving, have Dr. O kill Finn, Hayden goes off screen in sorrow, McBain shows up and arrests Dr. O.
  7. Sorry, but during the subplot with Amy 2.0, Nathan, and Nina, I kept hearing "Assman Landers".
  8. I'm horrified with the prospect that Carly, confronted with Joss wanting to move to Australia to be with her father, will file for full custody and force Joss to stay Stateside. With the help of Diane, Sonny would be the perfect stepfather who saved the Governor's daughter, while Jax is the convicted felon deported for dealing with organ trafficking. And I could see TFGH having Sonny tell Joss to call him "Daddy/Father". If Carly does go this nuclear and Show keeps the SonnyHate by Joss, then Carly has a limit of 3-4 years left with a relationship with her daughter before she becomes an adult and Joss cuts Carly and everyone else associated with her out of her life, Michael not withstanding.
  9. Spencer or Laura mentioned a trust Nik set up for Spencer which isn't part of the Cassadine estate. It's been mentioned before (when justifying Laura affording boarding school for Spencer). It also gives an extra set of eyes from a (supposed) trusted adult who knows him, rather than some random person, to keep tabs on him. Sonny did offer to Dante to make him go away, but Dante's Moral Compass didn't waver toward that. However, since Sonny is "getting out of the business" (stop laughing, he's quite serious this time!) Spencer may not get his wish. Deleted scene: After he leaves Ava's room, he strolls up to Victor Newman, who is holding Sonny's beer, picks up his beer, and, with his gassy grin, mumbles, "I guess that tops tossing her out of a moving ambulance." I'd like it, but Alexis (and Diane) would just pooh-pooh her into going back to her mother, and Carly (and Bobbie) would be outraged to keep Joss grounded. Her best bet right now is just to move to Australia with her father.
  10. Ooooh. How I loved the Dr. O that Lucy ran into that night in the park! Dr. O should have been the next uber villain that took over Helena's role as her medical schemes cause havoc to push stories along. Dr. O and her fierce hat and overall evilness is what I miss. Show has no problem dregging up past misdeeds of certain characters (I'm surprised Sonny didn't tell Garvey that Ava killed Kannie and blew up Morgan), so to have no mention of Dr. O's evil machinations at the Swiss Clinic -- where she kidnapped Robert and Anna, and almost killed Robin -- is... lame. Even Monica could have brought this up. Instead, Dr. O hates Finn because... she's jealous? It's been mentioned before that Finn has been given the Golden Boy treatment with his unauthorized experiments and "How DARE you question me!" attitude, because he saved Tracey and saved the hospital with selling the cure. However, TPTB are determined to axe someone for budget purposes, and they wrote themselves into a corner when they tried to make Brad the Bad Guy. Making Liesl wanting Monica's CoS job is more palatable than Brad pointing out Finn screwed him over profits. It's interesting that they introduced Julian into the storyline, and they mentioned the when GH was almost shut down. I am wondering if he will make Liesl's exit softer, or introduce another Big Bad on the Board directing Liesl to take down Finn. To have someone on the Board going after Finn makes much sense.
  11. But that would mean giving up the precious moral ground of supporting Sonny and Carly, who actions are always justified. Since Joss drank the forbidden underaged liquor, she is as wrong as AJ is fat. Watch for Bobbie to blackmail Joss into giving lipservice to support Sonny so that all dissention is suppressed. With last episode's vertical mambo, the PFMs killed off any siblinghood like Kannie stabbing Cake.
  12. It's also an excuse to push her from the high moral ground against Sonny. Remember when Sonny came back to Carly and groveled for forgiveness, and then discovered she slept with Jax, and that excused getting Jax deported and sleeping with Carly's lawyer (and not saying anything about it)? Same effect. Joss has a wild teenager party, so Carly is right for taking back Sonny despite Sonny deporting Jax (so shut up, stupid teenage girl). Side note: On Thursday, both Spencer and Stella had meltdown tantrums in public, but Laura handled Spencer's better. Maybe it's because Stella is an adult of adult age, and Jordan & Curtis handle her with kid gloves, but they needed to have a bit of Laura handling there, and I wish Jordan gave Stella a Laura-level admonishment about being disrespected in her (Jordan's) house. Nonetheless, you take a toddler out of public view, and it had to be Curtis to *finally* bring Stella into the interrogation room.
  13. That was it.
  14. "In light of today's events, some viewers may find certain scenes disturbing." Sorry, Show, but we always consider Sonnypropping and Carly going back to Sonny and forgiving him to be disturbing.
  15. You mean the lawyer than was able to convince a judge to issue a C&D on behalf of people involved in an investigation? Good luck. Diane will recite the entire Constitution and Sonny will get "help" to let her go. Yes, because Jax bought Joss' kidney on the black market, so he did it on himself (and that's where Sonny Chop Logic resides). For years, CarSon has wanted Ava to DIAF, and now, she's almost dead in a fire. That is actually in character for them, and, if Show had any toxic balls, they would show no mercy and look to have Ava "expire" in the burn ward. If Sonny is the All-Powerful Godfather of the Eastern Seaboard, and wants to get rid of the meddlesome blonde who he has repeatedly said that he wants DEAD and that Avery will NEVER know, this is the opportunity. However, Show cannot allow Hero Sonny to do anything that would, like, follow through with his bad-breath whispered threats. So, he has to humbly and regretfully let Ava live so that he can make more whispered threats. Conversely, shit cannot happen because shit happens. Ava has to be the conscience decider behind every bad thing with CarSon. That's why Show kept reminding us that Ava threw the lamp at Carly, Ava switched the pills (to have Morgan committed, not because she wanted to break up Kiki/Morgan, these are not the poltpoints you are seeking), and Ava stepped on that butterfly, causing Jake to take direction from Dead!Helena. After this past episode, I honestly believe that making Dr. O the Bad Guy in the Finn Test Results Swap rather than Brad was a plot patch. The storyline ended on a Friday, just before the Nurses Ball, and if they originally had Brad as the guilty party, today's dialogue would make more sense. Otherwise, Hayden and Finn would still be wondering who would be tampering, and that fourth result would come back bad, so it would be a plot point hanging. However, there was just baby talk and Finn and Hayden moving into a new house (gee, I wonder how Finn could afford THAT. *suppress #TeamBrad rage*)