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  1. Carly (screaming at Ava, turn up your volume to 11): "You're an sick, evil, deformed freak, and your deformed face is just proof how evil you are, and I'm glad the world can see how deformed and evil a person you are, and the world will never forgive you!" *cut to commercial* "Tonight, on a special 20-20, we get to meet the boy who inspired the blockbuster book and upcoming movie, "Wonder"....." Boilerplate reaction when Carly/Sonny tells anyone that Ava killed Morgan/Connie:
  2. Ohhhh, Show. You're addressing how Nora was bankrolled into O-Liv-ia's defense. How are you going to retcon/walk back Valentin's impact in this? I look at Julexis and how Alexis is trying to convince a town full of DGaFs to help Julian, and I'm reminded of the scene from "Christmas Story", where the Old Man is trying to repair the shattered Leg Lamp, and, in his last futile effort, watches it collapse back into pieces. WdV re-signing notwithstanding, they need to bury this subplot in the back yard. I'll provide the bugle to play "Taps".
  3. It was brilliant that they brought in The Barney Incident at the Macy's T-Day Parade, and kept the chronology up to "It was twenty years ago today".
  4. I'm predicting the ceremony and reception will be in the Bullpen at the Precinct. And yes, SEASON FINALE. Terry hates endings!
  5. *sniffs at Nelle Subplot, reacts strongly* Ewww. Past the "Use By" Date. Can we hope "I'll threaten Valentin's happiness, while someone else is blackimailing him" will get rid of the plotline quickly?
  6. He actually knows how to act. Back when Day Player Little Girl died, Doctor/Father lost his faith, pushed himself into the arms of Ava, who then had enough self-doubt to agree to retract her testimony for the surgery, I had a backthought that, even though Show would NEVER GO THERE, Valentin had something to do with Day Player Little Girl suddenly getting sick and dying, because he was a manipulative player who made ten moves ahead of everyone else. So, with Cassie having something over him so that he would facilitate Opioid Queen strikes me as a weakness that going after Charlotte was a YOU DUN GOOF move. Old Valentin would have had the corpse of Ominous Bald Bodyguard in Cassie's bed as a warning. But, this is for the non-Big Four Opioid Crisis Storyline, so I'll accept it. At Haus Nutmeg, when we saw Julian, I commented, "Those contract negotiations were more rough than anticipated." I did like seeing one of the Russian Thugs as the one who beat up Julian, because it makes sense (relative for this show), and hopefully, Sonny losing his shit is "Wait! They can't beat up the Jeromes! Only *I* can beat up the Jeromes!" I hope SBJason stays behind bars and that Franco isn't browbeaten into dropping charges. Dine wants to apply the Insanity Defense to a person who is Not Jason, and I want to see it come to a head for the courts to prove which one is Jason.
  7. Speaking of Maxie.... GREAT GEORGIE'S BOOBS! What a rack! [/shallow]
  8. Hopefully, with Anna, Valentine, and Finn, this means a) it won't be all about Sonny, and b) Sonny won't single-handedly solve the crisis.
  9. SCHLUB THEORY CONFIRMED!! *squeee* The next step is for confirmation that Franco is a schlub and Jake is a mini-schlub. And, there is a theory floating around that, not Valentin, but
  10. The anthropologists didn't get arrested because they didn't give up their seats; they were arrested because they got a million downvotes. This is exactly the point that should have been made, rather than John being an asshole. They also made a fleeting note and then dropped it when, on the morning show, the host said that "Opinions Are Facts". We could have had Alara forced to remover her hat and be exposed as an alien. And then what....? We normally assume that it would either lead to planetary panic or a TNG "First Contact" epiphany that they are part of a chorus in the universe. But as Seth wrote this a year-and-a-half ago, he did not pick up on the dismissiveness of "fake news" on social media, and have a denouement where, despite Alana's appearance and blatantly reveal themselves as Spacemen from Outer Space, have the public vote and declare this revelation as Fake News and, ironically, have the Orville preserve the Prime Directive of Non-Interference.
  11. Seth went for the funny when he had the horrific right in front of him, and blew it off. I was waiting for the Reveal about the transgression of the anthropologists, and FINALLY it was because they were oblivious to a pregnant woman standing while on a bus/train. One was lobotomized and the other killed as a result. THAT was more disturbing than John humping the statue of a beloved planetary figure and trying to play it down (how many times did Simpsons do it with Homer?) Even Wesley in the aforementioned TNG ep "Justice" was more contrite. Better story would have been concentrating on the scientists and trying to get them out in one piece (so to speak), and not have the John A(-hole)-Plot. I have to agree why they didn't get Isaac to hack into the Master Feed voting system to inhibit the downvotes. But, at least Mercer didn't go Full Metal TOS Kirk and destroy the Master Feed.
  12. Patients One through Three were destroyed before they became operational. Twenty-four hours after Patient Four became <Helena>Ack!-Tive!</Helena>, he disappeared, Patient Five was our last best hope for peace, then victory.
  13. I expect this show to be good enough and smart enough to pick up on this for a future episode.
  14. Sonny has the note, and saw OGJason in person, but because Ava put all the pieces together that Patient 6 is OGJason, it will be her fault for not telling Carly. And Sonny. Watch that happens. Wait. She was finally thrown out? She retired a few months ago, but of course it took a while for her stories to finish. And it looks like CvE is doing that, with sending Kristina to Portland, deciding that Andre is The Evul, and preparing a roommate with Heather with Nelle. The Nelle storyline is the most wasted, since it found Joss' donor, and even had repercussions for Jax to get ICE'd for organ trafficking. Could have had Jerry in there,.... and now, unless we find out that Nelle was fucking with Carly et. al. with being the donor and scamming Jax in the process (although that check sent to Frank Benson, along with the contact, pretty much fucks up any retcon redemption that Joss' donor is still out there), it very sad to find out Joss got a kidney from a loony grifter. I actually laughed because that was totally in character. We did, although we mentioned beforehand it's Ava's fault. One of the gifts that keep giving with TFGH is, outside of the show, watching anything, scripted or newsworthy, anything that goes wrong or favors the antagonist is Ava's/AJ's/Julian's fault.
  15. In other news, I finally cashed in My chit that "Nelle was Katie Ledecky in a previous life", but it took all weekend due to the millions who saw this coming. And why didn't Zac's family find out through their PI/cops?