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  1. I just realized it, but, during his address to the jury, Jake slipped in another "Name of Sex Tape" joke. I need to go back and find it.
  2. And still better than any Sonny scene. Of course. as soon as Jason jumps in to save the day. Or Sonny. I mean he has to prove to Carly that he's a sweet, selfless person who will sacrifice himself to save others. Especially small children. 😝 Fuck my toxic balls -- they're gonna do a repeat of Michael's running around with the Haunted Star bomb (a la Adam West in the '66 Batman Movie) with Sonny taking the bomb and jumping off the boat, getting an instapardon. Only this time, Franco will run around with the Chimera, and Jason will take the HaveTheyEverSaidWhatTheFuckItActuallyIs and dispose of it, claiming hero status.
  3. I squeed when she used her undercover/real voice. Guaranteed the trending tweet would have been #TerryNeedsClosure. In a weird way, tonight's episodes answered an oddball question I had: If Brooklyn 99 is the Barney Miller of a new Millenium, who would emerge to be on the Firefly of 2040? Now I have my answer. With his white hair, I can see Joe Lo Truglio talking about ".....the special hell".
  4. Now Adam and Bruce Wayne share an ex. :)
  5. Bingewatching the last three episodes of the season, I'm really getting the sense they are getting ready to shake things up next year, and they used the tail end of the season to prepare viewers. Lainey out, Uncle Marvin in, Erica maybe in/maybe out, Pops maybe in/out.... It will be interesting.
  6. Or, as we had a thought, TPFMs finally listened to Team Brad about his legit griping and ordered a plot patch. Dr. O might have enough plot armor to take it. We also surmised that she might be taking direction from GH Board Officials who wanted to sell the hospital, and were pissed that Dr. Finn swooped in and saved the day. There was also a further thought that Olivia Jerome had reach beyond Darkham to go after Finn.
  7. Well, we got a "Sonny Gets Busted" scene with Carly still in control of all his legal holdings, so anything is possible. I might even get that pony.
  8. Oh, Brad, your bus is here. Get on it before the Chimera is released, you find the cure, and Dr. Enabled Drug Addict is credited and the town give him a parade. If it hasn't been mentioned yet, Brooklyn has been seen in a phone carrier commercial as Little Girl Overcharging at Lemonade Stand. On Wednesday's show, Lulu has a bug-out look when Valentin accepted her explanation about Charlotte. I want a pic/GIF of that. Weekend homework: go back to recent shows and see if Carly said something to the effect, "If Nelle was mugged on the docks and remained there for hours with her only kidney bruised, I wouldn't care".
  9. The opening teaser in "Your Honor" would have been an A-Plot (or the entire episode) for any other sitcom. I think the only other show that does rapid-fire jokes, albeit a bit differently, is MST3K.
  10. I'm thinking Betty and Jughead pursued the story about Jason's death tooooooo close to her involvement with Hiram, and "wanting to clean up the reputation" meant covering up the nasty details, praising Betty as solving the murder while delegating FP's son deep in the recesses of town. If they can figure out who killed Jason, they could figure out Hiram and the Mayor were in cahoots.
  11. Until I see Thuliso Dingwall on the show, I'm going to overlook any serious attempt to take the Tinfoil Twerp down.
  12. I like the idea that Jug's foster family is Sabrina and her aunts. I'm on the fence if Fred survives, but I'm definitely onboard that it was a hit by Hiram. I'm undecided if it's for firing the Serpents or for his fling with Hermione (why not both?) I'm liking Jughead joining up with the Serpents, not so much for the Dark Side, but because the Serpents will protect him, and it will give him insight from within to see if/who ordered/carried out the hit, assuming it was a Serpent who did it. And where Jughead goes, Betty will follow. The Mayor is in too deep with Hiram, so I'm calling on the heels of his transfer, she's going to try to keep Bughead apart. Wishlist: with the fall of the House of Blossom and Hiram's return, I'm hoping the showrunners mine the Archieverse (as Once Upon a Time went to the Disney Vault) and another family coming in are the Cabots: Alex III and Alexandra.
  13. I thought 7-Drink Amy was Passed-Out Amy, but it might have been a ruse, and we never got to actually see 7-Drink Amy. My theory is 7-Drink Amy does a John Hurt impression and wants to press a button, but feels really bad.
  14. You win some..... Helena sighting! lose some. prop Sonny. Can we have an episode where Franco and Jason take turns beating the crap out of each other?
  15. I remember years ago going to a Team Building "Playing Nice With Others" Seminar, and they were showing various scenarios with acceptable and unacceptable conduct interacting with fellow workers. There was one scenario which, they way they set it up, it had extenuating circumstances for the person that was, for lack of a better term, was the "baddie". When they were coming to Q&A to problemsolve how the "baddie" should change his attitude, I pointed out the discrepancies. The course director was curt and threw in an additional unmentioned circumstance to justify how the "baddie" was bad. I got the sudden realization that the course material meant for the "baddie" to be bad, and there was no deviation, and I quickly shut up and nodded. I'm getting the same feeling from Show about Brad. It's bending over backward that Finn's altruism is paramount, and that any promises he made to Brad, or any financial situation of Brad, is just selfish on Brad's account, so Show and Jelly are telling me to sit down and shut up. I will say, however, if Show is going to frame Brad with the third test, it's a hell of a lot better than Carly breaking into Ava's quasi-fortified apartment, and finding an obscure thumbdrive with questionable material in an obscure hiding place to blackmail Ava into giving up custody rights.