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  1. S01.E10: A Whole New You

    Shake it Out by Florence + The Machine THANK YOU! I was ready to call 9-1-1 to remove the earworm.
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Reasons. Helena. Cleavage. Evil? (but remember Ava is more evul)
  3. S01.E10: A Whole New You

    The song at the end of the episode.... I know I know it, but I can't place the title nor artist....
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I like the By the book type who has to Google Spyderfinder "Who the fuck is this person?" (Except for Sonny, who is the Most Powerful Alleged Mobster on the Eastern Seaboard in New York.) What I say "FOR FUCK'S SAKE" is that H&H are half-brothers. Why tie him with the insufferable doctor (and remember he was always like that, when he was sneaking around trying to cure himself). I'm truly disappointed (and I waited for a Fucking PSA before venting) that the "Gender Identification/Bullying/Be Who You Are" plotline was just a Sad Trombone that Nelle's STOLEN dress was ruined, and to get Joss and Oscular to kiss. Rankin/Bass had better cartoon villians that Generic Bigoted Freak-Yelling Paint-Loaded Balloon-Throwing Teen. Sonny taking a Sleeping Avery from Ava when, previously, Sonny gas-smiled gleefully that Ava couldn't take Avery, was table-flipping and barware smashing. So.... a reformed psycho with the penchant to exact revenge (Caged Rapist Tom) and a Navy SEAL with the memories of a cold-stone hit man against two generic very large Minion Mountains. That should be no problem..... (End of Show Previews Teaser) That's right. They're no AnnnnnnnnnnnnndSonnyandJason.....
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It's insomnia-inducing--much like the couple. It's "You can FF this scene" cue music.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm amazed that there was no radio report how the earthquake affected Sonny.
  7. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I ain't even mad about this. You can give it to Stella, but she's already had the stroke storyline, and (should have) toned down her virtrolics. It would be interesting to watch Sonny -- who was able to deduce the Faison Son Mystery quicker than an Agatha Christe character -- bumble around, missing the signs of (calling it) Alzheimer's, I ain't even mad about this (Boston Sports Fan Edition). Let the bromance have a trinklet. I wondered why Julian was mentioned in the attack ad, instead of Sonny or Ric, and then I realized "Oh, yeah, Julian's has an establishment and is on the radar..." And if Curtis and Jordan are smart (don't laugh), they would track Mugger Guy to see if he got a payoff from the Evul Corporation, after all the lights and cameras were switched off. Aunt Stella, annoying that she is, wasn't a random target. Yeppers.
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    "Maaaaaaaaaa Michaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeellll!!! Nelle got violent and hit me FOR NO GOOD REASON!!!!" Did I miss something, or was the cartoonist Greg Billingsley (Curtis) today's guest writer? NutmegsMom picked up on this as well. She's both. And, though Sonny and Carly can also spin and retcon situations and events to suit them, I rather enjoy seeing Nelle doing it. Yes. I hate it because now I can't fast forward those Sonny scenes because Max is so good. Although MB may force me too if he keeps yelling like that. I was happy to see Show got another Retro Star to show up. He does look like Ron Hale, surprisingly. There are theories about his storyline, but I want to see if they are true. We're totally convinced Betsy lied, but Franco is holding onto the "I was born evil" thought because Reasons Not to Marry Liz.
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Last week, on "They Saved Faison's Brain!".... Bad news: OMG! They killed Faison! You bastards! Good news: At least it wasn't at the hand of Sonny or Jason (and no, putting him into that situation doesn't mean "I killed him", Borg). Bad news: He was killed by LW's boytoy. We had to close-caption the Henrik/Cesar scenes because AH was channeling his inner MB, but I entertained NutmegsMom by reading Henrik's lines in the manner of Yoda and Eric Cartman. We promised to rewatch them and I'd dub in Stewie and Peter Griffin. KSt knocked it out of the park. Just give her a better gig. Wouldn't it be funny (not really haha) if Nelle went into the mental hospital due to a reaction to her anti-rejection meds for her kidneys? And wouldn't it be Show-typical if Carly found out and fucked up Nelle's medication to show Michael how unstable Nelle was.... just like Ava did to Morgan and Morgan and Lauren did to Michael? And Carly would have no remorse, of course.
  10. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So you see where my problem is with what Faison said, that they couldn't use Jason for whatever (there was a lot of mumbling in those scenes) because of his brain damage. It's because of the brain damage that Sonny was able to shape Jason into what he became. Yeah, this is where I call bullshit. If Faison and Helena wanted to control Jason, he'd kneel on a wooden box and mumble about loyalty, while Helena would have put on a blonde wig and whine about "her bestest friend". Jason is the most deadliest hitman EVAH, able to put a bullet into a person (out of range) where it would do PRECISELY the most damage without killing said person.... Oh, he can also get information by putting pressure on a critical patient after slipping into his room.... yeah, where's the cat to throw at the TV?..... The teaser for Wednesday's show should have been (*whoooooosh*) The Metro Court? The most secured building? Even after Casa Mumblefuck? ...where's that cat to toss against the TV.....?
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Peoples, peoples. Remember this is TFGH. There is only one person responsible for Nathan getting shot. Ava. Because SheKilledConnieFalconeri™, and obviously this has been a distraction to steal Carly's daughter Avery.
  12. The UnREAL Syndrome. Fortunately, Riverdale hasn't tried to delve into hot-button social issues.
  13. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Watching Cesar talking and pointing his gun at Finn, I think I may has surpasses the intensity of Ava yelling SHOOT HIM!!! SHOOT HIM!!!! to Sonny when he saw AJ. I found it amusing that, listening to Lulu and Liesl describe Faison, and substituting "Sonny" for "Faison", how much the dialog continued to work seamlessly.
  14. Seriously. Has the show run out of Twin Peaks WTFery and started to steal bad storylines from "Saved By the Bell"? I'm getting the bad feeling that the show has hit "Whelp, we told the story we wanted to tell in First Season, and we got renewed. Now what?"
  15. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Really? I jumped at foot when he screamed at Liesl, and I'd already seen it in the previews. After Faison grabbed Lulu's phone and put it in his mouth, I blinked and looked away for a second, and it was gone, and I thought he ate it. But my stomach is not looking to the inevitable - Sonny doing his usually blank stare and growling while perched on a crate in his showdown with Faison, as Faison cringes in fear.