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  1. Hello, my name is NutmegsDad, proud member of the Schlub Conspiracy Theory Club for years. :) Not only is Fake!Jason a schlub, but also Franco (Franco!Franco has been dead for years, and Todd!Franco is just a schlub with fake memories), and Jake is a mini-schlub who was programmed by Helena to let loose the Chimera. (So, when are we going to get to my other conspiracy theory that Maxie's Det. Plank is actually the rightful Cassadine heir?)
  2. The whole thing is so bizarre. After an epic bout of joblessness, this young woman finds herself a calling/a direction...and the show immediately undercuts it by making us wonder if this guy is going to assault her? And everything with Dr. Bensch has been so mishandled. He premieres as part of Sam's storyline, but then not only doesn't factor into it again, the show pretty much pretends he never was part of it in the first place. Then there was the random hitting on Jordan. And now this whatever with Kiki. I'm going to keep my eye to see if Dr. Bensch starts to pressure her into "self"-restricting her social life, first with Dylan, and then with her mother, and have her life "just" studying to be a doctor. Does Lauren have any other connections which Dr. Svengali* could sever? * - "Berrrrrwyyyyyyynnnn!" No, I said 'Svengali'.....
  3. Jason: Not Sonny's fault, because he chose it. Sam: Totally not her fault, even if she was under the influence of KittyPoop Syndrome. It's totally Julian's fault, because he's a lying liar who lies even when he doesn't say anything and it was Olivia who kidnapped Sam. Oh, it's also totally Ava's fault, even though she didn't know Olivia was alive. Alexis: Totally Julian's fault for being the lying liar who lies. Morgan: Totally Julian's fault and totally Ava's fault, has nothing to do with Morgan's choices, and we made it painstakingly clear by connecting the dots that it was never Morgan's fault.
  4. Oh, and the real Assman Landers is Amy's brother, who is getting surgery and care not for combat, but because he's going to be Sonny's new unstoppable nemesis to take over Port Charles.
  5. This whole Heather reveal is going to end up being Franco as the true Cassadine Heir and he and Liz living in Wyndemere, right?
  6. Felicia said the fiance changed his will and named Nelle beneficiary before the wedding. So she inherits even before marriage. NutmegsMom has an interesting theory: to end the relationship with their son permanently, the parents wanted Nelle to die in the water without a life jacket as an "accident", but she got into the wrong kayak, so they inadvertently killed their son. Plan B was to frame Nelle for murder. (We did not know this was actually "ripped from the headlines" stuff). Added bonus from me: this will tie into Hayden/Rachel's "little girl crippled in a DUI" storyline.
  7. Even better.... Jason's next regeneration is played by Billy Warlock.
  8. Well, every time Michael and Nelle get together, I imagine Cersei and Jaime....
  9. Because Rochester is the avatar/inspiration for Port Charles, we may get that "Sonny saves PC by bringing the Sun back" storyline in 2024:
  10. Named after an itty bitty town she drove through on the West Coast.
  11. Today's episode: Port Charles is plunged into darkness when the moon eclipses the sun. Jason figures out it's because a Jerome ancestor stepped on a butterfly, confirmed after seeing Ava in the park with Griffin and Julian near the observatory with guest star Neil deGrasse Tyson. By the end of the episode, Sonny is able to restore the sun to totality. Fixed that for you.
  12. If only they could've shoehorned 'because Helena' into the scenario. It would sum up GH for the last 5 years. Only now these days it's "because Ava and Julian". The Ice Princess? It's their fault, and the PFMs are sticking to their retcon.
  13. Um, Sonny, Jason, last time you covered up a "crime" that has extenuating circumstances and would have led to acquittal -- Michael got raped in prison and we got Franco. So, in summary at the Q's: Olivia: I cooked in the kitchen. Qs: You dumb fuck! That's Cook 2.0 domain. O: Waaaah! I'm a stereotypical Brooklyn Italian! I'll never be part of this family. Qs: We didn't say that. We just want to let you know Cook is very sensitive about the kitchen. Even Sonny wouldn't go in there.... O: I know what to do! *Exeunt, silence, returns* O: I solved everything! I fired Cook! Qs: You dumb fuck!
  14. As I mentioned before, I can see Dr. Finn Miracle Doctor tracking down that little girl and, not only making her walk again, but turn her into a world-class athlete. Compared to other misdeeds that Hayden did as Rachel, this is weaksauce for Finn not to forgive.
  15. Don't worry. They've already set up the framework that Sam wasn't competent when she shot Sonny, and she contracted the toxoplaximia because of Olivia, who was allowed to kidnap her because Julian didn't say anything even though he knew. Ergo, Julian shot Sonny, so he's going to jail.