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  1. "He's an evil psychopath, but my little Scottie loves his dog food brand!"
  2. Yeah, I'd think the principal is using "disrespect for authority" for organizing an alternate Pride Prom Come-As-You-Are Party at the same time. With this, gender-specific dress, and enabling transphobia bullying, this can get shut down faster than Sonny and Jason killing Faison and Faison Jr, and that's with a call to Lambda Legal, and unlike Diane "You violated my client's Third Amendment rights and I'm going to bust you down to janitor" Miller, they DO have some swift ninja legal moves. Now, if only Joss knew who had a private space, perhaps a ballroom in a hotel, that could hold the dance.... Is it me, or did I expect Sonny to lean over the laptop and mumble, "Cesar Faison's Son....... come out and plaaaaayyyyyyy......"?
  3. Which doesn't mean anything if Valentin isn't actually a Cassadine, and that was what always made more sense to me. Valentin as a Faison would have the added weight of him scamming/killing/Jedi Mind Wiping into getting Spoon Island, especially since Show dropped a bit of history that P.K. Sinclair actually owned it Back in the Day. I would also love it that Valentin revealed that his AnnnnnddddddSonnyAndJasonBeatHimUpin30Seconds was part of a long con and that he really is the Most Evil Cassadine Evah, and his whiny milquetoast demeanor since Nina came aboard has been a charade.
  4. Newbie Publisher Guy - why is he so interested in finding Faison, and he's a publisher guy Valentin - He's not really a Cassadine, and the DNA match will prove Nathan and Valentin are a match, but everyone will assume because of the Cassadine blood. KG will put on her best OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK face. Nicholas - Who's not really dead, but waiting to look like Peter Capaldi. Andre - But it won't happen, because that would be too interesting out of left field. Thomas - Who's not really dead, but they want to have a showdown with Aunt Stella belittling the cringing Faison before her. Franco - Someone suggested it below, because of Reasons. Dr. Bensch - Because he has interest in the Charles Street project, and there's that creepiness factor they backed off from Lauren Drew/Jason - Because, why the hell not to keep them relevant to the storyline why Faison would target them, and that would fuck up the ELQ shares Sonny - Because Sonny's the "hero", and this show will fuck with decades of history to make him front and center with ANY storyline. "I hate you, I despise you, you should be in jail, -- lemme have the Turkey Club Sandwich, hold the mustard and tomato -- you are an evil person who should pay for his crimes, -- and a Coke with lemon. Oh, and your sister is horrible, too."
  5. Porridge: Look up there. That corner of sky. What do you see? Clara: Nothing. It’s just black. No stars, no nothing. Porridge: That used to be the Tiberian Spiral Galaxy. A million star systems, a hundred million worlds, a billion trillion people. It’s not there anymore. No more Tiberian Galaxy. Clara: It’s horrible. Porridge: Yeah. I feel like a monster sometimes. Clara: Why? Porridge: Because Sonny Corinthos still survived it.
  6. Newbie Publisher Guy: "Lulu, I want you to find and interview Cesar Faison." Newbie Evil Drug Lady: "Valentin, I want you to kill Sonny Cornithos." Me: This was my first thought as soon as I heard the rumor that Duke might be Nathan's biological father. If this is more #Justice4DEwq and #HateOnJulian, I'm going to start throwing cats at the TV screen.
  7. I hate the hot/cold attitude of Lauren to Ava. It would be interesting, since rumors and speculation are surmising that Laura's opponent would be with a few skeletons/scandals as well. NutmegsMom has non-spoiler speculation that Nathan's dad is actually Faison, which would make Nathan and Britt full siblings. Britt was ignored by Faison because, well, she's a girl, but a Faison SON.... that would be dynastic and make both Sonny and Stavros look milquetoast in comparison to obtaining a child.
  8. I'm wondering.... did they retcon the Meat Hook into "We caught AJ doing some illegal things and blackmailed him"? Because I'm trying to remember if AJ did anything blackmailable.
  9. Only as the first, knee-jerk reaction. Then, because Franco is reformed and now a model citizen (ahem), we'll find out it's because of André, who has to be blamed for everything related to the Two Jasons story. It's Ava's/Julian's fault.
  10. I don't remember the dialogue exchange, but Nelle said something and Michael cut her off, "Stop making excuses", and I found myself saying, "That's not really an excuse; she just stated a fact, but you're so hellbent, Michael, that you'd say Nelle telling you the sun rises in the east is a lie, and things fall due to gravity as an excuse." Glad they FINALLY acknowledged Alexis doesn't know shit is not well-versed in Military Law, but I kept mumbling, "And then Anna shows up and tells the Navy Guy what the WSB knows...."
  11. I was waiting for a cameo from The Walking Dead. Or the 16-ton weight from Monty Python.
  12. The WSB would/should have superseded the Navy's case, but they had to shoehorn Alexis into this, so they went with "I have a local judge who will quash your warrant, and if you fight me, I will have you busted to swabbing the deck." Too bad they didn't get anyone from JAG to cameo to say, "That's not how the UCMJ works!" How did Maxie and Lulu find the old Dobson scripts to stinkbomb the offices?
  13. *waves to PTV Y&Rers* NutmegsMom and I used to watch the show and post in the TWoP. Eventually, we cut back our soap viewing, but a recent memory stirred... Listening to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas (Is You)" triggered the singing of LOSTFU, and I told NutmegsMom, and she knew *exactly* who I was talking about (Tyra's Daughter) and what LOSTFU meant (Little Orphan SHUT THE FUCK UP). Ah, memories.... *heads back to upstate New York and Points Fabulous and Chewy*
  14. SMH Moment 1: "Ms Jerome, you have to sign these legal papers to absolve me of any culpability in this illegal action." SMH Moment 2: "Ava! I will chase away any and all doctors who might try the treatment and take away the flash drive, thus insuring you will remain scarred and Sonny and Carly can tell you how horrible and ugly you are while I'm not with you."
  15. That's true. It's totally Ava's fault. Because Reasons!Morgan!CommercialBreak!ThatUglySlutWhore.