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  1. Richard Blais: It's All About Him

    The name of his podcast is meant as a joke, making fun of himself.
  2. S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    Adrienne did not look good in that preview.
  3. S16.E07: Carne!

    I still don’t know everybody’s names.
  4. Past Seasons Talk: The Stew Room

    Hugh was on Iron Chef Canada. I didn’t realize that he was Canadian.
  5. The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    Not sure where to post this... who are we predicting as fan favourite this season? My vote (if they let Canadians vote) would be on Eddie Money.
  6. S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    If they still did reunion shows, “the bangin hot one” would be on the t-shirt.
  7. Top Chef Season 16 Spoilers

    I think many of us thought the tall guy was going home ( I still don’t know their names). Oh, well. I am curious of your thoughts on winners being nice guys ( or girls) who are edited as well-behaved? I am predicting a finale of the Jersey guy (David?) and Brandon. I think that Kelsey, potentially fierce, was obnoxious to the wait staff. Justin threw too many tantrums as exec chef. Although they are confident, I don’t see them as winners. The Jersey guy is my new prediction as winner.
  8. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Last year, I spent way too much time studying Brother ‘s social media after “plastic-wrap-gate”. He would answer people directly on Facebook ( the Top Chef page, I think). He said that “ the producers did him dirty”. He said that the whole thing was misdirected. Tu, the other chef, went on various forms of social media to defend Brother. One thing about Brother, he is a fighter who is very smart. The negative reaction after the plastic wrap thing last year was harsh. His reputation was tarnished. I would not be surprised if a deal was made. What are your thoughts?
  9. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Was there a second LCK tonight? So far, we only got one in Canada.
  10. Top Chef Canada

    Why did all of our posts and topics get lumped into this one heading? Now everything, regardless of season or subject, is under “Top Chef Canada”? Please enlighten me if I misunderstood.
  11. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Brother is playing the game. It’s a competition. I am still a fan of his. However, I think the former contestants don’t fit in anymore. It’s as if they are brought back to increase viewership for LCK. I would love another round of All-Stars instead.
  12. S16.E04: Surprise...It's Restaurant Wars

    Karen, with the pink hair, was from Man-bun’s season. Rather than say “wife”, she always said “spouse”. She worked in an Asian restaurant and was friends with Marjorie.
  13. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Did Tom say there will be big news next week? So will someone be put back into the competition?
  14. S16.E03: Naughty and Nice

    I am a fan of Richard Blais. I knew him as a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games before I realized that he was on Top Chef. After watching him on season 4, I believe that he was never in competition with Stephanie and never put her down. I believe that he was only competing with himself. All of his answers regarding season 4 are about beating himself up (I choked). It’s hard too explain, but his personality and drive are only about his own performance (very self-involved). In any case, Stephanie is an Iron Chef now and has clearly moved on.
  15. A fun challenge on season 3 of Top Chef Canada was when the remaining chefs had to plan a menu for the host’s bridal shower. Each course had to represent the different cities she lived in (Mumbai, somewhere in California, etc.). Anyway, as the executive chef introduces himself to the guests, he is told that someone has a seafood allergy and two guests are vegan! The behind the scenes chaos to accommodate the vegan made me laugh. Seeing them adapt to the last minute curveballs made for good viewing.