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  1. Season 7

    Did you see the show with Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles? It showed a variety of Canadian cities and ingredients. Lynn Crawford’s Canadian cookbook was also good. It would be nice for Top Chef to travel. I agree with you.
  2. S10.E04: Torn Between Two Lovers

    So who do think is going to die? Do we still think it’s Deedee?
  3. The Judges: They Think You Need More Salt

    I also came here to post about Gail on Iron Chef Canada. So excited to see Top Chef Canada Season 3 runner up Danny Smiles compete. FYI Top Chef Canada just wrapped season 7. The host, Eden Grinshpan, is hilarious. Check out her Instagram.
  4. Season 7

    Filming has ended. Eden is back in New York. Can’t wait for the new season.
  5. The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Christian was on Chopped as well.
  6. Season 7

    Let’s talk about the upcoming season. Eden is in Toronto filming the new season of Top Chef Canada. Her Instagram stories show her in hair and makeup.
  7. Small Talk: We Of Fiddleheads And Poutine

    Eden just opened a restaurant in New York called Dez (as in desert). Check out her Instagram for more details. There are reviews online. She just filmed a segment for Good Morning America. Eden also confirmed that Food Network Canada is accepting applications for Season 7 of Top Chef Canada.
  8. Bad chefs, the worst of Top Chef.

    I like Angelo. It was Mr. Pea Purée that got on my nerves. Just watched the all-star season reunion show. They had a compilation of Mike Isabella burping and scratching himself. Gross.
  9. Top Chef in the Media

    Do Americans have access to foodnetwork.ca? Top Chef Canada full episodes are there Here in Canada, I don’t have access to any videos from Bravo’s website or their YouTube channel.
  10. Top Chef in the Media

    James Beard Awards are tonight. So far, Karen from Manbun’s season and Nina Compton are winners.
  11. The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    I listen to his podcast sometimes. I like when he, and other top chef alum, talk about behind-the scenes stuff. My fave episode was the one with Gail Simmons. She went to my college and her husband is from my town. I just love her. The podcast is called Starving for Attention with a Richard Blaise.
  12. I live in Canada. We watch this show on Sunday nights. I forgot that it’s aired on Mondays in the States. I am happy for Nacho, but I miss Heather. She was my fave.
  13. Top Chef in the Media

    Just watched Beat Bobby Flay. Brian Malarkey (season 3) was a contender. Leah (season 5) was a judge and so was Dana Cowan (formerly of Food and Wine magazine).
  14. Iron Chef Gauntlet: Gladiators Ready!

    Sigh...I miss Chef MacKay. As for my other Canadian, Nicole Gomes said in an interview that after doing Top Chef twice, and now Iron Chef, that she won’t be competing in any more cooking competitions. Therefore, I am assuming that chef Lefevre makes it to the end.
  15. Top Chef in the Media

    Top Chef Canada just had an elimination challenge where the chefs had to cook food from different regions of Mexico. I couldn’t stop thinking of Claudette. Regardless of country, chefs are all the same. No one wanted to do desserts. The bottom three consisted of two who prepared a dessert. Other differences: zero footage of the contestants’ house. No Last Chance Kitchen. Extreme comraderie: they cheered for the guy who volunteered to do dessert because he “ took one for the team”. Girl crush on the host Eden Grinshpan. Her Instagram is hilarious.