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  1. I was wondering why this show disappeared so fast. 9 episodes? Felt more like 5 or 6 and I can only remember what happened in maybe 1 right now. Maybe 1,000 episodes would be overkill. but this is fluff time wasting type entertainment, not Mad Men or Breaking Bad, that it needs 'seasons', lol. Just vomit out a 100 episodes, take a 2 month break, then vomit out another 100. And yeah, show seems a bit anachronistic
  2. S09.E08: Danger Island: A Discovery 2018.06.13

    Least favorite season although there were a few good moments. English subtitles would've come in handy as well. Not for the foreign bits, but for english, lol. Was expecting some deus ex machina at the end. The idea we are actually living in a simulated reality are all the rage as plot devices lately. I'm another one who liked the whole spy theme. Lot more 'guest' characters were employed. This season felt dry, insular and claustrophobic
  3. I don't do social media. Tried looking at twitter a couple times but all I see is a huge rats nest of threads and words vomited all over the place. However, if any of you do follow that stuff, I was curious if The Kosher Kabal has said anything about what the crew & capt Sandy said about them. I imagine they'd be furious, lol. Sandy, "those people are absolutely awful disgusting people"... or pretty much other words to that effect, lol
  4. S09.E05: Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

    Somethings fishy...or rather crabby. Olusola's crab benedict thingy doesn't look very good so everyone's gasping. <drama build> But it's not so bad. When the chef guy says toasted to perfection, they're showing closeups and the bread's burnt black all around the edge. Anyway she went home.
  5. Love Connection: All Episodes Talk

    Right. There is that icing on the cake bonus of maybe winning 10k as well. But it does feel like a joke without a punchline. These show's budgets should easily handle throwing some X amount thousand dollars on top of the trips anyway just for being on the show being a 'performer'.
  6. Love Connection: All Episodes Talk

    Okay. But then, why even bother with the whole 'who the audience chose' routine. It's absolutely pointless! Lol Imagine some game show... Game Show Host: "You'll get to chose and win the prize behind one of 3 doors. The audience will also chose which door you should pick." Contestant: "I pick door #3" Game Show Host: "Let's see what's behind door #3. You've won......A NEW CAR!!!". Now let's see which door the audience picked. They chose door #1. Let's see what's behind door #1..... a jar of pickles." Audience: "Aaaaaaaaaawwww" Game Show: Host: "Well, congratulations on winning A NEW CAR!!!" ??????????? lol
  7. Love Connection: All Episodes Talk

    What the hell happened to giving the contestant the choice between staying with the person they chose themselves, even if it meant losing the 10k, or dumping that one to take the 10k and a date with whoever the audience chose if different?
  8. S01.E05: At Last 2018.06.09

    Aside from the quickie catharsis wrap up, it was a good series
  9. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    That voice of hers....
  10. All Episodes Talk: Career Path

    I only ever watched 2 shows from this series, one being Peavey because I'm a guitar player so it interested me. So likewise, I see Jewel being the 'undercover' person on whatever the hell new take on the shows theme is. I thought Jewel was cool back when she was in the spotlight. Wow, that 'open mic' scene was so phony even for it being a fake 'reality' show so I just forwarded to the reveal and made a mental note never, ever to watch again. lol
  11. Religious rituals, especially one's like dictating what food to eat and when to do so, boggles me mind. Being from NYC, I do love a good bagel or pastrami sandwich though. ;-D. If both people smoke, each one's ashtray mouth cancels out the other. Being 'reality' tv, thus everything being fake, I would not be surprised if these 'guests' don't pay for anything, or get a deep discount. Wouldn't also be surprised if the tip is also provided to the 'guests' to hand out. lol
  12. S01.E04: Mother's Milk

    Got it. She says, "Love... Lovely... Spot" Wonder what it means being at the very end of the episode. Hmmmmm
  13. Been a very very long time since I held a spray can, but iirc, 'well ventilated' is the description on cans or any volatile potentially harmful chemicals. I get why they go outside for the ultimate ventilated space for the homeowners sake instead of a garage for example, I'm just saying that outside, a lot of stuff is probably gonna be sticking to the wet paint.
  14. S01.E04: Mother's Milk

    Maybe David Icke's right.... lizard people walk among us.... and they marry and have children. But at least lizard mom didn't sell her house for drugs! lol
  15. I always cringe because they paint stuff outside. I imagine all the dirt, dust, insects in the air that must be sticking all over the wet paint