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  1. 1) I'm with Hannah on this: Brooke's a grunt. That she complains constantly that Hannah isn't doing "her share" as Brooke sees it, I want to throw her pathetic cloying doormat no ounce of self respect self overboard without a life preserver. "I'm the janitor and I'm gonna tell the vice president of the company he/she's not doing his/her fair share of the work around here." Plus, I'm sure the editing is done to follow that narrative. Look there Btooke and Kasey working. Look there's Hannah on the dock smoking. 2) Creepy Adam with his idiot innuendos towards the female charter guest is very creepy as well as embarrassingly lame. 3) I'd give a thousand bucks to see Jowow get the living crap beat out of him. 4) Motivational speaker Guy. You are a snake oil salesman getting rich selling bullshit to naive desperate people. You should've had god bless the boat so the wind would to die down for you.
  2. Wow, that Jesse is the gaslight king. That restaurant scene was the epitome of gaslighting. And Darcy is totally pathetic. Can't feel sorry for someone that willfully stupid
  3. All Episode Discussion

    Initially I wrote what I did as a gripe about lazy writing without even considering whether or not it was historically accurate. However if I read you right and going over that article, I take it they never did do such a test on campus. I suppose then the scene was to dramatize, but it was a dumb way to express it.
  4. S04.E01 Smoke

    How could I forget! But that was only when they weren't on tour, lol
  5. Thank you for that. :-D
  6. No harm, no foul. Just voicing my opinions based on my personal experience. Its just I meet a lot of people who unfortunately dislike/hate siblings/parents and vice versa, that that seems the norm. Agree to disagree, yeah?. :)
  7. S04.E01 Smoke

    The archetypal 'whore with a heart of gold'. lol
  8. Yeah. I thought I heard someone playing 'dueling banjo's' in the background
  9. S04.E01 Smoke

    He was one of the guitar players in Spinal Tap.
  10. Good lord, lol. My sister and brother in law (who is retired) have taken turns living at their daughter (my niece) and husbands house taking care of 'our' new baby till he goes into daycare when he reaches 2 years old. My Bro in law has spent months at a time doing that since birth and continues doing so. My sis still works but still does some shorter stints. That's the kind of family I'm used to I guess. All my brothers/sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews love each other. Some of you folks are cold, cold, lol That some would put a baby's safety over this ego not my responsibility thing because daughter is this that or the other is ...just...wow Remember, what her mom thinks and acts is pure speculation on our part, included my own thoughts about her. However, I tried to provide some hypothetical situations to cover various scenario's on how people may act in them
  11. I get the idea that Rachel can be using the baby. That's a separate issue from the point I'm conveying. If it turned out Rachel would rather have the baby cared for instead of bringing it along, and the mother is capable, then I find it rather cruel and bizarre towards an innocent baby. I mean, its like, "my daughter is an alcoholic, I don't condone her behavior and I won't enable her so if she wants to drive around drunk with the baby in the car that's all on her". I don't recall from the episode, but was it determined that either Rachel specifically wanted to bring her baby or was it that she'd rather have left baby with mom but mom refused?
  12. Jesse looks like Beavis of Beavis & Butthead. Darcy's Butthead
  13. S04.E01 Smoke

    Odenkirk's voice has a lot to do with his success as a character, imo. Can't imagine pulling off that balance of charming used car salesman sincerity /insincerity and comedy in any other kind.
  14. S04.E01 Smoke

    Yep. I posted my retraction seconds before you, ;-)
  15. S04.E01 Smoke

    No, wait, I'm wrong about the house. I didn't realize the shot I saw that's along the street with neighboring homes is because the scene had Chuck and Jimmy coming out of a side entrance and into a car. Plus, in an earlier scene in the previoius episode I scanned does have the house on a corner lot as well. My 'mystery' solved