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  1. S04.E10: Winner

    There's a comedy series that shall rename nameless that I found funny till the new season. Imagine one character saying to another character something as mundane as "I'd bet you'd like that", or, "Did you eat breakfast?"... whatever. Yet, the uber fans of the show, know that those lines are probably referring to some incident between the same two characters from some episode eight seasons back.... and they think all this self referential stuff is HILLLLAAAIRIOUS. While 'normal' people are going, 'what is this shit.... this shit suuuucks.' ;-D
  2. S06.E01: Staten Island, Part 1

    This series is overstaying its welcome. How long in reality would a guy dodge not be thrown in prison or be dead 4 seasons ago. His body falling into the river looked like one of them dummies thrown off a roof in a comedy sketch. Cop drags him onto the shore... there is no shore there. What's a uniformed patrol cop from a staten island precinct doing in manhattan.
  3. S08.E06 Return to Murder House

    Welp, I could ignore the whole murder house and all its characters and plot that I have zero memory of cuz I saw it a long time ago and just paid attention to Michael's 'origin' story. Whats going thru my head.... 'who's this guy?' 'who the hell is that?' 'what are these people doing here?' 'now what are they talking about?' 'this guy apparently impregnated that other guy's wife and had a baby that's not one of the other's that are running around.' 'oh wait, that one must be Michael then.' 'Tearjerker has a daughter?' 'Wife raper guy and her were boyfriend and girlfriend? That why she's mad at him?' 'Who the hell is this Billy ya'll all on about?' lol
  4. S04.E10: Winner

    yeah, lol, someone else pointed that out. its stuck in my head tho'. Unfortunately that process has one huge major flaw
  5. S02.E12: Tell-All

    As the camera lingered on him before breaking off, I could swear I seen his eyes changed to that of dead shark
  6. S02.E12: Tell-All

    If she's staying out all night apparently some ain't that far away either
  7. S04.E10: Winner

    Freaky..... just what the heck is going on in the fabric of space between magnets anyway. I think most people think subatomic particles are just super tiny ball bearings. But they're just pretty much made up mathematical probability constructs, lol. =8-O Ah, its all probably filmed and in the can already, lol No problem. CGI can plaster a younger face on anything now. (wow that carrie fisher trick was hella creepy anyhow), lol
  8. S04.E10: Winner

    Ah, the article writer agrees with my stance that Jimmy was proud of Chuck and gladly stood aside and let Chuck finish the song. ;)
  9. S04.E10: Winner

    Speaking of which. The damn funniest scene in BB I laughed my head off was towards the end. The bottom glass frame of the front door to Saul's establishment had been smashed out and Walter White was in Saul's office for one thing or the other and had to get out of there in a hurry. He gets to the front door and keeps madly yanking on it, trying to get it open but its locked. After a bit of frenzy, he sorta drops his shoulders, gets this look on his face, then bends down and crawls on hands and knees out the open bottom panel. I split my sides laughing.
  10. S04.E10: Winner

    They're all kinda average ugly, especially the guys. Well, Howard's kinda dapper. Mike looks like he was in a fire (was he??) Seriously...female was pointed out because I am male and being hetero male it is in the realm and also obeying laws of this universe to make a comment like that strictly from my own pov and on a whim simply as part of making conversation. You, and anyone else, are perfectly fine to make all the comments you want about the physical attractiveness of the men in the series and that would be perfectly ok.... by me at least. ;-D
  11. S04.E10: Winner

    Think if Lulu used a belt buckle teleportation device it would've been more believable. (yep, this guy's a real lulu alright)
  12. S04.E10: Winner

    Personality will win over 'first impression' looks, imo. That being said, however the $%#@ my brain is wired up, I'm not attracted to a so called severe looking facial features. Kim is a very attractive women, just not my particular cup of tea tho'. Not that I care for such things anymore at my age, lol. Of course. Men'll stick it anywhere though. I used to see the crack whores hanging about around queens plaza, nyc back in the day. They looked like holocaust victims only a 100 times worse. I once asked my cop friend who in their right mind would have sex with them. Obvious answer yeah? lol
  13. S04.E10: Winner

    Tuco, Taco....all I keep seeing is two legged bags of Doritos walking around shooting people, lol