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  1. I love how all 'jesus-ee' these boneheads are That Gus's whiny verge of tears voice of his is really grating
  2. Season 1 Episodes Discussion

    Don't know if anyone's watched her in 'Night Night', but this more or less the same character ratcheted to 10. Total psycho-sociopath controlling gaslighter user leech. Though, I'm much more 'hating' on Sally for being so flippln' stupid and wishy-washy. A person with self respect would tell Emma, get lost before I call the cops at the first or second signs of psycho behavior Yeah, this stuff is definitely not for everyone. Maybe they should create a genre labeled 'cringe comedy' if they haven't done already. Was that Ritchie Blackmore playing the portable keyboard ep7? lol (guitarist humor)
  3. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    The irony. The snake got done in by a rope snake
  4. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    Wouldn't be surprised if it was one of his showboating routines to impress the laaaaydaaaays gone awry
  5. S07 E20 Rachael and Vance

    WTF is wrong with these young girls. Cranking out kids like a xerox copy machine. You'd think they'd wise up after the first 'oops'. Plus who knows anything about these people and the stories they tell. That Kamie lady, whoever she is, is very pretty though, lol
  6. I would've thought proctologist since she's surrounded by assholes
  7. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    Is there a vid before next week reveal? (or the week after next being its $#@&*** bravo) I'm sorry but these shows.... I don't know how much winds up being tarted up danger drama or what. I'd half expect it turns out it was a practice rescue dummy or maybe Capt Lee's blowup doll
  8. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    Screw the man overboard. I'm boggled that some say they are actually experiencing high anxiety and reaching for xanax over what is essentially an idiotic reality show that we waste our brief time on this planet watching, lol
  9. Capt Lord Fauntleroy could use about an inch and a quarter shaved off the chin bone. His voice would serve him well as a BBC news anchor or something. He'll eventually grow into that voice when he hits his 40's at least. I don't wanna like him but I do, lol. All the others seem like right twats though. I'll see if i bail or not after this second epi. This is 'summer house' on boats. If they're as fukked up as those twats, maybe I'll stick with it, lol edit... what a bunch of bores
  10. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    Yeah, people that end every sentence as if they're asking a question is a tad annoying, lol
  11. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    They really went 'overboard' with the fake hating the buffet dinner thing but guess what....they really loved it! WTF?? They end the last episode with going overboard then drag it out into the next one??
  12. How about calling the thread, "Caroline: Ay, Chihuahua!"
  13. S06.E06: A Girl Named Maria

    Basically is an alternative to the LIRR. However those two numbnuts, Mick and Bunch think its full of rich people
  14. S06.E06: A Girl Named Maria

    I've come to finally hating on Ray, Bunchy, Mickey AND Terry. Wish this thing would've packed in it last season. Like 'Weeds', wound up despising whats her name the last few seasons because of how toxic she was to everyone around her and cared only about herself. I'd like to see NY beat the crap outta Ray, his idiot brothers and dad and send them all packing back to lala land
  15. S06.E06: A Girl Named Maria

    If it weren't for the acting and production value, I'd roll my eyes at these increasingly idiotic plots and turn the damn thing off. The Winslow character is grinding on my nerves... "When I bought Apple Computer I told Jobs that if he didn't like it he can go....." "A year later I bought Exxon and after lunch that same day merged with Time-Warner. I told the Saudi prince that if he didn't like it he could just kiss my".... "That film I made grossed over 200 billion." "Ray, get over here right away. I broke a nail. Do something." Tired of looking at Bunchy's sad sack hound dog idiot expression all the time. I thought it was acting. Looked at some vids of the actor being himself.... he flippin' looks like that naturally! That poor baby would've been dead within 6 months with those 3 bozo's Bunchy, Mickey and Terry 'looking after' her. Bridget did the right thing.