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  1. I agree. So much for Janelle supposedly being so smart. I remember when people used to post about how she seemed like the smarter, more level-headed wife and I used to post back not to jump to conclusions based on surface stuff. This plus the fact that she CHOSE polygamy are strong evidence to the contrary.
  2. My own grandma took me to the racetrack many times as a teenager but she was no meemaw as in no drinking, no deviousness, etc., so I totally agree with you.
  3. The dark heavy penciled photo on the left is Danielle's own work. The photo on the right is the makeup artist's work. I thought her brows looked good there.
  4. Yes, once again, because the show's makeup artist does them when they're in a studio, which was also the case on decision day. I have posted a lot in these threads that she needs an eyebrow intervention.
  5. S1:E01 Pilot

    Hah, sounds like my house. My kitchen is from 2006, and my living/dining room furniture dates back to the early 90s through 2014, depending on the piece. Of course I did it in a neutral palette so that throw pillows and window treatments can be updated from time to time.
  6. I've been eating cream of buckwheat for a a few years now. I love it, it's smooth, a lot like cream of wheat and works well with fruit and a few drops of honey or other natural sweetener.
  7. Or you got at the gas station, like S&H Green Stamps or "Plaid Stamps", and you went to a redemption center to get the stuff.
  8. I was 13/14 in 1972 and pretty up on what was a "thing" and I agreed in the episode thread that "take a chill pill" came from the 80s, not the 70s. When I looked it up online sources made it sound like it had been around longer, but who knows? Back then a lot of expressions took a long time to spread because we had no internet. My mom never bought Hi C, although I knew other families that had it. We were solidly a "Hawaiian Punch" family. I never drank that with dinner, though. I was a Pepsi kid. Sometimes I'd have one of my mother's diet Tab sodas, LOL. Great thread idea, I love it!
  9. S1:E01 Pilot

    That and I thought maybe because the family is middle class and may not have the money to update their house, especially with all those kids. I was 13/14 in 1972 and I knew a lot of kids whose houses were still decorated like the 1960s (or 1950s if they were poor enough). I thought the same thing, but when I searched online I found out that the expression has been around longer than that. It probably didn't migrate to my part of the country until the '80s. Or maybe that's a continuity error. I hear you on that. I'm certainly not against watching a show about people different from me. I do it all the time, but somehow this seems so extreme as to create a little discomfort in me. I don't mind that they're Catholic, I'm Protestant and grew up around a lot of Catholics, even went to a Jesuit university, but do they have to start out of the gate with a zillion sons and no daughters and one in the seminary to boot? Wow, that's pretty specific. I would have liked a couple of girls at least. And I knew guys in college that went into the seminary so it's not like I couldn't relate to that in general. I just couldn't get into it here. And so much commotion and yelling all the time - I'm sure they're going for realism but I was an only child and can only take so much of that. And what's up with the wildly inappropriate comments/insults from the mother? Even my own "women's lib" mother wouldn't have acted like THAT back then. I found it hard to take, even off-putting. It made me wonder if she needs medication! I was hoping for more of an affectionately humorous tone from this show. I'll give it a chance, though.
  10. Yeah, that's because she didn't do her own eyebrows in that shot! Picture on the left: Danielle doing her own eyebrows. Picture on the right: Show makeup artist doing her eyebrows (she's wearing the dress from decision day). Old eyebrow wisdom is that brows ideally should be a shade or two lighter than your natural hair if you're a brunette. If you're a blonde (or light brunette), a few shades darker, but never DARK BROWN!
  11. This may surprise you, but I never thought Trey was all that nice. He was obviously a player, doing and saying all the "right" things for the camera. I don't think Dave belongs in the same category with him whatsoever. Dave may be a douche in some ways but he's not as bad as Trey in my opinion. I tend to look 10 levels deep in these situations, I don't expect you to agree with me, but that's how I see it. The problem with Dave as I see it, is that he never was able to communicate to Amber that he really feels what he has tried to claim he feels for her, because when nailed to the wall, he just plain doesn't feel it. I learned a long time ago that when a guy (or any partner) gets angry with you because he can't seem to find a convincing way to communicate that he really likes you (whether verbal or non-verbal or both), it means he doesn't have those feelings, and all that talk he gives you is nothing but total BS. Then the guy turns it around on you and makes it about your "insecurity" to deflect the blame. I can't understate the importance of those last two sentences. I almost want to have it tattooed to my arm, that's how important I think it is. And that's exactly what I see going on between Amber and Dave.
  12. Ah, but honesty is often used as a cover for putting a person down or in their place. I agree with @qtpye 's cousin that Dave enjoyed being in the power position in the relationship, so whether consciously or not, he was using some of that "honesty" to keep control over Amber. Obviously he was NOT going to let his walls down to let her have any power over HIM, oh no, no, no......So that is what I am talking about when I say "mind games".
  13. Danielle may be on the cold side, but she never played mind games with Bobby by acting aloof and giving him mediocre ratings, or criticized him/found him wanting the way Dave has done with Amber. Nor did she chide Bobby negatively for putting "too much pressure on her" with all of his OTT romantic expressions/favors/etc. In fact, Danielle even wrote a letter to Bobby telling him how much she appreciated all he did for her and how lucky she was to have met him. She may not be expressive, but it was more than obvious to me that she returned Bobby's feelings. Not so much with Dave returning Amber's. And that is what in my opinion makes all the difference between Dave and Danielle. Danielle just has a problem being expressive, but her heart's in the right place. Dave, on the other hand, who knows? He certainly hasn't convinced too many people (least of all Amber) that he's all in on his relationship with her.
  14. It looked like it took everything out of her to throw the guy a bone in saying that. The guy continues to make a fool of himself for her and she can barely crack a smile. She should have at least given him a hug or a kiss. Mr. Yeah No said Bobby is a total wuss. I have to say, I'm good at reading people but Danielle is a real challenge. I almost thought she was more embarrassed/mortified by what Bobby did with the ring than appreciative. Maybe because she would feel pressure to reciprocate on camera (not necessarily because she doesn't return the feeling). She has a pathological distaste for showing her feelings in public. The more she stays stony-faced, the more Bobby makes a total fool of himself. It looks out of proportion and doesn't get the response it deserves. I truly hope that when the cameras are off she gives him more than that!
  15. Yes, and one that proved himself to be a real shit in this episode, if there was ever any doubt. Where is all the Dave love now? I mentioned that Amber would likely "settle" in last week's thread. Her girlfriend used that exact word. Poor Amber. Baby clock going off and she feels she has no better choice right now but to stay with this asshole. He's only staying with her for appearance's sake. He's more concerned with what his bros think of him than anything else, including Amber. When they said they liked Amber I knew he would say yes. Me too.