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  1. I couldn't agree more. The Salem with trials have been done to death on genealogy shows as has the Civil War, so I'm over-saturated with that by now. You'd think they could find something fresher by now. I don't know, maybe my tree is rare, but I have a lot of spectacular stories in my tree that would make fantastic television, especially if professional researchers could dig and find more details to round out the stories. They tie into history but are also personal tales of courage, achievement and struggle. So I know how interesting it could be, but especially this season it's just been ho-hum on this show. I remember the first couple of seasons I was "oh wow" about a lot of stuff. This season was just a big disappointment altogether with some small exceptions. There's no excuse for this - they could do much better. It kind of bugged me how teary-eyed Jean Smart got for her 8th GGM. Sure, I've felt for my ancestors, but even though I know of relatives from that far back that suffered some tough stuff, I have never cried over someone from that long ago. I don't think I've cried over anyone.
  2. S05.E03: The End of the Tour 2018.06.19

    Yeah, but he'll soften in time. I hate to say it, but it's so predictable. After all, Josh got over it too. Charles is too in love with her not to cave after a while. I know it's complicated and it'll probably get a lot worse before it gets better between them, but I think it's probably inevitable at some point. I see a potential set-up with him seeing her "in secret" in the future. That would be kind of hot.
  3. I wonder if they'll ever show footage from the show he and Eric were filming in France right before he died. So heartbreaking.
  4. Wow, that's a long list! I guess most of these were never filmed. So sad.
  5. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    Thank you, I thought it was just me! Oh, I know, plus nobody ever dressed like that ever in New York back then or now. The stripper/fairy look was never a "thing". I really don't know what Darren Star sees in Patricia Field's choices. Although I just love what she does with Diana's hysterical jewelry!
  6. I agree on all counts. I actually thought Katie had a point with the white potatoes but her micromanaging attitude sucked and came off as disrespect. What happened to team collaboration? And who died and left her in charge anyway? But part of a competition like this is to stay positive even when being disrespected or screwed over and Samone failed on that in both segments. If that's her reaction, it was understandable to send her home because her self-sabotage ruined her performance. They have to stay cool under any circumstances. My hopes that Rebekah wouldn't be a self-absorbed twit with a superior attitude have been completely dashed. Amy also acts like a little miss superiority that's only half attempting to cover up a bad attitude. The way she waved that food around without tasting it was beyond ridiculous. And Manny acts surprised when given criticism, like he wonders where it came from. Obviously he has no clue and is just making up BS on the fly with his "buttery and flaky" comment. Any reason to like him is fading fast. Pretty much any of the above people can get off my screen any time now and I wouldn't be upset about it. Christian, however, has potential. He's a little rough around the edges but might overcome that. Although like you, I'm really not pulling for anyone right now either.
  7. Or maybe EU had a bigger budget and offered them more money!
  8. S05.E01 Redemption

    I had a rough week what with the suicides of Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain, but then to witness the heartbreak of such a senseless tap-out from my favorite Carleigh only made it worse, especially knowing how much this meant to her. What rotten luck! I thought she got a raw deal in her season in being made to tap out so close to the end and was hoping this could be her time. Oh well, I hope she doesn't take it too badly. Everyone at my house thought she should have had a multi tool with her and I agree. I didn't think Sam would be a crybaby, especially so soon. Perhaps he just had a bit of PTSD being in the same situation as his first season and knowing what he was going to have to face? I can't imagine what it's like going through this kind of ordeal so I'm reserving judgment and just hope he was getting that out of his system. I know he has a new baby at home but I thought he was made of tougher stuff despite appearances to the contrary.
  9. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    She gave the therapist the right to write about her as an anonymous case study but I doubt that affects any book Liza might write about herself in the future.
  10. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    Here's another possible scenario - Charles gets mad at her for lying, then he fires her and her age is revealed, then she gets all sorts of book deal offers from other publishing companies, but of course she goes back to Charles and tells him that if he doesn't publish it, she has x number of offers waiting in the wings. That would be an interesting twist!
  11. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    She needs to get Charles alone and bat those big brown eyes at him, and tell him her sob story about not being able to get a job in publishing because of her age, then Charles will believe her and feel sorry for her. Then either he or she will realize it's a fantastic premise for a book, even better than "Marriage Vacation", and he will encourage her to write it with his support. He can tell the public he knew about her real age all along and supported her going "undercover" to prove that she had to lie about her age in order to succeed. The book would be entitled "Younger". Yeah, probably not happening!
  12. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    Hah, I took it as, "So this is how a middle aged woman dresses to convince the world she's younger than she is", but I like your explanation better!
  13. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    I don't tend to read too many interviews, I just watch the show. I think the jewelry is funnier without hearing any background on it anyway.
  14. I think they're recycling them because it's easier than finding new fodder for the mill, especially if the network's really not interested in new talent anyway and it's all for the show. They never used to do this when it was a semi-real competition with a real prize. After I thought it over I thought perhaps it's not Amy but one of the new people and Amy is yet another distraction like Adam is. I kind of like a couple of them and think they might have potential, but it's too soon to tell. I don't know what they'd do with Amy anyway. At least with Jason last year we knew they'd make him a judge on the baking shows. I could have written this myself. Zimmern does travel/eat shows but doesn't have that certain angle Tony had, so his shows seem typical and formulaic. The two had many interesting similarities and parallels in their lives and were good friends, although in some ways they were very different. Perhaps Andrew might change as a result of Tony's death and adopt more of his approach into his own shows, although even if he tried to, he'd never be able to replace Tony. And I think he knows he never could anyway as he clearly admired Tony's talents. It was Tony's unique personality that made his shows as good as they were.
  15. I agree although I think FN likes to push the idea that it takes a special talent to make food that kids like to eat. And today's parents are far more likely to cater to their kids' eating preferences than when I was a kid.