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  1. Yes, I thought that too about the way her mouth moves. I stand corrected about the 2011 clip - it was only 7 years ago, not 20, but you're right she looked very different then, more different and probably looks much worse now than she would look if she had just left her face alone.
  2. Exactly! Thank you for hitting that nail so firmly on its head! He can't possibly relate to the situation this couple is in and his poor advice is evidence of that. You can't talk yourself into falling in love with someone if you're just not feeling it on some level. If anything, that'll make you want to run in the opposite direction!
  3. S01.E07 Christmas 1972

    Wow, maybe he gets drafted. The selective service ended in January of 1973, so if the show wants to do an episode about that it has to be now.
  4. S03.E10 Saving Christmas

    I know it's probably just me, but I didn't see the character as believable as Katie's Dad and husband to Wendy Malick's character. Miss stuck-on-herself vanity with high hopes of finding an ageing millionaire would not have ever married an ageing California type pony tail wearing hippy handyman that wears cargo shorts in Connecticut in December and eats candy out of his pocket with no wrapper. It just seemed so off to me. I could definitely see her with a different sort of kooky beta male type, but a more straight laced one.
  5. I agree with you. There were possibly other people on this show that might have benefited from that advice, but Jephte is definitely not one of them. I don't see how this situation is going to work out without a lot of heartache for Shawniece. Yes and this is why Shawniece will end up with a lot of heartache. I still wonder how much she engineered the pregnancy because it was the only way she could imagine keeping a man around, not being confident enough that she could manage that on her own, and Jephte obviously not having those feelings for her on his own. Like she thinks the only way she can get a man to commit to her is by forcing him into it, which leaves her not getting what she deserves even if he stays out of obligation, and definitely not getting it if he leaves, plus she has the child to take care of on her own. I think this is a sad example of how people repeat the bad patterns of their families when they don't know any other way and don't have the confidence to know how to break with them.
  6. LOL, that photo reminds me of the commercial where the guy rubs his face in a towel and his wife says, "Isn't that the dog's towel?" And then he says, "Mi towel, su towel". I just love that commercial.
  7. S05.E04: Jeremiah's Dark Past

    Having watched that TLC show "Long Lost Family" I've realized that it's not uncommon for adoptees to have life long self image issues and a nagging feeling that their birth mothers didn't love them. That will do a number on anyone, not just the Jeremiahs of the world. But his case goes even further in that it looks like he found his birth mother but she didn't want to have anything to do with him. That has to hurt worse than anything I can imagine. So I give him a lot of slack for a lousy upbringing by the Amish and then the double rejection from his birth mother. That would make even the strongest souls feel pretty worthless. What he needs more than anything is good individual therapy to help him resolve those issues. But I can't blame him in the least for having them in the first place. That kind of pain doesn't go away by just "bucking up" and adopting a new attitude. It's very deep and very crippling. That doesn't detract from the fact that he's toxic to be around in his present state, though.
  8. S01.E10: Coney Island Cyclone

    I somehow suspect the ending will be complete from both secular and theistic perspectives, if they're clever enough to pull that off. It will be such that theists will still be able to see God's hand in the workings of the God Account, while the non-theists will see a completely natural, even if somewhat incomplete explanation. I myself see no reason not to believe that both could be true at the same time, but that's just me. Like Falken might admit to setting some sort of program in motion that naturally worked itself out according to Fibonacci principles, but will say that it went beyond anything he could have ever expected it to fulfill just based on that programming alone, leaving a bit of mystery there that makes one wonder if God was working through the program at the same time as the program was working on its own.* * Kind of like creation. Think about it.
  9. Thank you. The last time I voiced this opinion on this thread it wasn't very well received. I said that some of the stars' reactions seemed out of proportion considering how many generations removed the ancestor was and how little they were really "related" to them at that point. That said, I definitely do see trends in the families I descend from that seem to confirm things I know about myself. But I'm not going back more than 5 generations with that at most.
  10. I think she's always struggling and searching for the new "magic bullet" that will solve her weight problem, but the truth is that nothing is satisfying her so she has to keep searching and trying every supposedly "healthy" thing in the book. Meanwhile, none of it is going to be satisfying enough to her for her to stick with it. Looking back on it after I lost 40 lbs. due to gallbladder issues, I think the problem is with hunger and satiety. It's all about getting used to smaller portion sizes and fewer calories/fat grams/sugar/starches, but still feeling satisfied. That was very hard for me to do before my gallbladder issues, but after I got a sharp pain in my side every time I ate more than a small portion, I was forced to suffer through hunger and learn to make do with less. But you're never going to get there if you keep trying stuff that you don't like and try to convince yourself (unsuccessfully) to like. You have to like your food and if you don't you have to find food you like that you want to eat every week or even every day. I look at the stuff she posts and I could never be satisfied eating most of that stuff. Yet I manage to find healthy foods that I DO like and ways to prepare them that I love. Janelle never seems to find that because she's so busy trying the next "trendy" thing. She isn't looking for something she loves. She thinks she has to do what other people are doing. But it has to be what works for YOU, not what other people are hawking. Sometimes success depends on having a dependable repertoire of meals that you can rotate. Things that really turn you on. I have a list of "tried and true" recipes that work for me and that I want to eat all the time. They are things that I can eat in reasonably sized portions and still feel very satisfied after eating. I doubt that Janelle has gotten to that point and that's why she's always trying the next new trendy thing and not making very much progress.
  11. I feel bad for her too, but I sure hope she didn't try to trap him by "accidentally" getting pregnant, knowing that if she didn't, he'd bail. Having a baby to prevent getting dumped is never going to make someone fall in love with you. I think next week is the season finale, so we probably won't get to see the other babies until next season.
  12. S01.E07 Christmas 1972

    LOL, I see what you did there! Harvest gold as opposed to avocado green, right? I love this show but the mom is ridiculous sometimes. Selling out on her kids like that after she danced with them was something my Mom would NEVER have done. She would have told my Dad straight up that the TV stays and that's that. She would take my side in this. But I get it that Peggy is not really a "liberated" woman just yet. This episode really deserves being watched a second time. There were so many lines to catch, like the reference to the can of Shasta, LOL. This episode more than most was a real walk down memory lane for me. Like the comment that Wendi's jacket would only get another season of wear - Yeah, that's because fringe jackets were going to go out of style soon. It makes me remember how fast fashions changed back then, and the fringe vest I had around that time. And the old RV, that was priceless too.
  13. I'm not seeing how NOI and Scientology can be melded together given the contradictions between them, but I agree that doing so is all about power from Farrakhan's point of view. Very sorry to hear about Tiponi Grey's untimely death. No specific cause was given, but usually "a long illness" suggests cancer. On a more shallow note, I loved Mike's jacket/shirt/tie combo. in this episode, but Leah's lips were looking more grotesque than usual. The clip of her 20 years ago made me realize just how ridiculous they look now. I don't know what kind of "lip dysmorphic disorder" makes a woman think she needs lip injections when she already has beautiful lips. That look will not age well on her, I hate to say.
  14. Of course it's not gender specific, but I myself have personally never heard any woman utter this exact phrase, meanwhile I have heard it word-for-word out of several men's mouths either on TV or from friends or even to ME at one point. That's just because it's traditionally been a male thing to be more likely to go that far into a committed relationship with a woman they're not in love with. I am sure there are all kinds of exceptions but I think even today it's still predominantly a male phenomenon. If women want to have children they usually want to be in love with their baby daddy so that's often a consideration that is different between the sexes. Men are often not even thinking that far ahead so rest contentedly in a relationship that isn't their "true love' more easily until they decide it's time to move on. They are more likely to think "What's the rush?" meanwhile they keep their options open for something better (i.e., someone that they fall in love with). Women's biological clocks make that less likely if they want kids or even just a traditional marriage. Mind you I'm 60 years old and have seen a lot of crap.
  15. I couldn't help but notice the box of Mike's Cannolis that Anthony held as he and Ashley walked into their hotel room. Leave it to the Italian Americans to know where to get the absolute BEST cannolis. Coincidentally, Mr. Yeah No is in Boston today and has promised to bring home a box. Yay! I don't get this whole "I love her but I'm not IN love with her" garbage and I'm glad pastor Cal called Jephte out on that. What does that even mean? I have actually heard men say this before (never women, mind you), and I think it's just that old BS where a guy is content to bang a woman and have a half-way relationship with her, as in an affair of some sort, but isn't really emotionally invested in her enough to be in love with her. Another form of "He's just not that into you". I feel sorry for Shawniece as she deserves so much more. He still has that "deer in the headlights" look, as if he feels like a trapped animal. Dude was playing in the big leagues when he had no business doing so and now he's paying the price. I don't blame pastor Cal for telling him it's all in his state of mind, but I doubt that's going to make any difference. As long as he feels forced into it, any chance of genuine feelings developing in him for Shawniece are doomed. Unfortunately the baby is providing more than enough obligation to stifle any real feelings from developing. As long as Jephte is focused on being there out of obligation to the baby he'll never get there.