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  1. S19.E23: Remember Me

    I seem to remember a time when Law & Order episodes were often loosely based on some real crime that actually made headlines. It seems now the thrust is creating stories about crimes that could happen because of some political issue. St. Olivia’s ability to sense rapists and personally pardon all crimes of their victims sounds like she should be cast in a Marvel or DC Comics series as a superhero...and leave the Law & Order series altogether.
  2. S19.E23: Remember Me

    So much political posturing/preaching, terrible dialogue and so many double standards. I weep in memory of Law & Order:SVU at this point. When St. Olivia breaks the news that Lourdes killed the apartment owner, she knocks on the window to summon Stone, informs him of the death and actually has the audacity to ask him “What does this mean for Lourdes?”. Really? She has no clue?
  3. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    Totally THIS^ TLC has taken the old “freak show” of days past and turned it into a modern day source of revenue. “My 600 Pound Life” and other shows on their roster follow a formula once used at the traveling circus. “There were four ways freak shows were produced and marketed. The first was the oral spiel or lecture. This featured a showman or professor who managed the presentation of the people or “freaks”. The second was a printed advertisement usually using long pamphlets and broadside or newspaper advertisement of the freak show. The third step included costuming, choreography, performance, and space used to display the show, designed to emphasize the things that were considered abnormal about each performer. The final stage was a collectable drawing or photograph that portrayed the group of freaks on stage for viewers to take home. The collectable printed souvenirs were accompanied by recordings of the showmen’s pitch, the lecturer’s yarn, and the professor’s exaggerated accounts of what was witnessed at the show. Exhibits were authenticated by doctors who used medical terms that many could not comprehend but which added an air of authenticity to the proceedings. Freak show culture normalized a specific way of thinking about gender, race, sexual aberrance, ethnicity, and disability. Scholars believe that freak shows contributed significantly to the way American culture views nonconforming bodies. Freak shows were a space for the general public to scrutinize bodies different from their own, from dark-skinned people, to victims of war and diseases, to ambiguously sexed bodies. People felt that paying to view these “freaks” gave them permission to compare themselves favorably to the freaks.” Wikipedia Article “Freak Shows”
  4. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    I couldn’t either...then I realized she successfully distracted me from another wig disaster...she’s a sneaky one!
  5. S06.E17: One Ton Family: Part 1

    Interesting perspective~akin to socionomic disadvantage where one’s environment while being raised is limited to what is at hand, not what is ideal. I grew up in a very agricultural area. Going anywhere you passed by fields of peppers, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, corn, artichokes, strawberries, sugar beets, grapes, etc. Roadside stands offered inexpensive vegetables/fruits. If you didn’t work for a farm, you knew someone who did, in some capacity. Dairies were also big in the area, as well as a local egg farm. Fresh seafood was only a 15-20 minute drive to the coast. I had no problem converting to a vegetarian diet when my Dr. advised it for my medical issues as I already enjoyed a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.
  6. S06.E17: One Ton Family: Part 1

    I found just the spot for The Dr. Now Center! Just a 15 minute drive from his office, a vacant hotel with a restaurant, pool, conference space and 225 rooms!!! Future Home of The Dr. Now Center for The SuperMO Wonder if he’d be willing to put up the 4 and 1/4 million $...initial investment of course, so one would have to renovate the rooms and get some gym equipment, furniture, cafeteria trays, that sort of thing. There would definitely need to be some sort of sponsorship though, to get it up and running.
  7. S06.E17: One Ton Family: Part 1

    I’m still thinking this is an untapped cash cow(no pun intended...). I’m still envisioning the Nowzardian Center for The Super Morbidly Obese. There are supersized rooms, a gym, pool, nutritionist, therapist & life coach. The cafeteria with only the approved items for an appropriate eating habit has calorie count labels on all the items and once scanned into the system for that person, when they reach their calorie limit, the cafeteria is closed to them for the rest of the day. A social worker helps them find off site housing once their initial 90 day stay is up. Sort of like a rehab facility for the food addict.
  8. S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    Agreed, 100%! I wouldn’t let mine eat sugar or anything with sugar in it for the first 5 years, made my own baby food and the eldest was vegetarian until she was 6. I thought it was important to shape their eating habit and palate in those formative years, plus I was being mindful of my own eating habit because of my GI issues. It was win/win for all of us. I agree. It can be a struggle from the opposite side of things as well. I had some GI issues before and especially during pregnancy that made it next to impossible to keep anything down. I weighed 98 pounds when I got pregnant the first time. I’m 5’8” and neither anorexic nor bulimic, just hormonally wayyy out of whack. I was on a strict vegetarian diet prior to pregnancy, continued when pregnant and it was a constant challenge to gain and maintain a healthy weight. I went to the ER more than once for medication to stop the vomiting cycle lasting longer than 24 hours as well as IV fluids for dehydration. As long as I was gradually gaining and not losing, my OBGYN was happy. I weighed 164 when I delivered and baby was just shy of 8 pounds, healthy as all get out. Two months later I was down to 134. The issues these poundparticipants face during/after pregnancy is more than I can imagine. My heart goes out to them.
  9. S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    Wow! That was FAST~hmmmmmm...is she trolling me here? Her husband’s profile has also disappeared. I swear, it wasn’t a dream! February of 2018 at some sporting event or concert all squished together into a selfie with big smiles.
  10. S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    Indeed. I’m a pretty patient person when it comes to folks complaining about stuff but man, oh man, is she predictable with that tedious nonsense of being on the verge of breaking down into tears and somehow I became numb to it within 45 minutes. Echoes of my mom telling me to “suck it up and go to school” began to creep into my mind after that. The grass is always greener for our Miss Melissa. I think that’s her major problem. When she didn’t have kids, it was the epitome of happiness to think of being a mom and now that she does, the stress of it all is just too much. When she was almost 700 pounds, the epitome of happiness was losing all but 150 pounds of it and once she was 150 pounds the joy of that wasn’t enough to stop putting junk in her mouth. I almost fell off my barstool when Dr. Now told her to GAIN 10 pounds because 150 wasn’t a healthy weight EITHER. Since the Bettie Jo scenario I’ve taken to looking up these folk on social media. Melissa’s FB page had recent photos of her and her hubby, posing as if they are together and HIS Facebook page lists his status as married. Methinks they reconciled. Ugh.
  11. S06.E15: Bettie Jo & Susan

    I can’t take the credit. Someone much more talented than I created it and posted it in the comments section of her Facebook page. It was too good not to share with y’all!!! 😊
  12. S06.E15: Bettie Jo & Susan

    Just gonna leave this right here...
  13. S14.E01: Battle Lines

    I did some poking around about Jonathan/Time Bandit~ “...A Deadliest Catch deckhand was awarded $1.4 million in a lawsuit agains the F/V Time Bandit, when his hand was seriously injured, during the filming of the popular Discovery Channel show...” (June 2017) Time Bandit Lawsuit Also, his Twitter account shows him out there fishing this past season with this quote 5 days ago: “Yes I’m still fishing ! The dam tax man and those bill collectors won’t let me quit! No cameras except my I phone here :) let Discovery channel know if you want Time Bandit back next year :) love you all !!” Captain Jonathan on Twitter
  14. S09.E12: Tell All- Part 2

    I agree. My parents were both retired by the time I was 5. There was only 3 of us, but they were ALWAYS home and gave us plenty of individual attention. Neither of them abused us, smoked, drank/did drugs, gambled or had extramarital affairs. It did not guarantee any of us a positive self-image, successful “later-in-life” marriages or the absence of psychological issues. I think most of the Brown kids (at least the older ones) want to fit in out there in the world and it is blatantly obvious that polygamy is NOT acceptable in our American society. Good on Kody and their mothers for teaching them to choose for themselves and then accepting their choices, in spite of their own personal and/or religious convictions.
  15. S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    Sorry, my bad.