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  1. The Flash in the Media

    Did they ask about Cisco's storyline? Because I'm more interested in his character.
  2. I get feeling hopeless and dejected. I've been in the fandom since the second half of s1 and after years of fighting Iris still hasn't been afforded her canon storylines. On the other hand, fans of other characters complain for one minute and the showrunners immediately cave to them. They weren't given romantic SB but they got the Killer Frost murder kiss and some baiting with Savitar. Since that stuff didn't amount to anything plot-wise the showrunners didn't really HAVE to do that. WestAllen is canon. Iris being a reporter is canon. Fans didn't go up to the writers and demand they pair Barry and Iris together and make Iris a reporter. How come we have to fight for reporter Iris five seasons into the show while Caitlin fans demand OTF, a fandom made-up dynamic that never existed in the show and was constructed to erase Iris and her black family, and the writers give them the Snowbarrisco team-up in Flashtime? Something that made no sense as, per their own canon, Iris was the only one who didn't get tired in Flashtime? We've been fighting for reporter Iris, for WestAllen, for Iris + Joe, for Iris + Wally, for Iris + female friends, for Iris in the crossovers and the only thing we got was WestAllen. And even with WestAllen they're still not writing them at their best considering that they have the source material as a blueprint. Case in point is their wedding. One of the biggest romantic milestones for a couple was used to kick-start a crossover that sidelined WestAllen in favor of not one, but TWO white couples, one of which was a NAZI couple! As for the STAR Labs-centered plots that were mentioned in another thread, STAR Labs definitely sidelines Iris and Joe. It also sidelines Barry's intelligence but since Caitlin and Wells have no reason to exist without STAR Labs, especially when they don't want to commit to villanous Killer Frost, we get no reporter Iris and no detective Joe so that we can spend all the time in there. All the DCTV shows have team dynamics but The Flash is literally the worst of them all. It's also the one where two of their original white team members live and breathe in the Flash lair. If CP had played Caitlin and Jesse L. Martin had played Wells, if DP had played Iris and TC had played Joe, would we be dealing with STAR Labs sucking up 90% of the airtime and downplaying Barry Allen's intelligence five seasons into the show? * I'm a white woman and those things are so frustrating to me. I can't even begin to imagine how black fans must feel, especially when they have to deal with racism outside of what happens on a TV show. I don't watch Krypton but I plan to watch Titans. I'm really hoping for the best but seeing the backlash against Anna Diop isn't encouraging in the least. The showrunners can't say anything to racist idiots whining about them casting a dark-skinned black woman to portray an orange alien?? The fact that the Titans interracial couple is apparently not as iconic as WestAllen is even less encouraging.
  3. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Barry is most likely dead in the future Nora comes from so I can see why they haven't considered doing such a special episode yet. Can't sideline the title character like that. Unless they do it as Barry time travels to the future a la 3x19. Or they flashforward to Iris' pregnancy and Nora's birth. I think the sibling is a guarantee. I don't know if it's going to be a twin though. JPK is playing a combination of Dawn Allen and Jenni Ognats so I totally expect her sibling to be Bart Allen. Can't say I'm thrilled as they're missing an opportunity to tie it back to the Thawne family. I'm excited about Barry/Nora but I fear Iris is going to be iced out, not just when it comes to interactions with her daughter but when it comes to WestAllen as well. That's despite what they're trying to sell with the posters and pics. Apparently Candice said fans are going to love WestAllen + Nora so I guess I have to hope for the best. I really don't want Iris to be relegated to STAR Labs group scenes. That's my nightmare.
  4. I'm a bit out of the loop here because I had no idea Stephen's wife was an actress. Not familiar with the actress for Lois but I liked that they picked a woman in her late 30s. Hopefully she's good in the role because by looking at her she's someone I can picture as Lois.
  5. Relationships: Speed Dating

    I give them credit for not making it drama-filled but I can't ignore how much they were shortchanged in the romance department, between the deleted scenes and the sidelining of Iris' POV they could have done much better. I guess in their minds less drama also means less relationship moments but at the same time it's telling that Barry had enjoyable uninterrupted dates with Linda and Patty, sang karaoke with Caitlin but every Westallen date had to be interrupted by something. Speaking of, I'm still pressed that they made their first date boring. It made no sense and didn't do justice to their history as BFFs. I'm glad they're married but marriage shouldn't be the end point. They got little to no romance scenes after Barry got out of prison, with 4x15 being the exception and that's the episode where they point out they haven't been able to enjoy their married life because of Team Flash obligations. It seems to me there was more romance in s3, which was the darker season than in s4, the so-called lighter season. I hope they do better in s5, not just with Westallen but with the team members in general. I want to see them have some fun. That's what made s1 enjoyable not the cringworthy humor they pushed in s4 /rant over. I'm sure comic canon/licensing played a part but I don't believe for one second they were the only reason Westallen mantained its OTP status. It must have been a combination of that, chemistry, audience reception and, as you said, the male lead preferring it to the other Barry ships. Comic canon didn't stop the showrunners of the 90's TV show from writing off Iris in the first season. And if DC were so invested in protecting Westallen, at no point they would have been on shaky ground/in danger.
  6. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    The Westallen family pic reminded me that they have to take new pictures they can use for the show. It's a bit ridiculous that in their dramatic moments they still show the characters look at those ancient pics from s1.
  7. Relationships: Speed Dating

    If these writers were consistent they'd follow through with the look Nora gave Caitlin in 4x15 but since Cait is the queen of retcons I have no idea what to expect w.r.t. her history with Westallen's baby. To me the fact that Barry + Iris is their only pilot OTP that is still going strong actually proves how un-safe Iris was. Lauriver is not the anomaly. Apparently Westallen is. I remain of the opinion that if DP or Shantel had better chemistry with Grant and their characters were much more popular than Iris Candice would have lost the female lead spot, comics and set-up be damned. Does anyone know if Grant and Candice were the only ones who did a chemistry test? Because SA and KC didn't but what about the actors for the other Arrowverse main romances? I mean Karolsen on Supergirl and the Hawks on Legends of Tomorrow. On Arrow for me the problem has always been SA and his lack of charisma. I find him such a wooden lead I haven't been able to see chemistry between him and anybody. IMO Oliver and Felicity appear to have better chemistry than Oliver and Laurel because EBR, while not the greatest actress, is charismatic enough to make the pairing tolerable and has a much easier character than KC. The very few times Oliver and Laurel had lighter interactions I didn't see much difference between them and Olicity in the chemistry department.
  8. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I cringe every time they enter that room and don't pay attention to what happens to 2024-Barry. It's literally in the headline! Sara on Legends and Alex on Supergirl are currently the more prominent LGBTQ female characters. If we include Black Lightning (not in the Flarrowverse but still a part of the DCTV world) there's Anissa there. On Supergirl they've just introduced a trans woman and Batwoman, a lesbian, will probably headline her own series. On the other hand we have Curtis on Arrow and The Ray in the animated series as representation for LGBTQ men. There's a bunch of guest stars/recurring characters that are gay but since they don't have storylines and we don't get to see their romantic relationships develop on screen they don't count as representation IMO. So I agree with @legaleagle53 that the situation seems to be unbalanced in favor of LGBTQ women. It's even more unbalanced for me personally because I don't watch Arrow or The Ray. That's why I'd rather the new LGBTQ character be a man.
  9. The Flash in the Media

    I don't want to give SBs the attention they don't deserve but what are they trying to say here? That Caitlin Snow-Allen cheated on her husband with a black man? Because Nora is obviously biracial.
  10. Is this crossover another three hour movie like the last one?
  11. Relationships: Speed Dating

    In the s1 crossover. Or the writers won't be inspired to write this kind of scenes anymore since they tend to be cut or edited in a way that downplays their chemistry. I agree that whoever has final say needs to get over their bias because those cut scenes were two of their best for s4. I am upset that the other one got cut as well because it showed Iris acknowledging that she was out of line in the church scene (since Olicity fans like to use that moment to crap on Iris and call her a hypocrite for being upset that Felicity interrupted her spur of the moment ceremony...). Cisco also commented on how nobody had made Caitlin that mad since Ronnie. And Linda asked Barry if Caitlin was his girlfriend. But SB is obviously the result of the amazing unexpected chemistry between the actors, it's not like they used the dialogue to beg the viewers to see potential in that ship *sarcasm* I'm willing to ship Caitlin with a harem of non-Barry white men if that means we get to keep this kind of WestAllen scenes, lol.
  12. I need this to happen. I'm still waiting for Iris to share meaningful screen time with Kara and James. If they can have team-ups between super-powered heroes, fighters, geek characters and love interests why not team-ups between reporters?
  13. The Flash in the Media

    The WestAllen deleted scenes are an example of the light and fluffy romance moments I want to see so of course they had to be cut 🙄 I really hope they change their priorities for s5. Cut down on the redundant STAR Labs exposition group scenes!
  14. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Grant replied to a fan and implied they're adding the chin strap later.
  15. Relationships: Speed Dating

    @phoenics You're right about Caitlin and Patty getting more POV than Iris. I don't think anyone can disagree with that. The thing about Snowbarry in s2 is that they didn't get meaningful scenes outside of the premiere. But then Barry had Patty so I guess it was fine as long he didn't have scenes with Iris 🙄 It's time for them to be nice to actors not named Carlos Valdes and Danielle Panabaker and let them cross over. Overall Cisco and Caitlin have appared in more episodes than the leading lady because they're in almost all the crossover episodes. They even get mini crossovers. It's ridiculous. As much as I love Cisco I hope both him and Caitlin don't get to cross over this year so other characters can get their turn.