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  1. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    There's no OTF. Harry showed up in s2. There was never a time when the team was just Barry, Cisco and Caitlin. This isn't Arrow. People can clamor for what they want but the writers shouldn't pander to their fan fictions.
  2. Wally West: Need for Speed

    I am perfectly fine with Wally not mentioning any Flash character ever again. My problem is that when he did, his family was painted in a bad light or flat out ignored (Iris) while Barry and Team Science were put on a pedestal. They are the “geniuses” Wally compares himself to. Wally had a pathetic exit from The Flash and it was bad writing that Joe and Iris didn’t realize that he was gone. I am not excusing The Flash writers for that. Barry and Team Science didn’t notice Wally’s absence either but the Legends writing didn’t shade them once. That’s why I’m a bit iffy on Iris ever crossing over. I haven’t seen anything from the Arrow or Legends writing team that suggests the character would be done justice on those shows. Again, I love that Wally is having fun on the Waverider and I hope there will be instances where Nate, who currently seems to be his best bud, acts as his support system and not the other way around.
  3. I am taking this to the Wally West thread on The Flash board.
  4. Jax had a crush on Kendra that went nowhere. Mick's OTL is obviously Leonard, lol. All jokes aside, Mick not having a love interest is the exception, not the rule. With "love interest" I mean someone character X is attracted to or has romantic tension with even if nothing comes out of it.
  5. Doesn't every character get a love interest in the span of a season though? Someone in the episode thread mentioned the possibility of a Constantine/Gary pairing and I'm so here for it!
  6. To be clear, I wasn’t talking about the powers but the writing for Wally as a person. I love that he has lighthearted banter with the team and that they treat him as a real member but I don’t like that this Wally has called Amaya a “basic bitch” and never apologized to her. He got closure when it comes to his relationship but the script was full of harmful stereotypes. Wally sees himself as a speed junkie with a drug addict for a mother*. He thinks of himself as not good enough for genius Jesse and her genius of a father. If the Wally-centric episode includes shout outs to genius Barry/Cisco/Caitlin/Harry/Jesse while Joe gets relegated to the father he clashed with and Iris won’t even get a mention then they can keep their Wally episode. His first appearance on Legends has him complaining that he didn’t fit into Team Flash because the others were genius scientists, except that same team just happens to be lead by his non-scientist sister… No-one on Flash has mentioned Wally since Christmas which is another problem in itself and the reason why I was excited he was joining Team Legends. Flash has mistreated Wally and I won’t disagree with that. That doesn’t mean that I like it when this show craps on the West family and on the West family only. I think I liked the last episodes better because no Flash character got mentioned. Go figure. *Let’s not forget Francine raised him as a single mother so way to reduce her to just her addiction.
  7. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    The season finale is titled We Are The Flash 😄
  8. S04.E17: Null and Annoyed

    He's been drugging her since he took over Becky's body. Their relationship has reached a point of no return. Too dysfunctional. I couldn't agree more that they need to get out of STAR Labs. It's the only main set we saw in this episode. Of course they can't spend time at CCPD now that Barry is not working there anymore. Joe is not important enough to show him at work without Barry there 🙄
  9. Not alone. I like them as well. It’s strange because I usually don’t like it when geek characters are paired together as most shows portray those couples as too corny for my taste. But Zari is not as dorky as Ray, she has a sarcasm that makes their scenes more balanced and enjoyable. Brandon and his wife’s adorableness translates well to the screen but I’m not here for Ray and Nora for the sole reason that he first bonded with her when she was a kid and he an adult. I think I can get on board with almost anything because I liked the little we saw of Zari and Jonah. I was not the biggest fan of Nate and Amaya but the last two episodes have been good for them. They work pretty well when they tone down his obnoxious frat boy attitude. The scenes with old Amaya were adorable. I am okay with Avalance as well. Despite the rushed relationship Ava is so smitten and appreciative of Sara. It’s cute, lol.
  10. The Beebo fight should have been ridiculous but he’s so cuddly I can’t hate, lol. I love him! The flashbacks and Rip’s heartfelt goodbyes with both Sara and Gideon should have been proof that they were going to kill him for real but I didn’t want to believe it was going to happen at the beginning of the episode. I hope we’ll see him again. The time travel nature of the show should make it possible. I wasn’t feeling Legends and Mallus lately but the last two episodes have been better. I really enjoyed this season finale. Keiynan is having fun but I don’t think this show is treating him better than The Flash did. He’s still underused. I am not impressed because I was sure Legends was going to do justice to the character. I am also extremely bitter at the elitist undertones and the writers erasing or crapping on the West family. Do better!
  11. I'm looking forward to the karaoke part.
  12. S04.E17: Null and Annoyed

    Terrible episode to come back to after a hiatus. I'd rather watch 40 minutes of Cisco, Caitlin and Breacher than whatever was going on in the A plot. And it's not like their scenes were that great either. I hate that they use Iris to prop up characters who have been horrible to her, first Killer Frost now Ralph. The show wants me to be on her and Ralph's side but I was on Barry's. I feel for Marlize and miss the original DeVoe. The Izzy actress can't replicate Neil's mannerism. I'm over the Thinking Cap. Harry puts it on and comes up with every solution. Boring. I don't get how Ralph morphing into Barry would trick the Thinker. He'd soon realize that only one of them has super speed?
  13. I took you for someone who didn't like Barry because of this: Regardless, you claim to support the couple now.
  14. Also, I've yet to find one person that would ship Barry and Iris if only they had a different backstory. They either dislike Iris, or they dislike Barry, or they dislike both of them. At the end of the day Westallen is not losing any fans because of "incest". The people who cry "incest" wouldn't support them regardless. Those who like both characters but find the set-up odd, they eventually get over it. It would be nice if the writers stopped giving haters reasons to demonize and mock the ship though.
  15. Relationships: Speed Dating

    Iris was thinking about Barry (romantically) while she was with Eddie, as evidenced by her dialogue in 1x15 and 1x21. I'd also argue that Iris choosing Eddie wasn't going to be permanent since the newspaper byline read Iris West-Allen before Eddie killed himself and changed the timeline. There's also Joe talking about Iris "waking up one day and realizing she married the wrong guy". I think I’m getting lost here. Are we using Jane x Michael as an example of an OTP that was dropped halfway through the series? Because they are not comparable to Westallen. Meaning that we can't assume Westallen can break up or Iris can get killed off based on what happened with Jane and Michael. The same applies to Clark x Lana. Michael and Lana dying/being written off was part of The Plan because in the original/source material Jane and Clark had their OTLs in Raphael and Lois. In the source material, the Flash comics, Iris is Barry's OTL. Stelena is not a good example either. TVD is a show that has always been about the love triangle. It’s possible that the endgame wasn’t set in stone but Elena was always going to have a significant relationship with both Stefan and Damon. Delena is also canon in the books the series is based on. I agree that at this point the only way they can end Westallen is to kill off Iris. I honestly stopped being worried about Caitlin after it became clear that the Snowbarry moments weren’t going to be received by Barry. Once Patty left, I had no doubts they were going to go ahead with Westallen. I hate that the showrunners immediately presented an alternative and that AJK and DP started pushing Snowbarry in the media before the show even premiered. I hate that Iris and Westallen disappeared during the Patty era but I stopped being threatened by the shadow of rival ships two years ago. Blair x Chuck on Gossip Girl is a good example of writers immediately switching to a different OTP when they notice something is not working. It didn't take the Gossip Girl showrunners four seasons to switch from Nate to Chuck. Like it didn't take the Arrow and Supergirl showrunners four seasons to switch from Laurel to Felicity and from James to Mon-El. If The Flash showrunners were going to drop Iris for Caitlin, s2 would have been the time.