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  1. She reminds me of the lady from "The Cleveland Show."
  2. Amelia Heinle has always been the Victoria to Billy during the love story. It seems like she's been on there forever.
  3. This is an article about characters from YS appearing on BBT according to Chuck Lorre. This is just speculation, nothing concrete.
  4. When has Phyllis ever been maternal or domestic? Somebody from Canada writes a synopsis on Y and R. She wondered when Phyllis got domestic and why Buttbiscuit wasn't helping her. OK, she didn't call him Buttbiscuit. That was me.
  5. I went to a Christian school until 7th grade. In the 7th grade, we saw a film about what it was like to go to hell. Listening to Jill must be as horrifying.
  6. They married, and she didn't remember? The Abbots have to call him Daddy now?
  7. There is the spoiler at Soap Central that "At the Abbotts' day in court with Graham, a shocking secret is revealed" so that must be it?
  8. It's like Phyllis is Billy's sidekick. Mal has given Phyllis a lobotomy and made her boring. Phyllis has always been connected to men, but she also had her own nutty, fiery identity.
  9. I just read Anderson Cooper spent over $2,000 on electric clothing to stay warm on New Year's I'm sure that's what Lauren has. Now I'm wonder if AC's underwear was electric. Also can electric clothing electrocute you? That could only improve Lauren's hair.
  10. I know it was exaggerated for comedy, but I think the idea was Blanche was shallow and could be ignorant about people who were different. There wasn't the information on little people back then that we have now thanks to reality shows. The lines were great. "That would be unsouthern". "That's a good belle."
  11. They were lucky nothing else happened.
  12. The youngest is around 5. He and his older brother almost burned the house down. This is why you shouldn't have so many kids and leave them with your other children. My mother watched the episode. I think the father was out working in his tree cutting business and the mother was out of town.
  13. I meant the Bates were there for a show a couple of years ago. I remember seeing the show.
  14. It must be a resort for the fundy. The Bates went there for a show a couple of years ago.
  15. I used to feel sorry for Billy Miller's Billy when Jill favored Cane. Now she can disown Billy for all I care.