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  1. Sharna denies they're a couple.
  2. I'm just glad Emma has him for a partner. Her past partners have been older and not good dancers.
  3. He supposed to be filling in for Rob just for the weekend.
  4. You should work for the Psychic Network, lol.
  5. I was getting ready to post "Mistake" for a name, but you beat me to it. This news is sad but not surprising. Another M name: Misery.
  6. He always looked like a caveman who would drag a woman by her hair to a cave. I also like the monkey comparison on here. Maybe my dislike for the Newmans influences this.
  7. So we won't find out the paternity of Delia 2.0?
  8. Yeah, he was spotted in the recent shows when they were on trips. I've seen this mentioned on Kate related sites. They're quick shots, but he's there.
  9. Beverly was better in the earlier years with her book, "Needy Baby, Greedy Baby" and her referring to Raj and Howard's relationship as an "ersatz homosexual marriage".
  10. Michelle had her knees blurred in an episode where she went water skiing. This picture is like fundie Playboy magazine.
  11. I love oldies music so I would've been happy for Sedaka or Diamond. This episode made me realize Phil is an only child while the rest of the characters have siblings. I did enjoy his story about having an imaginary brother and how he liked the imaginary brother better than Ray.
  12. They were lucky no one was hurt. From what I understand, the parents were gone so the older siblings were in charge. I like the Bates better than the Duggars, but these Gothard families' tendencies to let the older ones mind the younger ones for long periods of time sucks.
  13. Adult Scotty did have a run-in with Shelia which led to her hooking up with Terrible Tom which led to the conception of the terrible Daisy and her brother.
  14. I flipped through his book at a store. He mentions he has three beautiful granddaughters. Hopefully, they aren't as annoying as Faith. I saw his book was number 19 on the bestsellers' list. It has to be easier to read him than to listen to him.
  15. The words "Josh" and "drippy" should not be used together.