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  1. A surrogate carried the twins using Lily's eggs and Cane's sperm so they're biologically Lily's. The surrogate was Katherine's granddaughter Mackenzie who was involved with Billy and is now with JT, Victoria's ex and Reed's father.
  2. Did Madonna Mary and Santa Claus vogue at the reception?
  3. Barbara is supposed to be married. It's just uncomfortable and off putting.
  4. If he has Internet porn, you know he's already working out his arm and hand.
  5. I instantly thought of Olivia Newton John's song with this scene. Do we want to hear their bodies talk? No.
  6. I was watching at the time and had forgotten it. I forgot how many people were involved in this. From "Soon, former Genoa City Country Club tennis pro Brent Davis returned to town and began an affair with Dina's friend Katherine. When he found out that he was dying he wanted to reveal that he had been Dina's lover and was Ashley's real father! Dina and Kay tried to talk him out of it, but Ashley was traumatized by the news when he told her, and ended up with no memory at a roadside dinner where she took the name "Annie" and worked as a waitress. When Brent and Kay returned from a vacation together, Dina confronted Brent about what he had done. Dina shot Brent but missed and Kay was shot instead. Jack figured out what had happened, and he and his then lover Jill Foster confronted Dina. Dina and John began a search for Ashley. A truck driver saw one of their fliers, figured out who "Annie" really was and offered her whereabouts to John for ransom. Victor Newman ended up finding her at the diner, and took her home to recuperate with him and his wife Nikki Newman at the ranch. Ashley forgave her real father just before his death, and vowed that John Abbott would never find out. Only Dina, Jack, Jill, Katherine and Victor know the secret of Ashley's real parentage to this day" And this is when Ashley and Victor began their romance.
  7. There's a song called "Stand Up, Stand up for Jesus".
  8. Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner.
  9. Quentin Tarantino was one of the Elvis impersonators at Sophia and Max's wedding. Jerry Orbach of Law and Order was Dorothy's married lover.
  10. Smuggar and his helpmeet are messed up, but they do give their children good names. Jessa would have used Marmaduke.
  11. And Bridget? She was the one who slept with Dorothy's son in an episode.
  12. In June, it was revealed that Josh was seeking to join his sisters' lawsuit, but now new court documents obtained by E! News state that the four sisters want a judge to deny Josh's request to join their lawsuit.
  13. Michelle must be admiring his beaver pelt hairdo.
  14. On the Bates show, one of the daughters revealed she was struggling to conceive and was seeing a specialist. She said she would adopt. They've been married for over 2 years. Another Bates daughter kept having miscarriages and through shots was able to have two children.
  15. Agree. At least the DJ job doesn't involve the kids. Kate's in a position to house, feed, school them because she's using money the children earned.