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  1. Maybe Abby will be shot and go into a coma where she won't be seen for a while. I know that was a storyline on some soap.
  2. The wacky hijinks will be hilarious. It'll be Two's Company instead of "Three's Company". Watch for Billy having to dress as a woman. Watch for Phyllis to get locked out naked. Watch for them to have a crazy misunderstanding.
  3. I read where Jill is coming back in December. Maybe she can give a Christmas present and take notBilly with her when she leaves again, but I'm sure that's not to be.
  4. It's starting to hit the media. Anna's been on the show, and I'm sure Jill will be too. Maybe Derrick can make money from interpretative dance lessons?
  5. Didn't she lose Stitch's aka PIllsbury Doughboy's bun?
  6. Maybe she'll get pregnant with the pimp's baby.
  7. Getting dopplegangers to create havoc and then act innocent when somebody gets killed or raped.
  8. Is she bragging about having a messy house? My Southern grandmothers would be appalled.
  9. Marla Adams(Dina) did an interview with TV Guide. Dina has dementia. She collapses in her hotel room after a fight with Graham and he leaves her there. She ends up in the hospital land he apologizes later. That's on October 16.
  10. Victoria should talk to Cricket about what Phyllis can do.
  11. She had a crush on Phyllis' son Daniel, and when he was passed out in a car drunk, she decided to drive them home even though she didn't have a license. They had a wreck. Daniel wasn't hurt that much, but she died. Then we got peanut allergic, braindead Summer, and I'm not talking about the season.
  12. Puerto Rico has enough problems. They don't need Dr Jill Medicine Woman with her Fisher Price medical kit.
  13. Did anyone notice Bob Newhart's appearance? Big Bang Theory fans will appreciate that. It was pretty good. I'l give it a chance for a few more shows.
  14. A surrogate carried the twins using Lily's eggs and Cane's sperm so they're biologically Lily's. The surrogate was Katherine's granddaughter Mackenzie who was involved with Billy and is now with JT, Victoria's ex and Reed's father.
  15. Did Madonna Mary and Santa Claus vogue at the reception?