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  1. I got to see the first 15 minutes online, and I couldn't believe the Do You Love Me/Love Man scene. What was with the rolling on the floor? The choreographer took the whole "Dancing is like having sex standing up" metaphor way too seriously. As an overly excited teenager with a bad 80's perm, I went to the building where the original scene was shot, and it was a small room compared to the remake room especially when you consider the equipment and other movie people beside the actors in there. The remake room even had enough space for a band. There was a Dirty Dancing tour after the movie which involved some of the dirty dancers from the movie and singers of the original songs. That was better than this movie.
  2. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was big fan of the original since my teens and went to the filming locations. I didn't expect it to be good, and it wasn't. I missed the first 15 minutes because of weather warnings. I really just think Mother Nature was trying to postpone the agony. When I saw Debra Messing and Katey Sagal talking, I just saw Grace Adler and Peg Bundy. The other plots were just filler for the three hours. Along with other songs, Hungry Eyes was bad, and the extra songs weren't needed. I suppose budget didn't allow them to use songs with the original artists. It's funny because the creator of the original talked about how tight their budget was, and how hard it was getting the songs. The Robbie actor was bland and didn't have the cocky bastard thing going. I know Breslin is not a dancer, but one of the joys of the original was seeing the great dance to Time of My Life, and there was hardly any dancing in that scene. The ending was a downer. The end of the first movie made you happy and joyful. This movie had none of that.
  3. Austen's story was sad. I've been to Chimney Rock park several times, and it's a beautiful area. Walking on those trails can be tricky. I saw a street sign that said King Street and remember that street when we were there over 20 years ago. If only I knew I was surrounded by so much Ravenal greatness at the time. lol
  4. Page Six said CNN and Megyn Kelly now of NBC are wanting interviews with the Duggar women. I wonder if they are going to do interviews with the mainstream media. I assumed they did it with Fox News because they are so holy and righteous(said with sarcasm).
  5. Didn't somebody on here say they had lawyers from California? How would the Duggars get them? I wonder if TLC helps them with legal matters.
  6. Now I know blind items are not necessarily true, but the guesses for this one is Joy. We'll find out if there's a honeymoon baby or a big preemie. "What do you do when one of the millions of children in this reality family gets pregnant? You have a shotgun wedding so hopefully no one finds out the truth." blind item
  7. Michael K. of snarks on celebrities. He wrote about this lawsuit in a scathing, sarcastic and funny way. Lawsuit Excerpt "Since they’re in the suing mood, the four Js should sue Josh Duggar and their parents for obvious reasons. They should also sue child services for not immediately yanking them out of that unholy house of horrors and placing them with a healthier family (examples of a healthier family: diseased-ridden rats, a pack of wolves, a Baby Abuelita doll, etc…). And they should sue their parents again for forcing them to work as 24/7 nannies and only paying them with goddamn tater tot casserole."
  8. It's hilarious Dr. Jill Medicine Woman thinks she's a certified medical professional.
  9. That's the feeling I got too. There are rumors about Josh coming back for a webisode. Why didn't they sue sooner? This is like, "We're going against the big, bad people who dared to make this public. We've moved on. Why haven't you?" I don't know if this suit has any standing, but they're just shooting the messenger. Josh still did it.
  10. "Four of Josh Duggar's sisters are suing city and police officials, as well as In Touch magazine, for releasing investigative reports which detailed Josh's now admitted molestation of his siblings."
  11. From what I remember, TWOP had to shut the J and K board down because of fighting.
  12. He would be Abby's grandpa.
  13. I thought they had millions of fans on twitter. Who wouldn't swoon at the pairing of a miscast character and one who makes the woman in Fatal Attraction look sane?
  14. Hurricane Matthew was in October. I'm in Eastern NC, and it caused terrible flooding in my area. Fortunately, we were OK. I read Hilton Head was really affected, and I saw the effects in Myrtle Beach(a theater was damaged). Charleston must've gotten temporary floodwaters at least. I don't post much, but I enjoy reading the comments here. We went to Charleston over twenty years ago, and it is really a lovely area. It's funny what money can do to people. I have a family member who inherited a lot of money, but they definitely don't live the socialite lifestyle. They definitely don't flaunt their money. Hunting is their biggest pastime.
  15. Why did they make him blonde as Paul Ryan? The younger Paul had dark hair, and his parents were brunettes. I agree he was boring on ATWT, the only thing I've seen him on. Petty, but all I could see was his big nose.