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  1. Thanks to Auntie Cricket, Scott will be tied up in the Abbot Cabin as hostage to Aunt Patty and Mommy Dearest Shelia Carter. He'll die and his organs will go to a Newman.
  2. Yes, Lithgow was the main draw for me. I loved him in 3rd Rock from the Sun. Sherri was pretty good in a small role on 30 Rock.
  3. Don't forget Bruno.
  4. I haven't seen anything for certain. She may handle the show and the tour. Five judges would be too much.
  5. I remember when Christine(I want to call her Cricket) met Scott's father and fell in love with him. The father's name was also Scott. It turned out they were half-brother and sister. Typical soap. Their mother had AIDS and was married to John Abbot. She died. Their mother had a curly eighties hairstyle, and she always acted fragile. Memories. That's why Nick acts like a monkey?
  6. I enjoyed Sherri's show. Sherri's acting has never bother me. She's better off acting than being a host.
  7. Julianne and Derek are going on tour. Judging by the schedule, I'll doubt she'll be there.
  8. I have to admit seeing favorites declared safe early in the show is good.
  9. My father loves horehound candy. He's from Eastern NC and said his grandmother used to boil the roots for medicine. You can find the candy at Cracker Barrels and gift shops/general stores in the South.
  10. The NC filming location was a Boys' Scout camp. It was open to the public for a while after the movie was filmed. It was very plain; they really dressed it up for the movie. Vandalism and fires took it out. A housing development is there now. They say you can still see some parts of the bridge where Baby danced. The Virginia location is still a resort. The buildings and gazebo are still there, but the lake is gone. According to scientists, lakes can drain. I've read about the new movie's locations. They seem to be around Asheville, NC and other mountain towns in the area. The resort used was High Hampton Inn.
  11. I'm a huge fan of the original, obviously with my name. My profile picture is of Mountain Lake in Virginia, where parts of the original movie was filmed. I also got to see the filming location in NC. Sadly, it's not there anymore. I'm going to hate watch this. The original came out when I was a teen and having a rough time with medical problems so it'll always have a special place in my heart.
  12. As it turns out, E! News can confirm Burgess is dating Pierson Fodé! While Burgess and Bolton's interactions on the dancing competition show give fans the idea that they could be dating in real life, a separate source tells E! News that they "just play it up for the show."
  13. So if you fly with David, you should have a parachute handy.
  14. Maybe Jim Bob pays him with Aqua Net, JB's favorite hairspray.
  15. Mac was the surrogate who carried them. Maybe the fertility treatment and Mac's seriousness made them age faster.