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  1. All Episodes Talk: Running and Baking

    My DVR cut off right after the strawberry shortcake challenge. Can someone tell me what the second challenge was and who was booted? Thank you in advance!
  2. Nate, Jeremiah and POPPY!

    This thread needs a name change - Nate, Jeremiah, Poppy & Oskar!
  3. S16.E19: Grand Finale

    I kind of felt bad for Kayla and Dixie (I refuse to spell it with a Y) when Leann Rimes stole their thunder, but it wasn't like that was difficult to do. Leann looked good, but I wasn't sure who she was at first. I thought it was Colby Callait. I've never heard of Gary Young, but I thought he and his song were damn sexy.
  4. S31.E42: Murder On Red River

    I really hope she was lying because otherwise her and her mom are pieces of shit for seeing a woman in distress and saying, "That woman is about to get raped and murdered," and then doing absolutely nothing about it.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Running and Baking

    This! I swear Jason has something nitpicky to say about his bakes every time, and I just cringe with secondhand embarrassment. I'm amazed the guy doesn't laugh in his face.
  6. General True Crime Shows

    I imagine most of the people do turn up within 24 hours and it probably comes down to best use of limited resources. But if it was my loved one, I would definitely want them searching right away.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Running and Baking

    I am loving this after suffering through the spring baking competition where there was no time to do anything well and stupid twists ruined a lot of the bakes.
  8. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Totally agree it happens, but as someone on these boards pointed out, they don't go after people like Tiara (sp?) because it brings too much attention. Plus I imagine it's much harder to break down someone who's doing okay in life and has a family that loves them and get them to submit to that way of life. The simplest answer is probably closer to the truth - the ex did it. Too bad there wan't any CCTV.
  9. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    My feeling is human trafficking is the new "satanic cult" theory for the 21st century.
  10. I've always said this is one of the best perks of having someone come clean every two weeks - you don't get a chance to let stuff pile up.
  11. OMG, I had a friend like this woman. It was exhausting. Kuddos to her friend that stood by her. She will go back to her old ways and make a shit show of that beautiful home in no time.
  12. Nate, Jeremiah and POPPY!

    I had no intention of watching another design show, but since this is on after Trading Spaces, I decided to give it a go. I've been sucked in. I really enjoy Nate and Jeremiah's personalities and interaction. I was skeptical when I kept reading how adorable Poppy was, but she is so adorable!
  13. I get what you're saying, Ohmo, and I agree, but there seems to be this idea in society more and more that if you're not 100 percent for, you're 100 percent against. People do have the ability to sympathize with the victim but also realize the victim may have put themselves in more danger than necessary and it can be a lesson to others if we talk about it in a respectful way.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    My son is the same age as Dannie, and I was curious how those kids could skip school so easily without getting caught. My school district, as far back as I can remember, has always notified me by email when my child missed even one class. And I know people sneer at you if you suggest abstinence for teenagers, but this is a good reason why they should be. They're just so immature, and the negative consequences of having sex (emotional upset, diseases, unwanted pregnancy) are far-reaching and hard for even adults to deal with.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    My sister had a civil ceremony for legal reasons and then had the "real wedding" with the religious ceremony and reception. She tried to keep the civil ceremony a secret. It didn't go so well. I didn't understand why she wasn't just up front about it, but it was her decision. I think it's the secret part that troubles me because then you're forcing the people who know about it to either lie directly or lie by omission. If it's not a big deal, why does it have to be a secret?