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  1. General True Crime Shows

    I think this thread is pretty much a catchall for ID shows since a lot of the posters here started out posting on the forum about the ID channel, and then TPTB decided to complicate things and make that forum only for discussion about the channel itself and not the shows. I don't know, but I'm thinking maybe those other forums that get started for ID shows are started by people who don't know about this forum or just want to talk about that one show. I think it's perfectly fine to talk about ACTR or People here, but when people mention there's an actual separate forum for it, I think they're just letting you know there's more discussion elsewhere, not that you can't talk about it here.
  2. General True Crime Shows

    I don't think Quinton is the sweet boy his mama thinks he is, but there's just not enough evidence to convict him. Thank God rational people still understand the value of innocent until proven guilty. The only thing that made me think he was guilty in the first trial was the cell phone data. But then that other expert who didn't testify explained why it wasn't valid. I was hoping to hear about that in the retrial, but I don't think it was touched on at all last night.
  3. I am really enjoying this family and the show, especially since the Busbys' show is so staged now, but I do understand the fun of hate watching something, especially when the majority of people are hate watching. But there are many times on Previously TV when I have wished there could be separate threads for people who are love watching a show and people who are hate watching a show.
  4. OutDaughtered in the Media

    Hmm, Danielle has said she's not a good cook, and I don't recall Adam cooking much. Uncle Dale seems to be the cook in the family.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I watched the first hour, but I've seen the Netflix doc, and Dateline didn't seem to be covering anything new. I haven't erased it yet, so let me know if it's worth watching the second hour.
  6. General True Crime Shows

    This is exactly why I couldn't even finish the episode. I really, really, really don't like to watch interviews with people who are still so torn up by a loved one's murder. I'd rather just have the cops and DA's and reporters, etc, give the facts. It's just too heart-wrenching.
  7. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Totally agree with this. If Max had tried to be a part of comforting Chloe, he would have caught hell for trying to take over or not doing it the way Jessica wanted. Re Mckayla, why has no one told her, "Girl, you can get married whenever you want. There's the courthouse."
  8. It's amazing how much better VK looks when you can't see her mouth. That link to her Instagram sent me down a rabbit hole. I saw a bunch of her DDC prep classes. Boy, she looked so much thinner and younger and had a fresh-faced prettiness. Not sure what went wrong.
  9. S11.E5: Edward vs. Lewis

    Thank you so much @Lisin. That is crystal clear now.
  10. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    If that was my kid, he wouldn't haven an Xbox anymore.
  11. S11.E5: Edward vs. Lewis

    Can somebody explain to me New Hollywood, Old Hollywood and Valley Vista? I assume their office is in New Hollywood? Will New and Old be flipped when the one they're going to live in (Valley Vista?) is finished? Is Valley Vista close to the Hollywood homes? TIA!
  12. S11.E5: Edward vs. Lewis

    Jeff and Gage are at it again. Not only are they competing over who does what around the house, but whose flip is moving along fastest. Meanwhile, new troubles pop up at Valley Vista and Old Hollywood. Not to mention, team JLD has been rehired by Calabasas clients Liat and Trevor. Will the competition between Jeff and Gage break them or make them work harder? (I hope it's okay to start this thread. The show aired a couple days ago.)
  13. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    I agree @trackrat59. I fast-forwarded through much of the Hawaiian episode. I really do not care about deep conversation between Adam and Danielle, Adam and his Dad, Adam and Dale, Danielle and her sisters, blah, blah, blah. The quints are at such a cute age. I love to hear the things they say. Show us more of that, TLC, because they will be past that stage very soon.
  14. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    That whole sex talk was beyond weird. No doubt it was staged, but as a parent, I would not be doing that in front of cameras with my 15-year-old. Plus Laura spreading Ana's personal business so publicly, idk, it's just all very unseemly when it's someone so young. So now Ana goes to school this week, and everyone knows her boyfriend came on her sweatshirt, jeez. The only other thing that stood out for me was the toilet cleaning scene - lol. Who the hell cleans a toilet with a sponge and no gloves? I'm going to be having nightmares about that for weeks.
  15. S08.E12: Josiah & Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?

    I only watch this show sporadically, so I don't know if this has been discussed, but is Lauren imitating Michelle's breathy voice? Is that really how she speaks all the time? All the kissing after the vows was so awkward and felt staged. When they came down the steps, staged kiss, pick up bride and run (?!) down the aisle. Can't find car, kiss. Get in car, super awkward kiss. It felt like when you're at the reception and people clank their glasses so the bride and groom will kiss. It felt like someone else was saying it was time to kiss.