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  1. The Star Wars Saga

    Hera Syndulla is now one of my top favorite Star Wars characters. Love her.
  2. The Godfather Epic

    In a Gifset of the Mrs Columbo scene from Part II posted on Tumblr someone with the ID named "Showmethesneer" said this apt comment:
  3. The Star Wars Saga

    I loved TCW and Rebels so I'm going to give this one a shot.
  4. The Star Wars Saga

    First look at the Star Wars Resistance animated series:
  5. From Jimmy Kimmel last week, "Dr. Quinn Medicinal Marijuana Woman":
  6. The Godfather Epic

    I was late in the Memoriam thread commenting on the passing of Morgana King, who played the Don's wife Carmela, aka "Mama Corleone" in The Godfather Pts 1 and 2. She died last March but the news was only announced yesterday. She was primarily a jazz singer. I love her singing "Luna Mezzo Mare" at the opening wedding in part 1. Also in Part II where she admonishes Connie at the Communion party "You go see your children first, and then worry about waiting on line to see you're brother. Like everybody else." Or at the dinner tale when she makes a contemptuous comment about Connie's fiancee and Fredo's wife in Sicilian to Tom Hagen!
  7. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    It still won't top this: And boy were Swifties on Twitter maaaaad.....
  8. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I especially love Aretha's 70s songs like "Day Dreaming", "Until You Come Back To Me(That's What I'm Going To Do" and "Rocksteady":
  9. SNL in the Media

    I really hope this is true. Omarosa Claims Ivanka Trump 'Would Not Stop' Complaining About SNL's 'Complicit' Perfume Ad
  10. Here's the teaser:
  11. Incredibles 2 (2018)

    Jenny Nicholson discusses Incredibles 2(and Brad Bird) and theme: