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  1. S07.E03: Robin's Story

    I was not a veggie eater as a child. About 15 years ago, I made a decision that I was going to like broccoli. It took a few tries but now I love it. And I recently started to eat brussel sprouts. I find as I get older I enjoy veggies more. Still won't eat cauliflower or red peppers but we can't be perfect.
  2. In her book, Leah said Travolta was really into the technology aspect of it. She also said he is a very nice guy.
  3. For a second, I was going to google that and see what it is! lol!
  4. We have a hibachi place nearby that has really good sushi. Half the place is hibachi, the other have a very nice sit down sushi restaurant. Its my go to place as its on the way home. WE also have an Asian mall about 45 minutes from my house. They have a wonderful food court with Korean, Japanese etc.... foods and take out sushi/sashimi that is so good. Whenever we go, I have to have something.
  5. I was thinking back in the day, my mom stayed home before I was born and then after. It was the norm for most women. She went shopping with friends (all us kids were always included), out for lunch, over to the neighbors for coffee, in addition to keeping house and taking care of me. Of course she didn't have to have someone with her at all times and could do as she wanted. Once I reached school age, she started to work part time, especially once I was old enough to be alone when she went full time.
  6. S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    I live near the Fermilab! Overall kind of a dull episode. I did like seeing Dr. Samwise and Dr. Kumar
  7. Yes, I wouldn't put it past this cult to try to hurt her girls somehow.
  8. I would go crazy being at home day in and day out. Maybe that is why the men don't really work.... someone has to keep the wife company until kids come along.
  9. Me too!! I love rice, mainly white. I know I should eat more brown but I'm part Spanish, we love our white rice.
  10. Dr. Pimple Popper

    I was surprised as well. Like I said, poor guy, he deserved better. I was just struck by how kind he was.
  11. You are right. Some chose, some had no choice.
  12. Dr. Pimple Popper

    Sometimes people do speak some English but are not comfortable with it. Her English could have been very poor and it was easier just to talk Spanish. She is holding a job even with having that growth. I thought she was sweet. I thought the same thing too. Is this the kind of care he gets at the VA? Nothing. I'm glad he got some help and seems to be treating it the right way. He was so polite with Dr. Lee that it broke my heart to see him suffering. This man gave his life serving this country and deserved better. He looked to be in his late 50s. Wow, that man aged well.
  13. S07.E03: Robin's Story

    I mentioned in Brianne's thread that when Doctor Now told her she was going to die if she continued as she was, she took it very seriously and even seemed scared. For the first time of me ever watching this show, this was the most serious I had seen someone. I didn't get that with Robin. At least she didn't deny the cheat
  14. S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    Watching this show all these years, I was struck by something with Brianne's story. When Doctor Now laid it out that she will die if she continues, she seemed genuinely shocked and scared and seemed to take the news very seriously. Others I have seen just seem to hear it but it goes in one ear and out the other. Maybe that helped her?
  15. I might call mine "hubby" tonight and see what he does.