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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm annoyed Michael has a baby with anyone. That was a stupid decision, especially with CD in the role. I don't think we've seen the last of Nelle unfortunately. FV likes the character too much. I think the only reason he didn't recast the role when CL left is he's hoping she comes crawling back after a year or two of rejection. Frank will write up some lame excuse for her behavior like D.I.D. and get her out of prison. "Nelle" will be the alter caused by her childhood trauma. She's really "Jan." Sweet, kind, and the girl next door. Then he'll have Michael fall unconvincingly in love with that incarnation while Carly seethes in the background.
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Come on Michael, you know better than to offer Jason a cookie. The borg runs on protein powder and Burton nutrition bars.
  3. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Maybe this belongs in the unpopular opinions thread but I think GS did a good job today and yesterday. He may be young and green but at least he came to work and tried. His reaction fit the situation. TB and BM were terrible. Their performances were insultingly bad. Sure the writing is utter crap but show a little emotion!! Hello!!! You're son is dying. And he just found out about it. And that you lied to him. He's completely crushed. You should be hysterical and desperate that he's in such pain. 99.9% of their scenes are pointless rehashed conversations over beer or coffee. They finally have something to work with and we get...that? The Oscar story is already a mess. I hate it. I don't think it's soapy its just sad and depressing and pitifully executed.
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I never would've known about this retcon if I didn't come here. Sonny's scenes tend to sound like when the adults start talking on Charlie Brown to me, so I didn't catch that they made Sonny the murderer at all. It's a retcon I can get behind though. Hard to drum up the drama and high stakes they were trying to with this body in Croton stuff if Sonny simply disposed of the body and wasn't the one who bumped him off. That was a cop out. Now, if Sonny is the one who pulled the trigger I'm sure we'll soon find out he was really going there to help Marino and get him out of town to spare him but Marino didn't trust him, pulled a gun and Sonny was just acting in self defense!!
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Carson alone or together are vile pigs. What's worse is their POV is depicted as the justified, legit one, without any reservation, by the writers. They don't even pretend to attempt to balance the morality on this show. Says a lot.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    And platonic AF. There is zero temptation between them coming across on screen. But at the same time I'm totally convinced they'll put them back together. What a mess.
  7. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I think about JJ or KMc and they were so exceptional for their young ages that it makes the current teen actors look even worse. But how much can you blame them? There's no time to settle in and learn anymore. They film a million scenes a day at one take each. It's got to be rough for seasoned adult actors coming on, I can't imagine being a green kid and its one of my first acting jobs.
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So the body being Margaux's dad means she should immediately be taken off the case but we know that won't happen. She'll become obsessed, do something wildly unethical, probably illegal and Sonny ends up free and clear while she's disgraced. Then if FV is feeling extra cruel he'll have Margaux fall for Sonny and that gag fest will ensue.
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    When Sonny told Jason not to worry about him going to the station because Margaux can't lay a glove on him, he's just too slick I got a LOL over SBu's less than convinced look. It was subtle, probably unintentional, but expressed how dumb everyone else knows Sonny is except Sonny. I then liked Sam straight up telling Jason that he too is a moron and things can change in an instant especially in his line of work and you never know if things will be fine. She should go back to Drew. I never cared for them very much but the few dismal Jasam scenes since SBu's return make Dream look like Luke and Laura. Plus Jason sucks. When she told him to spend more time with Danny and Jason claims he already spends a ton of time with him but sure, I could feel KeMo fighting an eye roll. Nice try writers. Jason prioritizes a mobster, his moll, her son and a life of crime way before his sons. He's a deadbeat, show, cats out the bag. I liked Drew today. BM managed to keep his tics mostly in check and actually annunciated. I even liked his scenes with Franco since they had RoHo keep the shtick to a minimum. I found Margaux a tad more bearable. She's with Billy 99% of the time and their scenes are 100% awkward. Total fail on hearing the body is her long lost father. Play it off but react at least a little bit! You never knew what happened to the guy until that moment. I'm rooting for her to get Sonny a 5x9 for the rest of his days but it's more likely somehow she'll end up in the slammer or worse, Sonny's bed. So Cam, who's an insufferable little turd minus his Franco hatred, blurts out to Oscar he has cancer. Now Liz will again find herself blamed for keeping a secret or telling a secret, something about a secret. Anytime someone starts telling Liz something in confidence she needs to just stick her fingers in her ears, start singing, and run away. Nobody has a worse track record there. Even though the blame for this all lies at Kim's feet. The only outcome I'm interested in seeing from this Oscar story is it being how Kim exits. Time to cut the losses on that one.
  10. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Agreed. Also soaps in the 90s were still very popular. The Robin HIV story in particular was a big deal and got the show a lot of press. Steve lucked out big time that Jason was chosen to be Robin's next great love and he could piggyback off of her story. To his credit I think he did a great job and it proves he has range when he wants to. His leaving a few different times in the late 90s and early 2000s of course he was hoping to make it outside of soaps and it obviously never happened. Then came the family, needing steady work and settling into a routine. There wasn't much incentive to challenge himself anymore and he hasn't. He gets a nice big check and leading man status for the absolute bare minimum effort. On top of it soaps are dying. Why try now? The writing also turned to total garbage in tandem to his phoning it in. Guza contributed heavily to his Carson tunnel vision and Jason bot "Stonecold" persona. I never liked Jasam because in addition to not seeing the chemistry there she was the one beside him as he became the full fledged borg.
  11. They don't care at all about continuity or believability when it comes to the ages on this show. My favorite is Julian, played by WDV, as Sam's dad. Absurd.
  12. Unbelievable. They just have to give Drew a shady past. Can't let him be a good guy, heroic, tough but decent. Oh no, not on this show. Not as long as a murderous mafia don and his hitman are the leads. Can't shatter the illusion that they're the heroes. Too late. That's the crux of why this show is in the shitter. No one can threaten the unholy trio, especially Sason so everyone has to be awful. I watched Y&R a bit this past week and wow. It is 100x better than GH in every conceivable way. Plot, pacing, characters, lighting, makeup, wardrobe, how it's filmed. What's more is I was reading fans of the show think it's at a low point right now. If that's a low point then GH is a flaming dumpster fire full of diapers in the dead of August.
  13. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    They should've had Julian do it since that would've thrown in the factor of Sonny owing Julian for saving his daughter's life as their tug of war over the body amps up.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    To a point. Most moms can't potentially write prescriptions for their child that's dying from a brain tumor that they're keeping secret from them. There's been no on screen mention of Kim doing that but I wouldn't be surprised. She has him thinking he gets low blood sugar and faints from it. She's brought him in for tests and mislead him over what they were for. What other stuff is she doing to keep him in the dark? I know first and foremost, she's a mom, not a very good one imo, and most mothers will take care of their sick child. But I think her status as a medical professional adds an extra, icky layer to the choices she's made.
  15. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I see and I figured that was the case. I was wondering because Liz did help treat Oscar when he came into the hospital and was told there by Kim about Oscar's condition, albeit in a sidebar. Is Kim not acting as Oscar's doctor in a roundabout way, though? She's examined him I'm sure. Looks after his condition, despite never telling him about it. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out she's been giving Oscar "vitamins" that is really medication. I don't know, the whole thing is weird and dumb. Kim is terrible for doing this. All that aside, Liz should still, as a nurse, respect the privacy of another person's diagnosis.