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  1. The Passage

    Is this show not going to get it's own section with episodes each week? As a huge fan of the triology (read 2x and then listened to on audio again this past year) I was uncomfortable with all the changes and the pacing of the first episode. I do like it and will continue watching, I guess I'll just be that annoying wife who interrupts and tells her husband all the change and every 2 minutes.
  2. S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    After the show I was still laughing at Stassi saying she was an "erect" dick. Like no reason to add the adjective but I thought it was so funny and so Stassi. Her mom shaped who she is but Stassi still has a sense of humor. Her mom just comes across as shitty. The cast looked fucking TERRIBLE the day after the birthday party. They are going to look so haggard in 10 years.
  3. S16.E07: Carne!

    Aww Brandon!!! Couldn't you measure??
  4. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    Jenlle is such a fucking idiot. No one is buying her shit. David sucks and that's all there is to it. He totally abused Kaiser/abuses all of them. It frustrates me with all of Dawris' knowledge about the social services system that they still do not have custody of him. I am annoyed with Barb for not taking a stand but she also may feel that she can have more access to Kaiser and even Endtable when Jenelle is allowing her to. Too bad she has to pander to poor David. I also had the same thought about Kail's kids when I was watching. Say Issac goes out on a date with someone and they ask "do you have any siblings"? He has to say he has like 5. Because they consider both Jo and Javi to be his dad so I'm sure he will be around the new baby as well as Vi and Jo's baby and then Lux. How complicated!!! Leah seems like she is coming along but again with the forced conversation. Can't they just have Leah give the narration about her relationship while they are doing an activity instead of having to repeat to her friends and the new dude what has happened in an arranged filming moment? Chelsea's new home and land is absolutely stunning. I would love to visit a place like that for a week minus 5 days. But I am a city girl. I need an airport, I need concert venues, shopping, activities, I love having parties at my house and lots of people. I wonder if she just meant she doesn't plan gatherings. I am glad this visitation center has some guidelines. Can you imagine waiting there for him to show? Being late and having it canceled sounds pretty good to me and even having to pay the no show fee. It holds the people accountable and isn't laying it all on the other parent/guardian.
  5. S01.E11: A Seat at the Table

    I had a community healthcare worker job at a hospital just a few years ago and we worked with the frequent fliers. They would get flagged after 3 visits and we would try and connect with them and then provide them with resources so they weren't costing the hospital these high fees. This story line was so absurdly unrealistic and I'm sure someone who did not do my job is even aware of this. Housing is an absolute joke and there is no way anyone who was running the hospital would know about this one dude let alone rent an apartment for him. There was only one client we got housing for and it was like pulling teeth, he only got bumped up because of his mental illness. He stayed in the place for about 2 days before he disappeared again. In the book did the doctor really run around doing chemo while attending to other tasks?
  6. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Very anti-climactic ending. While reading through the forum throughout the show I wasn't sure why the zombie apocalypse kept being brought up. Now I know. How funny that saved her life. Debra should be ashamed of herself that her daughter has to live the rest of her life having killed someone and that could have been avoided if Debra wasn't such a stupid twat waffle.
  7. Watch What Happens Live

    Lisa's chest was whopping!! I am glad to see I am not the only one wondering about Andy's schedule and baby. I'm trying really hard not to judge and he did sound sincere in his announcement but two things I immediately thought of was if he was inspired by his guest and their own surrogacy stories and if Andy had a partner. He is so busy, when will he be spending time with the baby? Will he even take an extended break from WWHL and his radio show? He is so impatient with his guests and the callers - he immediately gets exasperated if they don't respond in 2 seconds, is it possible for him to have patience with a child? I just don't know about all this.
  8. S16.E06: Roaring Munchies

    Who put that wig on Padma's head? Fire them.
  9. S01.E10: Six or Seven Minutes

    They had to make those flashbacks fuzzy, VERY fuzzy. Tonight on Top Chef Padma wore a wig and it looked awful. Horrible week for wigs on TV.
  10. S01.E10: Six or Seven Minutes

    Through flashbacks we learn that Max's wife didn't always have such an unflattering haircut. I like the male nurse. AKA hotter, younger Jerry.
  11. S07.E05: Ice Queens

    I love all of these random thoughts! What does Scheana want Adam for? Just to have sex? There is nothing wrong with being a bar back but Scheana is such a gold digger/social climber I don't see her being satisfied long term with him. She looked so desperate. Never, ever, ever can I imagine ever telling another woman that she needs to be my son's mother figure. NEVER. This lady has issues. I think I forgot to mention this during the episode where James had lunch with his family but all of the siblings are incredibly awkward and strange looking and don't even look like each other??? That being said James reminds me of me. My mom was an alcoholic and I was so maladjusted in my early 20's. I copied a lot of her bad behaviors and drank plenty myself. I still got in trouble if I did something wrong though. Anyways, the old lady is still an alcoholic and won't give up the sauce, we are estranged and I have a great and mature life now fully capable of making adult decisions so there is hope for James. Except I waste time watching Bravo.
  12. S01.E07: Chivalry

    I love this. HA! John takes it to the next level by sleeping with another male when (I am assuming) he is not even bi-sexual. I liked this episode and episodes like these. Not that we know that all of this actually happened or how it went down because we would need him to verify that. Deb is so stupid by not getting why he would burn the car. Has she never come across someone who just wanted to fuck with her? Haven't we all in one form or another?
  13. S01.E05: Lord High Executioner

    I work in the field and have seen people detox and overdose. It's my opinion that I would not be attracted to that, I didn't say anything about not forgiving them just for having an addiction or else I wouldn't have a job. He's just overall awful.
  14. S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    Just now? HA! Haley's eyebrows are so distracting this season. Too huge and overdone. I never come on the Modern Family boards, I only came on to say this.
  15. S37:E14 David vs Goliath Reunion

    Okay. When Lamima said Natalie I assumed it was the Natalie from this season. And maybe it was. Both can be on!!