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  1. I think the nuclear workshop guy was just on Christmas Cookie Challenge too. I think he was in the picture frame episode and was the only one to get his to stand up.
  2. It doesn't seem fair to put other contestants up against Beatriz. Nothing I've seen on this show or the Halloween Gingerbread show even comes close (and since they can work at home they don't have the usual unrealistic time constraint excuse). If anything , she should be a judge. I would gladly ditch both Michelle and Adam for her. I couldn't take 10 minutes Michelle's show and I find Adam to be arrogant.
  3. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    The Stein puppet was stored in crate 309, which is the episode he was introduced in. I'm not into Mona, Gary's pining for her or her magical paramour. She was ok with Ava and Nora but driving her plot? No.
  4. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I assume the Wraiths pulled Zoom back to where he belonged so it wouldn't alter what happened in Season 2. As for the second part, yeah that was pretty dumb. I thought he sent it to one of the dead Earths where he sent (or planned to send) a nuke last season.
  5. Firestorm is there. Didn't see Superman. There are several I can't tell who they are. The one after Stargirl looks like Green Arrow but the body looks like a woman. So will the Arroverse learn there are more that 53 Earths in this crossover or will they just assume the 53 they know about are being re-written? Was this just shown at the end of with no connection to the rest of the episode?
  6. S04.E06: Tender Is The Nate

    So was this Legend's unofficial entry into Elseworlds? You know, the Elseworld where they have to buy clothes, worry about a budget and are employees. Nate parting words definitely sounded like impending cancellation.
  7. Some in the Arrowverse has doll issues. First Flash's Rag Doll and now this. To be fair, dolls are hella creepy.
  8. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    So Fiona is totally sketch, right? Wasn't Michaela living with Ben? Why aren't they going to their father's house? If the Calling's really are offing people, can we move Grace up in line?
  9. Yeah, Gideon fabricates anything physical they need, including food (Rip would have starved to death in Doomworld otherwise). I don't think it's been stated, but logically she should be able to fabricate any period currency as well. If they had to rely on funding, how did they operate in season 2 (no Time Masters and no time Bureau) and season 3 (when they weren't working for the Time Bureau). The whole thing makes no sense. I know it's the goofiest stepchild of the comic book shows, but this is still too much of stretch.
  10. S05.E06: The Icicle Cometh

    It's probably an unintended side effect of the cure. Every medication has some kind of side effect, good or (usually) bad and many of those side effects can effect mood and behavior. Why does Chantix cause some people to be suicidal? I just assume that the cure impacts some part of the brain that causes this behavior. It's one of the few things in this plot with some basis in reality.
  11. S05.E06: The Icicle Cometh

    I don't think cold powers turn people evil. It was Thomas' ALS cure, which had two side effects: cold powers and an alternate personality. As for why Caitlin was affected by Icicle's breath but not the cold, maybe it was part of the mental block. He caught her off guard the first time but by the second time she encountered him she so upset her subconscious was already starting to overcome the block. As for why everyone wasn't dead from being at near absolute zero? Yeah, I got nothing.
  12. The ones I've seen dont have a kid.
  13. Whole Foods is part of this incomprehensible trend to potray a company's as morons. There's a series of ads for some VR helmet and everyone using acts like the dumb relative everyone wants to ban from the family. Totally wants me to buy the product.
  14. S05.E07: O Come, All Ye Thankful

    I'm assuming Joe, Cecile and the baby go to visit Cecile's daughter to cover for JLMs absence. How convenient she has a child they can remember when circumstances call for it.