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  1. So the only real drama the next two weeks is whether Katie or Amy goes first. Please let it be Amy if only to spare us her shocked gasp when she's not booted yet again. There's apparently a series of movies on the Sappy Channel (Hallmark) where the crimes invariably involve food/restaurants and some hunky chef helps the detective out. I assume Jess is supposed to be doing something along those lines in books. If they're going for someone to be The Next Food Network Judge then I think Christian's got this. He's judged already and I'm sure would fit in as one of Guys cronies. If they're going to give someone an actual show Palak might take it.
  2. Angela looks like someone Joe Friday would have interrogated on Dragnet. If she finds out Steve is a cop I fully expect her to start referring to him as "the fuzz". Ion the other am referring to Winston as "the fuzz" since he's the only guy in the house with chest hair. Am I the only one bothered by Tyler's cray eyes? Sam should be fine. The DR will push to get the old guy eliminated first.
  3. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    I assume the rock is actually Black Kryponite, which splits Kryptonians in two, one good and one evil. So sick of the baby rabies. But not as sick as I am of the 'I will not kill' shit. It's one thing to have a hero refuse to kill some thug or nutjob who killed a member of their family. It's another to build up a villain so powerful that they can't be stopped who's leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake and the hero to put on their halo and say even evil incarnate shouldn't be killed. Lena is shady. That's original.
  4. "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    I thought it was an ad for Costco.
  5. S03.E22: Make It Reign 2018.06.11

    I don't think Kara needs to worry about Alex's kryptonite. She had it in one of the witch's face and shot the other one with a bullet. Yet they both managed to shake it off pretty well. Clearly that was some low grade K. Like below Richard Pryor tar-laced K.
  6. There's a commercial for Rapid Advance, a company that makes loans to small business. Apparently is like payday advance but for businesses. It's stage like a scene from an Off (Off-Off-Off) Broadway musical (we're talking Lucy Ricardo's Tuesday Afternoon Fine Arts League-level Off Broadway here). Which isn't as bad as it sounds. It's almost so good it's bad in a cheesetastic way. What get me is that the business owners are stylists, bar owners, etc. You know, professions that it's conceivable could have a rocky start up or hit a rough patch that could jeopardize a small business. Then a woman in a lab coat is up. She's a "doctor in private practice". Um, if you're a doctor in this country and can't get an SBA or legitimate bank loan and have to use the business equivalent of the Kwiky Kash that sits between the Kwiky Mart and Kwiky Liquors...what's up with that?
  7. As soon as Tyler said "we were tasked to find one person to send back to FNS" I knew that both of them were going. So since they abandoned the cooking show prize after Damaris' season the fact that Tyler and Valerie discussed a Saturday morning cooking show and it made it past editing makes me think that's what they're looking for. Adam has had some Food Network shows(and other TV hosting gigs like on FX) on his original season he was dinged for his cooking and 'food authority'. He mentioned several times through Comeback Kitchen wants redemption for his cooking ability.
  8. It's not a bad idea. Arrow was the home of magic and mysticism in the Arrowverse until Legends starting horning in. And an archer is too hard on the SFX budget.
  9. TAR in the Media

    I knew Victor and Nicole dated (which..really?) but do Brittney and Janelle have any connection/interaction beyond the season they were on? They are so having a Switchback Ox task.
  10. The Murder She Wrote ad is on COZI and it's supposed to be sarcastic. The 'disclaimer' states that MSW contains graphic images of dead bodies, said 'graphic' images it proceeds to show...."like this guy, who lost a whole tablespoon of blood.". The point is that the dead bodies on MSW are anything but graphic.
  11. Why is the dumdass woman sitting at some corporate hotel bar babbling on to the doofus bartender to 'tell her a story' back on my screen? Do they really think dangling the prospect of bumping into this clingy twit is going to make me want to stay at their Corporate America Motel 6?
  12. Jesus. It looks like Jessica stumbled onto the Star Trek holodeck set by mistake.
  13. S03.E21: Not Kansas 2018.06.04

    No, Supergirl will take Lena's gun away, setting them up as enemies. It'll be like Superman IV...but with guns instead of nukes. When was this show designated as the Ripped From the Headlines Very Special Episode shows of the CW-DCverse? Immigration! Racism! Homosexuality! Gun Control! Alien Feng Shui! You name an issue and this show will cover it. In the most uninteresting, one-sided, stilted way imaginable.
  14. I imagine it came as a package deal with that Iron Chef Bowling Shirt he was wearing.
  15. All Episodes Talk

    They like having Sam Cass on as a guest judge on Chopped for a while. He was an insufferable ass on there so I wasn't happy to see him on here. I tuned off during his segment but did catch the end where he declared that cooking pasta on Air Force One was one of the most interesting stories in his book. Sound scintillating. Yeah,, I'll run right out and buy it.