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  1. Except Leo didn't know anything about his doppleganger's history with Sara. At that point, Sara and Oliver were both strangers to him so the line works for either of them.
  2. I always side eye FN competition shows. They range from Chopped, which seems relatively legit (although some sob stories seems to play into judging) to Worst Cooks Celebrity where the teams magically alternate having the worst dish each work. But GGG has always been in a class all it's own. It's clearly a venue for Guy's cronies. Whether it's regular judges like Carl "I come back constantly because Guy will never let me lose" or random contestant of the week that Guy just lurves because he has tats and isn't gay, you can always tell being willing to lick Guy's boots will get you pimped out on the show.
  3. SNL in the Media

    Gal Gadot last year at least. I'm sure there are others.
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Bite your tongue.
  5. I want the Chevy guy to be locked in with the Mitsubishi guy on a cross-country test drive so he can rap at him for hours on end. and we can be spared having to listen to either of them.
  6. There are no words. Well, maybe one: Zoinks!
  7. The show is in desperate need of a overhaul. Expected the unexpected is a joke. Everyone expects, OTEV, expects Zingbot, expects one of the first four to battle to return, expects a jury battle backs, expects the comics, expects when to hang on a wall, expects a double eviction. These get changed up a little bit but it's all pretty monotonous at this point. There so many twists in international versions they could implement to keep the HGs off balance and make things interesting. They need to do something to make the HGs interact in more than a pure game way (part of the reason I miss the food comps is because people were randomly mixed and you might be working with an enemy). They need to change up the end game somehow so it's not so boring and predictable and you don't get down the final 4 or 5 and it's a forgone conclusion of who will make it to the final 3. I know the hacker twist didn't land well, but it was better than the power apps and if things had gone different (it wasn't won by someone in an alliance with the HOH and the other had been won by someone who didn't crack when their gambit failed) it could have shook things up. I appreciate it for being something different. Really the whole thing is stale--the comps, the house, the casting and yes I'm sad to say even Julie. She hasn't even gotten a catch phrase upgrade in 20 years.
  8. With this latest cycle on H&I, I decided to try a rewatch not having seen the show since it's original run. It's been a challenge to say the least. While H&I is currently in season 4, I'm currently somewhere in the middle of season 2. TIVO is trying to delete episodes. Reed is unlikable to be sure (I mean even his own family is disinterested in him) but he's far from the biggest problem. I was really taken aback by Archer and Tucker in the pilot. I know Archer wasn't widely liked but I also recall people loving Trip and how outraged they were when he was killed in the finale. They're both simply awful to T'Pol in the pilot but Trip is even worse than Archer. They'e in utter glee that she finds the scent on humans so, mock her about having to smell the captain's dog and just generally act like steps below rapey frat dudes. Archer at least had some rationale for his dislike of Vulcans with the father backstory and he actually get s a little better as the show goes on. But Trip just remains this stereotypical cornbread yokel that bros down with Archer and Reed and continues to act like an ass to T'Pol. The whole tone of the show feels like it's written by a bunch of frat boys; T'Pol is cold and standoffish so shes a bitch who needs to loosen up and hang with the jocks. Hoshi is a meek little thing afraid of everything from transporters to the direction the stars are going...until Reed teaches her how to shoot then she starts to gain confidence. Pholx is the oddball guy that mainly interacts with T'Pol and Hoshi = the nerdy guy that the jocks tolerate because he gives them answers to the test sometimes. Mayweather just kinda tags along with Archer/Reed/Tucker sometimes. The casting had issues, but the writing was worse. All the recycled plots, all the contortions to bring races that don't belong. And then there was "A Night in Sickbay'. What in the bluediddly fuck was that? I want to know what the hell they were on when they wrote that one. For someone who was supposed to be an explorer and a trained diplomat, Archer acted like a 10 year spoiled brat. Starfleet should have confined him to a desk job for that at best or really drummed him out of the service. How the Federation was ever formed by someonne who acted like that is incomprehensible.
  9. SNL in the Media

    Odd maybe, but better than Ryan Gossling again. At least there won't be an alien abduction sketch with him smirking throughout.
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Second place is 50,000. I recall there being some question about whether they got that and the stipend or just the 50k. I think someone let it slip on the feeds that 3rd and 4th were increased this year, presumably to combat all the 'i just want to make it to jury so I can chill and collect a check' that's been happening the past few years.
  11. Why does the guy with awful fake Southern accent in the Stoufers commercial keep saying "Urban Bistro". He says Bourbon Bistro in the dialogue but when he just says the name of the product he doesn't enunciate the Band it sounds like Urban.
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    No, his anallice bit him in the ass. When he was sitting there all dazed I kind of liked him. When he's not being a world class douchebag or playing Chris Farley playing Matt Foley he almost comes off as a tolerable human being. I like Brent much better than Brett. Long live Brent!
  13. Spoilers and Speculation

    Glad to see Rick Simon, er Gerald McRaney but WHY is Mosley still there? Awful character.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Level 6 forever!
  15. I'm sorry, but this still sounds like The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo to me. I hope that spoiler isn't about Amaya. Because that's not a spoiler, much less a bonus.