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  1. Spoilers With Speculation

    I don't mean to be annoying but it was uploaded a few hours ago, yes ; not seeing any proof it's actually been taken the same day. Need to be sure because Sam having a beard would be a major boost for my excitement (yes, this is how far we've fallen.) Edit : Never mind, he's been photographed today by other people as well. Beard and outfit is the same. I'm getting all giddy now
  2. Spoilers With Speculation

    I wish. It would make sense if he's in desperate mode. Don't have an Instagram account to ask the guy when the photo was taken. He replies to comments so maybe someone else could
  3. Spoilers With Speculation

    I was there at one of those cons. He was clearly just trying to get the fans excited. Unfortunately, not everybody has Mark Sheppard's honesty, so they'll play by the usual SPN rules of acting like anybody can come back ; which is just fucking stupid after 13 seasons IMO
  4. I don't think so, this is on par with the official stuff we've been getting for a long time and just looks like it's been made by the same people. It's got that amateurish Photoshop skills from the CW marketing department to it.
  5. Great post. The way they're completely fine with making alternate characters be carbon copies of their original selves is cheap, lame and nonsensical. I'd actually be somewhat interested in a completely different Bobby because that would at least be new. But no, we're going to pretend we're right back in season seven because creating stuff is haaaard. The only reason why this isn't a full resurrection is because they're hoping Bobby banging Mary will be less awkward. "Hey, but it's not actually our Bobby so it's cool !". Also, SPN has always, and I mean always, sucked at romance that lasted longer than an episode. Just because we're talking about two established characters doesn't mean it's going to magically work this time, especially with the steep decline in the quality of the writing we've experienced in seasons 12 and 13. BuckLeming working on a Mary/Bobby love story is already nightmare-inducing. You know you can really start to feel a show's age when it's just about the same roster of characters but slightly shuffled around to create an illusion of variety. Thank God Jack and Dean!Michael will be there to spice things up a bit. The heaven storyline had some potential but they just had to have another useless character return. If Naomi's still a big part of that, I won't be able to enjoy it.
  6. You're too nice, most fan art actually looks a lot cooler than official promotional montages, which have massively sucked for years. I'm betting this is the real deal. Looks like something I'd have whipped up in 15 minutes for my forum eight years ago.
  7. Mary Winchester: This Girl is on Fire

    So that's two seasons in a row where Dabb had no idea what to do with a character he chose to bring back. Third time's the charm, maybe ? Gotta admit, I'm curious to see if they can fuck it up this time ; Mary's right where she's supposed to be, invested in the search for Dean, she has no reason to go wander off somewhere else. As an actual ally that's there, ready to interact with the characters we love, I think this could work.
  8. Seriously, this victim complex has got to stop. The writing was terrible for both guys in season 13, so how about we don't go and cherry-pick a few lines that went nowhere or act as if the lack of character arcs for both Sam and Dean was more beneficial for one over the other ? Sam, Jack and Cass will try to save Dean because that's how it's supposed to work, because he sacrificed himself to save their asses from Lucifer. And that's a decent enough start for next season. One thing about Bobby though, I am so over the character in any shape or form. His annual comebacks because reasons were already frustrating because they stopped adding anything of value a long time ago, but bringing back the character full time ? Why ? There's nothing left to explore, unless you're okay going the trashy fanfic way with Mary. And it seems nothing is off-limits these days, so here we are. The writers have a choice, they can either try to inject some new stuff in a show that desperately needs it, or they can keep parading the corpse of Supernatural around like a fucking puppet for those who are only interested in having their nostalgia quota filled, creativity be damned.
  9. I think they really messed up when shooting the finale's ending. They picked a costume at random without thinking things through. It's not the only scene in the finale that seems to have been shot in a hurry. Anyway, what I mean to say is that it would look dumb as hell for Michael to hang around other characters while looking straight out of the 1920s. I really wouldn't mind if they reverted back to something more modern that complements the beard. Although after waiting so long for Jensen to sport a beard in the show (makes very little sense btw, he could have had one on so many occasions), if this is the final look, I'd be a little disappointed, but heh... better than nothing.
  10. What's been worrying in the last few episodes of season 13 is that the crew seem to have given up as well, to some extent. Forget about the writing for a minute. It's obviously the biggest gear in the Supernatural machine (and one that is currently rusty as fuck), but not the only one. I think great acting and directing can at least makes some scenes look cool and have a positive impact on an poorly written episode, but good lord, the actions scenes in particular in the last 3 episodes of season 13 have been some of the worst I've seen on TV. Dreadful directing, choreography, music... And it's really concerning to me that people on set okayed these scenes. When there's nobody who cares enough to set up some standard of quality you get scenes like Nazi Castiel and the wired fight. It's frankly embarrassing to have to sit through that shit.
  11. Come on now, the original quote was completely unrelated to Jared, and it was perfect, the show's issue isn't with the acting. Emotions are puddle deep because the writing is garbage-tier. Whether it's from lack of talent, lack of communication, lack of management from the showrunners, or straight-up nobody giving a shit, the writers are completely unable to construct character arcs anymore. Hell they even managed to botch Jack's, it was ignored for half a season and was insultingly simplistic and unimaginative. Noawadays it's like when they start laying out the season, they've got their calendar of episodes, and they just outline the ones that must feature a hug or an emotional scene, then they're off to focus on pitching their crappy little projects to Dabb because he greenlights everything that gets thrown his way. The writers are off to do their own things and don't seem to talk to each other. The plot and characters suffer so much from that lack of focus and cohesion. Everything is all over the place and/or ignored. When the emotional episode is there, there's nothing to work on. So what happens is the writer of the week will scramble to make up a self-contained arc that gets a good 5 minutes development (sometimes they don't even bother with that), and we're supposed to get weepy. It's embarrassing to watch. What changed prior to season 11 is the showrunner. Carver sucked in many different ways but he knew how to lay out a standard SPN character arc. When the emotional stuff happened it felt earned most of the time. Now it's more like "you got your tears/hug, now fuck off. Here's more Lucifer or whatever side character we're trying to push this week". As long as they can't sort their shit out in the writer's room I don't expect anything to change, especially with the completely unnecessary last-minute additions with Bobby and Charlie. That's just more characters to take care of and they can't even manage three of them properly. Whether it was Jared or Jensen crying in season 13 it felt the same : bland. Just going through the motions. Great acting only goes so far. I don't give a rat's ass if Jensen is selling Sam's death well in episode 13.21 when's Sam's death was one of the most laughably terrible scenes the show has ever had.
  12. I see your point, but answers tend to get so repetitive at Comic-Con considering how little they can say about the next season, I don't mind the panel itself going off the rails. Also, I can't say I'm interested about character-centric questions that take season 13 into account. I'd rather forget everything that happened since last September ; hell, I'm sure the writers will forget most of it themselves. What I don't want though is another marriage proposal or something like that. Sorry to be so insensitive, but this is a 40-minutes panel we only get to see once a year. Please don't waste people's time. Interesting. Maybe I'll watch the Paleyfest thing after all. Besides, like I said this is a short panel, I don't know what they're thinking inviting 8 people. Some are bound to get completely sidelined, and it won't be the actors. I'd be totally worth it if they got booed by the audience. That'll be my headcanon after the panel anyway.
  13. Thank you. Never missed a single panel since like 2009. Not sure I can stomach seeing their smiling faces for a whole panel and the people around throwing compliments. They don't deserve a spot on this stage or any other.
  14. I just read that BuckLeming are set to appear at the SDCC panel. Any official source on this ? Really hope they're not going to ruin Comic-Con for me too.
  15. Ratings And Scheduling: I Can't Do This Alone

    Surely you meant that it's finally time for the AltBobby/Mary romance and Rowena/AltCharlie road trip episodes we've all been waiting for