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  1. I like the work they're doing on the characters for WS, but if it doesn't get picked up (50/50 chance at best in my opinion), that'll end up being a huge waste of space for season 13. I mean they could bring back some characters into SPN later if they work out a way to have them separated again, but I'll always think about what this season could have been without WS, especially considering how successful Jack's introduction has been. Then again, the episodes could have been replaced with boring standalones or shark-jumping atrocities. Also even with its WS segment, last week's finale was the best in years for me. So I don't know, I'm a bit conflicted.
  2. Latest from EW : I had been hoping for a while they'd use Donna in a more meaningful way. Superficial/Comic-relief Donna wouldn't have cut it as a series star in WS.
  3. You're right, t's not a step too far, per se. BuckLeming have done plenty of ridiculous things these past few years (Possessed POTUS is still #1 on my bullshit list). But it needs to be called out every time that happens, and I really don't want the other writers to pull the same crap, because the show doesn't need that stuff and the best stories it tells are ones that are grounded in my opinion (in the context of its universe, obviously). Up until season 12, those things called meta episodes existed. Dabb forgot about them when he took over. They used to make SPN special because they could separate the insane stuff and present it in a way that made the viewer know it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Where are the French Mistake and Changing Channel nowadays ? Nowhere, they've been integrated into the main plot. The events are still crazy stupid, but now the writers want us to take all of that stuff seriously. "Lucifer inseminating a lady through the president" would never even have made it into a meta ep five years ago. Too ridiculous. Now it's almost normal, almost expected. There was a time when I could take the show seriously and I'd really like to come back to that.
  4. I see what you mean. I think WS is a cool idea and I'd want it to succeed, but Berens is the most talented writer on the show right now, just like last season in my opinion. He is important. SPN needs great writers to counter BuckLeming (who are next in line to become showrunners should Dabb step off *shudder*). I think Perez, Yockey and Glynn are good to okay, but they're still green and I doubt they have much power in the writers room.
  5. The show is doing its damnedest to give us zero reason to care about Mary, so I think it's entirely unfair to take a practically contextless five seconds scene as proof that the character is not worth keeping. We're 9 episodes in and they've given Sam Smith nothing to work with. She got five minutes with Lucifer, some pervy rando and that's it. Add to that last season where she got an extreme version of the Castiel treatment : Long stretches of abscence, questionable decisions and lack of POV. I'm invested in the search for Mary, but that's only in the hope they end up putting the character where it works : next to Sam and Dean. Castiel is given the chance to start over every single season after being fucked by the writers and adding very little value outside of his 2-3 episodes with J², so I wish people would cut Mary some slack considering how important the character could be. And it's really not like she's taking a lot screentime this season.
  6. Paradise in the AU sounds more achievable if they want to continue on with the show, and now that Jack is stuck there, that one looks more and more likely. Castiel's vision still becomes true, just not in Sam and Dean's fucked up world.
  7. I mean, the land of the big-ass monster (that suspiciously looks like Vancouver forest) is still way too much for CW budget as well. We're talking about a show that can't pull off Lucifer just standing in front of a mountain landscape, so a giant monster ? Nope. I don't want this evidently low-budget crap in SPN.
  8. Thinking a bit more about this, I'm really perplexed about Berens' decision to put DINOSAURS in his spinoff. The backdoor pilot hasn't even aired yet and it's already hurting it's credibility ; this is a potential dealbreaker for me if they show it, and if they don't, why put Sam and Dean there at all ? What the hell was he thinking ?
  9. That was pretty great. Best episode of the season for me. They managed to sell me on the concept of dreamwalkers thanks to Kaia, who's a really cool character and will make an excellent addition to WS. Certainly gives me another good reason to hope for the spinoff's success. Jack was perfect as usual, and needed the time away from Sam & Dean to grow as a strong and independent character. He even got to help Kaia control her powers. Shame he didn't get to finish it, I hope they get more scenes together sometimes, they had great chemistry. The fact that Jack was Sam and Dean's case of the week really helped drive up the intensity, and even though they shared the plot with other characters, they still felt useful (might wanna take note, BuckLeming). Dean clearly beat himself up about his decision to not look for Mary, and as a result was pretty hard on Kaia but I wasn't surprised. I thought it was just a good bit of POV. The ending was TENSE. I hate angels but I actually liked their justification for needing Jack. The last few minutes ended in a great cliffhanger and I gotta thank Berens for finally pairing Mary with a good character. He's the only one who knows how to use her right. A couple of things I didn't like, though : - Patience. She is just incredibly boring, especially compared to Kaia. There's nothing there, no passion in the writing, no reason for me to care about her, and the justification for her going the way of WS was lame. - The first half of the ep tried to build up some kind of tension about Jack possibly being a murderer and I didn't believe it for a second. - Dinosaurs ? That's ridiculous. No. Don't do that. Bad SPN.
  10. It would've been so much more interesting if the episode had kept focus on Dean and the fact that a man that went to hell and back was needed for the job. There could've been real tension and emotion there if they had used that as the main theme of the ep. Instead they went the easy route with over the top comedy that messes with the tone for half the episode. They did the exact same thing in the episode last year where Dean was losing his memory. Kept it mostly comical and missed a huge opportunity. Standalone eps don't need to be light, they need to be memorable, and that last one just wasn't.
  11. This. The fact that a woman chose to break her vow of abstinence 5 minutes after the manly hero showed up sent a fucking awful message. The way the scene was made was disgusting as well, it was all about giving Dean his pornstar trophy and we were supposed to find that oh-so-funny. After the deal was done, she pretty much disappeared and stop getting dialogue. That this episode was written by a woman makes everything even more icky. Back on topic though I'm not even sure Danneel will get to interact with Jensen. And there's enough to be worried about her meeting Lucifer considering what has become of the character and who is writing the episode.
  12. You are aware BuckLeming wrote an (awful) episode whose entire plot revolved around a nun's past love life ? She turned out to be insane, but still. There's zero reason to trust these writers with a good-looking female character. The last one they introduced in an episode of theirs, Lucifer literally tricked her into fucking with him.
  13. Barf. Cass got trapped in BuckLeming hell for the season. Every single year he spends his time in the most boring B-plots. I don't think it'll change until the last season.
  14. I take issue with this because it's a BuckLeming episode. She'll be misused, they'll make it VERY clear this is something special, and I'm expecting a bunch of sex or rapey jokes. It's so like them to pull a stunt like this. I like Danneel and she deserves better than to be put in BuckLeming's show inside SPN.
  15. Yes, in Weekend At Bobby's. Not for Crowley as that was a trick, but for the demon chick at the beginning that Bobby crispied. I don't remember if this was used again after that.