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  1. Spoilers With Speculation

    Sorry, maybe I missed something, but I keep seeing you guys talk about Kaia and WS in several threads, is this just speculation or is there an article somewhere ? All I've seen that's remotely connected to Wayward is Jody coming back.
  2. I know it's a really low bar, but I think she's the most interesting one from the AU because she's actually new, and because of the resurrection thing, which I hope comes back into play at some point. I like to give new characters a chance. Emphasis on NEW. The show has a character problem because it keeps bringing back old ones, they're the ones who need to go.
  3. Synopsis for episode 5. - Why are they still taking Maggie on hunts - I though she was cute last season, but before pushing for characters as part of the team, how about we get to fucking know them first - Are they going to carry the Bobby carboard cutout with them in every single episode ? At least real Bobby wasn't following them around like a horny fangirl. Also idgaf about his nightmares, dude's a cheap knock off who's only there to spout Bobby-isms for nostalgia. Cool concept for an episode though. Since it's Glynn writing I think she'll mostly go for comedy, that's what she tends to do for episodes that should have a serious tone (Regarding Dean, Scorpion & Frog, Unfinished Business). Especially since the episode before that is already horror-themed, I expect this one to be more light-hearted.
  4. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    Season 7 had plenty of those
  5. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    I know what you mean. Things have become so stupidly convoluted, when what SPN needs and thrives in is simplicity. Jensen and Jared have the power to reboot the show, so to speak, since it wouldn't continue without them. They could request and get a change in the writing room. Unfortunately we're not there yet and might never be. It's a shame. Fire BuckLeming and Dabb and I'm confident things would get instantly better, as the other writers have fresh ideas and are clearly not as into the SPN Ensemble Show as the current PTB. Btw I agree with those who are praising Misha. He hadn't been able to flex his acting muscles like this in a long time. But it's just ridiculous that it takes BuckLeming and fucking Nick to get that stuff out of Castiel.
  6. Spoilers With Speculation

    Nick will pop back up in the next BuckLeming episode, so episode 7. I guarantee it. We're used to this by now. The other writers don't want to touch this crap with a 10 foot pole unless they absolutely have to.
  7. Spoilers With Speculation

    Doesn't look that bad honestly. Whatever happens, I'm going to enjoy the first Pellegrino-free episodes in ages.
  8. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    More focused episode than last week, and better on the character development. Those are two things I though I'd never say about a BuckLeming episode. Maybe years of exposure have just made me more tolerant of Supernatural's bullshit. Not that tolerant though, because this was nowhere near good. Just better than the absolute garbage the last 3-4 episodes have been. Anyway, let's start with Michael. I didn't care for Michael's plan at all, but it was nice to see Jensen starting to have some fun this time around... ... and it was over just like that. That ending was one big joke. Fuck all the people involved in hyping up this storyline, as well as those who created it in the first place. And definitely fuck Dabb and co for lying. Again. The Nick thing is one giant Who Gives A Fuck and took up way too much screentime. Can't believe this crap's probably going to run for the entire season and maybe even become the main antagonist. We'll never be freed from this shit. The parts with Castiel and Jack are the only things I actually enjoyed, even though Cass is again shown to be completely useless and unable to keep two humans in the bunker. Also, what a great idea to tell Nick is whole family is dead when his brain is still screwed up from years of possession. I'm enjoying watching Jack discover himself, and I think what he said about Michael was the right thing even though it came out of fucking nowhere, right in the middle of a really sweet scene. So I liked maybe 10 minutes out of 40 and this is still somehow better than last week. That tells you all you need to know about the dire state this show is in.
  9. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    Dabb fucked up so bad last week a BuckLeming episode is legitimately more entertaining. This is how far we've fallen
  10. What do you mean again ? She's been showrunner since season 12, and she wasted very little time putting herself at the top with the help of her husband. I just don't get why the change hasn't happened officially since she and her pen-pal are now brave enough to step into the spotlight almost more regularly than Dabb. Maybe using him as a shield is still more convenient, since a not-so-small part of the fanbase recognize them for the clowns they are. As far as I'm concerned the last season that somewhat resembled what Supernatural is supposed to be was season 11. Singer had left his showrunning duties and was supposed to retire at the end of the season. He didn't come back because he wanted to help Dabb, he did it to help his wife. So many fascinating things happening behind the scenes. Too bad everybody's too afraid to say anything.
  11. Not if Nick becomes the vessel. Pellegrino with free reign of a powerful character ? Basically a new Lucifer. I'm not sticking around for this shit. The lack of direction/vision from TPTB is appaling. I understand this from BuckLeming since they're hacks, but wtf is Dabb doing ? He was a good writer once, one of my favorites. Like, if you're uninspired or paraded around as the showrunner when you're actually not in charge (I think both are true tbh), just get the hell out of there, don't stick around to collect paychecks while the show is dying.
  12. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    I mean if you think Nick's a character with potential more power to you I guess. Dude's a plot device from one episode nine years ago, he has no importance whatsoever, and we've done the meatsuit thing how many times now ? Also we're about to go through it again with Dean when Michael leaves his body. I wish Dabb would channel his endless inventivity to find ways to keep Pellegrino on the show, and use it to treat other characters the way they should be treated instead. But no, gotta fill the show with bloat in order to drag on the main storyline for as long as possible and keep the character development to a minimum (basically paraphrasing what he said at Comic-Con). This is so frustrating.
  13. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    Canon breaking issues or not, the episode was a boring, unfocused mess and I think that's mainly down to the stupid number of characters. It's interesting to compare this episode to the two previous premieres Dabb wrote, which were both decent IMO. They were slow-paced, intimate episode with a heavy focus on fresh character development : Mary, then Jack. This episode on the other hand was all over the place, and dealing with a whopping NINE recurring characters !!!!! Which is why it felt nothing fucking happened, and nobody got a fair time of development except Sam (and even that one was wildly exaggerated to make up for the lack of time). I don't think any writer could have made that work. I never bought the concept of an ensemble show for Supernatural, but at some point last season the show went even beyond that and just drowned itself in useless characters. Shit, there are probably even more characters than on LOST now. Until the show can come back to a more manageable number I'll just be looking forward to the rare Sam/Dean only episodes, and expect the other ones to majorly suck.
  14. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    Notice how the writing team hasn't changed in three season (which I think never happened before) ? It's clear Dabb mostly surrounded himself with yes-men. Either Dabb or BuckLeming, it's hard to tell who really has the power. Nobody wants to be challenged, they'll just kiss each other's asses every week on Twitter. IMO the last one who had a shred of self-respect and really cared about the show was Thompson, and I never felt like his departure was amicable (and oh surprise, it happened right when Dabb took over).
  15. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    Yeah, that looked like crap. Just a continuation of the awful directing from the end of last season. Looks like nobody on the crew is safe from sucking nowadays.