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  1. S13.E15: A Most Holy Man

    There's very little reason to care about anything at this point in the season. And the standard of quality for a regular episode like this has cratered. So here we are. I know if I didn't have to make subtitles for the damn thing I wouldn't have bothered to post a review. Nowadays to get a lot of reactions your best bet is a BuckLeming because it's just that special kind of crap that gets people talking. Maybe that's why they're still on the writing staff ?
  2. S13.E15: A Most Holy Man

    Nah it's happening, and it needs to. I don't want my last memory of the show to be season 13, that'd just be depressing. The only question is if they announce season 14 as the last in may ; if they don't, then 15 is a lock as well IMO. I'm just hoping they'll pull out all the stops for the last season, bring back the best writers and try to make each episode a real event. Or make BuckLeming showrunners and end in the dumbest, most offensive way possible. Anyway don't let the show fizzle out like right now.
  3. S13.E15: A Most Holy Man

    Yeah I don't know why they're cutting up the season like this, but episode 16 is on march 29th. That last conversation was a bit funny to me considering Sam and Dean had the opportunity to end a big part of the evil on earth and didn't take it. Also most of the apocalypses Sam was refering to were created by the brothers themselves in their attempts to save each other. At least they seem to have learned that this just creates more chaos. I'm so sick of the angels and demons crap. Trying to relive the show's golden days is a huge mistake. These days are gone and they're never coming back. Just try something new and stick with it.
  4. S13.E15: A Most Holy Man

    Can't believe before the episode I was bummed that the hiatus was coming because it might've stopped the momentum after a decent couple of episodes. Thankfully, no momentum whatsoever was created, and I can safely jump into the hiatus and quickly forget about SPN ! Dodged a bullet there, thanks Dabb/Singer (who somehow needed to join forces to write whatever the hell that was). Anyway, the only remarkable thing about the episode is how boring it was. Take away the really lame gangster movie overlay and there was absolutely nothing there. I'm usually very tolerant of episodes where Sam & Dean are alone on a case but holy crap you've at least got to give me something to work with. The guest-stars were crap, the stakes were extremely low because Sam and Dean were surrounded by pseudo comical human characters, and the atmosphere was cheap and weak like gangster movie 101. An episode like this would've suited Steve Yockey better I think as he likes to go over the top with his references and create colorful characters. Instead this felt bland from beginning to end. The Sam & Dean convos were boring and still rehashing the same crap without going anywhere, Dean getting the faith back thanks to the priest's pep talk was lame, that last shooting scene was awful (with the only female character getting killed first of course, gonna give that idea to Singer) and the brothers miraculously getting what they were searching for at the last second just added a lovely touch of laziness. The only thing this episode accomplished was making me want to watch iZombie's new season because the redhead actress used to be in it. So I'll definitely end up having a good time. Jesus fucking christ season 14 can't come soon enough.
  5. S13.E14: Good Intentions

    Jack, Mary POV and StrongCastiel are the positive things I'm keeping from this episode. It was obviously much better than the last one, but that's mostly thanks to BuckLeming who manage to set the bar below ground after their episodes. Kind of a blessing for the writers that get to come after them. Anyway apart from that, the show is in a pretty dire place creatively. The alternative universe is weak AF and so low-budget it feels and looks like a 90s SF show, the big bads are some of the worst the show has ever had (I can't tell which one is more boring between Asmo and Michael but they both suck ass and are dumb as rocks), and we're supposed to get excited about a season 5 remake with MUCH lesser versions of Lucifer and Michael. Also just a reminder in case the writers forgot, part of what made seasons 4 and 5 so special was the personal stakes the brothers had in this apocalypse. Lucifer, Michael and co weren't the focus, Sam and Dean were. How the events affected them on a personal level. How all of this helped them grow and change as characters and how it made their bond stronger. Instead, they're going for the Lucifer and Michael show (the former has become a parody of a once beloved character, and the latter has the charisma of a dried-up barnacle), with Sam and Dean mostly being there as pawns. The only character who's starting to have emotional stakes in this story is Jack, but a new character can't carry all that stuff alone. Him vowing to protect what's left of the people in the AU is cute and all, but that's not enough for me to care, and if I'm being honest it's pretty lazy writing, but thankfully I have a soft spot for Jack. I don't see how they can salvage any of this so far into the season, so I'm just hoping they'll kill as many characters as possible in the finale so season 14 can start fresh and not be as horribly bloated as season 13. Also, please keep Cass the way he is right now. The character hasn't been this enjoyable in a very long time.
  6. Ratings And Scheduling: I Can't Do This Alone

    SPN fans who didn't warm up to the backdoor pilot won't bother with WS if it's on another night. They might stick around if it's right after SPN, though. The CW lacks strong (or even decent) lead-ins as well as genre variety until midseason comes. Pair WS with a meh performing superhero show or a brand new one that's not established and it's as good as dead. It will be among the first shows they have no problem axing, I can guarantee that. There's not enough data about spin-off on the CW to draw conclusions, especially when both Arrow and TO were paired with SPN at some point because it makes for a great companion, for lack of a better word. I'm all for switching WS to another night once it's found its audience, but for its first year they've got to keep it with SPN.
  7. Ratings And Scheduling: I Can't Do This Alone

    They will 100% put them on the same night IMO, especially now that SPN has finally been deemed lead-in worthy and is pretty much the only decent platform to launch WS outside The Flash. The SPN/Arrow pairing isn't the big deal it used to be, as the latter is showing its age now.
  8. Is there a more adequate thread where I could lament the fact that BuckLeming are set to appear at PaleyFest next month, or is it okay to discuss here ? Because I see this as a very bad sign for the future.
  9. S13.E13: Devil's Bargain

    You seem to be confused, this was the backdoor pilot for "A Match Made In Heaven", the new Freeform sitcom about a washed-up old musician with illusions of grandeur and his secretly ambitious secretary wife who must come to terms with their newfound celebrity after they've been made king and queen by aliens who came from space to bore us all to death.
  10. S13.E13: Devil's Bargain

    The angels are supposedly going extinct yet Lucifer finds two of them within walking distance in a few hours. What a lucky guy !
  11. S13.E13: Devil's Bargain

    He barely gets any screentime yet they sometimes want to act as if the character has evolved psychologically. Misha has to do that with about 4 minutes every five episodes, and with his evil doppelganger running around. I wouldn't know how to portray my character either in that situation.
  12. S13.E13: Devil's Bargain

    I get what you're saying and I'm not trying to portray this thing as if she was degraded as an actress or something. It's just that the moment we learned Danneel would be on the show and who would write the episode, I had called that she'd get some sexy crap. And I hate to be right because the show deserves better than this. Female characters deserve better than SPN. Thank God for Wayward Sisters.
  13. S13.E13: Devil's Bargain

    Because it's tacky as hell, clichéd and keeps showing BuckLeming have no respect for female characters. They show off their mediocre kinks on the show all the time when no other writer does because they aren't terrible writers. Danneel may have portrayed this kind of character in other stuff, I wish she wouldn't have been subjected to this crap IN HER FIRST EPISODE.
  14. S13.E13: Devil's Bargain

    That was utter trash. BuckLeming just keep repeatedly crapping all over the show in their pathetic attempt to reenact season 5. I am so, so sick of the constant jerking off over how awesome Lucifer is. He's not. He's a shadow of his former self with some sort of lame sitcom layer. He adds absolutely nothing good. I am so, so sick of the UNEASY ALLIANCES™ with characters who should be killed on sight because the brothers are terrible at their jobs in certain episodes. I am so, so sick of the terrible characters popping in every BuckLeming episode. Ketch is lame. Donatello AKA "Mr walking plot device" is lame. Asmodeus AKA "Mr I've got every single power you could imagine except an interesting personality" is lame. Sister Jo AKA "Rowena only younger and an angel" is lame. I am so, so sick of the sex references (I KNEW they would put these on Danneel), the plot holes and contrivances (everything Lucifer-related basically), the epileptic pacing, the clichéd as hell writing, the absence of focus on Sam/Dean and Castiel when they'd just been reunited, so sick of angels who just won't gtfo, so sick of fucking everything. But hey, we got a cool cliffhanger guys ! A characters that had been CONFIRMED DEAD BY GOD is back, because death has absolutely no meaning on this show ! Huzzah ? The only part of the plot that's not creatively bankrupt right now is Mary/Jack and they are barely using these characters. I welcome the sweet release of hiatus with open arms.
  15. S13.E12: Various and Sundry Villains

    As someone who doesn't like Rowena, it's just rage-inducing to see how much the writers absolutely adore the character and will present the most ridiculous justifications for her continued presence even though she has absolutely no business being alive. In this very episode she was responsible for the death of a least two innocent men (probably many, many more), but it's okay y'all, she's cool and vulnerable and stuff. No reason for the boys to kill her at all. And if she does get killed, she'll just come back, since death has zero meaning on this show (well, only for cool new characters. Those get killed early and don't get to come back). Everything surrounding the sister witches was boring as hell, and both Sam and Dean were absolutely useless and dumb when dealing with the job at hand and got outsmarted every five minutes. And of course Rowena got to finish the job. The only highlights for me were Sam POV and the funny cashier who gave Dean the sisters' address. The Castiel/Pellegrino scenes were tolerable too since there was some talk about Jack and Castiel was back to his older self (for how many episodes, that's the question). The pacing this season is all over the place, as is the use of recurring characters. I don't know how I'm supposed to be invested in the search for Mary when we've seen her about 4 minutes in 12 episodes. And Jack, the only great thing about the season, has been criminally underused. It's been two months since episode 9 and we've gotten nowhere. I've completely lost interest in the main plot.